Juan FOYTH of Tottenham Hotspur to be in Argentina team


Juan FOYTH of Mauricio POCHETTINO’s Tottenham Hotspur will reportedly be included in Lionel SCALONI’s Argentina squad.

After having initially been included in last month’s squad, the 20 year old defender had to pull out of the team due to injury. However, there are reports that the former Estudiantes man will make the team for a second straight time. SCALONI’s Argentina will play Iraq on October 11 and Brazil on October 16 in Saudi Arabia.

FOYTH has played a handful of matches for Tottenham but made zero appearances in the English Premier League.


      • godin11: agreed on correa he is a talent and i also rate him but he really does need to become more constant and improve his decision making or he will become d.m mark 2 for the n.t instead of the talent he could be.

        • You absolutely right mate …
          Correa along povon they must sort out thier final makind decisions.
          Otherwise they will be another di Maria vision. As you said mate

          • Godin11: i agreed on you thoughts on pavon as well, he has all the tools to be very fine player but ….
            i do hope pavon get the move to the epl as i know poch was keen on him but nothing happened so far as their are few better youth coaches then poch at Tottenham who really seems to know how to get young players playing at the top of their game.

    • Correa reminds me of another Angel, Angel Dimaria! He has bags of talent and boundless energy but can be low on footballing IQ sometimes. Never the less he’s a hell of a player and Argentina needs players like A.Correa, Pavon and Lamela, who have the speed, tenacity and fighting spirit to make a difference.

  1. Pezzela is the best Argentina defender at the moment the guy is so calm and comfortable he is not rush defender
    Like funes mori and otamandi.
    My humble opinion funes mori is not
    National team material even Marco rojo
    Is better than him.. foyth is highly rated
    Young defender if he wasn’t injured.
    He will have played few games for spurs.
    This season. Mamman is top top defender
    When he starts playing .he will be first choice a long with pezzela.. the back up
    Will be foyth and Alan Franco.
    Finally we have good right back that is
    Gonzalo montiel this guy will be good
    I watched him few games I liked the he
    Played… we know Argentina is powerhouse of the football talants
    Weather people deny it or not.

  2. Foyth is way more talented than Funes Mori and despite his recent injury and the lack of playing time should still be included, even if doesn’t play, at least he could train with the team.

  3. Out of the box thinking is what we needed and this is just that.
    Foyth is the future and we should admire the talent he is.
    Pezzella and Foyth are 2 of our most talented centre backs. I also have the same opinion of Mammana. Don’t like funes mori.
    Now wee need a right back and a goalkeeper for the future. I am curious about Montiel and Andrada.
    we also have to think out of the box with our midfield and try to find a way to play Palacios, Lo Cleso, Paredes and either Ascacibar/Battaglia.

    • I think the midfield is already sorted out.

      Lo Celso – Paredes – Palacios

      Meza is either of the two enterior’s backup and Battaglia is Paredes’s backup and Ascaciber is their backup. These guys just need gametimes together to become more and more effective.

      I agree with the RB and CB situation. Mammana, Foyth, Pazzella should be enough in three years time. Fingers crossed.

      • I like that midfield too, but if needed Lo Celso can move further up the pitch like against Italy and the other one of the other guys can move in as defensive stability. What is sure though all of those 3: Lo Celso-Paredes-Palacios are 2 way players (what we didn’t have in midfield), each one brings different range of game and all can shoot outside the box (what we lacked dearly).
        ——–Lo Celso——————-Palacios————

        • Yeah – front three is a mystery. Nobody seems to know how to score.

          Say in 3 years time Lautaro will become a Luis Suarez (I hope that happens), will be able to partner Dybala up top in a traditional Argentine 4-3-1-2, or in a 4-3-3.

          …..Lo Celso…Paredes..Palacios

          The RB position needs answers soon.

  4. Gerónimo Rulli – capable of good saves but very, very erratic. As long as he’s in goal for Real Sociedad, opponents will always be hopeful of scoring. Can’t find a more error-prone goalkeeper in any of Europe’s top-five leagues at the moment.
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    I saw the goal conceaded….

    He’s not NT material and barely professionnal material… Way way too many errors.

    • msi75: i totally agree and rulli once had so much promise but today he has not at all advanced forward, id almost say hes gone backwards and also for me im struggling to see him as that 3rd keeper yet alone higher in the pecking order.
      he simply needs to work far hardier.

  5. Copa 2019 line up Armani – Bustos Pazella otamendi Tagliafico – lo celso/benega Ascaliber/parades palacio/lanzini/lamela – Dybala/Dimaria/De Paul Messi Pavon/lamela/corera – Aguero/icardi, Copa America 2019 champion will be Argentina and messi is going to lift his 1st NT trophy

  6. Juan foyth is arguably the best technically gifted defender of argentina ryt now….he just need a good physique which he will HV soon as he is working hard in gym and also little more playing time then he would be ready for NT

  7. I like Foyth a lot and he has a massive talent, but I think he isn’t ready to play for the NT right now because of two reasons:
    1) He is coming from an injury and 2) he needs to get playing time at Spurs.

    I think Foyth and Ascacibar were the two outstanding performers for Argentina in the past U-20 WC. Some posted and think that Foyth never played for Spurs, but that is wrong. He hasn’t played epl, but he played one CL game against a Cypriot team if I’m not mistaken and also played FA Cup matches as well as Caraboa games.

    • You have to remember .. this isn’t really our national team. This is a youth team that we are experimenting with to see which youngsters with be teamed with the “oldies” for the Copa 2019 and beyond. Most of the young players from the last roster aren’t national team ready yet either… but now is the time to give the development opportunities …

      • @Tony, I think you got me wrong. I’m one of the admirers of the this young Argentina team. Above I mentioned two reasons which are very important for a player selection. Fitness and playing time are very important.

        If you take a look at the youngesters played in the past friendlies you can see almost all of them are starters at their clubs – Lo celso, Ascacibar, Palacios, Paredes, Bustos, Pity Martinez, Gio Simeone, Pavon, and Icardi.

        Foyth is one of my favourite players and I have high hopes for him. I watched him in the U-20 WC and some Tottenham games and I really admired his driblling, passing, and game reading skills as well as his confidence on the ball.

    • Foyth is 100times better than F.mori, Argentina golden generation over and completely finished in 2019 so 20-21 Young players no matter national team material or raw talent Argentina have to select at any cost because this 20-21 talent will be our key in 2022. And I’m completely against 25year farmers like meza to ruin our tournament, its better to raw talent to give opportunity like France did with mbaape Argentina hadn’t with messi in 2006

  8. Many here argumenting famars from Argentina league deserve ahead of World class Foyth. If Foyth in farmer league he will also starting every match but competing for his spot on top club and league shows his huger and confidence deserve NT call up. Varane also had similar situation and he comes back to this label, Foyth will do the same and just 20year old, younger than me

  9. I always say that if a player proves himself with his club (by playing consistently well for an entire season) whether be it in europe or SA then that player deserves to be called up. Foyth hasn’t done that so I personally wouldn’t call him up but at the same time the kid is young, talented and full of potential so if Scaloni wants to call him up and give him a much needed confidence boost then so be it, in in the mean time though kenneman, Barboza and maybe Musacchio are ahead of Foyth in the pecking order.

    • Barboza is the name I have in mind few years now. Martinez Quarta, Figal as well. ATM I want to see Franco getting more minutes. He impressed Scaloni on training, had good sub against Guatemala so we need to see him more.

      • Lot of teenagers getting regular playing time in the superliga.
        Almendra – Boca
        Ivan Erquiga and Pellegrini – Estudiantes
        Elias Pereyra and now Palacios, Gaich and Herrera at San Lorenzo.
        Alvaro Barreal – Velez
        Gaston Veron – Argentinos
        Pablo de la Vega – 17 year old at Lanus
        Mauro Valiente – 18 year old at Talleres.

        • Alexis MacAllister – still teenager
          Maxi Lovera
          Francisco Ortega
          Gonzalo Maroni
          Enzo Cabrera
          TOmas Chancalay

          17-years old Left winger Pedro De La Vega form Lanust debuted 2 weeks age. Seems to be promise of new quality in Lanus. He got award from AFA in 2017 for being outstanding in youth divisions. He may play for Sudamericano next year.

  10. Tapia is praising Tata Martino Left and right, Well i think he knows that now there r no alternatives left, So he may have no choice but to get Tata.

    A Random thought by the way, can Battaglia play as a center back??He has the physical Attributes. Positioning?? He had played as RB if i m not wrong. Right now we have abundance in Midfiled.

  11. We have new option on DM position?

    Villarreal coach on Funes Mori:
    “Estoy muy contento con el rendimiento de Funes Mori, está siendo un pilar en el equilibro del equipo, mantiene el orden táctico y se está mostrando muy inteligente en el campo. Está muy pendiente de cubrir los desajustes del equipo y creo que con balón va cada vez a más”

    If Funes Mori no more our CB I hope Scaloni will take Foyth and not Otamendi.

    • No way, We already has enough good options in the DM position. He is error prone, Sooner or later it will happen when he is playing. He is like a ticking Time Bomb at the center back position. Well hope he gets better in as CB. He is fast and Good in Air, He sometimes can sneak in with odd header goals too, But thats it. He is not composed to be a CB. Hope we find someone to partner Pezzella.

    • I don’t understand what Villarreal coach said..but i have watching match Valencia vs Villarreal..Funes Mori play in DM position..not so confident maybe still new in that position..

    • Funes Mori is CB. in no other position he can play.

      i don t know if the coach of Villareal want to keep his job long more but
      sure he can use him only if his other players in DM are injured or are suspened because cards.

      i remember some years before that in River we put him one game in DM to cover the position because
      we missing our normal DM and with him playing there the opponents destroyed us with 3 or 4 goals.
      it was one game with Velez if i remember well.

      Plus we used him too in one game as RB and he was disaster too.

      Funes Mori can play decent only as CB.

  12. Pity Martinez is most likely out for second leg of Copa Libertadores quarter final against Independiente 3th October. I hope he will back for NT friendlies though. He has the go-aheadness and speed we need on left wing now.

  13. Santiago Arzamendia from Paraguay Cerro Porteno, which Scaloni wanted to call up for LB position, have said NO to Scaloni. He feel Paraguayo.

    I admire the player for that. Roots are most important. RESPECT

  14. Great move. We need to work with most promising youngsters even if they are 18-20 years old players of reserve teams. That’s real long term project.

  15. Argentina@mylove

    “A benchwarmer for tottenham becomes real deal of argentina national team, i repeat argentina national team, i don’t understand the logic. I don’t want to offend anyone but thats the current status”

    Everytime when I see your posts I think you are Csabalala alter ego.

    It’s really good move from Scaloni. You know what it is?

    It is VISION!!!

    Just like Bielsa did in 2003 when he took boy like Javier Mascherano straight from River Plate reserves. Stuned River coach had said to Bielsa something like: “Mr. Bielsa, but he is only reserve team player!”

    Bielsa: “No matter. History will show I was right”.

    Selection is not calling up only best-known pop stars. Coach need the vision. We need someone who is able to see and recognise the future potentiall even in reserves of China league. We need right players, not only pop-favourites.

    Scaloni is someone who finally do the things that were long overdue. His moves are radical, but after the radical disaster of WC we need such acting.

    • If injury free Juan foyth will be one of the best defender of the world. He can be the leader of future Argentine team .My two central defender for 2026 world cup Leonardo belardi & Juan foyth.

    • Hope will happen to him like what happened to Varane. I think all those who love football will love Bielsa’s football style. His coaching method, his passion for football and his tactical knowledge can never leave fans indifferent. He was the one who unlocked potential of Thauvin, Payet and Bernard Mendy. I am just sad that there are not enough young Argentine players coached by him. Really wish that Leeds can hire more of them.

    • I also follow Foyth and like him. But I don’t understand when a top talent from Argentina doesn’t get playing time with top clubs. There is something wrong either in our evaluation or Tottenham’s evaluation. If he has to be world best we need to compare at his age which team Varane was playing we will get the answer. Hope I am clear.

      • “If he has to be world best we need to compare at his age which team Varane was playing we will get the answer”

        This is not about comparisons what club had played Varane or any other at the current Foyth age. This is NOT final base of estimation. European players are better acclimatised in Europe from start, just because they are Europeans so the promoting is usually easier for them. Foyth is pure talent.

      • The difference is my friend. Tottenham needs to win now!!! And argentina is experimenting looking for the next up and coming Squad in friendlies without Messi playing , so there is no pressure to win for the rest of the year…

  16. I don’t know yet how talented he is as I have never seen him played so far. But when I look at Spurs team, they have the Belgian pair Vertonghen and Alderweireld as starters and the very powerful Sanchez as the 3nd choice. I really have no idea how he can get some playing time.

  17. There can be exceptions , but generally once a player plays for his club regularly and playing well, gets a call. Foyth has to play more for Tottenham or change the club where he can get playing time

    • There were rumuors that Bielsa wanted to take him to Leeds on loan. Somehow the deal didn’t go through. He’s still what 20 or 21? Got plenty of time ahead. With the likes of Alderweirld and Vertonghen aging and the former in his final year of contract he has future at Spurs. And Poch rates him highly. Foyth and Sanchez will be their future centreback pairing if things go well.
      He was okay when he played 2 league cup games last season. His composure on the ball catching everyone’s eye. Although in that 2nd game, in the 2nd half he was caught out(so too the rest of the Spurs team) by the physicality of the West Ham players, Carroll in particular.

  18. I want Argentine superstar in defense, midfield and GK not forwards as attack can win you a match not tournament. Germany and France won World cup with worst sticker 36yr klose and Geriod

  19. Argentina has world class attack, bellow average defense, Average GK and worst midfield where both Germany and France win World Cup with world class midfield and defense with top class GK. Had messi Aguero played with world class midfield and defense like club already won last two world cup for NT

    • Couldn’t disagree more with your comment about our midield. I haven’t seen this much potential and talent in a while. Masche was a GOD but now we have to Lo Celso, Palacios, ascac, batta, paredes, lamela, lanzini, pererya to chose…. I’m loving it!!

      Had Messi and Aguero played with these guys and Sampa was not the coach during the wc, the outcome would have been better

  20. I and my fellow Tottenham fans rate foyth very highly, he reads the game well, has good ball distribution and has a good passing range with both feet.
    The only thing he needs to work on is he needs to ” bulk up” as he can be pushed off the ball easily.

      • Well we r not gonna win it, Its as simple as that, Even the AFA president himself said that, Even we r coached by A or B. We cant focus on the results only, we r in no position to think that we r even genuine contenders. Its a rebuilding stage it will take some years to get back to top.

        At least Scaloni is young and experimental and knows what he is doing, may be because he knows that he has nothing to loose (An Interim Coach which he himself says) the problem is if he becomes permanent Coach then he may not have this freedom. His tactical nuances r yet to be tested, he is only 2 matches old. But we would rather be better with some one young than Old.

    • A benchwarmer for tottenham becomes real deal of argentina national team, i repeat argentina national team, i don’t understand the logic. I don’t want to offend anyone but thats the current status

      • First of all I was talking about Scaloni. (About the Real deal)

        Secondly (Even if I was talking about Foyth), So what r u proposing, or what u want for Argentina NT, the Old guard to hang on till Copa 2019 or may be 2022?? Let us know the wise words.

          • Argentina NT is not Only above 30 age group team either, (We were the oldest among the WC teams, and what did we get in the end?)They r looking at all the players available(Especially Scaloni and he is wiser than me or u) And so as per u Copa can be won with the older players huh, Well Lets see.

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