Ever BANEGA trains with Argentina, Jorge SAMPAOLI has all 23 available


Ever BANEGA trained with the rest of the group on Wednesday meaning that coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has all 23 of his players available.

After training separately from the team for a few days, the Sevilla man is back in and gives the squad a boost ahead of their 2018 FIFA World Cup opener against Iceland. Per TyC Sports, here’s Argentina’s starting eleven against Iceland:



  1. Its been a long 4 tough years, everything we did in past 4 years leads to our first match, So many ups and downs its been an unpredictable journey. The Mashe – Biglia duo has passed all the tests i think, 4 different coaches 4 different styles but still they r here starting again in a WC Match. All which has to be said about them is done now. Sampa must have something in mind. We will see what Sampa is looking for with those 2. We can only watch and support. Hope we have a great WC. No matter whoever starts for us.

    But one thing i never like or understand is why would we have to announce the 11 way before the match starts? Can’t it make the opponents easy to prepare accordingly? It Doesn’t make any sense, Its a simple Logic. Hope Sampa has a surprise for first match.

  2. I would prefer to leave the coaching/managing in the able hands of Sampi. However because I’m entitled an opinion 😊 I’ll say he must have a strategy in mind because he studied, knows and understands ISL playmaking philosophies like no one else.

    I am totally looking forward to seeing a fearless relentless attacking beautiful poetic football from my most favorite national team of all time.

    We need to remember that we are wary of a few teams but all teams are wary of us.

    Viva la albiceleste!

  3. Bielsa studies games like a junkie he still used the same tactics as chile coach against brazil and every time he got countered and trashed.
    Just because Sampaoli does watch games doesn‘t mean he will do the right thing.
    As a knicks fan I used to get hype about Carmelo during the summer because he would say I am in the best shape of my life. As soon as the season started we found out that is not true.
    Just because mascherano says he is in the shape of his life or the 3rd fastest doesn‘t mean he is.
    I have seen many people overhype themselves.
    We will see on the pitch if sampaoli has come to the right conclusions and if mascherano is the 3rd fastest.

  4. Hold on for a minute! People accuse some of the posters here to be negative but you shit your pants from Iceland. Who is negative here? The people who consider Iceland to be our match are.
    When Sabella had his fantastic four or whatever they were called and his 5-3-2 heading to the world cup most of the people thought we are great. There were some posters me included who werent impressed and pointed out that all of our opponents will park the bus and fantastic four (counter) will not work. We were called negative. The teams parked the bus and fanta four was useless.
    To best Iceland you have to let them run, hold possession and use creative players. We dont have creative players in midfield just lo celso and banega. Sampaoli wants to beat Iceland playing like Iceland. A drinker beats you all the time in a drinking contest. You cant out drink him.
    Observation is actually seeing simething happen. We saw mascherano and Biglia many games and that partnership didnt work for us.
    And it will not work! I bet my account that if biglia and mascherano start together in the final and we win I firstly will be the happiest man in the world but also will ban myself from this site.
    I believe we will and can win but those 2 will not start together.

    • Biglia offers nothing in buildup. Nothing. He’ll win balls, sure. But he only knows how to pass backwards. He will not dribble out of tough situations, or do give-and-go’s with great quickness, or have the vision and aptitude to deliver an amazing pass. Lo Celso does.

      If there is such a concern for Iceland’s counters, then dont put a winger as your RB.

    • bro, sampaoli doesn’t have trust on them then how the team can win?
      mash ang big already lost their prime. Tite got only 2yrs time to built a new team as individual but sampaoli still did not built a team even with experienced players.
      if he built a new team with their individual aside Atl least they could be ready.
      sabella and Martino had a team they won some matches without missing but now you see without missing the team cannot win with haiti or indian team

  5. We’ve worked a lot on our opponents, how to attack and how to defend,” Caballero said.

    This give me great believe and satisfaction! The study of tour opponents weak and strong sides! Some managers focus on there teams own tactics regardless of opponents strengts and weak essens.

    This should give those who bash on Sampaioli and his tactics an idea that he fielding the strongest 11, even with Mascherano and Biglia.

  6. HA HA its a sweet little ICELANDIC underdog story, It will almost make me sad when we THUNDER SLAP the shit out of them!!!!! These first 3 games is fine tuning for us….We better get in our stride for the knockout stages, where the real stress begins…..I want blow outs this world cup, no less than 4 goals or more each game, fuck extra time and fuck a penalty shootout!! SMASH EVERYBODY and let the world know FUTBOL ARGENTINO es el mejor del mundo, period. HACE LIO MESSI!!!!!!!

    • What you want is not possible.it’s not Pele’s brazil of 1970.that too was possible according to Pele was because they trained for 6 months and we have far lesser talent available.plus now the games are far more tactical.

      • your right but I get hyped up regardless my man!!!! I really don’t care how we win as long as we win. If it has to be ugly so be it……..my heart has been through pain so I can handle any scenario !!! you got to admit it would be nice though…p.s. FUCK PELE

  7. Messi won’t score with both Masch. and Biglia together, he will be too busy to drop back and collect the ball. It was tried, tested, and proved.

    • Messi will draw back no matter Biglia or Lo Celso will be there. Though it’d be better fo us if he keeps forward line and let take initiative Lo Celso, Meza, Di Maria, Salvio

    • 100% correct. if opponents given pressure while both hold the ball immediately they will do back pass.

  8. I’m tired of the exaggeration of this fucking Iceland team. I want Messi and Aguero to tear their defense apart to shut all critics’ mouths. I can’t wait seeing the critics coming up with cheap excuses when we beat this overhyped team by 3 or 4 goals.

    Vamos Argentina!!!

  9. • news is that Spain head coach were fired because he took the job as real Madrid manager without letting the Spanish football association knew. The Spanish football association only find out about it 5 minutes before the announcement as said by the Spanish football president on live TV.

    • sky sports news.

  10. Why everyone is freaking out??? This is the reason why we are not the Coach. Sampaoli is. We are losing our head sittin at home!!! 😳.. We dont know whats going on in the base camp. We dont know the players Fitness. Sampaoli knows. And he will take decisions on teams best interest. Just because Lo Celso is our favourite player that does not mean his inclusion would make the team better against Iceland. This is my thought. Cos there must be a reason WHY Biglia has been chosen over Lo Celso… A REASON.. Dont u guys think??
    Ok let me try to rationalise it-
    Lo Celso is more centralised player. And Iceland Bus means the center would be over crowded and that takes away space from Messi and Aguero. So when our team is Attacking, Masch and Biglia would join Otamendi shielding defence. And Salvio and Tagliafico will go wide on the Wing. Even Rojo will make the run, would free up Space for Messi and Aguero and thus Sampaoli has figured out a way to break the bus. We may also see Pavon in the game later. And when defending all six of them will be defending. We need such tacticians who has a different plan for each and every opponent we face in the WC. Its Iceland not Spain again. If you think we ll lose please dont support then. Lo Celso will be back against Croatia because we will be playing more possession football against Croatia. Leave the thinking to Sampaoli we ll do the supporting behind the team only.

    • • I agree with you, but the thing about many guys here in the group is that they don’t understand that, if Argentina needs a number 5 in the squad than it can not be locelso, because he is not a number 5. Only mascherano and biglia and perez who can also play that position are currently the best options for that position.

      • locelso is a attacking midfielder, and many people here wants him to play a deep role with biglia or mascherano, my friends that’s to risky because locelso is not good in defence that’s why against Spain he( locelso) played behind higuan and he and meza did manage to create some chances.

      • Lo Celso played attacking midfielder against Spain bc lanzini was hurt. In any case, your logic is not tip top because it was Biglia and Masch that got torched in that game. Biglia is the most overrated player by Arg coaches ever. Why he continues to find himself in starting XI’s is beyond me. he only knows how to pass the ball backwards providing nothing in buildup. If Samp is concerned with defense, he should put a true fullback instead of Salvio. Or called up a youthful backup #5.

        • Poli Weather you like him or not, Biglia is used to control the pace of the game. That’s why managers always pick him. If we’re winning that’s where he comes strongest.

      • Why not Sampaoli thinks of such strategy against Iceland before? Why not he choose a young no. 5 Paredes? Do you think either Masche or Biglia would do better than Paredes?? Its very funny.
        So dont just flow with Sampaoli’ stupid decision. He is the most unstable minded coach who changes his decision with everyday corcumstances.

    • Thank you #sh0vwar this is 100% 3 more.days guys I’m going crazy here I keep checking on mundo every hour
      To c if there’s Anything new. Vamos argentinaaaa wc 2018 champs.

      • Anytime my Albiceleste Brothers. Lets all stand behind the team together. At POLI this tactic i believe should be applied only for Iceland. Mashch and Biglia should be good enough to hold Iceland while others attack. I can see Rojo and Otamendi do few surprise attack to confuse the Iceland formation.
        But this should not be applied against Croatia or Nigeria. Spain is a far story. Iceland is not Spain and does not attack like Nigeria.
        Lets take 1 opponent at a time. Vamos Albiceleste.

        • When Team park the bus it will be easier to attack from all direction then concentrate just in the center. It will be conjusted and we ve seen our team struggled before when team park a bus. Lo Celso would make it harder for the team in the center even Messi. The play would usually get cut off by too many Icelanders concentrating in the middle. Atleast Sampa is doing something about it. I think Biglia Masch double pivot is a 1 off for Iceland.

  11. first game in every world cup is always very important.
    Sampaoli don t want to risk as i see.

    if really this will be our starting 11.
    we will see Saturday.

    in half time he will make changes probably. if score is 0-0 he will make team more offensive.

  12. Argentina may be only team in this world cup where coach is not sure about anything yet, whether it is formation or players. Leaving Lo celso for Biglia is just a joke.

    • I think The coach is being very technical regarding opponents. To be honest Sabella, Maradona and even Pekerman was not this technical. Sampaoli is making space for Messi and Aguero by using wide wingers. The center would be so clustered with Iceland Bus there would be no room for Lo Celso and would make it harder for Messi too. Biglia would be defending when the wingers go on attack even Rojo will attack. So I think its brillliant because Iceland is not Spain. We ll prolly see tweeks in line ups depending on the opponent. We ll play more possession game against Croatia so Lo Celso will be back. But great tactician Sampa.

      • Let sampaoli reach a final in wc then compare him with sabella.sampaoli hasn’t done anything yet for us.

        • I did not compare achievements. Sabella achieved with concentrating in his own team.
          I was comparing style and tactics. Sampa concetrate on opponents and play to opponents weekness.

      • I agree. If he plays with Salvio pushing high and wide, Meza pushing high and wide, dimaria same and taglafico same, it makes sense to have masch slotted between the back 2, and biglia breaking up play in ghe center. This only works if Iceland parks the bus and if our wingers attack.

        Its essentially a

  13. It’s also possible that during the open training, Sampaoli may be training the group for the last 30 mins or so of the match. And during the closed door training, he may be training for the initial 60 mins in which Lo Celso takes part. There is a possibility.

    But then there is a very less chance for that possibility since this is Sampaoli we are talking about. He has no problem talking about his tactics publicly (he explained about 2-3-3-2 system in a press conference some time ago). So I’m not sure he would be hiding something. But, there is still a chance for that.

    • Who said he is sure to play that formation?? He just told not a surity he will play that formation.first Argentina play some match then only we can say.i am quite sure sampaoli even trying Messi dybala partnership in closed doors.nobody knows about our system that is the biggest plus point

  14. If the coach is going with both Masche & Biglia and leave out Lo Celso, so be it. Sampaoli may have his own reasons.

    This could be because Iceland field two strikers. I’ve only watched highlights of Iceland games. I’ve not seen them doing counter attack. They’re lethal in set pieces, so I think ideally Fazio should be preferred over Rojo.

    I’m pretty sure Lo Celso would come out on the pitch at some point of time. I hope he performs well. If he could bring the defensive solidity the coach and us fans want, he would get the nod in the remaining matches.

    Eventhough Masche-Biglia pull us back to the boring era, it’s a little bit different this time. We have a proper AM in Meza now. Also much better full backs in Salvio & Tagliafico. Then there are players such as Pavon, Lo Celso to come from the bench. That should provide much better attacking game than previous WC. I’m pretty excited.

    I’m pretty sure that we will atleast go a hurdle more than the last world cup 😉

  15. Whatever formation we draw with these 11 playes its mascherano and biglia who starts in the end not busquets and xabi alonso i think.
    With this current set up and hearing news about mascheranos improvements its better biglia to sit deep and allow masche to move a little bit up.
    In the last days of training we have seen that lo celso is slowly going out and meza in pivot and now biglia.
    For me Meza is so crucial for this set up to be a success.he has to play a proper CM role and connect well to messi salvio and dimaria.if its clicked we might get a terrific player for that position and locelso will have to work hard to earn his place then.in 4-2-3-1 for the right side its infact salvio and pavon is better comparing to lo celso.
    If it fails to create an impact in the first half then lo celso will surely come in place of biglia….
    Lets see….

  16. THE WAY people mentioning here ICELAND seem far better than Brazil, Spain, Germany, and France. How come you guys expect to get the TROPHY with this kind of weak mentality? Messy will do same thing that he did against HAITI.

  17. People seeing this as a double pivot 4 3 3 but i thinking it is much more like 3 man defense with masherano at back. The wing back will be more attacking but let’s see

  18. Choose whatever line up if Messi Augreo are there we will win the match.We have good back up for every position.We are lethal in attack with Messi Augreo and Di maria.Creative in midfield with Lo celso Meza Di maria and Enzo.We are good in defence with Otamendi and Rojo I think best CB pair from EPL.Our best full back pair will be Ansaldi and Taglafico or Salvio and Ansaldi or Ansaldi and Acuna.Mercado should play as CB sub.He is CB type of player.
    Vamos Argentina
    Attitude awesome
    Mindset positive

  19. “Nine prisoners in an Argentine prison have gone on a hunger strike to press authorities to repair the cable TV so they can watch the World Cup.

    The inmates at Puerto Madryn jail, based in the province of Chubut, 800 miles south of Buenos Aires, wrote a letter by hand to a local judge to declare their protests overs the cable system which is damaged and hasn’t worked for the past three days.” (ESPN.COM)

  20. Isn’t Salvio going to play as forward as possible? He’s going to have a Dani Alves like role, right? Doesn’t that explain the Masche/Biglia midfield defense? Especially is Masche is still delivering those amazing through balls/passes forward.

      • Exactly. Not only that Salvio and Tagliafico would be on the Wings to cut thru the parked bus. Plus there is also a reason Rojo is there. Occasionally Sampaoli may use Rojo or even Otamendi to help cut thru that defence. Mash and Biglia would be the Defenders in that kind of play. Lo Celso is more of a center player. To break bus we need Wide Players. Tagliafico, Rojo and Salvio can open up play and break the bus. I am sure this method wont be used against Croatia or Nigeria. So relax people. There is a reason why Sampa is the coach. Not you guys.

    • Iceland play with two strikers pushing the CBs and two wide players stretching to the flanks. So no matter how good Salvio is at attacking, he has to do his defensive duties. Our best way is to use our technical superiority in midfield and deprive them of possession. Iceland’s defence will crumble under pressure if we can connect our midfield and attack and maximize Messi’s potential. Using Masche-Biglia doesn’t do any of this. They wont be able to even defend properly if put against pacey attackers or, long balls repeatedly.

      • I haven’t actually watched Iceland play, so I’m going with what you are saying.

        This does make me think that Lo Celso would be better. I wonder if Sampaoli figures that Di Maria will play more of a central role?

    • This is the most likely thinking based on what we can know from the outside, Shovwar and Trucho, I salute you. Also, Biglia’s biggest strength was never his speed or mobility but positioning and ability not to get caught out. Enzo Perez is more mobile but most certainly not in match shape after finishing his season and starting his pre-pre season summer workout. Wide players will hopefully pull defenders away from Messi who will exploit the space and this is necessary perhaps because the more centralized Lo-Celso may not be able to break the center of the park congestion in Iceland’s half.

      • Thx for the Acknowledgement RiverDC. I think Lot of fans here are very scared because what happened against Spain. Well Iceland is far from Spain. The only way they can heart us is by Parking a double decker bus. Lo Celso is not the Answer for Iceland, Wide Wingers are. So we need double pivot which enables us to Free the wingers even Rojo. (Not against strong opponents, only Iceland) Maybe the addition of Pavon Later. Lo Celso would be better against tougher opponents. Sampaoli is being tactical taking 1 opponent at a time. I love that. Lot of us here thinks we can do a better job sitting at home than Sampaoli who has been studying the team in the camp.

  21. Lo Celso must start. Double pivot is just asking Messi to drop back to the centre circle again. Why oh why do Argentina managers persist in moving the most decisive player in the world away from the zone where he can do the most damage?

    • He will deploy Lo Celso in the second half when he finds out what we already know I.e Mascherano-Biglia pair is absolute crap. I hope the damage isn’t done already by then.

  22. Messi once said that the real Argentina fans will show up at the World Cup:


    like this…

    The last time I came here, there were hundreds of new comments and more than 90% of them are about complaining.

    You guys must be ashamed of yourself. Support the team.

    It is not funny when more than 100 + members say the same thing about Masche, Biglia, Di Maria, Higuain, or Caballero.

    Maybe if you guys were in Moscow right now, you would rather sit somewhere and say negative things about our team on your laptop or cellphones instead of joining these guys supporting our team.

  23. Relax guys. This Tyc sports channel is putting a list everyday. Where has Sampa put out the list? As long as it’s not official and when i say official it’s the coach , it’s nothing to worry. We will have to wait for the horse’s mouth. So please be patient till then. I personally don’t see Sampa doing this grave mistake

    • Actually 3 consecutive days sampaoli played biglia mascherano double pivot that is why they reporting this lineup

  24. Biglia Mache means defensive approach, may be Sampaoli happily accept draw rather than defeat I’m 100% sure lo celso replace one of them early and will have good game, Huge opportunity for Meza , Russia World cup can Change his career

  25. relax guys ! First game a lot of nerves and Sampa wants to make sure that we have experience on the pitch. Iceland are an organized team with speed and power so we will need possession game, he is making sure that at least during the first half we have a squad that has more WC experience. I am sure he will make all 3 changes during the second if things dont go the way he wants them to go, we will see Lo Celco instead of Biglia (if he starts), also Pavon in place of Di maria and may be may be Dyballa for Meza or Aguero. This is not Spain its Iceland so we need all the experience and some creativity for Leo to run riot and if things go well in the first 20 mins, we will gain confidence and move forward. Remember Argentina is the only team with no match experience in the WC, what I mean is all other teams have played anywhere between 2-3 matches before arriving in Russia, so we need to calm our nerves in the first game, you dont want a youngster making a mistake in the first 15-20 mins thats why i feel he will opt for experience, things will change from 45 mins onwards. VAMOS Argentina ! Super excited !

  26. I looked at the 2 finals lineups that we lost against Chile and in both cases Biglia and Mescharano had played together .I remember that we really struggled to create chances in 240 mins of sterile play. In one final aguero started and the other one Higuain started.

  27. I can’t understand why sampaoli all of a sudden is becoming so obsessed with mascherano – biglia partnership. After Spain match sampaoli stated mascherano – biglia won’t be playing together at the same time. But right now he’s looking forward to playing both of them together means another humiliation is waiting to happen. I still believe mascherano. But biglia is a finished player like higuain. I still have have doubt whether biglia is fit enough to play from the first game.

  28. There is nothing wrong with the squad. We are playing Iceland for God’s Sake. I see with this squad Sampaoli trying to do something crazy though. Iceland is expected to park the bus so i can see Sampaoli have Rojo Tagliafico Salvio and Even Otamendi to attack from the wide And Mashch and Biglia looks like will be defending more. The center would be crouded by defeders. Interesting. Before judging lets support the team and let the coach work. Its no use shouting. He wont use this same line up for Nigeria or Croatia. I think Its his tactics against Park-The-Bus Iceland and it may work. Atleast I am trying to be Positive. There are no need to stress out on the line up cos i cant make any difference but I can support and back the team. Thats the best thing we can do right now and for ourelves. It is going to be a month Trust me. Let Sampaoli work. Let the nigga live.

    • All those players will be bench warmers, and especially Dybala, I bet he probably wont get one tough of playing time. I wonder what would go inot Dybala, Pavon or Lo Celso’s heads seeing Mascherano, Biglia, Rojo and all the deadwoods in starting line up and they are not?

  29. I am re-watching Argentina vs Ecaudor. Biligia in particular is turtle and do not care to pass forward or being proactive. What a lazy player and his football iq and involvement is zero. We need to Lo Celso in argentina squad.

    • I am re-watching Argentina vs Ecaudor. Biligia in particular is turtle and do not care to pass forward or being proactive. What a lazy player and his football iq and involvement is zero. We need to Lo Celso in argentina squad.

  30. Our coaches always put on fancy line up first but when the tournament starts, they shit in their pants and go for Mascherano/ Biglia non creative duo. Same story every time, just before the first game, they panic and exaggerate in our defensive personnel.

  31. Can you tell me guys why gundegon and ozil are not being preferred by their countrymen. What have they done to be humiliated by their own countrymen?

  32. Spain firing their manager 2days before the WC start is comical, its not like he was the first coach to accept a job with a club while managing the NT, Van Gaal! and even funnier that RM couldn’t wait a month or less to make it public. Given the Barcelona situation, NT trying to make a point that them and the RM are not in cahoots with one another….who knows? and I don’t care…hopefully a discombobulated Spain is a weaker Spain.
    Germany so-called internal issues? smoke and mirrors.

  33. https://googleweblight.com/i?u=https://www.theringer.com/2018/6/13/17456820/2018-world-cup-lionel-messi-history-maradona-barcelona&hl=en-IN

    Nice read !!

    Any of you from Goa India want to meet up for the albiceleste games ??
    Most ppl here support portugual and the rest brazil arrrrgg !!
    And the clueless england or germany just coz they were the last wc winners !!

    I have been reading this blog on a regularly since 2012 and boy during tournaments this site becomes a cess pit !! On the other hand glad to see many posters have resolved their issues and being patient with each others opnions, at the end of the day if we support the team or bitch about every thing from team selection to how players choose to use social media is not going to make a difference to the moral of the team, unless ofcourse they have a team meeting where ofcourse ” mondo ” comments are disscussed my sampoli n the team ..
    My point is we need to be tolerant with each others views instead of going for the throath ..
    Nice to see all the familiar posters but have to say not seen pablo/ jack / el principie that often ….. any one remember @ captian diego …
    Keep up the good work kid / gonzalo/ albi malbari etc enjoy reading your posts

    ROY are we going to have a live thread for the games ??

    3 more days!!

  34. After Spain, i also predict that Germany could be knocked out in group stage or round of 16.


    1) poor form – they experienced a 5 matches winless streak, they were beaten by Austria and only managed to beat Saudi Arabia 2-1, do you think they can beat Mexico and Sweden with this form?

    2) Their captain and gk Neuer only came back from injury for 2 matches, will he be able to play at the highest level match?

    3) Gundogan and Ozil ‘s political acts have caused the fans or even their teammates to hate them, the team are divided.

    4) They ommited Sane, one of the best winger in the world now and there is no more Gotze. Ozil has injury too.

    5) Worst of all, they are still the hot favourite in this wc, therefore, they have the highest pressure, with so many problems mentioned above, do u think they can handle it?

    Germany was our potential semi final opponent, but i think they wont get to the quarter final now.

  35. The chaos in Spain makes our situation normal for a change..at least for some days..
    It’s a good break when everyone doesn’t think our pre world cup situation is the most chaotic anymore
    Spain 2018 looks like its gonna go on a meltdown like France 2010

  36. Hey guys, I’m from Germany and since 1994 Argentina fan.

    I know the situation in Germany very well. They have very big problem and internal riots. Many German and German football legends demand that Özil and Gündogan should resign.

    Also, Germany currently has that they have many difficulties with the media.

    In addition, Sane Götze Klose Schweinsteiger, Lahm and Podolski are no longer there and players like Neuer, Boateng Hummels are not at 80% (fit).

    AND what happened in Spain today, I do not have to tell you. They fired their coach one day before the start of the World Cup. Hierro has no experience as a trainer. You can see how Spain will play Portugal, which should be decisive for Argentina vs Spain.

    If we play a good group stage, Spain and Germany can come in the quarterfinal and semi-final. Hope Sampaoli is smart enough to adjust the team to these circumstances ..

    Mourinho is right when he sees Arg in front of Spain.

      • Germany and Turkey have very big political problems for years.

        Özil and Gündogan were born in Turkey and play for the German national team.

        The problem is, they recently took pictures with the Turkish president and supported him a lot.

        The Germans are a people who react very rashly to such things. Believe me, the media are just ultra tough here and they’re blowing people in the air.
        Currently, many German football legends are for throwing Özil and Gündogan from the national team.
        And it looks like Löw can not stand the pressure, Özil and Gündogan will not play, only substitutes.

        One would have to live here and see what is happening with the German National 11 especially in the media.

    • Thank you so much my dear for loving and supporting our team ARGENTINA, be blessed. in addition, I am pleased by your fanning La Albiceleste from our all time competitors and haters’ land. moreover, I believe that those fake teams people around the world made favourites will not defeat us! I believe in our team. I am Richard from Rwanda in Africa. Argentina entered my heart since 2004 through Sebastian Veron. kiss to all Argentine and their lovers as I do.

  37. Lets face it–its not the sexiest lineup but its pretty solid. The Germans are never sexy and they win titles. I think Sampa is playing it a bit safe vs Iceland and it is not bad logic. The first game is the most important for confidence; otherwise the pressure can make these boys crumple in Game 2 and 3. Therefore, Sampa’s logic is to have a dbl five and not shot ourselves in the foot. We have enough qualify upfront to score two goals and win 2-0. In an open format, they can get a 1-0 goal and then park the bus and the game ends 1-0. This lineup forces Iceland to earn anything they get. If we go down 1-0, then LoCeslo and Pavon are the first subs off the bench and if we are winning 2-0 by the 60 min mark, I would still expect to see Pavon so that he can see how that clicks. Spain became champion by winning every knockout game 1-0 and we advanced to the finals in 2014 by winning 1-0 and a penalty shootout. You do not get credit for style points just W’s… Vamos Argentina!! Vamos Messi-ah!!!

  38. I am so glad to hear the spain news!
    Now Hierro is spain’s head coach.

    I dare to predict that Spain is going to be knocked out in the group stage.

    1) The spain team are demoralised by this incident, especially for the real madrid players, for the other spain players, they did not want their coach to be sacked at this stage, all of their minds are occupied by this incident, and there might be disagreement between the real madrid players and the other spain players also, i dont think they can focus to prepare and train for the world cup now. To stir things up, worst of all, Hierro was a real madrid player.

    2) Tactically, Hierro has a team of players that were not selected by him, he must have different idea from Lopetegui, how is he going to come out with tactics that suits the players that were not selected by him? With only 2 days left before the portugal match, he has no time to prepare.

    3) Hierro only has experience in coaching a 2nd division team, and he failed to help that team to promote and he was released by the club after that.

    Spain was the potential opponent for Argentina, but now, i dont think Spain can go to the round of 16.

    • Spain no matter what will qualify.they have super squad they will manage.but I hope they don’t top the group then we will avoid them in quarters.remember injured tiger is dangerous

  39. I think sampa is trying to get the ryt balance by using double pivot and planning to attack Iceland through wings…

    • This is not balance. This is his fear. If he wants to use double pivot against Iceland he will be using double pivot throughout the tournament.

      • It’s not fear always… Sometimes we need to use brain… This is the first game n we cannot afford to loose to Iceland… Let’s hope for the best…

  40. our first match is very near ..now these boys need to play there hearts out blood sweat style ! most of them it will be the last chance at this stage ..come on boys fight the good fight make it a 3 rd one for us all !! come on argentina come on messi !!!!!

  41. Yesterday anti doping test conduct of 6 Argentinian player one of which is messi, in March also FIFA conducted anti doping test before Italy match then also messi selected for anti doping test, during March April Uefa & Spanish authority also conducted anti doping test in both the occasion messi selected, my question how many time messi will be tested for anti doping ?

  42. Good news, now players and coaches need to go out there and do their job

    Spain fires their coach 2 days before their world cup game. Real Madrid creates turmoil among players by this. But I can tell you Del Bosque will come over and nothing will happen.

    Brazil was in complete doldrums with Dunga and Tite comes in and right from the first game, everything is perfect.

    Only we seem to have various excuses and issues. Just need to go and play for their lives.

    VAMOS! Bring it on!!

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