Geronimo RULLI mistake for Real Sociedad in La Liga draw against Rayo


Argentina goalkeeper Geronimo RULLI once more was at fault for a goal he let in for his club.

If last season wasn’t a good one for RULLI, this one isn’t starting off too much better. The former Estudiantes goalkeeper was called-up for Argentina and received his first cap in the team’s 3-0 win against Guatemala. Yet despite the call-up, RULLI hasn’t had the best of performances for Sociedad.

A less than stellar performance against Barcelona was later followed by a poor showing in Sociedad’s 2-2 draw against Rayo Vallecano. Speaking with Spanish media MARCA, RULLI had this to say about his displays:

“I’ll change the whistles for applause, this is the goal in my head. I want to thank the fans who applauded me and have supported me, while this club has taken care of me as if I have come through the youth system.

“In my head I am fine, I am remaining calm and will look to turn the situation around, and of course it was frustrating we did not win.

“Now I am only worried about training and competing to ensure the coach has confidence in me again.”

This is following the performance of Sergio ROMERO of Manchester United where ROMERO was sent off for handling the ball outside of the penalty area.


  1. For Goal keepers age is not an issue, I think for now Andrada or Rulli r correct aged around 27. They will be even better when given time by next 4 years. But they need to be started in all possible matches. Armani and Romero r on wrong side of Age but still 35 also is not a bad age for Goal keepers. I m glad that after years of Romero dominance now he has genuine competition. Armani. Andrada too looks solid. Rulli well he has to clear his mess.

    Armani is my choice. The invincible at River. If he replicates that for us then Voila we have a genuine Goal Keeper. Only issue is his penalty stopping ability. I feel.

    • Exactly, We needed competition for a GK. I still back Rulli and Andrada though. The last WC was full of top goal keepers blunders, but they are still among the best in the world, don’t you agree?

      • Yupp Rulli has time in his side. But for now he looks a mess. Rather out of touch or clueless. Which is the last thing Argentina NT wanted now,An error prone Goal keeper. For now its better with Armani, When Andrada comes back he can Challenge Armani.

        • Yes that’s right. I think Rulli has time on his side, he is good with his feet and distribution, reflex but he needs to have more confidence in trying to catch the ball instead of just punching.
          for now we should go with Armani, as he is the one with regular playing time, but as you said we should encourage competition.

  2. Rulli used to be superb but after last season’s abysmal defensive showing by Sociedad where they were leaking goals (I think the most goals conceded by any la liga team) Rulli lost his confidence and sadly, as of right now, he’s not NT material. However all is not lost because Gazzaniga had another excellent game for Spurs and there maybe some potential in the kid.
    Speaking of spurs, Lamela had another great match and another goal and I’m really happy for coco because he’s always had world class potential and if he keeps this up (and stays injury free) he could be a starter for the national team.

    • Disagree, I thought he was fine, not exceptional but fine, to be honest he can’t be a standout every single match while the rest of the team fails to step up. Stuttgrat needs a better front 3 or a better front 3 formation IMO.

    • I like Ascacibar more than Battaglia, he is really a beast. one match does not dictate his potential.
      Ascacibar/paredes duo is very effective. he just has to improve his passing a little more.

  3. After 6 months Mammana is back. We have 4 options on RB: Saravia, Montiel, Bustos, Mammana. I hope Montiel will got the chance now.

  4. Armani will give tough fight to Armani and playing regularly will give him to start ahead of romero, Gallardo last season at river confirmed either he become Argentina coach or moves to Europe

  5. ……………………….Armani/Romero

    Montiel (Saravia)…………………………………..Tagliafico
    ………………………. …Paredes
    ……De Paul………………………………………..Pity


    Battaglia instead of Paredes for strongest opponents

    Armani/Romero – is open question

    I believe Montiel will be the right choice for RB sooner or later. He should play the first friendly against Iraq and we will see wheter he or Saravia should start against Brazil. Saravia (Bustos) should compete.

    Core of midfield should be keep on. Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, Pity. We need fast, go-ahead wingers like Pity, Pavon. Though the second is not my favourite to start with his decision making similar to Di Maria. As far as I saw Rodrigo De Paul in previous season having good actions and whole games on right wing (now he play more LM, AM) I think we may give him the chance to start there. Dybala, Pavon the other options.

    Foyth is good material to test immediately

    As for No.9 we should test Lautaro now.

    • Why re you picking de Pual when you know he is not going to be in the squad
      For the games Iraq and Brazil…
      I don’t buy a single thing that povon will be
      Next di maria.. it wasn’t long ago when
      We all crying for povon to start in the NT.
      After one unconvincing performance
      We don’t give any chance.. call some next odd guy who score few good goals in seria A .. that isn’t right… I’m sure povon
      Better then this de Pual guy if scaloni manage povon proper he will be be
      Big star in the Nt.

  6. He should have given a shot at the no.1 spot when he was really good for Sociedad post worldcup 2014. Instead the Atlanta magician gave chances to Guzman and as a result no competition for Romero!

  7. Romero, until he proves the NT otherwise is always a solid option. Armani has been immense, and he should start from now until another stand out comes knocking.

    Goalies can play at an elite level way into older years, Buffon being the perfect example. Even if we revert back to Romero starting, or keep Armani till the next WC we ARE FINE.

    Our coach #1. Our well oiled and functioning midfield #2. A right back to supersede Mercado #3 and we can fight for any title.

    As for #2, we have locelso, paredes, palacios, pity, lanzini, perreira, pavon, lamela, dybala as a #10, and several prospective defensive midfielders in the oven. The key is the coach. If we can get a flowing, dynamic mid, good at quick counters and good at crossing into Icardi, et all tall players when the bus is parked.. then add Messi or sub him in second half. Ill be happy.

  8. This guy has lost confidence. He made very, very bad mistakes in the last few games. I think neither Scaloni nor Real Sociedad coach will trust him anymore. He needs support from his teammates, the fans, and the coaches but I think he won’t get that kind of support.

    • Walter benitez of Nice 25 yr old right now best Argentine gk along with armani. Just check his saves in YouTube you will understand. He is MOM in 2 consecutive match out of last four match. He also former Argentine U-20 goalkeeper and good height of 1.91 cm.If he continues to improve he will be in big team as well as becomes Argentine no 1 .

  9. What is happening to him.. Had huge hopes from him. He still has time to turn it around. He is young. But i think Andrada (When he returns) should be our next GK. He is right aged. It was Rullis spot but this is unacceptable school boy errors.

  10. GK is a very special position. No matter how good he is, one mistake can kill all. Consistent, fast reflex on the line and powerful in the air are now just the basic requirement, many teams even ask for the GK strong with both feet. I am already happy if we have a GK in the NT who reaches the basic standard. Same for fullbacks positions.

    • Romero was never good on the ball but i felt so confident with him in net. Armani played pretty bad in the WC but id still like to see him start and show the world hows hes playing in league.

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