Argentina National Team lands in Russia for World Cup


The Argentina National Team have landed in Russia.

Lionel MESSI and his team mates boarded a flight from Barcelona to Zhukovsky International airport in Russia on Saturday afternoon. The entire squad and staff were on the place bar for Enzo PEREZ who will arrive in Russia from Argentina on Sunday.

The team kicks off their World Cup next Saturday versus Iceland.


  1. There’s nothing to do now. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best that Messi and the boys will bring it home. What’s done is done and there’s no turning back. I’m satisfied with the squad now and really praying to God now that things will be alright
    Vamos Argentina

  2. Lo Celso and Mascherano will be the key, besides Messi. To start building an attack, distributing the ball, first names to hold on a counter attack and make passes/ long passes for another counter (of a counter attack).

    And it’s perfect. Blend of experience and youth, both are discipline and smart.

    Just don’t carried away attacking these two guys. Center of the field is as far as they can go. Leave the attacking duty to Pavon, Meza/Dybala and Messi. Then it’s all good. In front Aguero is ready to hit the goal once opponent’s defenders become messy in the face of the deadly trio (Messi, Dybala/ Meza, Pavon).

    • Sampaoli is trying his darnest to translate attacking talent to goals. As long as Meza is disciplined and has a defending bone in his body, this should be enjoyable game as a fan.

  3. We are the only team that beat Tite’s Brazil. We can do it again. By the way, from an opponent’s perspective, facing Argentina is a nightmare, especially if a little # 10 is on the pitch.

    • Brazil are the favorites, no disagreement here. But they’re not perfect, they have weaknesses that can certainly be exploited. For instance their backline of Silva and Miranda have some disconnect with their midfield, hence they are susceptible to pressure. Alisson cannot hold onto driven shots that many others can, and is this culpable to rebound shots. Though Argentina have to first think about their group and potentially Spain and Germany, if they reach the final they should have a solid gameplan for Brazil.

  4. dear sampa,
    please get all the experience players like pele, maradona, kempes, platini, john cryuf, gerard muller, those people can win this 2018 fifa cup for Argentina you don’t worry I will support you.

    or else you plan for 2022.

  5. Come on guys, don’t fight like children. Leave your anger and hatred behind, time to get behind the team.

    Nobody doesn’t like the team and comes here everyday. We have different ways of expressing our opinions. Some are negative, some are positive, some are fair, some are demanding, some are just supporting the team and don’t want to voice much of opinion, some like lineups, some like analysis, some like to predict …. That’s what it makes Mundo interesting.

    But don’t fight personally, we’re not at high school anymore right?

  6. If you guys want to have a go at each other, there are other forums incl. and have your own threads to cry out loud at each other. Just spare the rest of us this BS!

  7. I am a diehard fan of Argentina. As an Argentina fan I will go to any extent to be the champion. But I have no problem to accept that tite is a great coach and brazil is playing really well under him. There is nothing wrong in saying that. Brazil has great chance to win this world cup. I want Argentina to win each and every world cup. But since Brazil is our arch rival I always want Brazil to get eliminated in every world cup from group stage.

    • When you do something right in your life, God will be with you. Argentina showed support to the innocent victims of Palestine by denying the powerful Israeli offer and that will be rewarded by something very significant like winning the world cup, if not this time, maybe next time. We all expressed that Brazil is the strongest squad today but football doesn’t recognize the strongest. 1990 and in one clever pass from Maradona, Brazil was sent packing like some people here mentioned. All that doesn’t deny the fact that both Brazil and France are scary to watch, it’s my opinion and smart big names in football analysis field share with me this view.

      Let that crazy moron nobody along with his multiple (agree with you 100%) accounts bark like a stray dog.

  8. Only Roy could find out who’s YvesBruno and Ippus are. New members just happen to come here and attack me or that’s same shit faggot Kid who started trolling like last time using multiple accounts?

    I’m not paying attention to your childish rant you son of the bitch. I am happy and satisfied , it feels like the team won the world cup already for me after they stepped in and said NO to Israeli anniversary celebration of occupying Palestine. Vamos Argentina. Thank you Messi.

    As for that nobody retard, he knows who shred his mom’s vagina to pieces and ran away leaving this son of the bitch abusing the universe.

    • Okay, first time post here. Reading this nonsense from a bunch of folks here is really getting tedious…If you guys have a problem with somebody, please share your email accounts and take that stuff away from this blog that’s meant for opinions and support along with finding issues with the NT in a reasonable manner.

      Neither you nor the kid guy are clean on this. I have been reading stuff from you saying that there’s “friends club” by reading some rumors that are untrue while the kid guy posted some out of this world BS when the Israel match getting canceled, if my memory serves me right.

      There are a few other folks who routinely post their opinions that reek of some mental health issue (no offense but please make it reasonable and be supportive of the team) and totally ruining the vibe. I would take my own advice over not responding to the BS that some of you here post but man, this stuff makes me cringe as it feels like we are dealing with some adolescents who are out of control.

    • New member ?? 🤣 relax buddy, I have been here for years if you had been paying attention and no I am not KID the poster or anybody else. Yves Bruno is actually my real name and I am a musician/writer so you can easily search me up if you think I’m someone else’s burner account. Anyhow, I think it will be best if we ignore each other’s posts moving forward.. ✌🏾

  9. Argentina 2018 is Brazil2018 , He is an agent of Argentina opponents. He is propocating and campaigning against Argentina. Beware of him.

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    This is an Argentina fan base thread; we don’t need IDIOTS like you on here parroting the same old NEGATIVE energy on a loop. Because somebody (a fan of Argentina) login to Mundo and say positive words about the likes of Higuaín, Banega and Di Maria doesn’t make that person me with an alias username. As for Higuaín, Banega and Di Maria you don’t exist to them either, you think they care you’re on Mundo making a FOOL of yourself? This NOBODY goes on and on making a FOOL of himself as if you’re an important person. Dude you’re not a person of importance, again stop making a fool of yourself. Rambling on Mundo on a daily basis won’t make you anymore relevant in society, not today nor any other day. Somebody crown this FOOL the king of IDIOTS already.

    Now I can go relax and watch world cup games!!


  11. I wonder how many accounts does that shit KID have and agree 100% with himself? Roy needs to do some compliance edit and ban this idiot again.

  12. What is that happening to this forum ? It’s like it has gotten infested with negativity, immaturity and nonsense. We have people still questioning Samp’s selections with only 6 days away from the WC smh lol.. newsflash, it’s too late and you need to get over it..

    Then you have the posters wishing injuries on other human beings who happen to play football as a profession… Very disturbing and alarming I might add. If I were you, I would seriously re-evaluate my life.

    Then you have the ones who are concerned about age? So let me get this straight, Sampaoli should have selected players who are 25 or younger just so argentian could be among the youngest teams at the WC ? And would that have guaranteed a win in the WC final ?

    Then you have the ones who are constantly comparing team to team lol.. why ? Do me a favor and go on their forums, and I guarantee you that you will see similar outcries as you find here.

    My advice to you; please a be fan and support the team. I personally feel like Samp has done a good job considering the little time he had when he took over. The team has experienced a huge overhaul since he took over… now people are obsessing over Meza, Pavon, Lo celso… Guess what? After our last 3 coaches, Samp was the one ballsy enough to introduce all these new, young faces faces to the team and they seem to be up to the task. I have no expectation at this point but I have a strongly feeling this team will surprise a lot of us. ✌🏾

    Relax and let the guy coach the team.

    • Yes. well said . To these plastic fans of negativism , all the selected players are waste because they are over aged or useless in this way or in that way while all the unselected players are heroes and will bring you glory regardless of their weaknesses and limitations. Sampoli has brought many young blood to the team and tried many options but they are still complaining. Some time they say the team is playing around Messi. Is there any problem in that ?!. Barcelona has been playing since Xavi era. Guardilo realized Messi importance and made the team play around him and the result was amazing.

      • Plastic fans are the ones who use different ip addresses and different accounts to prove themselves right because they have low self esteem, low internal locus of control, and extremely low self-efficacy.

    • bloody shit people’s get out of this forum. I am telling you that Spain is góing to win this cup.

  13. A couple of points that ring through all the nonsense.
    1) Expectations are low and rightfully so…Maybe this will help the players relax and not be so tense.
    2) If you have multiple accounts on this site you are a loser. This is a game, not real life, and ultimately people are entitled to their own opinion. I feel sorry for those who have multiple sign ons to agree with themselves. Get a life.
    3) Higuain sucks, Mascherano is too slow in a meaningful game, and the Haiti game is NO INDICATION of us being good. Haiti sucks, and EVERY primera team can kick their ass.
    4) Sampaoli has been accused of sexual assault on a female AFA staff member. This can be found in La Nacion for those who read Spanish. This is MUCH MORE MEANINGFUL news and impactful on the NT than some of the crap that gets posted on this site as of late. The quality of the news has gone way down on this site.
    5) The tournament won’t start until after the group stages as we have a weak group, and should be able to hammer all three opponents on a good day.

    • 1. expectations are not low. just we are going with low profile this time and true this is good and help players.

      2. well said. i agree with you 100%.

      3. i agree with you except the part about Mascherano.

      4. just because La nation write this doesn t mean that it is true. some people inside some media have personal agenda. it is long story. who is living in Argentina knows and understand what i mean.
      anyway it is important inside our locker room the players and coach keep focus to their job.

      5. i agree with you.

  14. Some things never ever and will probably most definitely ever never change!

    People in here fighting like little children and calling one another names!
    News Flash*** none of what is said here has any weight in the real world, so nobody can WILL the team to win the world cup or crash out and lose with their childish negativity.

    Same story as always, the wacky comes out of nowhere whenever there is a tournament coming up and then cries and threatens the rest of us (Like We Care) that they will no longer come back once the teams loses (given the recent unfortunate history).
    I for one will never miss people like that.

  15. it seem to me Messi and the team are fresh and motivated, and if they are leaving the stage, they will want to do it on a high.

  16. No one knows who will win the World cup. Every one is just assuming. Favorite tag is useless and football is played on the pitch.
    Will Argentina win the World cup?
    I don’t know.
    Can Argentina win the World cup?
    Yes, of course.
    Dos Argentina have flaws?
    Yes, of course.
    Could we have prepared better?
    damn right we could have.
    Do I believe Argentina will win?
    Yes, I hope.
    Everything is possible!
    I am neither negative or positive, maybe I am negative but I try to be realist.
    Although this is a blog and you don’t know me personally,I try to not make prediction that I think are not going to happen. Although hiding people need to have some shame. We all know what prediction people made and they guaranteed us titles that never came true. Sadly shame is not in their personality. Instead of apologising they continue with the same bullshit prediction. There nothing you can do against people who have no shame.

  17. Brasil, decime que se siente
    Tener en casa a tu papá
    Te juro que aunque pasen los años
    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar

    Que el Diego los gambeteó
    Que el Cani los vacunó
    Que están llorando
    De Italia hasta hoy
    A Messi lo vas a ver
    La Copa nos va a traer


  18. Kid was kicked out from this blog last time due to trolling, spamming this blog, and creating multiple accounts to spam. They chased all his accounts and blocked, so he went crying and asking for forgiveness, most guys didn’t want him to be given another chance, but the mother fucker got another chance after he humiliated himself even more. Here we are again, same little kid harassing me. I won’t respond to filthy trash spoiled kids. that was the history of this returned blocked member, so go ask Roy for verification if you don’t believe me.
    Vamos Argentina.

  19. Brazil won Austria and all of a sudden some people in here made them the best team in the world already and at the same time underestimating our own team. Don’t worry guys, fifa, sponsors and media are taking care of this before every world, they hype Brazil as much as possible. I am not saying that they are not strong, theoretically they are one of the favourites, but i don’t buy the “best team in the world” especially before a tournament begins. I remember when i was a kid, many journalists were giving so much hype to Brazil while i was thrilled by a team with sky blue and white stripes. I thought that ok Brazil is great indeed but Argentina is something special! Argentina became my favourite team, actually Argentina to me is football and i was just a kid when realised that Brazil was being overestimated by football politics and the media so nothing new to me.

    We may won a “b” team Brazil but as far as i remember, it was when Sampaoli took over a mess rather than a team, call it a, b, c team or whatever, so you should better put all the facts on the table and not just some of them.

    And finally something else: Argentina has nothing to envy about Brazil and the same should go for the fans as well. When we were destroying Germany and Spain in friendlies they were just friendlies, the huge loss from Spain was called a humiliation rather a friendly and when Brazil won Germany by one goal and now Austria where both games were friendlies, Brazil is the best team in the world.

    I don’t underestimate anyone but i won’t take the Brazil hype, i didn’t do it when i was a kid and surely i won’t do it now.

    • The fact is, not Everytime the best team wins.
      Portugal in last edition Euro
      Greece at Euro 04
      And many more instances
      The factors including: the drawing, constant focus…. And sheer luck. Injury is also a part of luck.
      What is sure is, that the champion must be a team that can really play as a team, not individuals, because you can’t win anything with just individuals. Leicester says hi.

    • Waverite. Well said and agree with you 100% . Brazil is a good team. No doubt . But win over Austria is not an important thing because they are a very weak team and not qualified for world cup for the last 20 years. Our present team will score against them 6-0

  20. One more thing: I’m so glad that Messi and his buddies cancelled the match against Isreal by lifting the banner of NO. Vamos Argentina.

  21. ”Brazil or France is going to win the world cup”….”Brazil and France have the best squads”…. ”Argentina will be out in the group stage”….”Argentina is too old”….”Argentina is an average team” …. ”Argentina have the worst team at the world cup”…. ”Argentina players are mediocre”…. ”Messi and the friends club blah blah blah”…. ”Enzo Perez has join up with the friend’s club’’…. ‘’Enzo Perez is too old.’’ We get it, you’re not fond of the current Argentina team, but why are you saying the same things over and over again to disrupt some of the fans mood here? You’re a negative energy on this website period! Stop provoking and instigating negativity towards the Argentina team. For you, Argentina don’t have any chance at the 2018 World Cup yet you’re still here posting your gibberish and foolish comments on every thread. We get that you like Brazil and France, move to their fan page and use their comment thread to post your negativity towards the Argentina national team. This guy is definitely a TROLL trying to seek attention.

    To whom it may concern.

    [ Before responding to this post, please wash your mouth out with some detergent soap]

    • Brazil and Belgium have no chance, France has a great chance but Argentina little ahead

    • 100% agree with you. Some guys are born with negativity. Criticizing team is ok. Telling the team will knocked out is ok.
      But these holes are not stopping with that.. again n again shitting their same filthy shit in the blog all over.
      I think these guys open mouth only to shit.

    • I think you should be a astrologer . You predict very well . You think brazil is strongest and telling argentine players are too old.
      Taking about brazilian defenders.
      Thiago silva is 33.
      Miranda is 33.
      Marcelo is 30.
      Filipe luis is 32.
      If dani alves would not get injured, he must be a starter and he is 34.

  22. ok, so I was singled out as I’m the only one who is negative here about the team. Just on this blog alone, I found the most negative comments from some of your cult troops (didn’t search more, and that is just from one blog)- Read below and you can see how everyone expressed his own opinion about flaws in our team and compared with other nations like Brazil in particular.

    dcarvajal2: Wow… watching Brazil is crazy. They are flying…. one touch, creativity, hustle defensively, hustle offensively.

    Football fan.0: Brazil is really strong atm. Remember they defeat us when Messi was in the squad at last WCQ. They’re the main contender, along with Germany

    Osman: Honestly, this nation did not create an extra-ordinary midfielder since 2014.

    Perotti: we seem to be less concerned about the group matches and rather inclined to analyse about Brazil, France & Germany.

    Ghostdeini: Sadly we could have done even more to be even more well prepared.

    Dontbethatguy: Watching Brazil against Austria you can’t deny Brazil are favorites to win the World Cup. Not even going 100% but they’re still beating Austria by three.

    arafath: Brazil has the best attacking formation, France has the best midfield, Spain has the best defensive line, Germany has the best coach. Argentina has Messi. (exactly my point, reliance on one man).

    aswin98: Is Caballero a good starter? I am not convinced too much about him, considering at the age he’s made the debut for AFA! Pretty bang average keeper imo.

    Now don’t be pathetic, and to all stupid Israeli supporters (you know who you are): This is a public blog, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, at the end, whoever predicted right, has the right to gloat over. Hold your horses for now bitches.

    • Lol even Messi stated that Argentina is not favorite. So,Messi is a troll?
      Fact is, atm, Brazil looks so superior. They’re the no.1 contender. A team to beat.

      And that’s why it’s so fascinating. Being the top favorite doesn’t help at all. Defeating a team while every media and pundit says, “you won’t win”, will be a really big pleasure.

      Being the best team around isn’t enough to be a world champion, there are many factors. Holland at 74, 78, the Hungary at 54, puskas with his mighty magyars.

      I believe in the chances of this team, as I always behind this team since I could remember (my nation never participate in WC). To people underestimate us, let’s just wait and see.

    • My friend this is football half a second to late or to early that’s all it takes, just 4 years ago brazil was one favor to win it all in brazil, we all know what happened,

  23. Enzo Perez has great enthusiasm and passion and hungry ness when comes to national team. He is box to box player with great quality in passing, tackling offensive and defensively. I hope Higuain and Enzo will motivate the rest of squad by putting best efforts of thier life during each 90 minutes of play on the pitch.

  24. So what ICARDI do here if we have problem in Midfield and Defense even on GOALIE. Honestly, this nation did not create an extra-ordinary midfielder since 2014. Good Luck Leo.

  25. If we played decent opponents in friendlies like the choices of Brazil, half of the team will be injured by now.

    • Y r u so negative man… This mentality should be changed… Cursing our team is the worst thing that can be done…

      • who cursed the team retard? I was just implying a fact, so it was good that we didn’t play friendlies against tough teams or we would get tons of injuries. The curse would follow the squad if they played against the evil empire “Israel” but thank God, Messi and his team realized how hated those bunch of occupiers are and denied the match. Now, shut the fuck up ASSHOLE, and start to post something that is factual and not bias or influenced by volatile emotions. Jerk

  26. we seem to be less concerned about the group matches and rather inclined to analyse about Brazil, France & Germany. Iceland earlier discovery in Euro 16 ‘n thier tremendous wcq road are our pluses for our catious plan.

    Sampa should keep changing formations depending who are we against. If any of the Nigeria ‘n Spain losses thought it is only on how we should aporopriately use Salvio ‘n Acuna and to re-assess the partnership of Otamendi ‘n Rojo.Sampa is slowly fixing the midfield issue but only at the expense of the defense including GK. I couldn’t see Cabalaro surviving when ever the defense exposed him. Every player should be disciplined and cover his a** besides his intial role. Lo Celso and Meza need to give coverage the defense besides their linkage role with forwards. Acuna, Salvio ‘ Perez ‘n even Higuein are quite reliable in this regard.

  27. Wow… watching Brazil is crazy. They are flying…. one touch, creativity, hustle defensively, hustle offensively, vision.. 3rd game i watch of theirs, and their subs are super subs.. let’s hope Argentina and sampi can get there !! Only games I have seen recently for Argentina is Haiti, Spain, and Italy… and we are not at that level yet.. just my honest opinion..

    Either way I support Argentina all the way !! Last few days I have been watching YouTube videos on Argentina going to world cup, so many bad memories of the finals.. I still can’t believe we had some many chances in the Germany final 🙁

    • I told you Brazil has a seat in the final. Tire is a great coach. All their stars scored: against Austria Neymar Jesus and Coutinho. They don’t rely on one player. We are still one man show unfortunately.

        • Aguero’s goal against Haiti will be mentioned and remembered here for decades since it’s the only goal recently scored from someone other than Messi. The entire world I repeat the entire world know we just rely on Messi and pray. We pray a lot more than extremists because it’s evident Argentina rely on one man and they never play like a team. Somebody here mentioned the only way to get the whole team play if we get European coach.

      • No wrong Brazil is the strongest along with France. I don’t buy the favorites list but can tell who has the strongest balanced squad. Brazil and France simply the best today.

      • Brasil in every world cup from the day i remember myself is
        the favourite and the “best team in the world ” for the media /fifa system.

        the same old story every time.
        in the end fifa and media lovers Brasilians taking our…… !!!

        anyway. as you said my friend in world cup everything can happened.

    • I heard many times Tite aim is to build team that will able to win without Neymar. That’s most wise direct. Brazil known the situation of being deprived of their best player. Their team felt completely disarranged after Neymar injury in WC and his red card in Copa. Tite was determined to build team that is not disfunctional without Neymar. His last injury actually give him the opportunity one more time.

      At the same time Argentina seems to be oranized still around Messi as if his presence were always guaranteed.

      Argentina, Smapoli and Messi must learn from last Copa America final. Messi should not play like there. As if he didn’t need other players.

      We have a lot of possible cracks though something need to be changed. Believe me if nothing will change new players like Lo Celso, Meza that seems to embodies our new hopes will become another Messi’s attendants that will only pass to him by 5m long passes and not create by looking for something unpredictable.

      Messi need to feel he has strong partners then he will be able to play that football of quick passing from his early Barcelona times. That tiki-taka he did with Iniesta, Xavi and so on. He can’t play like in last Copa final, dribbling to and fro with 4 defenders instead quick pass. He can’t pass only when he is totally blocked. In that final most of his passes was out of tempo because he was almost always looking for dribling.

      “Doing it all by himself” may work only in groups stages. Maradona didn’t scored in WC final ’86…

      • Great post. I agree with you.. I honestly think if lo Celso and meza can shine, and di Maria plays with a little more control we will be lethal in attack

        • We have great players but to see them giving 100% of their potentiall Messi need to believe they also can score and play more that old tiki-taka instead abusing driblings.

          It’s no coincidence few of our players have their best performances when they felt more resposibility on themselves (because of Messi’s absence) as Di Maria against Germany (4:2) or Meza against Spain.

      • You never know what happend. They may fail. But we should expectate they will strong and prepared. The same with the rest of favourites.

      • Was their qualifying campaign as strong as this world cup along with warm up matches? No, this time they are really prepared and they have the right squad to do it. It’s ok to be jealous of them, it’s ok, but denying they have world class players in every single position and can go along way is called ignorance, arrogance, and irrationality.

        • Nobody is jealous of the overhyped brazilians when we have quality players in our team. Last time we met them with proper coach(sampaoli) we beat them, we also beat them last time we met them in the worldcup & we will beat them if we meet them again.

    • before every world cup the same old story.
      Brasil the great Brasil the magic Brasil will f… the world!!!

      in end Brasil taking….. !!!
      don t worry my friend . you don t have anything to afraid from Brasil.
      you will see soon and you will remember my words.

      • Spot on cox4: brazil are always hyped thanks to nike connection & some other things, there is also the english speaking media doesn’t like argentina because of the farklands war so brazil is always praised ahead of argentina.

  28. Watching Brazil against Austria you can’t deny Brazil are favorites to win the World Cup. Not even going 100% but they’re still beating Austria by three and at the moment looking for a fourth. The same Austria that beat Germany. Brazil, since losing against Argentina in that friendly, has NOT lost a game since then. Just wins and in recent friendlies, a draw against England. They even beat Germany without Neymar. Argentina needs to be at their A Game! And like Mascherano said, Argentina need to complement Messi, or else it will be a disaster. Germany, Spain are still threats, and have already tasted what it’s like to destroy Argentina! We need Messi in his A Game, and also Di Maria, Aguero, Meza, Mascherano at the best, and also Otamendi and Fazio/Rojo have to play the best 7 games of their lives (if they reach the final). It doesn’t look good, but Messi is miles ahead of Neymar, and can break down any defense even in his worst day. This is why friendlies against strong teams is needed to see what the guys are made of. But we just have to hope playing against U-23 team is enough to create cohesion enough in this team!
    Vamos Argentina! Everything’s possible!!!

    7Games!!!! That’s what Stands between Messi and the WC! Just 7 games!!!! It’s possible!!! Just believe and hope for the best!

    • Agree with everything you said.. even though tournament teams will always show up.. although fom all the friendlies I have seen, Brazil is the most put together.. I would say Brazil was going about 80%, and hit post right after 3rd goal.. they have this confidence which could either be a good or bad thing… we will see.. I see them def getting to semi finals

  29. Brazil has the best attacking formation, France has the best midfield, Spain has the best defensive line, Germany has the best coach. Argentina has Messi.

  30. i could read some amazing foolery in 2006 we had a strong and good team unfortunately we lost on penalties
    2010 we were good but not defensively and against germany it happened the same thing as brazil 2014 but this year believe me germany will not pass the 1/4 the luck is n t permanent
    2014 we were 10 times better than germans but we were too unlucky and not effective at all higuain and palacio knows what i mean
    this year messi will snatch this fucking world cup even if he had to score all the goals
    masche deserves the world cup more than lio don t forget his lion heart and his unbelievable tackle against rooben which cost us to reach the final
    this year is argentina s year and that s it nobody will stop lio you will see
    vamos argentina

  31. Messi, who was named player of the tournament four years ago, believes Argentina’s accomplishments have been undervalued by his country’s media, and says the trip to Russia could be his last.

    “I don’t know. It will depend how we do, how it ends,” the star attacker told Sport.

    “The fact we’ve lost three finals now has led to some complicated moments with the Argentine press due to the differences in seeing what it means to reach a final.

    “It is not easy and [reaching three finals] has to be appreciated. It’s true that winning them is important, but getting there is not easy.”

  32. I read all the comments and i enjoyed it as always but i want to add some things to cox4 comment about the “scandals” that “luckily” coming out just before the wc: Cox4, amigo it is the same old story! We don’t only have to face our opponents but “others” as well, as we should do many times in the past. We are not and have never been fifa’s favourite boys such as Brazil and Germany but you know what, this is an additional reason why i am so addicted and proud about our beloved team! They are doing their best in fighting us simply because they are afraid of us, regardless if we have our own issues or not, they were always afraid of us that is why they were doing their best in order to prevent us reaching our goal, like they did in wc 90 and wc 94, while they were doing their best to ensure that their “boys” would win like they did in wc54, wc90, wc94 and wc02.

    And about those “journalists” well personally i wouldn’t even bother reading whatever they say!

  33. It’s fun to read predictions here and also mainstream media. If the recent world cups learned one thing it is that the difference between traditional big teams (that includes us) and smaller teams has pretty much vanished. Algeria almost beat Germany 4 years ago and Wales and Iceland proved they can stand up to almost everyone at Euro 2016. We struggled in the 1st round in 2014 too. There will be surprises. And maybe many if look at last week’s test matches. I hope the smaller teams don’t surprise our team. Given the climate in Russia heat and humidity will not be a factor this time.

  34. the most important in football is to find the balance between defensive and offensive play.
    historical when we find that balance we make very good world cups.

    we never played total offensive game. only in 2010 we try play like this and we fail completely.

    can somebody say to me when exactly Argentina was super offensive minded ?

    always we was try play balanced game. when we succeded we make good world cup.
    i hope Sampaoli succeed. we all will be happy.

    • 2010 Offensive
      2014 1/8 Final defensive
      neither was balanced

      2006 was balanced but we lost because Pekerman made bad subs. in every game we also had a different right back: Burdisso, Scaloni, Cufre, Coloccini the position that Zanetti played.
      and don’t tell me we didn’t select Zanetti because we wanted to play a defensive minded right back because Scaloni wasn’t.

      If people don’t see the pattern that our decisions cost us World Cups than I can’t help you.

      • actually with what you wrote you agree with my words !!!
        you give me right.

        about 2006 which we find the correct balance we could win but
        unfortunately the stupid Pekerman destroy our chance with his stupid coaching during the game with Germany mostly.

        so i agree with you 1000% about 2006.

        in end i don t understand what is the difference in our opinions my friend.

  35. Guys!
    So everyone is pondering about the defence and midfield, which is fine as we need to be our best there to go far in this World Cup.
    But what about GK?
    Is Caballero a good starter? I am not convinced too much about him, considering at the age he’s made the debut for AFA! Pretty bang average keeper imo, but good in penalties and set pieces. Sampaoli can use him similar to how ex Netherlands coach Louis Van Gaal used Tim Krul against Costa Rica in that penalty shootout 4 years ago
    Why is everybody calling for Ruilli’s selection and completely ignoring River Plate’s Franco Armani?
    I watched him, brilliant saves last season in the Argentine league, could be a great solution to the keeper problem. Argentine media were even calling him to replace Romero as starter months before Romero’s injury.
    Plus, we have won the WC whenever a River Plate goalie started in our team

    • about GK things is clear and difficault in same time.

      we don t have better goalkeeper than Romero. from there we begin.
      from the rest Sampaoli chooses those 3 he take.

      i prefer Armani too just Sampaoli is not convinced that somebody without even one game official can be trusted for starter in one world cup.

      i find logic to that too.
      we will see.

      • I don’t think number of games is the key factor for sampoli, if so Caballero has just 3. Had 0, 6 months back..
        Thing is Willy has experience of playing in big level football in Europe, against great teams. That level of confidence is important

  36. We didn’t have better defenders in 2014!
    Through the group phase they were terrible.
    The midfield was the real defence.
    Sabella put:
    In front of them and even higuain helped because defensively he is great so we defended with 9 players and the defence looked great. Give credit to the midfield and dont be ungrateful.
    The problem was we lost creativity tending 0. And that is why we scored 2 goals in 4 matches.
    People say we need luck to win. We had luck in the final. Higuain chance was pure luck! And so was palacio’s. We had luck but we didn’t have skill! Going one on one with the goalkeeper and shooting outside of the goal has nothing to do with luck. You are just a bad football player. So you have created myths that are not true. Leaving capable players at home has nothing to do with luck! You are just dumb. One other myth i want to destroy is rojo! You were in love with him because of the rabona! I despise him for that. He should have never done that there it could have costed us dearly and clearly showed he is a boludo. He achieved nothing with it. You also were fooled because he scored a goal. And bastanta was a monster defensively in comparison to him go watch the Belgium game. He also got red carded in the copa final because of his dumbness.
    Luck smiled at us but we werent smart and dkilled to grab it.
    We have no one to blame but us.
    The problem is that we never learn from mistakes and create myths that are simply not true. We think we are always right and excuse and support every dumb decision because we are homers. Good is good and bad is bad for me.
    Sampaoli has selected some great and deserving players. Also has selected some undeserving players and left at some dome deserving.
    Some players are miscast in his philosophy of wanting to play football.
    Slow defenders for high backline. Still central defender mercado as full back. Slow midfielders (banega), lacking ball skills midfielders in a possession based game like biglia. The team although having great players doesn’t feel as a team and lacks cohesiveness. Against haiti we looked terrible. Still relying on individual brilliance. This team plays slow, players like di maria and higuain drop to the middle and want to create, making the playmaker obselte than when we attack we lack numbers up front until higuain is in the box the defense has already settled. By the way who is our playmaker? Sampaoli has to define roles clearly! Who ever plays in the midfield let that man do his job!

    • U r kidding rojo was not bad in 2014 wc .Who would u suggest in CB garay is not intrested so sampoli has chosen best of all he can’t play a french or a spanish defender, he has to select from argentina only .if u have watched Game gainst haiti it was not bad because they don’t want injury by playing intense game.If u r watching recent friendlies game no big is playing an intense game, they are just considering these as warmup games.

    • with one good defense you can win world cup or arrive to finals.
      with one good offense you don t go anywhere.

      examples many in history.

      but generally i agree with you to most of things.

    • Rojo was very good for throughout the tournament. Of course, basanta played very well against Belgium. But in the build up to the semi final match, Rojo was our biggest hope, in containing Robben, who was owning the world cup, match after match.
      And rojo had shown justice to the hype. He sealed the left side. Robben didn’t have a single good run through the left, which was his favourite route to penalty box, compare our match with that of spain, where Robben ripped them apart, or ate the left defence of Spain alive….
      Rojo is not the greatest defender ever, but he performed well in 2014. Was one of the star of the tournament along with Masche,Messi & Romero.

      • the midfield shielded the defense, the midfield was the real star that we went so far during the knock out stages. Lavezzi and Perez with mascherano and Biglia was the shield. but they couldn’t create.
        Taking out Lavezzi was also a dumb decision because we lost shape. we lacked that spark from the bench.

        At Copa we were unlucky.
        Because we lost Aguesto and Lavezzi in the semis and we lost shape.
        similar to the world cup team but with banega who is more creative than biglia.
        this team lacked only proper full backs.

        —-messi———————-di maria—-

        it became slower in midfield, agusto could help defensively and offensively he is a 8. biglia is a 5. di maria is selfish while lavezzi a team player who helps defensively and never tires.
        and we wonder why we lose.

    • ” Going one on one with the goalkeeper and shooting outside of the goal has nothing to do with luck.. You are just a bad football player…

      Ok sir, thank you for your great discovery..

      so Messi is a bad footballer, because he couldn’t score a one on one with Neuer & Over rated Belgium Goal. Messi missed the biggest chance of that match….
      Your theory is correct, Messi is a bad footballer, world has no eyes to see it, only you have. Kudos.
      Waiting for more gems.

      • He never said Messi is bad. Even the greatest miss sometimes. Doesn’t take away their greatness. Don’t misinterpret

      • I never mentioned Messi chance. Messi’s chance looks easy but is really difficult because of the angle especially if you shoot with your left foot but you have to play football to know that.
        Higuain had no defender near him and it fell to him (LUCK) but he showed he is bad and shot outside.
        Palacio the same, The german defender made a mistake the ball landed to him and he lacked skill so he couldn’t score.

  37. to all the fans here i want to say one thing.
    Guys lately some media in Argentina and in Europe suddenly start to find “scandals” and bad things around our team members behaviours.

    By “luck” this things go out in public just few days after the game with Israel CANCELED.

    i advise you guys when you read “scandals” find too who is writting them first and what is the backround of him\her.
    and in which media is working.

    it is important for realize if someone want to destroy the peace and concetration of our team locker room and which is the motive behind this moves.

    i am not surprised that some media target Sampaoli after game with Israel cancelled as i will not be surprised if next days some new “scandals” will go out in public about Messi and Mascherano.

    friendly speaking for all the guys here that love our team.

  38. Apparently in a recent interview given to guardian mascherano stressed that Argentina needs to be defensively strong to progress further in the it’s good that he thinking like that.if we can practice well and plan well we can surely be strong defensively.our defence will be tested in this 3 group matches.i don’t have any concern regarding attack.i am loosing my sleep over the not so confident about caballero also.

  39. Desio (Argentina physio): “Aguero has never stopped training. As of today, he is fine. He never missed training, he was always with teammates. He has done everything we have asked for”

    Banega has a slight problem on his thigh muscle.

    Desio : “Banega felt a bit of discomfort. He is jogging, slowly. He missed a training session. He is improving.”

    Desio also said Argentina are in good physical condition, only trying to maintain proper fitness. The main aspect the coaching staff is working on is tactics.

  40. I think some psychology theories will tell you that if you are looking doggedly for opponents real or supposed weakness then it often means you really fear them. People here are bringing list of last friendlies our biggest opponents to prove they are not that strong. All you may conclude from the last friendlies of France, Brazil, Germany, Spain is that… they are all not that strong indeed. So are all our biggest rivals harnessed now?

    And now I may only conclude it’s bullshit. It’s lack of professionalism think that suddensly all the teams have weakened.

    We should concentrate on our team and takes all the other as serious as it is only possible.

    Don’t act like cowards who need to detract opponent’s side to feel safer and stronger.

    • I fully agree with you. I also don’t like this coward behavior here. Argentina is a dark horse, not a favorite going into this tournament. Talking shit about our rivals and believing it is delusional and lack of self-esteem. One doesn’t need to be a favorite to win. Btw, Argentina were not favorite in 1978 and 1986.

      • Every rank of favourites is claiming France, Brazil, Germany, Spain as main contenders and let it be. The fact we are not among them is comfortable for us.

        The professionalism require to be prepared for the toughest. Let’s take the teams above as seriously as serious challenger should take.

  41. @amit

    I like your post most when we are talking about rivals:

    “The last friendlies i am thinking France & spain would have gone easy focussing on not picking injuries. I didnt see the match & just an assumption. So let’s not think they r doing bad. Clearly brazil, spain, Germany, France are better than us. But in a knockout u never know. Brazil was better than us when cannigia knocked them out in Italia. Similarly France was better than Portugal in euro16 & we were marginally better than Chile in both copa finals. Argentina clearly needs a stroke of luck to win this cup. But the good thing is there will be no pressure & midfield looks more mobile now . I think the key factor will be how does cabellero , 2nd CB & our DM play above their form & capabilities in the knockout”.

    • Here I want to add one more time:

      What about Portugal and other 2nd row favourite teams: as far as a team has very strong defence they always may beat us in final stages. And also Argentina may beat every team as far as they will have such defence. In final stages that’s not problem to solid defence teams lead the knockout game to penalty kicks and then win than if fortune favors.

      So if you have two teams of really strong defense then even if one of them is weak in attack there’s always good chance for the weaker to win that in penalties. With good defence you may always go far.

      So we need arrange better defence first. Central midfielders are vital element of solid defence so my concern is first of all our central midfield. I’m not sure duo Biglia – Lo Celos is enough good defensively.

  42. “Interesting facts regarding Gabriel Anello, the journalist, who claimed the scandal regarding Sampaoli…………….2 years ago, he accused Lavezzi of smoking weeds during Copa America…..before that said Messi is Spaniard and Argentina don’t need him at all…..”

    Is there a sinister conspiracy afoot to discredit, defame & destabilize Argentina team from within???? Seems like we have to fight not only outside but also from within !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vamos Argentina……………….Vamos Messi………………….

    • Gabriel Anello is not someone you should give attention. His backround is well known in Argentina.
      he have private interest to create things around team like those.
      i don t want to say more. just know that he have private reasons to create “scandals”.


  43. I think aguero will be back in his sharpest form because he said first time in last 5 years , i can move my knee without any pain.And trust me guys headless chicken will also play very well in this worldcup.
    One player is very important for us is giovanni lo celso he is good in attack and with interceptions also.

  44. Have gone through an interesting article about Sampoli’s 2_3_3_2 Idea..

    About Sampoli Philosophy in general,

    ” …But his football requires quick defenders and Argentina’s are slow.”

    About the failure of Sampoli Philosophy, ie, about the match against Spain :

    ” The lesson was clear: Sampaoli’s (his regular style) football played with Nicolas Otamendi and Marcos Rojo at center back was highly vulnerable.”

    And the after match :

    ” Sampaoli’s solution was radical. Others might have stuck with a familiar solution and hoped for the best. They might have done what Alejandro Sabella did at the last World Cup, which was to pack men behind the ball and hope Lionel Messi could do something..”

    But Sampoli announced new plan, where he hopes his team will dominate possession, will attack well with a better defensive tactic & he announced the 2_3_3_2.

    What they say about it :

    “…if it has ever been played in the 155 years football has existed in its present form, has never gained any traction.”….

    Diego Maradona has already dismissed the plan as “ridiculous,”

    After all the analysis, pros & cons, they conclude like this :

    “…He has taken the central issue of how best to use Messi, found a solution that, at least in theory, is coherent and exciting, and promised his side will look to dominate the ball. It may work or it may not, but what it means is there will be a fascination in watching Argentina at this World Cup that extends beyond its best player “…

    I am excited. We will do well. Sampoli tactics will work with the grace of god & determination & discipline of our players.

      • If we can play like Germany i will be happy. It is better than Sabella kind of team n playing in final..
        But if that Puyol header didn’t happen, result would hv been changed… Lucky moments, opponents mistakes all r there… What Argentina can do is play well.. win hearts.. & with god’s grace may be winning it this time

  45. I think locelso should play in place of lanzini and Meza should play in double pivot with mascherano.what are your opinion guys??

    • Meza and Masch as a double pivot wouldn’t be too bad because Meza has played DM for Independiante and he was awesome. Celso for Lanzini as a RW? Well anything is possible but that’s not his position and I don’t think he’d live up to his potential playing there. Celso should play as an advanced CM, something like this:



      • Locelso sometimes commit mistakes defensively that’s why I want to play locelso little advance position

    • I agree, i don’t think Meza is much better than Lo celso in deeper role.. but Lo is very much more comfortable to play in front next to messi. especially now, in the absence of lanzini..

      But another positive about starting this 2 kids is,
      They can switch their positions so well during the game. That is a kind of rarity in football.. if both are in their best, i believe we will be better with them than with lanzini & meza or Lanzini & Lo.

    • Yes that will be great. I like the midfield that is suggested by Elpipita with Enzo as holding, Lo Celso on the right and Meza slightly on the left. That’s my favorite lineup after Lanzini’s injury. Messi as fwd and Pavon as left fwd/winger is also what I wish. Salvio as RW why not? after all, it’s his natural position. Mercado+Salvio on the right is more balanced than the pair Salvio+Di Maria. If Samp use Mercado as RFB, then I want to see Acuna as LFB, more risk-taker. The ideal starting 11 will be: Caballero-Mercado,Fazio,Otamendi,Acuna-Lo Celso,Enzo,Meza-Salvio,Messi,Pavon.

  46. One of the scariest point i have about this team is around the ability of Willy Caballero.
    To be specific, defending the Corner. There i would give Romero a 9.5/10. He was better than almost all others on defending corner kicks, pushing it away ,(not important, but this is the only weak point the highly talented Ter Stagen has)… World cup knock outs are games recently where it is very difficult to find goal. Where results are mostly in the bracket of 1-0, 0-0, 1-1, 1_2 etc..

    So it’s very important to not concede silly goals in Set pieces, especially Corner Kicks, which has Highest probability among other kicks. We were safe in all these tournaments, thanks to Romero, Garay n all..Otamendi, Fazio are good in defending it. Rojo is ok, Mercado was fine in marking for Sevilla…
    But i seriously doubt Caballero. He wasn’t particularly well there in his time in malaga. And considering his tendancy to move up front.. I’m little nervous about that..hope sampoli will not leave any stone unturned in those kind of specific tests.

    We don’t have Romero, so our backline must seal it without any hole during set piece defence. Otherwise this will be enough for our downfall..

    2010 Brazil lost it in Set piece, Argentina’s downfall against Germany started in there, in 2014 German Victory on Brazil started in poorly defended Corner Kick…

    Hope all will be good.

      • Yes,true, CDMs are now poorer. but defenders are better than what we got in 2014 (except right back) , no federico, no Demichellis at least..

        But what makes us inferior to 2014 squad,is Absence of Romero.. he was so good in set pieces. I am missing him terribly…

        • Man to man Argentina defence in 2014 was far better.this bunch of players need to up their defensive work to match that standard

      • Rulli is terrible.. he was a future of Argentina..not anymore..
        He can play better and win it back in next season.. but he’s not that good anymore

        • Why is Franco Armani not starting? Even in training I think he was the liveliest of all our 3 keepers. Plus he had a great season in the Argentine league and had far more playing time than Caballero.

  47. Ideally we win the 1st two games and Nigeria lose some points, we can let the key players take a break during the 3nd game. Then starting to be at the top since the 1st game of the last 16.

    it’s really hard to say who will finish as 1st and 2nd in the French group. Two months ago, I’d say without hesitation France as 1st and Peru as 2nd. But now, all of a sudden, Denmark woke up and started playing very high quality and collective football since a couple of months. But no matter who, I believe in our chance to be qualified. Expecting to see a quarter final Morocco-Argentina. In my opinion, Morocco will be the surprise of this WC and they will KO either Portugal or Spain. Spain I really don’t see any progress from them since a couple of years.

    If all fine, then in semi final, maybe Germany, Mexico, Colombia or England. It’s very unlikely that Belgium not finishing as the 1st of their group so we should not face them before the final if we end up the 1st of our group. Germany is in transition, I don’t see them going that far. Mexico and Colombia are of the same level. To me, on the paper, this current England team is the weakest England team on the paper since decades. Nobody expecting anything from them but that may be good to them. Personally I wish Argentina playing against them in semi and smash them badly.

    I expecting actually Belgium-France as the other semi final. And yes, I think Belgium can beat Brazil in the quarter final. A final France-Argentina will be more for prestige, but I also like Belgium-Argentina, will be a beautiful game too.

  48. The players in this clip look so awkward, it’s like they were trying really hard not to look at the Russian girls holding the flags at the entrance of their world cup base..I wonder what Pavon was saying to Higuain @0:34? lol…Stay focus guys!!

  49. For the people that are here to talk s*** and put the team down. Go comment on YouTube or another blog. We are here to support La Albi. Messi la va a romper I know this. We will be 2018 champions.

  50. Why are people in here obsessed with France so much?
    some try to undermine them and others big them up.
    If Argentina doesn’t win I want France to win it because I like their football and the Netherlands the most after Argentina of course.
    I don’t believe France will win this time or as long as that snob Deschamps is coach. In Qatar they will be probably the best team. though especially if Zidane takes over.
    All the teams have flaws, just like we do.
    no team is perfect.
    we can beat all of them, but sadly we can lose to all of them too.
    I don’t see a clear favorite in this World Cup.
    I hope Colombia and Uruguay go very deep. They have great players. Belgium does too but made a mistake with Naingolan. England will also be a strong team in 2022. Portugal has a great team too, only the defenses is too old, but you never know.
    Like I said there is no clear favorite. Very hard to pick one. I don’t see why we cant beat all of them.
    Sadly we could have done even more to be even more well prepared.

    • For me Brazil is more dangerous and effective than France.

      Frances’s strength is it’s front 3, namely mbappe, girezman and dembele. However it’s midfielders are not as good as look on paper… Pogba has been average, tolisso is so so, kante is very good. About defence, names are good but you can break a defence consisting of kosceilney , umtiti and Rami . Lloris is average. Overall they are good, very good, but not unbeatable. They have a crap manager 😀

      Contrary to that, Brazil’s Frontline is very dangerous…neymar , coutinho, willian, Jesus, firmino ….. They play fast one to one, quick exchanges … Most of their players can score. Their weakness is their midfield is not creative , just physical. They are heavily reliant on their wing players for creating chances. Another weakness is their bence is poor, poorest among all of top teams. It cost them dearly in 2010, when elano got injured they had to use Felipe melo as playmaker 😀 and melo got red carded. Casemiro can do the same this time.

      • Totally agreed, this Brazil will be similar to that of 2002: solid defense, hard-workers in the midfield, attacking fullbacks and total freedom for the 3 upfront.

        I also think Colombia can do something in this world cup, maybe even semi-final. Their game vs France really impressed me a lot by their courage, tactical intelligence and of course technical skills. Not a surprise because it’s trained by Pekerman.

  51. France (lead 2:0) against Colombia 2:3 a few weeks ago
    USA against France 1:1

    Spain against Switzerland 1:1
    Tunisia against Spain 0:1

    Brazil against Austria 1:0 ,very weak performance from Brazil
    Brazil vs Croatia 2-0, but in the first half Croatia were the better team and lost unfortunate.

    Germany against Austria 1:2
    Saudi Arabia vs Germany 1:2 weak performance from Germany

    Why do we think Argentina is not good?
    Good that we are not favorites, so you can play without pressure..

    • These are friendlies days before the cup, no team going is going to risk fatigue or injury.. maybe thr b players trying to impress the coach or teams humiliated out of the WC like USA trying to show the world they are not thst bad.. dont take any weight into them, same wsy the haiti game was just a warm up.

    • Biggest mistake is to Underestimate Germany if there is a tournament Team who is always in every tournament dangerous than its germany
      France Spain Brazil sometimes like this sometimes like that

    • The last friendlies i am thinking France & spain would have gone easy focussing on not picking injuries. I didnt see the match & just an assumption. So let’s not think they r doing bad. Clearly brazil, spain, Germany, France are better than us. But in a knockout u never know. Brazil was better than us when cannigia knocked them out in Italia. Similarly France was better than Portugal in euro16 & we were marginally better than Chile in both copa finals. Argentina clearly needs a stroke of luck to win this cup. But the good thing is there will be no pressure & midfield looks more mobile now . I think the key factor will be how does cabellero , 2nd CB & our DM play above their form & capabilities in the knockout.

    • Colombia-France was a good game, Pekerman’s team is really a great team with high quality players, smart, technique and mobile. I think this Colombian team will go far in this competition.

      The problem with France: average GK and weak fullbacks. No leader, slow transition and not enough creativity. The game last night was not against USA national team but just an university team. It’s quite scary, especially when I saw games of Denmark.

  52. There is a guy (greenstone lobo), that has predicted a lot of sport events (tennis, football cricket and so on) in the past. And predicted it very well. By the way he is an scientific astrologer from india.

    And this time he said, that the final of the world cup will be france vs argentina. And the winner is………..? Argentina. There are some experts that also have the same opinion. At the one side you have an very talented and experienced team (france) and at the other hand there are a team with a big hunger and experience in terms of finals in the past.

    i also think that this time the final would be france against argentina.

    • I did lots of calculations and considered lots of factors and I can see Brazil has a seat in the final and probably playing France.

      • hahaha, in 2010 that psychic who told Maradona he would win world cup. All rubbish predictions.

      • Agree brazil is strong. But we were at our worst during that wcq stage & headless thanks to bauza era. Team is definitely better now & I believe even if opponents mark Messi out of game- we have players who can unlock defences

        • Remember, Brazil were at one of their worst in 2002 qualifying and we were 1st in qualifying. But guess what happened at the 2002 finals? We crashed out and Brazil won the whole damn thing. Nobody expected that Brazil to win the World Cup while our team with Bielsa as manager was highly expected to win it, similar to how everyone is pumping out Titty Tite as the coach for Brazil to win it this time. I hope that the roles are hopefully reversed this time around in favour of Argentina.

    • Predictions are just entertainment. Even nostadarmus made mistakes. Btw this lobo guy must be an argentine fan( lot of Indians like me are diehard argentine fans)

  53. Good luck to everybody.
    bring back home the cup!!!

    Esta es la banda loca de la Argentina
    La que de Las Malvinas nunca se olvida
    La que deja la vida por los colores
    La que le pide huevo a los jugadores


  54. The argentinian media criticized that players are given too much free time in Barcelona camp.

    • Really??? What they were expecting?? Training for 12 hours??? This players can’t take even 2-3 hours high intensity training and training for 10-12 hours meaning it would have become a mini hospital

  55. I saw our base camp.facilities are fantastic.I hope we play well specially hope sampaoli manage to find solutions regarding defense and creativity of midfield

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