Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI: “Lionel MESSI will not be called-up”


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has confirmed that Lionel MESSI will not be included in the latest squad.

With Lionel MESSI not appearing at the FIFA Best gala due to family reasons, Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI was present and did speak with the media regarding the Barcelona and Argentina captain. Speaking with Fox Sports, here’s what the coach had to say:

“I spoke with him (MESSI) and we continue to think it’s best that he doesn’t come, he won’t be called. We are in a different stage and these kids (that will be called) have to keep wearing the Argentina shirt to see what they can do, that’s the most important thing.”

The latest Argentina squad is expected to be announced within the next hours.


  1. Shubham_V Mate you have got it wrong. Modric won the the best FIFA male player 2018 award. The ballon d’or award will be given away in, I think November.
    Fifa The best awards were started in 2009 and merged together with ballon d’or from 2010 to 2016 and was known as “FIFA Ballon d’or” award. Both awards are given separately 2017 afterwards.
    The ballon d’or award is voted by the jounalists only while The Best Fifa Men’s Player award is voted for by a collection of journalists, national team coaches, national team captains and the general public – each with a 25 per cent weighting towards the overall vote.
    The fact that general public can vote makes the FIFA best awards biased. Else no way Salah could have been in the top 3 in place of Messi ( Despite the fact that Liverpool didn’t win a single trophy last season). Last season Messi total goals-45(in la liga-34) while Salah total goals -44( in epl-32).
    There was more discrepancy in FIFA awards as Courtois won best goalkeeper award but De gea was in world xi not Courtois. Also Salah was shortlisted for the best player but he failed to get in the world xi. You can see how ridiculous these awards are. Nobody gives a shit about these Fifa best awards.
    Messi will surely be shortlisted in the top 3 for ballon d’or. He deserves to be.

  2. I believe Messi is refusing with best reasons. One of the reasons is he want to see the Argentina new, fresh and strong even without him. He want to see that before he decide to coma back. I think he is also sick of his old teammates. He has no faith in them.

  3. Good for Messi, Once we have a proper project(which Tapia keeps on repeating) then may be according to the Coach Messi may can come back.

    By the way Gallardo wont be available too till his Contract ends. (probably 3 years more something as the River president said) So there goes that. TATA is coming. Like our Historical players end is near. The Inevitable will happen.

  4. Hello Everyone, This is my first post since the world cup ends. But obviously I followed each and every post and comment here. Some my realization and some my thoughts I like to share with you guyz.

    At first, Gonzalo, Mamoun, eganche, waveride, godin and others, thanks for all the positivism you guys brought to this forum. You are always optimistic and make us to hope for bright up coming days. From you people i get the knowledge and happenings of primera. Actually you guys especially gonzalo and mamoun make me a follower of primera. But truly I am annoyed of something I like to share. When we are taking about taglaficao is world class or not, this very moment Brazil have marcelo, felipe luis, danilo, we are takinh about Armani would be a world biter in age of 30, while brazil have Allison and ederson in mid 20s. When we praised our young stars like hell, Brazilians are joining Barcelona, Real Madrid or in the top clubs. Are they that talented comparing ours that is the big question, and here is my answer,

    NO, they are not talented, at least not that much as some members in here praising them. Guys like Casbla treating our young players like useless, but the truth is that Brazilian media and fans make them so. I have seen over hyped vinicus junior, but believe me, I any day centurion can to a lot better, Arthur is no better than palacios , I bet, Malcom is the weakest version of Pavone, they just got hyped by their media which attracts big clubs while we are busy in bashing in youngsters.

    3 to 5 french, german and portugese clubs are playing in European trophy every year, so some good performance from them in the breaking news, but comparing to them, our local league players are not near of this exposure. So when they are going to Europe playing with the average players but lots of big game experience, temperament and physicality, major of them failed to cope up quickly and considered as looser by some guy like CSbla, Bull Shit

    Brazil had the most number of European playing player, where they were in the world cup, even fifa 19 under rated our young players, but is that the real scenario. European countries along with brazil taking their advantages of the fan base and media coverage and some of our so called fan are shouting. Sad, really sad

    Vamos Argentina

    • Agreed with your point Mostly. Our young players needs sometime and I truly believe they will shine both for Club( Yes. Big Clubs) and Country. Palacios and Ascacibar will soon get good clubs if they perform consistently for Argentina ( Pavon is already going to Arsenal if news are to be believed), becoz no matter how the NT plays European scouts always have one eye on our NT.

      Our main concern now is RB position and one solid CB partner for Pazzella. May be Gonzalo can find some talent in the Primiera for the RB position as we from INDIA are unable to follow it. 🙂

    • You dont need to outtalent Brazil in order to beat them. Team that play without fear can beat any team that are more talented. We’ve seen that from time to time…. the recent World cup for intense, Underdog beating powerhouse team because they play with low expectation not carrying any preasure.

      On paper, Mexico and S Korea technically wont beat Germany at their worst, Switzerland or even Belgium wont trouble Brazil who’s basically cruising in qualifier, but as good as Croatia was at 2018 WC, they actually need penalty shootout to beat Russia and Russia also eliminated Spain. If talent is all it takes, no way Russia is more talented than Spain and Croatia. Low expectation, mentallity and determination can easily beat talent. Brazil beat Argentina in 2007 final because they didnt play with fear like Argentina always did everytime they reach a final.

  5. Before World Cup it’s predicted either 1986-87 born loris or messi lift the world 💪and loris win it. If Argentina can top the group then there will be final between Argentina vs France and the world Champion decided in round of 16

  6. I always love messi whether he plays for argentina or not he will always be GOAT.
    I respect his decision the guy who gave everything to his country still didnt get everything.
    I like argentina NT but i hate argentine people, media ,AFA eveything they are equally responsible for argentina debacle.
    They dont even deserve messi they deserve that drug addict maradona.

    • generalizing is not a good thing, bro. you will be surprised how many millions of Argentines share your thoughts. Don’t judge a whole country on few lunatic individuals in the media.

    • Because they are cancer. There are also many spoiled entitled supporters that trash Messi and Senior players. They are petulant brats , think trophies are owed to them.

      Some are here on Mundo too

      They think reaching 3 finals is an abysmal failure. They do not give any credit, just trash talk and negativity. They along the media are toxic for the NT, an abusive disgrace.

  7. It’s quite ironic because during the past few years, Messi did not have the right partners on the pitch: Di Maria, Gomez and Gaitan are dribblers, Pastore always injured otherwise too static despite his talent, Lavezzi not enough creative, Banega inconsistent, Biglia average, Aguero and Dybala too similar. Now we have a bunch of young and talented midfielders plus Lanzini next year who play collectively and can unlock his potential but for some reasons he is not here.

    • Argentina is a talent powerhouse. the best 2 players in history are from Argentina. and the next great will be from Argentina, too. I am not Argentine, but my colors will always be the white and sky blue.
      Hay que alentar a la seleccion
      Hay que alentar hasta la muerte
      porque a Argentina la quiero
      porque es un sentimiento
      la llevo en el corazón

    • Godin11: i agree and i go far back to 78 (i was 7 then) and messi is the best player ive also ever seen and better then cryf, plat, pele and just over maradona.,

      foyth is sadly still injured but he is very promising and i look forward to his progress at my Tottenham, my only thing i dont like about him is he needs to spend some time at the gym to “bulk up” as he does get pushed around a bit but in saying that he is very comfortable on the ball, has a very good passing range and reads the game very well-a big one to watch.
      the spurs fans do like him and we do have big hopes for him at Tottenham.

    • Mamman will start playing soon
      I think mamman will be our first choice
      I’m not sure funes mori.. but I like pezzela
      My defenders will be like this mammana
      Fothy pezzela Alan franco those four
      Center bks will be good as long they
      Stay injury free and play regular.

  8. Hip hip hurraayyy!!! Modric won balloon dor ….if it has gone to ronaldo then people of future generation would think that ronaldo was equivalent to messi….it’s good it’s still 5-5 each….messi has age on his side though

    • “People of of future generation” might think that the two are equal because some of IDIOTS of THIS generation think they are………..making this the most funny and tragic rivalry when there was no competition to start with.
      GOOD for LUKA, mickey mouse, the mailman, the kid that works at Burger King…..anybody but that jerkoff.

    • Yes exactly, Messi has the age at his side, He might win 2 more while Christina will have none more(She only deserved 1 out of the last 4 won). at the end When history is written, The ONLY player in the World who ever Won 7 FIFA best player awards will be Argentine. Which country is gonna beat that , Ah?

    • Did you even see that Argentina Media did not include Messi in Top 3?? The Argentine media along with Argentine self entitled spoiled brats actually blame him for our horrible performance. Those fans (some here on Mundo) and the Media are a disgrace, spoiled petulant children and they do not deserve a player like messi.

      • The Media is only interested in gathering more viewers, they always have to say or publish really silly, absolutely ridiculous, or total nonsense news and articles in order to get famous, plus some in the media have certain hostility towards the NT and certain group of players paid for by politicians. I know, sports and politics should not mix, but most of the countries in the world do that in order to keep the public busy not thinking about their political/economic status. BUT you have to be really delusional to blame Messi for the failures, or think for a split of a second that he is not the best, ever

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