Mauro ICARDI scores for Inter from the penalty spot in 4-0 win against Genoa


Mauro ICARDI was back in the Inter team and scored for them in their 4-0 win against Genoa.

ICARDI was one of Inter’s better players in the victory and scored the second goal of the match. The Argentine sent the goalkeeper the wrong way to double his team’s lead.

He was left out of the team for over a month due to off the pitch problems.

Cristian ROMERO of Genoa was sent off during the match.


  1. Most likely our forwards for the Copa will be Messi, Aguero, Icardi, Dimaria, Lautaro and Dybala. Icardi will play from the bench as a sub for Aguero. Dybala will again watch the Copa from bench and Lautaro will probably get more playing time than him!! Dimaria will resume his duties in the flanks and hopefully will be less waste full! However , Donkey Sampaoli’s influence on Scaloni doesn’t seem to have completely worn off so he could still shock us with crazy lineup and formations like Venezuela game!!

    • ANGEL DI MARIA IS A GOOD WINGER BUT HE IS INJURY PRONE IN TOURNAMENTS AND FRIENDLIES THESE DAYS SO INSTEAD OF HIM IF IGNACIO PUSSETTO OF UDINESE could be called in next friendlies to check how he plays for NT along with walter benitez(GK) it is a position in which currently only andrada,musso and somewhat gazzaniga were able to impress in recent friendlies only these 2 new players and atmost cristian romero are the new players who should be called up for upcoming friendlies other than that other recent players callled up for recent friendlies are decent and out of those players who are in form are hopefully called up in recent friendlies to check for copa 2019

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