German PEZZELLA talks at Argentina press conference before Copa America


The Argentina man spoke at a press conference before the start of his team’s Copa America.

German PEZZELLA is expected to be one of the starters alongside Nicolas OTAMENDI in Argentina’s back line. Taking part in his first tournament with the Argentina national team, here’s what PEZZELLA had to say:

“We will give everything in every game. The dreams, we have had them since the first moment. We are the first one who want to win something with this shirt, it has nothing to do with being favorites or not.

“We are working towards solidifying the group. We have players from halfway of the pitch and forward who are capable of unbalancing a team at any moment.”

In regards to the coach Lionel SCALONI:

“I believe the main thing is the clarity of concepts which SCALONI is transmitting to us. We know what we have to do.”

When asked about the injury he suffered:

“I’ve left that behind. The last few days I trained without the mask and didn’t have any problems.”

About Argentina’s opening opponent Colombia at the Copa America:

“Colombia has world class players. They play a very compact game and they counter really quickly. They have a lot of talent from halfway up the pitch and forward.”


  1. Can someone who follows primera give any information about Alex Macallister? I guess he is kind of a big deal and he will be playing for Boca on loan. What position does he play and what is playing style

    • He’s a classic number 10, an enganche or attacking midfielder 🙂 he’s quick and tends to get into the penalty area quite a bit. A bit like young D’Alessandro I think.

    • He’s quite unique in the sense that he’s a hybrid no.8/10 i.e. comfortable playing as a CM or CAM. An excellent passer and very defensively disciplined, the type of player that Argentina could use in the future.
      He’s still 20 and it’s too early to say whether he’s NT material or not but he’s legit and is one to look out for.

  2. I can not wait for the start of this COPA,
    Let us show the World that WE are alive and strong, WE go to Brazil to win in their backyard
    Not because we have the best player in the world, but because we are the land of Maradona, Kempes,Ardilles, Passarella, Batistuta, Riquelme, Zannetti, De stafano, Redondo, Labruna,Sivori,Fillol,Houseman,Corbatta,Cambiasso, Crespo, Mascherano,Aguero and many great players.

    You see we always have the best !

    F..k Brazil

  3. Apart from enabling ADMs long range shooting there will be another benefit of interchanging positions. Queiroz will I suspect choose Barrios over Cuellar as DM to man mark Messi. And he will be tempted to interchange Mina and Sanchez who and play Mina as the left sided CB for his longer reach and strength. Assuming it happens-Barrios will play close to Mina so that even if Messi beats him, Mina can quickly come up without giving Messi time to accelerate. Colombia will play a deep back line so this action will happen closer to the box. When Messi ghosts to the left Barrios will be forced to follow him on most occasions creating a lopsided midfield and creating space for ADM and Lo Celso to exploit. It would also be very difficult for the defence to track the changing attacking formation of Argentina.

    • That’s what it is.I believe the Colmbian man markers will be confused after such movements.Lo Celso Di Maria both have that long shooting ability while interchanging formation and positions .And also as tall Mina is I see him getting owned by Messi.In the past like against Ferdiand he has said : “If you are taller than him he will get under you and beat you and dribble past you like nothing”Mina is 10 inches taller than Messi.I see Mina not being able to hold someone like Messi.He will be nutmegged at least once in whole match with his large legs and height.

  4. I just watched a summary of every single Copa America match for Argentina since 2009 on bein sports . The same story repeats itself. We need a proper defense that stays solid thru two halves of the match. Without that we can have maradona and Messi as strikers and still fall short

    • Completely agree. And I suspect that Scaloni has worked hard at it. Don’t know why he tried that 3 man defensive formation against Venezuela. But he would have learnt I am sure. Under Scaloni we may not have been great offensively but apart from the Venezuela match we have been compact defensively. I know some mundo bros don’t think much of Pereyra but with Palacios gone I think Pereyra is a key man for us. Our defence is good but they need the midfield to protect them and not allow the wingers/strikers to have a free run at them. The holes in our midfield has allowed that multiple times over the last many years and if a striker has had 7-8 paces to run at the defence with the ball no matter how fast the defender is he will not be able to prevent the striker from getting past him.

    • After 2010 WC, Argentina didnt conceided many goals in major tournaments until WC 2018.

      Copa 2011 = 2 goals conceided in 4 games ( once at group stage, once in QF which we actually equalized but lost the shootout )
      WC 2014 = 4 goals in 7 games ( only once at knockout stage which was 113 minutes of the final )
      Copa 2015 = 3 goals conceided in 6 games ( only once at knockout stage )
      Copa 2016 = 2 goals conceided in 6 games ( only once at knockout stage )

      The problem was actually the goalscoring ability when playing tough opponent at knockout stage. We struggled to score when playing teams like Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile at knockout stage. 1-1, 0-0, 0-3, 0-0 , 0-0. The forwards just choked out.

      2014, 2015 and 2016 finals = 1 goal conceided in 360 minutes of play but scores zero! would you consider that bad defence and bad offence?

      • The defense was solid because our full backs were focusing on defense. Our offense was weak because our full backs were not overlapping and going deep.

        Another reason is that we don’t have world class B2B midfielders. We either have someone who can pass through balls but no defensive contribution or some badass defenders who can only do back pass. Thus we choose defense over offense in tournaments.

        • @karl i agree with your point but not entirely. Its true for WC 2014 but not 2015 & 2016 Copa.

          In WC 2014, we have to play defensively not only because the lack of creativity in midfield outside Messi (who’s forced to drop deep), but also many attacking players were unfit. Aguero and Di Maria were injured in middle of tournament, Higuain just recovering from ankle injury and didnt even play for Napoli in a month until Copa Italia final. Messi also had an injury plague season. Masche and Biglia were focusing on defending and the other 2 midfielders Gago and then Perez both were given the same task, helped to defend. We were good up to QF, scores in every game but once Di Maria got injured , we’re toothless.

          However, in Copa 2015 & 2016, we’re attacking team just like in 2014 qualifier, we scored plenty. We scored 10 goals in 2015 and 18 goals in 2016. That’s hardly a defensive team. Remember that we scored 6 goals in 2015 semifinal, 4 goals in 2016 semifinal but once we entered the final, same old story… we couldnt convert our chances.

      • Along with the stats, just have a look at the match too. Even in 2014, once we reached the KO, we just defended. We lacked full backs and midfielders who can both defend and attack in the same match. Our coach just prayed Messi will appear to win us the game. In fact, he did in many matches, but our other attackers couldn’t convert the chances created.

        • @Malabari Albiceleste … but at least the defence looks like coheesive unit unlike during Sampaoli and Bauza’s days. Great forward will get you to QF but great defence can get you to the final or win the whole thing.

          So, for me.. the defence would the key if we’re going to pass QF.

          • Thanks for the staatistics rattlehead. I agree with everyone’s points on the matter.
            What I have noticed is that our team always has an emotional trait to them no matter the selection of players. We have to defend so that we don’t get scored on early and we have to defend so that we give our team a chance to score and feel comfortable playing defense and stringing together passes without rushing under pressure to score late.
            We have two copas back to back to take home a trophy, or two hoepfully.
            ESPN just wrote that if we win it will be a negative because we will have to hold on to scaloni… This is what I always meant about media and other fans looking for any point to make negative .
            Good luck to the haters. We don’t need luck, we need defense and a couple of clever thru balls.

          • Media isnt any different than anyone of us, except their bias looks more obvious because they’re well… media, which mean their opinion being read by thousands. ESPN and most English media loves to talk nonsense.

            I remember back in 90’s and early 2000’s they always believe England is WC contender, now they’ve mellowed down due to England laughable performance in every tournaments. 2018 was lucky ride, they only faced one good team , Belgium and they lost twice to them, beat Colombia on shootout.

            I dont like all these fans who has a mindset “Brazil is the host so we cant win”, and if the players has the same mindset, then we’re doomed to fail from the get go.

            Remember that there’s always “first time” in everything.
            No European team could win at South American soil = Germany did in 2014
            Only Brazil won a WC outside their continent = Spain did in 2010
            Germany, Spain and Brazil are top 3 favorites for WC 2018 = oh really?

            Germany and Spain did NOT progress further than Argentina and you’ll never EVER heard media talk about their disaster but they always managed to write negative stuff about Argentina. I’d bet those people dont remember Spain didnt even make it to second round in WC 2014.

  5. If ADM starts, he must be enabled to shoot from distance at Ospina. Ospina has gone through a bad patch for the last 2 years and I suspect will be low on confidence. The last few months ADM has been absolutely brilliant with his shooting from outside the box. However he does that best when he cuts in from the right flank into his favoured left foot in the inside right channel a preferred position for Messi. It would be good if Messi and ADM interchanged positions frequently. Not only would it take the defence off guard and create confusion but would also provide ADM with shooting opportunities. Of late we often see Messi drifting to the inside left channel for Barcelona which could help this plan. Columbia can definitely be hit through this system I feel

    • What you are saying is actually a better plan then sticking on to same position as the formation. Do you remember Barca back in 2014/15.When Suarez Neymar and Messi were front 3 they kept on changing position.Messi would become a Centre Forward nd even a left forward,Suarez would do the same going wide and even drop deep.Ney would also do the same becoming a centre forward or a right forward.Most of the times they did this.The forward changed their positions more often The point why I am saying this is bcoz this made the opposition’s job to man mark any of them tougher than they imagined Argentina can play this trickery too. All our forward 3 have the ability to play in different position.Maybe Di Maria can’t play as striker yet he will be useful when Messi can go to centre or on the left then Di Maria would have that space on right side then cut inside and BANG!!Luis Enrique was successful against top teams in Spain and Europe with this plan

      • Agree. Even without Neymar Messi has consistently moved to the inside left channel and interchanged positions with both Suarez and Dembele. In the 1st leg against Liverpool with Barça leading 3-0 he played a great ball to Dembele from that position from which Dembele should have scored. Maybe Messi has this in mind for the Copa as well

    • > outside the box

      We have a plethora of talent in this respect!

      ADM, Messi, Lo Celso, Aguero, and Dybala are all very dangerous outside the box.

      • Agree – but there are slight differences. ADM is the only one who let’s fly from 30-35 yards out consistently. Messi used to do it but prefers to get closer now in open play. Aguero prefers edge of the box most of the time although over the years he has scored a few from distance. Against Colombia who I think will play deep and space will be at a premium, with a not very confident goalkeeper shots from distance may well be a clincher for us.

  6. I don’t know why scaloni left out Alejandro Gomez from copa squad. He deserves more than anyone. Can anyone from this blog explain me why Alejandro was left out? Is Matias Suarez better than him.

      • If Matias Suarez is a second striker, then I beleIieve scaloni has done a mistake. You can’t have three second strikers in the team. Messi and Dybala is enough to fill that role. What makes Matias Suarez better than Alejandro Gomez. I beleive a player should be selected based on their performances on their respective league. Anyway, I still has faith on scaloni as I beleive he will bring copa trophy back to Argentina.

    • It was a big mistake leaving Papu out and taking Suarez instead but alas…..coaches in general make inexplicable choices or they seem so to us because we don’t see what they see.

    • It may be a poor decision or the coach had some other plans where he thought Suarez would suit his plan better than Gomez. Either way, we need to move on now that the squad was announced long back and the Copa is around the corner.

      No more “Why this player out?”, “Why that player in?” arguments please.

  7. Yup favourites or not! We are out to win.Much optimism as I have wanted.No bad feeling!!Forget what happen. We will show them who we are and what our players are capable of.You remember those glorious momments you achieved in your life.Show them you are the Albecilescte!!
    Do your best and leave the rest to God, even if our fate is decided already but,God never said give up on your hard work.
    I predict for next match
    Argentina 2 Colombia 1
    Messi(22′),Lo Celso(60′)… D.Zapata(85′)

  8. The first match is crucial . Winning can lift the spirit and mentality . Columbia is ready and one of the favorite with their new coach Queiroz who understand and have paly against Arg. Remember when he was in charge with Iran, we struggle to win in group stage almost concede a goal with the counter attack.

    Quite happy with the atmosphere of the team and the spirit of selected players, a lot of change from last WC. Optimistic that we have a chance to win this game.

    • Argentina players are focused and I predict will win against Colombia by 2 goals. VAMOS, They will most like attack from the right, where they will leave spaces exposed.

  9. It is great that our players seem to be focused and eager to compete for COPA, I feel that it is Argentina year, at last.
    Hay que alentar hasta la muerte
    porque a Argentina la quiero
    porque es un sentimiento
    la llevo en el corazón.
    Y no me importa lo que digan esos putos periodistas, la puta que los parió 🙂 🙂
    Oh, oh, oh, oh… hay que alentar a la Selección


  10. Guys read the news and have look at the image of this link :
    Most of us will say scaloni is Clueless infact he is the only one till now who is at least trying to find a solution to zonal marking(opponent surrounding Messi with 3/4/5 players, blocking the whole Argentina team)that has been one of the reasons of Argentina’s undoings in big stages,if he finds the clue through practice this will be the rejuvenation of Messi with Argentina .

    Had this been done before 2014 final we would have won or at least there was possiblity that match would go on penalty and Argentina never lost penalty at semifinal and finals the reason Germans were desparate to finish the game before it reaches penalty shootout.

    • Scaloni is very smart guy but there is
      Always emotional & impatient fans
      Keep calling him clueless.
      But he will prove them wrong
      Look his coaching staff samuel ayala
      And aimar plus his squad selection
      Is very careful too.

  11. Media always claim Brazil is top 3 fav in every World cup and Copa…do they win any in last 10 years? not even in final, last time around they’re not even in round 16 of Copa. 1-7 and 0-3 losses to Germany and Holland, anyone remember that? they also need a shootout against Chile, all of that happened when they’re playing at home!

    Even throughout 2014 World cup, the media always say how Argentina isnt strong enough and will soon lose in round 16 or QF. That didnt happen as they expected.

    Also, the last 7 games between Argentina vs Chile , it;s 5 wins for Argentina and 2 draws (which Chile won by shootout), and off course every articles will talk and pretend that Argentina isnt even as good as Honduras.

    and now there’s actually Argentina fans that are afraid of facing Colombia?! they should just watch the woman football tournament instead.

    • I don’t care about what others think ….i hope our players know that they are good players and they can win the whole thing …..they hv to fight and play like a team….no more ‘we hv the best player’ stuff.

      • “no more ‘we hv the best player’ stuff”

        But it is True, isn’t it ? AND We are proud of having him 🙂

        Quit beating the drum for the same issue and let the players play.

        • Messi is Lord Voldemort to some mundoers – “He Who Must Not Be Named”

          > But it is True, isn’t it ? AND We are proud of having him

          freaking right we are!

  12. It’s really shocking how some blogs
    Have so much fear from Colombia
    You have to go back in 2009 that was
    Last time Colombia beat Argentina
    Under brain dead diego Maradona
    I get Colombia have defensive coach
    Who like to be more physical but
    That doesn’t mean they will out fight
    Against args as arg fan I believe
    This team and scaloni who will
    Surprise a lot of people whom
    Calling him sampoali 2. And what not.

    • > It’s really shocking how some blogs. Have so much fear from Colombia

      They aint fooling some bookies though…. odds are favoring Arg.

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