Fernando REDONDO: “Leandro PAREDES has to be the number 5 of Argentina”


Arguable the greatest number 5 to have ever worn the Argentina national team shirt, Fernando REDONDO has given his opinion on who should wear that number for Argentina.

A legend in his own right, REDONDO didn’t have the best of careers with his country. That isn’t to say he wasn’t a great player. Due to controversy off the pitch, Argentina never got the best out of REDONDO but the former Real Madrid captain spoke with TyC Sports and had his say as to who should wear that number 5 shirt.

“Leandro Paredes has to be the number 5 of Argentina. I believe he’s the one that meets the conditions and is the one to play in that position. He could be the player that brings defensive balance.

“With MESSI up front, he could get him in situations which would be of advantage. PAREDES has the technique and the ability to do that, like GAGO did at the time.”

In regards to the young players being brought in, REDONDO hopes it ends with success.

“Now, there’s a process of change with young players but they have experience. I’m hoping that the Argentina national team finishes this process with a long-awaited success. We have the most important thing which is raw material.”

REDONDO also spoke about Cesar Luis MENOTTI being named as the general manager of the Argentina teams.

“I think he’s a suitable person. I’m hopeful of this project and I hope it ends with success which is what we all want. With a project and a structure, MESSI will be able to stand out much more.”


  1. What the hell is he saying…He’s not a true 5.

    Although he did prevent a goal with that amazing tackle (I forget the game). Reminded me masche in some ways but he’s not there yet

    • Tagliafico scores against some unknown team in unknown league.Let’s watch him in top level football.In champion league’s knock out stage.How he performs vs Real Madrid.Instead Ansaldi plays Serie A a top class league after LA liga.

      • Top level football??? Tagliafico has been one of the best LBs in the CL (stats wise) where he scored against Bayern and Real (harshly ruled out).
        Now is he the best LB out there? No. Is he world class? I’d say ‘not yet’, but he’s definitely a talented fullback, which explains the legit interest he’s getting from the BPL and La liga.
        The good news is that there are other LB options such as licha Martinez, J.Silva and Angeleri and for the first time in a long time Argentina isn’t lacking in that department.

  2. Our all time midfield maestro has spoken and his words should be listened very carefully!

    It’s true that there is some qualities of El Principe in Paredes, but Redondo was excellent playing in small spaces and was very good at both short and long passes plus his great dribbling skills. Every touch of his was a real magic. Since Paredes is young there is a room for improvement but at P$G I don’t see that happen for some reasons.

    I Wish to see El Principe teaching our youngsters the art of football one day.

    Imagine having Maradona, Redondo, Batistuta, Aimar, and Messi in one team? My fevourite 5!

    • Agreed. Juan Foyth definitely has the potential to be a 5, and I even think he is even more suitable for a 5. His passing and vision is very good, but I don’t know if he can run 13km a game.

  3. Paredes is promising but is not a traditional No 5. His dribbling and passing skill is more than a no 5 but defencing skill and speed all below par.

    To a certain extent ,paredes is similar to lo celso ,lo celso is more offensive. But certainly Redondo is far more better than paredes .paredes need to improve his defencing skill .

    I think palacios can be a better no 5, if he is trained to be a no5 in future. Other promising no 5 should be Santiago COLOMBATTO and Tomas Belmonte

  4. @canadienroyal yeah Redondo was a legend , but I did nt say that he is a complete copy of Redondo , there are flashes of Redondo in paredes , yeah Redondo was good in dribbling 1v1, but make no mistake paredes is also heavily talented to get out of a crowd of opposition players . The fact is that , we should really enjoy him , with the likes of ascacibar , Dominguez , palacios and lo celso, that we are finally having a midfield , who Messi can believe and rely on.

    Vamos argentino.

  5. Some may say he needs to do this
    Or improve his defence skills
    But the truth is this lad paredes
    Is the best midfield arg have atm.
    I can’t wait to see the new look
    Argentina midfield play. likes paredes
    Lo celso Dominguez lanzini
    Zaracho Vargas next few years
    Trust me the future looks much
    Better than some may think
    Come on you albicelestes.

  6. If Paredes destination is to be our No.5 he needs to improve his defensive skills. Simply is not enough good on this so far. Needs to be more active. If he is our Pirlo then who is our Gattuso (No.5)? On the other side he is not our Gattuso certainly (rather Ascacibar). Nicolas Dominguez of Velez is really interesting back up here because better than Paredes on defending works and better passer than Ascacibar (however not that good as Paredes). He is also running ahead Dm unlike rather static Paredes.

  7. It’s always more challenging for a coach to use a deeplying playmaker. If you don’t have the right players around him, it can easily screw up like Jorginho with Chelsea. He used to perform well with Napoli because Hamsik was helpful. 433 with a defensive box to box half winger and a half 8 creator is the most popular solution. Otherwise a 442 with a DM and 2 box to box wingers like Italy 2006. Recently Tuchel came up with a 343 with a half 8 creator and 2 winger backs, 1 of the CB come often to the midfield to help. It’s more a 253. I guess this will be the trend in the next few years because there are not enough DM today. That worth to try especially we have a CB like Foyth, that may work.

  8. paredes wont hardly Play at psg…we r giving vital positions to Players with no pitch minutes….paredes made a very bad decision by joining psg in Terms of playing…the Money will be fine i guess! if one is no starter for his Club he cannot be called up its that simple…ascacibar is the better Option as he plays Football and isnt a bench warmer

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