Lionel MESSI starts for Argentina in friendly match against Venezuela


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has announced his starting eleven for the match against Venezuela.

As we reported earlier, SCALONI stated his starting eleven during his press conference. Lionel MESSI starts in attack with Lautaro MARTINEZ and Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ.

Giovani LO CELSO
Lionel MESSI
Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ


  1. My point of view: 4-3-1-2 Formation.

    Goalkeeper: Armani is an average keeper. I will put him as the 3rd choice in goal. I would start Rulli in goal or Benitez. Both are playing for their clubs. Rulli sometimes makes mistakes but he is a good keeper. Any keeper makes mistakes.
    Romero is out of question. Doesn’t play with club team.

    Defender: Cb’s should be composed by Otamendi and Garay. Garay is the best defender that we have, but don’t know what is the problem about not being selected. As reserves, Pezzella and maybe Kannemann or Foyth which are average players.
    As right back Saravia and Mercado.
    As left back Tagliafico.
    The 3 in the middle.
    Banega is the best player and should start every game, has vision, gives the tempo to the game as much as he likes. Good dribbler and passing and can tackle. And know a days he’s playing in a much deeper position.
    I would start Lo Celso, he’s our future player, vision, passing, dribble and he can score goals too.
    The 3rd midfielder don t know which one i pick. Cause they are all average players.
    As a CAM i would start Lanzini.

    Forward: Messi and Aguero.

  2. We need to understand that it was entirely a new set of Defence. Right?? Its not like in one match itself they will play like world beaters Come on..Cant blame the frustration, But be realistic.

  3. Yeah, we lost a WC final!!! It’s all over. The time has come for Diego to come out of his retirement along with Passarella, Kempes, Redondo,Batistuta, Veron, Riquelme…


    Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Otamendi, Icardi, Dybala and even Banega

    We are nothing and we should not play football in Copa if we dont have these players.

  5. Fix defence …..we cant concede 3 agaimst venezuala……….tagliafico..otamendi…pazzela….saravia…..

    Im midfield…..we need good defensive mid…….hope…..Battalgia will be back……



    …………………..lo celso……….
    ..dybala……. ..Messi………….di maria/lanzini

  6. There isn’t 23 quality players in Europe. You have to look at the local league for options to fill the holes.

    My problem is more with the tactical choices. For 6 months you built an identity of solid, compact but a little vanilla play. And then all you had to do was introduce Lio and sprinkle some Messi magic on top. But you go ahead and turn everything upside down with a setup that just pushed you back by months. Why?
    I gave the benefit of doubt to the manager when he announced back 3 strategy believing he has seen something in training. But there was zero communication and understanding between the back 6 or 7 of the outfield players. Was this not obvious in training? Why change from plan A that you established over 6 games?

  7. Fuck scolani…you piece of shit. Fuck armani…goalkeeping position also as fuck as him. Fuck mercado….another piece of shit. Fuck pity….get the fuck out of my beloved team. At last where is our fucking golazo who had been praising pity fucking martinez when everyone said him a farmers league player🤡

    • “At last where is our fucking golazo who had been praising pity fucking martinez when everyone said him a farmers league player”

      So How is that MOTM was farmer league player of Atlanta United?!

  8. There are few positives. The team played well in 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 in the second half. Playing messi as the playmaker is a good plan. Though, Foyth conceded the penalty, I believe foyth as a defender who is like pique. Pique was rash in his early age. Foyth will be better. Kanneman defended well.

    The most important positive is argentine league is shit and players play there are poor. The corrupt Grondona did an irreparable damage. Players who don’t play in Europe should not be considered for NT. Dybala should have played in place of that handicap Blanco.

    However, looking like Messi is leading the team pretty well. I think we can hope better if Scaloni stops experimenting now.

  9. Stupid armani always dives before the player kicks the ball ,even a kid would do much better than him against penalty and I must say lanzini is must in midfield along with a proper dm

  10. Pathetically played…
    Stop experimenting players from farmers league there is a reason why they are there that’s simply coz they are not good enough…
    Lo Martinez – ok
    Pity Martinez – never try again
    Leo – best ( sorry, u should have played for Spain we don’t simply deserve you)
    Lo celso – ok
    Pardes – ok
    Montiel – never try again
    Tag – poor performance
    Foyth – poor performance
    Mecardo – never try again
    Lin Martinez – never try again
    Armani – never try again
    M Suarez- ok
    Pereya – no time to judge
    Kannemman – good
    Benedito – never ever try again
    Blanco – couldn’t judge him properly
    Scaloni – 1/5

  11. What a wake-up call. Scaloni is looking more like Sampaoli, experimenting with hundreds of new players and lineups with only a few games left before Copa. Menotti should wake up from siesta and do what he is supposed to do, which is telling Scaloni that it’s time to f@cking shape up or leave.

  12. Man, I am a big Argentina fan but shit what the f*ck are we doing man, we’ve criticizing leo, sergio, higuain , zaba. And the 2005-07 generation, but Argentina haven’t produced no more than 6 good player after that generation Icardi, dybala, lautaro, Rojo, and lo celso. That’s it
    After that none of those other player are worthy to play for Argentina

  13. I m not disappointed with the superliga players but I m disappointed with paredes and lo celso specially paredes …….we need a good no.5 … can a DM be so energy less???…..DM is the position you expect player to be full of energy….
    And I m saying again we still don’t have better option than di maria on wings.
    Kanneman was excellent though.
    I just feel bad for Leo messi

    • Kanneman very good
      Pereyra,Suarez good
      paredes bad
      foyth good in 2nd half as CDM
      Locelso not up to the mark
      Armani-best player of Venezuela
      montiel,pity martinez,blanco,Armani, – bad choice

  14. Stop blaming the players!!. It’s just an experiment by Scaloni which was awful….
    There is absolutely no midfield or control…
    It’s looks like he just want to see out some players who were called.
    Some r playing their 1st match…

  15. Ok. Isn’t this the same benditto who failed in qualifiers playing in his home stadium?

    I believe we have good players even in primera but we keep choosing bad players who failed over and over.

    We are stuck in this loop:

    Bad coach -> shity system -> bad players selection -> we loose against organized sides.

  16. Embarassing defeat. But don’t get me wrong… it was useful as much can be learnt a lot from it – the first of which is we are light years away from what an Argentina team should stand for… all the recent hope/hype (depending on your level of optimism) with Scaloni/ex-national players backroom staff/young and fresh blood is merely sugarcoating the reality. Yup guys, I can accept the lack of chemistry between GOAT and the rest of the team… but the level of the rest of them is really unacceptable. And if the most of the rest of them is really what we are banking our future and hopes on, then… sigh…

  17. Scaloni looks like Maradona or Sampaoli 2.0, tried at least 50 players, why? we all know who is world class, who can make difference outside local league and who is not, and now tried to experiment with the formation too a la Sampa, whats next? Go back to your basics, boring defending football without any risk with 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, 1 runner, 1 enganche and 1 centre forward, today nobody knew what his task, where to move, total chaos…basic 4-4-2 Saravia-Otamendi-Pezzella-Tagliafico—Di Maria-Paredes or Palacios-one DM-Lo Celso—Messi-Aguero/Icardi/Lautaro

    • So what players will do the big difference? Di Maria alone? Aguero will not be better than Lautaro Martinez. This not about players but team organization?

      Foyth, Mercado, Lo Celso, Pereyra, Paredes are from Europe and thay dindn’t looked good today

      • Foyth isn’t ready yet ,mercedo is natural rb but played as cb nevertheless he was always average ,pereyra didn’t get enough time to be judged ,parades is shit without proper dm (we always hype him though ) ,le celso disappointed

      • What a funny comment.aguero is 100 times better than lautaro martinez.aguero right now best striker not only of Argentina but also the whole world and that too by a distance.

  18. If we want to win something please bring back old ones. These players are like 4 tier not even a 2nd tier. Messi has to do everything from midfield to attack. We were so close to win something for 3 time. Now all we can hope is to advance from group stage.

    At least you can build player from Europe. Dont try anyone from local league. We have already seen how good River Plate is in Club World Cup compared with other team around the world. The league is way way below now. Sigh

  19. Tapia and scaloni must out ! His ten years project don’t work. Choosing scaloni waste time .previous match show scaloni didn’t know how to attack .

    Scaloni even don’t know how to build up a team .

    • ” His ten years project don’t work”

      I didn’t know that logic where you are recapitulating 10 years project after first few months.

  20. Walter Kanneman might have been the only positive in this game.
    I thought the 3rd CB spot was open behind Otamendi and Pezella with him and Foyth competing. I believed Juan would win it, but clearly I was completely wrong.

    • Who knows who are starting team us
      Sampaoli 2.0 doesn’t


      That’s been problem for years ppl pressurising coaches with local players

    • Foyth will be the number 5
      as Paredes performed bad

      Kanneman played well
      Pereyra,Suarez attracts eye not Benedetto or blanco or
      runs hard and hard ,did fine and Pereyra too adds extra
      feeling sad for Dybala as he is not getting game time in club and country….
      that’s after the world cup is unexpected…
      we can expect new players to press hard
      track back quickly but most of them are very slow….
      foyth has some great touches as no CDM but not in defence
      Tagliafico and Saravia were unseen ghost
      vert bad performance from Pity Mertinez

      next game


      Locelso Foyth-Pereyra Lanzini
      ——– Dybala ———-Suarez—–

  21. I can’t see Venezuela experimenting vs us

    We are the only country to experiment every week due to pressure local media

    Defence justice my ass

    Matías Suárez and Messi only ones who performed

  22. We have not won any U20 WC or Olympic medals for more than a decade. Today it is clear why. This generation is nowhere near the ones before them. Our future is bleak. 😟

    • Agree. It seems a bit obvious. Venezuela got their tactics spot on and carved through our defence (or lack thereof) like the proverbial knife through butter – just over our guys… sweet…

    • This is spot on

      Dybala Icardi Zabaleta (yes still good)
      Lanzini di Maria

      Ps Benedetto has played his last game for Argentina today hopefully

  23. I have a request!
    Can we refer to Scaloni here in Mundo as Sampaoli 2.0 from here in out?

    Now we see which South American Atlanta Untes player is the best🙄

  24. This has Menotti written ALL OVER IT.
    The same mother fucker that keeps saying we should play local players on the NT.

    Well there you have it flaco. Now go fuck your self.

  25. Armani, Lisandro Martinez, Montiel, Foyth, Blanco, Pity, Suarez, Benedetto sorry but laughable players at this level,,,lack the qualities to make difference even in a friendly game against Venezuela…Benedetto double missed pass…didnt believe it

    • Kannemann good, Suarez good. And Benedetto only came idiot.

      BTW some idiots in here are contradicting themselves as MOTM is…MLS player… of Atlanta United…

      • All your Superliga players have played and we’re losing 3-1 against a lowly Venezuela!

        This Argentina has no future, that is clear now!

        We need to play with the present we have now
        Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Banega, Romero, Otamendi, etc
        Because after this generation retires, this team will be lucky to even make it to future world cups last 2022!

      • Bendetto is super shit ,kanneman is good ,foyth gifted 3 penalties two for spurs and one for nt (he is not ready yet ) ,pity is shit ,our players lack movement skills , cannot recover ball ,very few interceptions and our pressing is below average
        Last but not the least pity is shit ,let’s bring j correa instead of him

    • the players that played well enough for my liking…..
      Pity Martínez
      Lautaro Martínez

      Players I expected more from

      They needed another midfielder to play with …lanzini or banega

      Nonexistent players
      L. Martinez

      Talent but what are you doing..

  26. What was the last time we select player from MLS???
    Coach Scaloni is purely shit shit shit shit shit!
    He is a nasty old fucking dog shit, when he selected Pity Shity Fucky Martinez!

  27. Now some Messi haters r already show their trash against Messi… Is like Messi it sole responsible for all disaster…

  28. Too many mistakes to even comment right now. Just don’t feel like processing all this right now.
    All the compactness of the previous games has completely disappeared.

    …i should probably sell my copa tickets.

  29. I’m on the stadium right now.

    Argentina playing 9 players basically. Tagliafico and number 24 are looking useless and unused.

    It’s not clear what the team is trying to do on the pitch.

    PS. Leo is a king, no doubt. Ferrari among bycicles.

  30. Midfield is too open without a ball winner. No pressing or compactness. This is awful to watch. Same old shit. This is an awful team performance. The players are good enough. I believe they can do better with a real coach. I hope Menotti makes a strong decision.

  31. This is what happens when you have no leadership at any level and you are constantly changing formations and players every damn chance you get. We are getting our ass handed to us by a third world country who’s in disarray.
    We are a disgrace. Even a fucking monkey could have told you that a 5-3-2 wouldn’t work. And some people are giving Cox4 a hard time for calling this a joke.
    Yeah let’s call up Messi and team him up with 2 box midfielders a striker and a fucking MLS player

  32. This is what happens when you put 5 fucking defenders against a team like Venezuela in a friendly! Too much rooms in center mid and sideways of wings. Juan Foyth is absolutely doing sh!t! Scaloni better sub him off immediately. The gossip & poor reaction of Argentina players are the reasons of the 2nd goal!!
    Yeah, they were gossiping just outside the box. It’s modern day football kids, you can’t react late at this level.
    Pity doing everything except the final pass/cross. He needs to be more closer to Lautaro for leaving some rooms for Tagliafico!
    I feel like we are playing with 9 players. Put Lanzini in center and add a extra wideman like Pereyra dear DT!
    We can learn from Venezuela, sorry to say…..

  33. problem exists- No midfield
    no one helping messi
    messi fighting Alone
    Now you will all say that sampaoli was better than this Scaloni but didn’t get much time….

    even today–biglia mascherano banega — may have played better than this midfield

    pity Martinez is a pity never runs hard
    Lautaro should have scored atleast one and he showed he is half good of Icardi…
    Dybala should be started in 2nd half
    bcoz only individual brilliance can save this game…
    Armani is the best player today( for Venezuela)

    still we have Messi and Dybala
    we can win this game

    but please play 4-3-3

    Saravia Foyth Kanneman Tagliafico
    Lanzini Paredes Locelso Pereyra
    ———Messi Dybala ——-

  34. This is sad to watch. Similar to the WC game against Croatia. Messi and nothing more. Why players like Lo Celso looks like leaders and cracks when there’s no Messi and are such invisible with him around.

    • “Why players like Lo Celso looks like leaders and cracks when there’s no Messi and are such invisible with him around.” LOL in your fantasy world maximum

    • “Why players like Lo Celso looks like leaders and cracks when there’s no Messi and are such invisible with him around.”
      Trying to blame Messi again, and then hide from here???

    • @gonzalo, What the hell man!! Are you for real??

      “Why players like Lo Celso looks like leaders and cracks when there’s no Messi and are such invisible with him around. “seriously?

  35. Lautaro, Foyth, Lisandro are still row to play for Argentina, when world class players like Dybala,Icardi or Aguero even Lanzini/benega, Rulli aren’t in playing 11 even Venezuela performed like peck Barcelona, feel very sad for Messi if 6-1 humiliation happened messi might announce retirement again

  36. There are lot of mundo members who were very happy to bring players from our country league… this jus show how ready they are… there is a reason some players are still in the country… scaloni if you can’t do something it may not be ur fault… so get the fuck out of this team for heaven sake…

  37. And to those whom said we need youth in the back… balance my amigos balance… experience and youth.. a rather have a 32 year old with defensive awareness than undisciplined talented youth…

  38. We need to fortify our midfield. Venezuela is advancing too easily in their counters because there are no one in the centre. I like the Messi Lautaro co-op. But Armani is useless and must be replaced.

  39. Scaloni are you satisfy that you waste one friendly game to see what we know from 20 years now?



    you don t remember game with Croatia in summer?


    else go to hell and meet with Sampaoli !!!


      100000% true
      We said that yesterday, many want Argentina to play ‘modern football’ without ‘modern players’
      Sampaoli mistakes all over again, I was shocked today, completely shocked for the performance and the non existing techniques

  40. One thing for sure, the local players are rubbish. Di maria is still way better than pity, lautaro will replace aguero but 4 years later, 3-5-2 wont work. 4-4-2 is the best. No Argentina coach yet found how to use messi and friends club is formed of best Argentina players. Paredes cant defend and can’t playmake.

    The positives are it is a friendly match and results won’t matter and Messi is involved with the young team.

  41. There is the skill gap between old and new generation. They play like 1990s team. No accuracy.

    The biggest question is that why pity Martinez is playing wide while tagliafico is there and it is wing back formation. Is Scaloni playing next level football and we are too dumb to understand his tactics?

    Now all I want to request is that do not promote local players anymore. There is huge skill gap.

  42. So Montiel and Tagliafico are better midfielders than Pereyra and Lanzini right? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😫😫😫😫’s messi, Martinez and p. Martínez .. there has to be another midfielder involved… at least

  43. Mercado needs to be RB on a 4 man defence with Kannemann and otamendi

    Pity is pitiful
    Wong backs are point less
    Bring lanzini on and Kannemann for Lisandro and Montiel

  44. This have to be happened when more farmer league player in playing 11, apart from messi i don’t see any difference between Argentina and Venezuela, just sack scaloni and appoint Mourinho or Gallardo before copa

  45. Kick scaloni immediately from the ground
    Aguero or icardi for Martinez
    Pity Martinez is pure shit
    Tagliafico never become Jordi alba
    Foyth and lisandro Martinez immature baby


  47. Messi is the only one playing well. Venezuela much better than Argentina. Our team is a big disappointment. One of the worst in 3 decades.

  48. Scaloni needs to go, no clue to build attacking plays, but at least he destroyed with this idiot experimenting formation and with null kilometers players the defending, Argentina NT is not a kindergarten, Gonzalo Martinez is poor mans Di Maria

  49. Messi has courage to return, because this Argentina is trash!!!
    From, attack, to midfield, to defense, to GK, to training staff, it’s all TRASH!!!

    Out with Scaloni!
    Armani! Every Martinez on the pitch!
    Lo Celso! He’s nothing wothout Caarvalho and Guardado carrying his ass!
    Paredes, now we see why he’s not good enough for PSG!!
    Tagliafico, riding the momentum of De Jong, De Ligt, Tadic, etc.
    Foyth is straight up trash!!!
    This Argentina is AWFUL!!!

    We NEED

    This “New Guard” cant cut it!

  50. Frustrating to see these kids playing like this ,have been telling again and again that foyth isn’t ready yet ,Armani could have positioned better against 2nd goal ,montiel is shit ,tagliafico’s first touch is average ,our midfield is dead and for godsake we cannot play without a proper DM

  51. Yup familiar scenes… we’re a mess again…
    The moment the GOAT steps up a gear, he’s on his own and the others just appear minions and bystanders…
    Scaloni’s in the freaking hot seat now…. a friendly only but time to prove what he has been farting around hasnt been a waste of time yo…

  52. I said before why 3-5-2
    For years ppl here banging on about local players sorry but they r rubbish
    Aside from Benedetto

    Bring on dybala Benedetto and lanzini and switch to 4-3-3

  53. I feel we will lose the possession battle this game, as there arent enough midfielders and offensive drive to press. It’s already beginning to notic this game
    Messi is not going to be pressing intensly 90 min, much less 5 mnutes. More like 10 seconds, then he’ll walk again.

  54. mehhhh….
    Looks like Messi will be playing by himself again today.
    Only difference, he’ll drop into the midfield like never before now since there’s only two actual midfielders. Lol

    Either way
    Vamos Argentina!!

  55. Why is this coach playing MLS player? Fuc k we need to build consistent team to compete in Copa. Why is he experimenting? If he wants to experiment, than do with Messi and Dybala. It is very idi ot thinking from Argentina coaches. Are they cursed?

  56. Vamos Argentina… !! the journey to lift Copa ’19 starts tonight!

    Both Venezuela and Morocco are decent opponents to test your mettle…both have different playing styles and will challenge you differently…

    VAMOS! VAMOS! Viva la Albiceleste!

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