Chelsea reportedly submit bid for Argentine Leandro PAREDES


Chelsea have reportedly submitted a bid for Argentine midfielder Leandro PAREDES.

Per a report by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Chelsea have submitted a €30 million bid to Zenit for the midfielder. With veteran midfielder Cesc FABREGAS off to Monaco, Chelsea are looking to sign a replacement and PAREDES is one of the names emerging.


  1. It seems like we are now getting decent midfielders ,defenders and gk for the team but what we are lacking is mobile pacy lethal striker and pacy skillful wingers like dembele ,martial ,mbappe ,sterling ,prime di maria

    • We re not getting decent players
      We re getting very good golies
      Defenders midfielders and wingers
      Potentially will be world class
      If they coached properly.

        • Sorry mate there is no point
          To name them because you re so
          Emotionally intact messi
          Generations that won’t make
          No difference for you
          Please let me ask you a question
          How long you been supporting
          Argentina please answer honesty.

        • Yes, can someone please name them, because I haven’t even heard of these “future” stars before.
          Because future stars are scouted young,
          Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Mascherano, Zabaleta, hell even Higuain.

          Look at all the future starts now:
          Jordan Sancho, Rashford, Arthur, Mbappe, Kimmich (he’s already a star at 23), Dembele, Sane, Delle Alli, De ligt, Rodrygo at Santos who will be a RM next season, Vinicius Jr., list goes on.
          They are all bought by big clubs at a very young age. They make a name for themselves very young.

          Some of these “future” Argentinian stars are 25 and STILL at the Superliga. They will not be stars, they’ll be average at best.

          World Class? The ONLY one who I see being World Class is Lauturo Martinez. He joined Inter when he was only 20, turning 21, still VERY young. He will be a star, MARK MY WORDS!

          But the others, don’t hold your breathe, they’ll be going places, but not like this golden generation that is passing on. If this golden generation couldn’t win a World Cup, you think they’ll win it anytime soon?

          • Don’tbethatguy
            That is European media overpairsing
            Their players they re just names
            except embapa
            Which I think he is overrated as well
            All I can tell you Argentina will
            Produce world class players
            Almost in every position
            Just wait don’t rush mate
            Another thing arg will win
            Copa or world cup next few years
            With messi or without messi
            Watch out next generation
            I can’t believe you re talking about
            Alli rashford sancho as world class
            Players yet you denying l Martinez
            I feel sorry for some mundo followers cos they were following messi and co they know that
            Their time is up therefore
            They already believe albicelestes
            Are finished it’s opposite mate
            I believe you see a totally
            Different Arg next few years

        • There is a difference between decent and world class and I do agree that we are not producing world class young talents like Rashford ,sancho ,dembele ,de lit ,dejong
          But I still believe that we can win trophies if we have a coach who can bring best out of our players and for that we need players who play as a regular starter for top clubs in europe
          Bdw balerdi ,almendra ,foyth ,Christian romero ,lautaro etc have been scouted by top European clubs despite being young ,so we can hope that they will be world class someday

  2. I have said long time ago paredes
    Is too good to be playing Russian league
    I said it won’t be long before he move
    Top European leagues and thanks to God
    That is happening now
    Soon epl will be house of Argentina talants even i heard unai emery is desparate
    To get Banega they offered him
    140 thousand a week which ever
    Banega Considering it now.

  3. Meanwhile transfers of Alexis MacAllister from Argentinos Juniors to Brighton of Premier League and Leo Balerdi from Boca to Borussia of Bundesliga shall be done within few days.

    • Mate I only can see good things happening Argentina football
      I watched epl regular the more
      I see Argentina players In the epl.
      The Better is for me I hope all those
      Young players get thier transfer
      Done quick to cross the Atlantic ocean.
      The next one I’m waiting is Dominguez and vargas to come Europe.

      • @godin11
        “I watched epl regular the more
        I see Argentina players In the epl.”

        Amigo, yo siento lo mismo, que no me gustaba mucho ver la Premier, pero recientemente lo he estado viendo más. Veo más entretenido la Premier que La Liga y los demás ligas (Serie A, Ligue 1, etc). Claro, en La Liga juegan “mejor” fútbol, pero el fútbol en la Premier es más entretenido y un desafío más grande para los jugadores.

        Si queremos que los jugadores se desarrollen y sean capaces de manejar la presión de grandes partidos, el Premier es donde tienen que estar.
        La Liga seria el otro Liga donde desarrolen. Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga jamas van a llegar a las alturas que queremos que lleguen.

          • My bad, thought you spoke Spanish

            That I feel the same, that the Premier League is the best league in the world right now. I used to not like watching it because I like football of quick passes, like La Liga, but the Premier League is more entertaining and a bigger challenge than La Liga or Serie A, Ligue 1.

            If we want our players to develop and be able to handle big games, then the Premier League is the place to go. Second is La Liga.
            Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga our players will not develop there and reach their potential.

    • The one transfer deal I’ve keen interest in is Belard’s move to BD. That guy showed glimpses of greatness. I hope the two teams agree on the deal soon!

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