Juan MUSSO of Udinese makes Argentina squad for Copa America


Juan MUSSO of Udinese has reportedly replaced Esteban ANDRADA in the Argentina squad for the Copa America.

As we reportedly earlier, ANDRADA had suffered a knee injury and has been dropped from the team. Per several reports coming out of Argentina, Juan MUSSO of Udinese has been named as the replacement.


  1. There is no reason to fear Colombia. If anything we have to worry about Yerry Mina. Without Colombia would have won one game in the World Cup. The rest of the team scored 2 goals in 4 games and it was in the same game. If Otamendi and Pezzella mark the Colombian defenders from set pieces I don’t see Colombia scoring because of our great defense record in international tournaments.

  2. looks like the team is confirmed. Make sure you and players remember what you said. Keep it tight first and foremost, work hard off ball, attack the air balls with confidence and we have enough quality to win.

    “Un equipo se arma desde la defensa y es fundamental en partidos como este ser firme atrás. Sabemos la categoría que tenemos del mediocampo hacia delante y nosotros tenemos que mostrarnos sólidos atrás. Somos un equipo que todos deben trabajar por igual. Hay que ser sólidos en todos los sectores. Será positivo que Lo Celso haga diagonales y se pueda juntar con los mejores. La falta de altura es una cuestión que no podemos controlar, no podemos hacerlos creer. La pelota parada es más una cuestión de convencimiento y de marca que otra cosa. Es una cuestión de estar decidido para ir a buscar la pelota”.
    “Si cada uno hace lo mismo que en su club seguramente estemos delante de un buen equipo. Lo que les pedimos a todos los jugadores es mucha movilidad y mucho trabajo sin pelota y con ella sacarla muy rápido para hacer daño lo antes posible. El sistema puede ir variando porque son jugadores muy versátiles”.

  3. Argentina’s problem in recent tournaments was that Messi didn’t have enough support. You can have a trio like Messi-di Maria-Aguero (hopefully Aguero and di Maria are given a chance to shine in the last big tournament of their careers instead of being replaced by players like Pavon or Meza), but you also need a midfield that can create, not just guys like Mascherano. A trio of Paredes-Lo Celso-Pereyra would be capable of holding the ball and allowing the team to create chances, instead of relying on Messi doing his magic.
    I really hope Argentina wins, and I think they will if the coach doesn’t go nuts like Sampaoli.

  4. Only a few hours for Copa America to start and around 24 hours to see our Albiceleste in action.

    Cant wait 👏

    All the best to my beloved Argentina team. I love Argentina football team so much that even if my home country India play against them today, I would want Argentina to win the match. 😁

    Wish good luck to our team so that bad luck won’t occur. They would need it at some point. Hope our crucial shots turn out as goals. Hope our defense block everything come their way. Hope our coach won’t take some stupid decisions, be it first 11, subs, formation etc. Hope Messi & Co play at their best.

    Vamos Argentina!!!

  5. Hello, Does anyone in this site know Women World Cup 2019 free live streaming links so that I can watch Argentina vs England match? I kept trying but couldn’t find any. Would be appreciated if someone can answer it.

  6. The Argentina women’s team is playing England right now. The keeper Correa stopped a penalty and has made some amazing saves.
    England has most of the possession but the Argies are playing good defense.

  7. today i don t have mood to speak about football. as i feel same every year like today.

    Argentina fans allow me to use one post here today
    for express my sadness about my brothers that lost their lives for the country this black for Argentina history day.

    R.I.P to my 649 brothers that give their life for the country.



  8. Argentina doesn’t need complicated formations because we possess magic on every department.The problem is when we see other team playing with fancy and complex formations we get carried away by the belief that we are inferior but we forget sabella/Menotti/bilardos plan was simple and understable though bielsa’s system was complex but we all know he is a good communicator with good analytical ability .We don’t need posh and third class coaches like Simeone (transforms good players into inferior ones)
    in our case Scaloni is more than enough as far as he keeps the system simple because our players how bad we think of them are blessed with individual brilliance which is noticeable every now and then.Plan should be simple “attack but don’t forget we need to win this now or never”

  9. This guy is better than any of current Argentine goal keeper called by scaloni. He has experience of the highest level. In my opinion him and benitez deserves a spot. We need young talents to win copa.

  10. Like my good friend previously stated….as a fan my job is to support this team through and through…..the media whether it’s local or international the make a profit bashing this team so I’m not part of this gang…. Guys look how happy and harmonious the team….if they are happy why can’t we be .

  11. David Ospina (Colombia) “We know what Messi is. He is a player who can define a game with a genius at any moment, but we also know that there are very important players around him, we are working to maintain that defensive solidity, it looks like Columbia is going to park the bus against argentina and going to frustrate us and argentina plays bad against a defensive team.

  12. Rulli & Gazza is better than Musso anyway no13 or no23 hardly matter now all depends on Armani shoulder and hope he replicate club form and win copa america with Argentina just like copa liberatories with River

  13. Do you guys know Argentina hasn’t lost
    Normal time in copa America
    Since 2007 and yet some nutecases
    In espn saying Argentina defence
    Is more than suspect. I believe no one
    give Argentina the credit
    They deserve and it burns me out
    To keep watching those f…Kers
    Keep talking rubish towards my beloved
    Albicelestes but I hope this summer
    Will be the time arg lift the trophy.

    • Germany and Spain did NOT progress further than Argentina and you’ll never EVER heard media talk about their disaster but they always managed to write negative stuff about Argentina. I’d bet those people dont remember Spain didnt even make it to second round in WC 2014.

      Germany had 10 wins out of 10 in qualifier, yet they lost twice at group stage! Spain only win 1 game in WC 2018 just like Argentina , why these teams are still consider as good teams by those journalists ? lol

      Also, as bad as Argentina was in 2018, they’re in WC… where the fck is Netherlands? and those media somehow still talk highly of Netherland but always say how Argentina isnt good enough lol

      Yea, Argentina was in 4 of last 5 Copa finals, also in WC final in 2014, those idiots made sounds as if Argentina didnt even qualify for WC and always out at group stage in Copa .

      • Good point pal
        One thing is evidence for me
        Is the media always look to bash
        Argentina weather is the local or
        European one under tata martino
        Argentina played best football
        Yet I used watch ESPN keep
        Talking same rubbish.

        • Yes, its irritates me especially every time we’re about to play a tournament, these clowns always running their mouth like trash …. and those stupid pundits also never mention Spain terrible in every WC with exception of 2010.

          If you scretch it to 50 years period, Spain only passed quarterfinal ONCE in World cup and that was again, 2010.

          If Argentina wins friendlies, they’d say its weak opponents, when Argentina beat France, Germany, Brazil and Spain in friendlies, they’d say its only friendlies lol but when Spain beat Argentina in friendlies they’d pointing how Argentina isnt ready for WC, yea because Spain was so ready that they couldnt beat teams like Morroco and Russia lol

          Oh we did Morroco recently , a team which media labelled as weak when we beat them, even though they tied Spain 2-2 at WC.

      • Yh and how many times they even reach
        Final? or play beautiful football
        Or produce top talant players but
        Obviously they overhype their and
        European media agreed with them

        • Since 2000’s Argentina has been in 5 major tournament finals, but do you know the funniest thing about these stupid pundits ?

          Everytime Argentina will play their first game in tournament, they’d say Argentina isnt ready and in chaotic form, etc etc. After we win the first game, they’d say Argentina cant rely on luck all the time, and when Argentina topped the group they’d say they’ll lose in round 16, they’d lose in QF…. and the next thing you know, these clowns ended up watching Argentina playing a final.

          • Man i”m with you
            If lucky was our side
            Arg should have won at least
            Two copas and world cup
            Do you remember back 2004
            Arg were leading Brazil up to
            Last kick of the game
            Adriano came with equaliser
            Out no where.

  14. Guido rodriguez looks an impessive players he is very comfortable on the ball and a good passer too IMO he is better than paredes he is not a hard tackler like maschareno but he is good defensively too he cabn surprise us. Messi and lo celso will own Right flank just worried about Left flank hope Tagliafico will support di maria and paredes has to help tagliafico when he leaves open space behind.

  15. Armani needs to prove his spot or else,Musso will be the best one to come out.Armani has not been good at all for Argentina in 4 matches he conceeded 9 goals and only 1 CS.
    Hard luck for Andrada,good luck for future.
    I expected Benitez, he was at great form,and made some damn top drawer saves!!Better than Armani or Marchesin
    Yet,I think Armani is the first choice for Scaloni against Colombia.

    • I agree with you. Armani, Marchesin and Matias Suarez are lucky fellows. If we had a world class coach like poch, none of these three will get called. Instead he will stick to Musso, Benitez and alejandro gomez. Alejandro’s snub will cost us. His presence can take a lot of burden from Messi.

      • Thanks mate for getting me.No point on talking about leaving players who were inform.Benitez is being told as one season wonder by one of my brother @Romance King, I have all his stats of this season also of Musso.I really liked both of them but,I believe Benitez was a better option,even having a poor defensive line OGC was saved by Benitez he conceeded 30 goals in 35 appearances. I am not blinded by statistical football Benitez’s saves were World Class also OGC nice finsihed 7th in the league.Musso on the other hand got 27 appearance and conceeded 40 goals with Udinese finishing 12th.Both have potential to grow.Benitez is 26 and Musso is 25 I see good future for both of them.
        Alejandro Dario Gomez( Papu Gomez) – He claimed 7 goals and 11 assists in Serie A playing from left wing or as a left forward behind D.Zapata along with Muric.He also had 76 successful dribbles behind Messi who had 134 successful dribbles.Di Maria had 46 successful dribbles.Matias Suarez? 28 successful dribbles,Aguero got 60 successful dribbles.
        We will miss Papu Gomez he has got electric speed,better on weak foot unlike Di Maria we could easily have played Papu Gomez on left and Di Maria on the right.
        But the players we have can fill the void and hopefully they do seem to win the Copa America if Scaloni gets a good plan and new ideas not just pass to Messi like Lord Sampaoli used.

  16. Why re we not thinking positive
    I believe Armani is better keeper
    Than andrada. Some may argue
    But that is thier opinion like they
    Think they been blogging here
    Long before others give them
    rights to disregard whoever
    Disagree with them plus think
    That they Don’t know nothing
    about football.

  17. Cannot wait for the 1st game in 2 days. I am not so optimistic for the 1st game. None of Di Maria-Messi-Aguero contribute much to defensive tasks. Once we lost the ball, not enough players to press, Paredes stay always too deep and not mobile enough. The 2 CBs are quite slow. If I were the Colombian coach, I will ask the players to stay behind and wait for the counter attack, which is something they have been doing very well for some years. The corners and free kick is another thing that made me worry a lot. Their center backs are tall and good in the air. James is good at free kicks too. Even without their best player Quintero, their midfield seems more compacted, better organized than ours. I hope that the players prove that I am wrong.

  18. its a good decision by scaloni and hopefully musso might unsurp no 1 position from armani at copa 2019 ,and benitez should be called post copa 2019 and is musso good at penalties?

  19. Musso is better than other two..

    may start 2 or 3 game of the group stage

    Sadly Andrada misses out due to injury..
    happy for Musso

  20. Surprising. All positive comments about Musso, just watched a few clips of him. I am not the one to be pessimistic or espouse negative comments about players but Armini’s performance against France stays with me.

    • I am with you, I doubt Armani’s abilities.I feel(my opinion) that Benitez makes better saves than Musso TBH, OGC Nice finished 7th in Ligue 1 and conceeded 35 and lost 12 games.Whereas Udinese finished 12th in Serie A conceeded 53 and lost 17 games.No offense or hate towards anyone I said what I felt.

  21. As I told before; Immediately after Copa…Argentina has to make Musso as number GK. IMO…Hes going to be the number 1 GK for the WC 2022. Agree he will face tough competition from Rulli, Benitez and Gazzaniga.
    Sorry for Andrada. But happy for Musso.

  22. Andrada is an unlucky player, he could have started for us in the Copa. Now it’s all upto Armani. Musso is practically no 3rd in the pecking order.

  23. A very good decision by Scaloni.. Looks like he has formed a good squad for the CA 2019 with best resources available at his disposal. It’s now all about his formations and the XI that he chooses for the matches. Finally it all comes down to how the team executes as well. Rather than many people saying it’s Messi plus 10, let us say it’s a good overall team and each and every individual is capable of match winning performances. Vamos Argentina

  24. Feel sorry for Andrada. He deserved the team more than Armani or Marchesin. Musso is good replacement.

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