Argentina’s Renzo SARAVIA signs with FC Porto


Argentina and Racing Club’s Renzo SARAVIA has signed with FC Porto.

As we reported a few days ago, there were strong rumors  linking SARAVIA to the Portuguese club. The transfer was made official on Saturday.

Currently with the Argentina national team for the Copa America, SARAVIA signed a contract keeping him him at the club until 2023.


  1. Tired on Musso vs Rulli debate, what musso have done this season?? Every single match concede goals and also concede in error, always shows poor display against top teams like juve, napoli etc neither is good penalty saver nor have good with feet or reflexes just playing as starter in mid table club in third class league isn’t enough for NT, talent wise Gazza is 1000 times better only draw back that he isn’t playing regularly for his club but when ever got opportunity performed at top label against top teams even in NT produced fine save in friendlies. Rulli season 2016-17 no Argentina GK have this kind of performance consistently and his poor season Rulli gave MOTM performance against top teams like Real, Barca etc but his inconsistency cost his place in copa 2019 still i believe he should be picked above maschrin. Here on mundo so much hate for Armani for his performance in NT even Aguero also not performed for NT reason many hate him too but if you consider club form then Armani truly deserve no1 spot who performed at top label to win copa liberatories which is competitive like ucl in combebol. Also here see support for benitez who is just a one season wonder and not bring any success for his club, highest clean sheet for Argentina GK playing in farmer league flopping against top team isn’t good enough. In copa 2019 three GK should be – Armani, Rulli, Gazza anyway who ever the no13 or no23 hardly matter hope Armani replicate his Copa liberatories from in Copa America

  2. Too soon for Gaich to move. He should stay for 1-2 seasons in San Lorenzo. Become the 1st choice striker and then move. Renzo is ready, grossly undervalued but that doesn’t matter too much.

    • Gaich agent:
      “We are talking to clubs in Italy, but the Everton issue is not yet clear,” said Caro. “Gaich is in the hands of many clubs, but there is nothing concrete yet. Looking to the future, one would like him to go through the European market, I think you have to look for that to find the fullness of the player,”

      • Even if Everton is buying Gaich, getting work permit in England is difficult for him because Gaich (and Sosa too) have only few matches in top division in argentina.

    • Please stay one year longer in San Lorenzo. They have new coach Pizzi, and best generation of youth players in the league. Their reserves won both league and Copa de La Superliga. First Gaich should win starting place in the club because he still is not starter.

  3. Seems like sarvia continue as RB till 2022 for Argentina as no good RB option, good move for him now can play on big stages like UCL

  4. Immediately after Copa, Argentina should give Juan Musso number 1 goal keeper position.
    IMO…hes going to be the number one GK for Argentina in WC 2022.

    • On what basis musso deserve no1, playing as no1 in mid table team Italy isn’t criteria for no1, if based on performanc 2year ago noone near Rulli label and even his worst season ranked top3 GK in la liga, ability wise musso is no where near Rulli and he is also error prone as well as poor in penalties

    • well musso is decent gk but walter benitez should also be given chance he is the gk with most clean sheets in ligue 1 and somewhat good in penalties too either way both musso and benitez are somewhat consistent and decent gks’ and a young gk like pourtau or roffo also need to be given chance and are hopefully called to the NT as third choice GK hopefullly musso,benitez and poutau or roffo(as 3rd choice gk) are called post copa 2019

      • I dont think pourtau or roffo will be ready for WC2022.
        Musso,Rulli and Benitez are three GKs…I sees in NT for WC2022.
        May be some form lose..may be some emergence..! Currenlty…i think these three going to WC2022.

        • since other NTs’ like netherlands,france and italy are giving chance to youngsters like mathjis de ligt,frenkie de jong,ousmane dembelle,kylian mbappe,gianluigi donnaruma and moise kean etc so i dont think there is any harm for argentina NT trying their own youngsters like cristia romero,nehuen perez,leonardo balerdi,adolfo gaich,facundo colodio,bangamin garay,ezequiel barco,roffo or pourtau etc and trying to integrate them into senior NT.who knows some of them or hopefully all of them might impress big european clubs in their NT matches and get signed by those clubs where they could be trained into becoming superstars which will be very helpfull to Nt atleast in defense and Gk department in 2022 WC

          • First youngsters has to get regular playing time in their club. If not, they have to go on loan somewhere. Some players are killing their talent by being on bench whole season.

          • Messi 10
            You should be wise. All other NT youngster that you write before has proven their skills on the Europe basis, and playing regularly for big clubs on their league. Comparing our u20 with them is such a joke lol

          • I never meant all above mentioned argentina youngsters should be called immediately to NT post copa 19 like in case of nehuen perez and balerdi who were signed by atletico madrid and dortmund respectively if they become starters in say like next 2 seasons then they should not be ignored in case of adolfo gaich,colodio,benjamin(both garre and garay) also first when they become first team players then they can bec called to nt.for gaich he is currently being pursued by everton and genoa so he is should move to either club since he never got much chances at san lorenzo to prove his worth,in case of cristian romero and barco both are starters fpr their clubs genoa and atlanta united respectively so these 2 guys are hopefully called to NT imn post copa friendlies and finally the case of pourtau and roffo is different since NT dosent have world class players in gk position but only decent gk like benitez,musso and gazzaniga who are maybe good for NT post copa 2019 but portau,roffo arent given chances in their respective clubs so maybe they could be called as third choice gk for nt not as starting gk and any decent club might take notice and sign them and play them regularly like happened in case of gabriel brazao of brazil who had also won sa u 17 championship and was not being given chances in his club cruzerio but once tite called him up as 3rd choice GK other clubs took notice of him and he was signed by parma fc without playing first team football for cruzerio fc i am not saying he will be a world class gk nor that it is necessary for pourtau and roofo to follow that path but it would be nice if once in a while they were called up as third choice gk to increase their market value and signed bt any club who plays them regularly so that there is hope that one day they reach their potential and if their clubs are not playing them in first team or signing foreign nationals as their first choice players

      • Only argentine Goalkeeper who has potential to become worldclass is Rulli. He is good with feet , great reflex, good at penalties but argentina is promoting some medicore goalkeepers. Apart from few early error he was in a great form this year.

        • Dont say only goal keeper.
          Also how many years you will say this..”who has potential to become world class”…hes already 27..!
          Reality is that Rulli didnt reach the level we all thought he would be reaching by now.

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