Argentina to play Germany in friendly match on October 9 in Dortmund


Argentina will play Germany in a friendly match in October in Dortmund.

Confirmation coming out today that the Argentina national team will play Germany for the first time since 2014 in a friendly match. The general manager of the German national team Oliver BIERHOFF has confirmed that the match would take place.

“It’s important to look at the best teams on our way back to the top. The players and the fans wanted a match against Argentina.”


  1. In this squad I see names which I never heard I am sure they will be players of Pavon or Meza level good for nothing.What is Armani doing in this list.After so many downfalls they learned nothing good.

    • “In this squad I see names which I never heard”

      I’m afraid, with your knowledge, there will always such ones no matter who will be the coach. Calling only the most popular from Europe is not really smart selection. Do you remember Copa America dream team 2011?

  2. That list is not correct the official one
    Will be announced this Sunday
    I’m very much doubt scaloni will
    Call all those defenders plus some
    Other players like Erik lamela who is
    Atm out of form but I can see lanzini
    Inclusion because of his creativity
    I will be happy to see lisandro Martinez
    In the list instead of funes mori and kannemann I don’t want Armani or
    Andarda I believe either of them are
    Good Benitez 100% deserve a call
    I would love to see Dominguez in the
    Squad but if he keep performing well
    He will eventually get call up because
    This afa management is different
    Not because of tapia or scaloni
    Because of Cesar monetti who wants
    To see more local players in the Nt.

    • Me too, I think this is not official. why call Armani and Rulli but not Benitz, and why so many defenders if the defense is mostly dealt with since Brazil Match?

      • Benitez and Zaracho are more than necessary. It’s a true miracle that Romero still keep his form for years without any playing time at club. I don’t think it will continue. Lisandro Martinez I am a big fan. I think in 4 years the defense will be Foyth, Barboza, Lisandro Martinez.

  3. Scaloni is the worst manger argentina ever had, he doesnt know ABC of football.
    He was medicore player and a disaster manager.
    He left aguero, romero, benitez out of the squad.

    • And left also some of my favourites as well as took Di Maria I was against which. And still I’m not offended to throw shits at Scaloni. He is promising.
      I want to support the team, even Di Maria. Finally this is almost brand new squad + Messi, Otamendi, Di Maria.

      I bet if Scaloni had called up Aguero you might change your mind radically. Now just think wheter one player may change everything.

      • Scaloni is patriotic like Sampoli who always gave chances to the player of Argentina club even if they have just one good match and that sank Argentina ship slowly from group stage to their exit in world cup.We need to get out of this narrow mindness.Stupid coaches.Scaloni has also chosen many superliga idiot players result gonna be same in Copa just like World Cup.So foolish coaches

      • @gonzalo

        > I bet if Scaloni had called up Aguero you might change your mind radically. Now just think wheter one player may change everything.

        No. You’re just focusing on 1 aspect and omitting the most obvious blatant issues with Mr training wheels.

        1) He doesn’t know to attack and our defense still looks very pourous. We only tied or won friendless not because of “defensive strength” but because our opponents attackers fucked up. Scorelines were flattering.

        2) He was also directly responsible for world cup disaster as he was one of dogshit sampaolis right hand man.

        3) We have no attaching identity or starting 11 and only few games left to practice for cops.

        4) he had very little experience

        5) Now you add omitting THE WORLDS and NT best striker Aguero and it further nails in the point that’s he’s awful.

    • [Scaloni is the worst manger argentina ever had]

      Exaggerating abit aren’t you? Especially since Argentina has had the displeasure of being coached by clowns like Maradona and Batista in addition to Bauza and Sampaoli who came into the job with pedigree but turned out to be non the less clowns themselves.

      Scaloni’s style of play hasn’t impressed me in the least (apart from the first half of the Colombia game) but it’s still a tad early to add him to the coaching hall of infamy.

  4. I don’t understand the point of calling 4 goalkeepers ,it only means that he will use all or 3 of them in 2 matches ?I’s it worth to do like this ? This is the time to enhance coordination between the defence and gk as only 4 matches left before copa (a must win tournament for us in terms of mental strength of handling pressure for 22 wc )
    I am fearing that Armani might be first choice gk in copa which will be a disaster
    And scaloni should stop experimenting now ,he already had 6 games for experimenting
    Try a solid fixed starting 11 with minor changes and tactical subs and why the hell he called andrada and Armani instead of our current best gk benitez ?This is how we waste our talents

  5. Afa should also promote clubs like telleres ,defensia ,banfield etc instead of only promoting river and boca or else talents will never get due recognition be in global stage

  6. I think the debat shouldn’t be Aguero or Benedetto. It should be rather which style of striker Scaloni wants to try with. In terms of pure talent, Kun outcast everyone including Higuain, Lautaro and Icardi. Benedetto is an agile player who looks for space and Kun more for receiving the ball. Totally different style. It’s been proven that a less talented player with a different profile may fit better a team. So it worth to try.

    Me I think a fixing point forward is exactly what we need. Someone can work for the team, tall and strong physically, good protection of ball, ideally not slow and can score.

  7. Beating Germany in friendlies proof nothing . Argentina beat Germany in friendlies almost every single time. In fact Argentina is leading the head to head record due to winning so many friendlies.

    Argentina simply cant beat powerhouse team in major tournament in last 2 decades. They beat England and Holland in shootout but just couldnt beat Brazil, Germany or even Chile when it comes to a final.

    Until we lift Copa, that mental preasure will always be on every Argentine players. We just need to win Copa this year or next year, I dont care if its by fluke goal or late penalty or whatever.

    • True, and why we always play the strongest friendlies after big tournament and not before. Always to wipe away tears by beating some relaxed and still intoxicated after feast World Champion (like Spain 4:1 in 2010) or Germany (4:2 in 2014).

  8. Hey mamoun
    Actually i was littlebit confusing myself on that name. It was my mistake. Difensa y justicias defender L.martinez is very promising. Barboja Martinez defensive combo are best in primera. And especially L.martinez are too skillfull defender. I monitoring DYJ in last two years. But this year they showed their (Martinez, BarBoza) class. Actually i m confused on that time for their same type of name. Vamos Argentina

  9. Finally after a few months of meaningless club games we see (rumored) call ups that are interesting.

    Its not possible to please everyone every time but this looks to be a decently balanced list. Its good to see the coach slowly solidifying the core instead of continuing to introduce fresh blood in all positions without thought. This importantly is a big difference from sampaoli era.

    I like it that the general message seems to be that if you’ve had a great season AND your club is doing well you will get a call up like the DyJ center backs or Racings 20 year young star (who I count as new since he didn’t join camp last time). Of course you can claim there is bias towards Boca. To some extent this will always be true in Argentina, but if you are willing to give a call up to Lanzini who has played like 45 minutes this season so far, it is ok to call Benedetto and Andrada. One of them was in good form before injury and has come back strong after injury. In fact, the debate should never be Aguero vs Benedetto, but rather Benedetto vs Cholito. This is one area I am disappointed if three call ups at 9 are not Lautaro, Benedetto AND Aguero (Icardi should be out of picture now for Copa 19 since he hasn’t played or practiced in a month and might not till he goes to new club). Similarly Andrada was well expected to make the friendlies squad before his injuries last year. Importantly this shows be coach is willing to have long term faith in you if you showed him something despite injuries. Of course the downside to this is Benitez still cannot get a call up.

    In central midfield I was waiting to see what the call up would be as recent injuries there had made this the most important call up in my view. Marcone is an interesting name considering players like Nery, Gaston etc if you want same age profile or Nico, Cecchini etc if you want younger. At this point we have to wait and see how he will fit.

    Finally the most debated figure – fideo. It seems he has beaten out Pereyra and A. Correa from last call ups. This is quite reasonable in my view. Roberto started the year strong but has seemed to have faded while Correa still continues to search for that full match and year long consistency that many criticize. Given fideo’s hot streak it is an expected call up. The only question is how disciplined DiMaria would be in following Scaloni’s forward wing press – an area that fideo can be hit or miss – that we saw in the first half of Brazil etc (one of these days I will share a game video of this aspect of Scaloni’s strategy)

    Now we wait till Sunday for any surprises.

  10. If It was Lisandro Martinez from Racing then I am happy.he is one of the Best guy ,we have in primera.i liked him also Barboza . their defensive combo is super

  11. Lisandro Martinez was playing worst and worst in his european trip at least 5 years he was in benched warmer. He had not been played for last 5 yeras.He benched in Benfica,benched in genoa,benched in inter,benched in getafe,again benched in Benfica. Now he is in Boca, played 3,4 good matches. And finally, few Mundo people consider him as a National Team material… how funny

    Even ivan Marcone was playing super for cruz azul in last year but everyone over loooked him. But now he is in Boca ‘ played 3,4 good matches. .. Now Mundo people consider him as a National team material.

    • That’s not the same Lisandro Martinez, I think you are confusing him with another one. The one who is rumored to be called up is a 21 year old Defensa y Justicia player.

    • This is like people know local players. This is not about that older defender Lisandro Lopez (not Martinez) but about 21 yo defender of Defensa.

    • Ivan Marcone is outstanding yet since he was in Arsenal Sarandi (I mentioned him here then). If not Nicolas Dominguez why not Marcone. Interesting option.

      • hopefully Scaloni calls guido rodriguez he must be given more chances since argentina national team lacks a pure DM who is in form with good height,Pace and his age is also 24 so maybe with his performance in NT he might get call from any european club and hopefuuly he might even call Walter Benitez of OGC NICE too who is a good gk

    • Reyan you got the Wrong Lisandro Martinez. The Martinez that we’re talking about is a seriously talented FB/CB of Defensa and I’m not gonna jump on the bandwagon and say that he’s the “next big thing” but if he continues to develop like he is right now he could end up being world class! Again it all depends on how he develops.

  12. By the way, for what it’s worth, Acuña has been asked to play as a leftback and as a left wingback for Sporting a lot more this season.

  13. Argentina squad:

    Armani, Rulli, Andrada,Gazzaniga;

    Pezzella, Lisandro Martinez, Barboza, Foyth, Otamendi, Kannemann, Funes Mori, Acuna, Tagliafico, Mercado, Saravia, Montiel;

    Ascacibar, Paredes, Marcone, Lo Celso, Di Maria, Zaracho, Lamela, Lanzini, De Paul, Gonzalo Martinez;

    Messi, Dybala, Lautaro Martinez, Benedetto, Simeone

    entry of Benedetto is not good coz Aguero must be there 1st choice

    …no Battaglia & R.Pereyra
    No Romero & No Walter Benitez …only bright line is Gazzaniga

    in defence I expect C.Romero of Genoa

    No J.Correa but Lanzini is just back after long time injury
    still Acuna & Mercado are present

    Great Messi is present

  14. Argentina squad: Armani, Rulli, Andrada, Gazzaniga; Pezzella, Lisandro Martinez, Barboza, Foyth, Otamendi, Kannemann, Funes Mori, Acuna, Tagliafico, Mercado, Saravia, Montiel; Ascacibar, Paredes, Marcone, Lo Celso, Di Maria, Zaracho, Lamela, Lanzini, De Paul, Gonzalo Martinez; Messi, Dybala, Lautaro Martinez, Benedetto, Simeone

  15. Paredes first full match in PSG:
    and the last:

    He was great in french cup too.Fantastic passing skills, very similar to Seba Veron, quick, sharp diagonals with great creativity.

  16. We need a hard-working forward in NT, like Benedetto or Simeone. Hope they will be useful with Messi.
    Aguero and Di maria should be in Copa.

  17. Icardi’s wife Wanda asked Inter to raise Icardi’s pay roll(This season Icardi was not phenomenal like last season)that pissed off Inter manager and now they are shipping out Icardi to other club.
    This woman has very big ego

  18. We needed a game against Germany before the Copa America!! Damn AFA.. what’s the point when our top players will need a rest after the Copa America this summer to play Germany in October ..smh

  19. The perks of being a boca juniors player…I mean Ivan marcone was playing great for a couple of years but was overlooked. Now when he played just two matches for boca he is suddenly in national team

  20. It is sad that it will be after the Copa. If we can play at least one top tier team before the Copa, we have a chance to know where we stand. I mean, seriously?! Mexico? Iraq? Brazil was a great game, but we need to play tougher opponents if we want to get anything out of this! Uruguay or Belgium would really be of high preference!

  21. Twitter: 118 – Sergio Aguero has had a hand in 118 goals in 119 Premier League appearances at the Etihad (96 goals, 22 assists).

    Best player in Prem right now and he was one of our best players at the WC18 but wait, let’s go with others “just cause”. Brilliant decision making.

    Aguero + Benedetto or Martinez. Icardi caused too much shit and although I mostly blame our shit coaches for icardi not scoring, he didn’t make a huge impact. Can’t have icardi when our mid are useless

      • “Good things come to those who wait.”

        I agree with you for the most part. However, so far, Scaloni has done multiple formations which means he is experimenting. This is also very inportant because finding the right formation is key to having a solid game. Players will have no effect without good formation. The more games we get before the Copa, the more it will play to our advantage.

    • I don’t understand the hype around Benedetto. Just because he scored in the final of the Copa Libertadores? He became known as a meme after that, but nothing more, he was taken off later.

      He already had a shot with the National Team, and failed to perform against Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.
      Against Peru, he was arguably the worst player on the pitch. Against Ecuador, he didn’t do s***!
      We were beating Nigeria 2-1, thanks to goals from *cough cough* Aguero and Banega, then in comes Benedetto for Aguero, and all goes to s***, we blow a 2 goal lead and lose 4-2.

      “Oh but his movement, this and that…” GTFO lol his movement? That’s his defense? I’m so done!! jaja

      I for one, won’t have one good game for River change what I feel about him. He’s a downgrade, and in general just shouldn’t be considered among Aguero and Lauturo. He is simply not good enough! Period!
      Aguero right now is on fire! Lauturo, sure he is strugling right now, but he’s young and can contribute more on “movement” than Benedetto can. I see Lauturo as a like for like with Aguero.

      Actually considering trading Aguero, one of our best players in the WC, and our top goalscorer, for Benedetto? Madness!!!!!!! Una Locura!!!

      • “Against Ecuador, he didn’t do s***!”
        please re-watch the game. He was instrumental in 2 of Messi’s goals.

        ” then in comes Benedetto for Aguero, and all goes to s***, we blow a 2 goal lead and lose 4-2.”
        It looks like you are saying Benedetto scored 2 goals for Nigeria

        “Oh but his movement, this and that…”

        Yeah, they call it contribution to buildup, Linkup play in the attacking third
        or attacking third movement and finishing techniques.Plus he is a defensive forward who can run back and defend, unlike Icardi or Dybala

        Unless you prefer a static striker like “Icardi”

        “Actually considering trading Aguero, one of our best players in the WC, and our top goalscorer, for Benedetto? Madness!!!!!!! Una Locura!!!”

        Calling Benedetto does not mean dropping Aguero as it is a very clear choice who is better

        • “Against Ecuador, he didn’t do s***!”
          please re-watch the game. He was instrumental in 2 of Messi’s goals

          Oh absolutely! Messi’s first was a one two with Di Maria, second was a misplaced pass by Di Maria to an Ecuadorian defender, who Messi then dispossessed and scored, and the third was luck in a way, the ball rebounded right to his feet.
          All three goals have in common… benedetto was no where near the play.
          “Oh but the defenders were weary of him”
          Yea, I’m pretty sure if Messi is running towards your goal, the first thing that comes to your mind is mark Benedetto LOL

          He’s average at best. I’d rather have Lucas Pratto come back then Benedetto, at least he’s scored for Argentina, both with and without Messi. The same can’t be said of Benedetto.

          • Don’tbethatguy,

            people like you are throwing accusations that for some people it’s just about to see their favourites in NT but it’s clear that’s exactly your problem. You call “madness” this or that. But your post is full of such mad: “shit” x times, “GTFO” “locura”, “madness” .

            And one classic sign of extreme arrogance best associated to famous KidultHood: “He is simply not good enough! Period!”.
            That “period” is typical for people that just want to bend reality. Once that KidultHood was ending his most ignorant/arrogant statements with this “period” no one took him seriously. He did’t finished well here, also thanks to such despotic form of argumentation. You can’t just conclude discussion at your will by putting simply your “period”

          • 1st goal Who received the ball and passed it (exquisitely) to Messi before it got to di maria and then to messi to score?

            2nd goal Who intercepted Ecuador’s defense pass and passed it to maria before it got to Messi and score?

            3rd goal he ran as fast to give Messi more option to shoot or pass or jump on rebound ?


          • @ebo

            Dude, I’m not trying to diss you or be disrespectful, but read the comments on that video!
            Even there people realize that he’s no big deal.

            He passed the ball to Messi… OMG!!! HE CAN PASS!!! jaja

            He’s just average, nothing special about him, no matter how hard you look!
            It’s my opinion, and the opinion of others who aren’t blind to reality.
            That game was all Messi.

          • @dontbethatguy
            If you can not see that Benedetto was good at that match, I can not force you to, WE are all just expressing our opinions here, freely. with respect.
            IMO. it’s actually clear that Benedetto was good at that match, he does not have to score to contribute to the match, and no, not any player can pass the ball, We are not talking about Messi here, no doubt he is the king of all, but always need hard working supporting players around him, not ones that just stand and wait for him to do everything.
            I do not allow other people comments to sway my opinion because many many comments on youtube are made by fans of rival clubs who like or dislike this or that player because they like or dislike that club. If I get you a youtube video where most of the comments say Christiano is better than Messi will you go with what the comments say, or have your own perception of the matter?

            Benedetto is no Messi or Aguero, But He is a good forward to be part of the NT. You can not go to a tournament with only one or 2 strikers.

      • “Just because he scored in the final of the Copa Libertadores? He became known as a meme after that, but nothing more, he was taken off later”.

        You apparently know nothing about him. If he became a known for you for a meme you know very little about football. After 9 months injury He have scored 4 most important goals for Boca is last 4 games in Copa Libertadores (not just one in final). Very few strikers have scored so many such beautifull goals in career. He was going for 99,9% for WC, just injury eliminated him. Benedetto has always a lot to offer even without scoring a goal. Only someone blind can’t see how delightfull is his touch if he is gaining confidence from coach.

        Besides, it’s not just about Benedetto vs Aguero. For some reasons Scaloni now wants all the 3: Benedetto, Lautaro, Simeone over Aguero.

        • Exactly. Dario Benedetto has been a consistently fantastic forward for Boca (in my opinion the best playing in Argentina) before and now after his injury.

          These ignorant comments and rants from Dontbethatguy are getting old. It’s fine to express opinions – not everyone will agree and that is fine. But the constant bull and complaining like he knows everything, when it is very clear he doesn’t even know about the players beyond big news, is tiresome.

          • This one and countless beatifull others he scored for Boca, in Mexico or Arsenal Sarandi. I like the first goal against Palmeiras of the recent

  22. Finally! A friendly that will shows us where we really stand.
    Enough of the Guatemala’s, Iraq’s, Mexico’s, Morocco… THESE are the teams we NEED to play!

    Germany should not be taken lightly, as they are introducing a new generation as well, with the likes of Sane, Werner, Gnabry, Sule, Kehrer, Goretzka, etc. And not to mention as Neuer’s time is coming up, they have Ter Stegen to take his place… if only we could boast such quality of keepers.

    Since its going to be in October, hopefully, we have our youth already “settled in” to the NT, so the excuse of they haven’t played with each other wouldn’t apply.

    Netherlands, France, Portugal, England, Switzerland, these are teams we need to play against as well to see where we really are at, and if indeed this youth does have what it takes to supersede the golden generation.

    Vamos Argentina!!!

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