Sergio AGUERO scores 24 seconds into Manchester City’s 2-1 loss to Newcastle


Sergio AGUERO scored his 17th goal of the season in Manchester City’s 2-1 loss to Newcastle.

It took AGUERO about 24 seconds to score the opening goal of the match. A volley inside the penalty area gave Pep GUARDIOLA’s team the 1-0 lead. His goal is the fastest in the Premier League this season.


    • “People are expecting too much from Aguero”

      Yeah, goals are expected from strikers, but not from defenders. Wait? Didn’t you expect too much from Tagliafico? 😂

      What a contradiction!

      • Aguero is not 25 year old and he has a history of being injured in main matches. Besides premiere league is very physical and have record of highest injured players.

        • I just wanted to show you that you expected from a defender more than what you expect from a striker. Man, I know what Aguero is and what to expect from him, that was never my point. Be realistic!

          • That defender has played 12+ game for Argentina with no goal no assist even no pre assist.He was part of defence which conceded six goals vs Spain and four goals vs France.
            Though he was not only responsible but we can blame him.Running around uselessly on the pitch no footballing IQ.
            He has potential but right now he is not that good.Just recklessly rushing to any forward is not good

    • Hv u seen this match ……it’s always been like this for aguero….he wasn’t good today ….for aguero one day he plays a level that no CF in the world can match but another day he just become blank
      So inconsistent

      • Bro it was not aguero’s fault he was playing well man city was unable to create chances .Sane was playing like a headless chicken so was raheem sterling, kevin debruyne was off the touch only david silva was there to help him. Aguero doubled the with a great finish but disallowed due early freekick by debruyne.

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