Argentina starting eleven confirmed for Copa America game against Colombia


Argentina national team coach Lionel SCALONI confirmed his team’s starting eleven for their Copa America game against Colombia.

The team will be lead by Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGÜERO and Angel DI MARIA with Franco ARMANI as the goalkeeper. Speaking at a press conference, SCALONI confirmed the starting line-up for their Copa America debut.



  1. I firmly believe that this Copa is going to be Lo Celso’s breakout tournament. He was the person Messi always longed for to have by his side but never had till now. Somewhat like Burruchaga – only more talented. Pity Sampaoli never used him in place of Enzo. We could have won the WC.

  2. Cesc Fabregas speaking on Messi yesterday:

    That’s the thing with Leo, he reinvents himself season after season,” Cesc said of the Rosario-born star. “Maybe he is not the player who dribbles past three, four or five players and score an outstanding goal any more.

    “Instead, now, he prefers to do 50-yard passes, leaving Jordi Alba one-versus-one with the goalkeeper.

    “He sees one-twos around the box, he might do a chip and an assist… I think now he is more complete than ever.”

      • Messi is not a system player. He has done enough for Argentina. Only luck is missing. He has achieved all the individual trophies both national and international. The problem with Argentina is they rely too much on him. I can tell a lot of solo goals by Messi where he beats 3 to 4 defenders when playing with Argentina. Argentina is lucky to have Messi. Imagine Argentina without Messi. We will not even qualify for World Cup.

          • Without Messi, barca is nothing. He saved barca a lot of times this season. He is the only reason why Barca won the league. Without him, they will be fighting for top 4 spot. And without Messi Argentina trash. Imagine calling the most talented footballer in this generation overrated. If Messi is overrated then every single footballer is overrated too. You can see all the footballing qualities if you watch Messi carefully.Tell me a single current footballer who is equally good in dribbling, passing and scoring.

    • Not saying it is impossible but I struggle to see them score 2 goals. Who Scores the first goal would be key. We have in recent years not shown great ability to come back from being a goal down

    • I don’t know who you are and I don’t care, if you are an ARGENTINA fan and believe that score then you are REALLY not and if you’re not, then there is no space for you here and I for one suggest you get the F OUT.

      • I’m an Argentina fan thru and thru. I’m just tired of the numerous heartbreaks I have had in the recent past. I hope for the best for my beloved Argentina but still skeptical.

        • @mysondavid7 you are Argentina fan?😂
          Then what are we?We are Antartica fans or Brazil fans😂.
          Why don’t ppl get it?Barca is nothing without Messi.He literally carried the whole team this season.No one literally from anyone in the world can do what Messi has done and keeps doing for Barca and Argentina.You predict Colombia 2 – 1 Argentina and claim you are an Argentina fan?Look I don’t know weed is cheap or not but its harmful for health.
          Argentina don’t have world class players enriched within all the team.But,they are Argentina.Argentina won one game in the World Cup as equals to Spain,Germany,Portugal what does that show?Germany the 2014 WC Winners,Spain the 2010 WC Winners,UEFA 2008,2012 winner Portugal 2016 UEFA Euro Champions.What did they do to become better than Argentina?Nothing. Argentina rely on Messi they see him as someone who can win matches,he delivers a lot but when he can’t, Barca or Argentina both will choke,sometimes may survive luckily.Messi literally took Argentina to the WC 2018 on his own.And you are not grateful to him and say he is overrated.Whatever this time it Won’t be the same the team has belief and they will show such hypocrite fans like you what Argentina is all about.Dude stop smoking weed. Stay healthy and love Argentina
          Vamos Argentina

  3. I liked what Tite did against Bolivia. Using two DMs. Fernandinho and Casemiro snuffed out all Bolivian attacks very quickly near the half line and Bolivia was back tracking and defending all the time. Brazil built up their possession percentage and no matter how fit and strong any defender is, 60 minutes of defending will tire out anyone. The defence slows down fractionally and concentration and reflexes are not the same. The probability of gaps opening up and mistakes happening increases. Both ADM and Paredes thrive on spaces which will be very difficult against Colombia. Even Paredes aerial cross balls to the right channel may not be effective since Mina, Sanchez and Tessillo are mentally quick and very good in the air. I know, it will not happen but I think If Colombia sit back maybe Scaloni could consider this strategy. Build up meaningful (no sideways and back passes that we have done so often in the recent Past) possession and get in Paredes and ADM after the hour mark to exploit a tiring midfield and defence

  4. Would be wrong to underestimate them. But Muriel has had a troubled last couple of years and Falcao has been a miss more than hit recently. Uribe has had a good couple of games recently but I think their best chance to score will be through a lightning counter through Cuadrado and from Mina in set pieces. Mina is one of their biggest attacking threats apart from being a world class CB. ADM and Paredes can play a big big role in undermining Cuadrados threat and I hope they really bring that defensive dimension to their game. Would expect Tagliafico to play deep in his own half since we have defensive weaknesses on the left side which Cuadrado can potentially exploit.

    • Mina is nowhere near a world class CB i dont know when did you watch him playing at wordclass level, even Boateng, lingard, sterling, benteke humiliated him . But i agree your rest of part he is very dangerous in set pieces.

      • The defenders role is like that. They are human beings. The best of them make mistakes every once in a while,
        sometimes very stupid mistakes, and if a goal is scored everybody remembers. Just like the best strikers missing sitters and penalties.

        • Agreed with mrinal1235, world class means they can walk into most clubs as a starter and that isn’t mina.

          You’re right though, the Colombian Ent (Mina) is very dangerous from set pieces..ota and pezzella have their hands full.

          • Choripan and Mrinal- U guys are like Messi and Aguero. I am like Mina. One mistake and bang bang. 😀😁. But he did walk into Barcelona with a 100 million Euro release clause. I will go with a 3-0 Argentina. We score an early goal and two goals late in the game as Colombia chases an equalizer

        • Bro you cant judge a player by his release clause even Benzema has 1 billion release clause , Mina has 100m release clause but when he started Barcelona conceeded 5 goals for the first time in that season against Levante ,Trust me he will remember Messi for his entire life after this match.

          • He doesn’t have the ability to clamp down Messi alone. No defender in the world does. Maradona and Messi are the only two players in the history of football who occupy three players at all times. The reason is their out of the world close control. The only way you can stop Messi is by sandwiching him between 2 players who are playing very close to each other so that he doesn’t have space / time to get his second touch. Sometimes Messi will beat both so you need a third person to be on hand to manage that situation. This gives an opportunity for others to have more space and time than what they would have had. Argentina won the WC in 86 using this advantage and a very mediocre side in 1990 got to the finals with a badly injured Maradona using the same principle. Unfortunately Messi has not had that kind of support and luck in the NT nor a coach like Bilardo to help him. This team promises that support. Just having Messi on the pitch gives us a chance

  5. Defend defend and defend some more and let the attack do their thing……that should be the theme in this Copa America and maybe this monkey gets off their backs once and for all!

  6. Close match. But I expect to win. This will be a different Colombia from the recent past. Three reasons – First, Queiroz is no Pekerman- more pragmatic. Attacking intent would be lower. He would look for a 1-0 win or a low scoring draw. Midfield will play close to the deep back four to minimize spaces. They will squeeze the gaps in the final third to minimize threat of ADM and the slide rule passes of Paredes. Secondly, Uribe is no Quintero. Quintero was a perfect foil to Rodriguez and gave him more freedom of position and since he clamped down the central midfield. Rodriguez was free to attack. Thirdly, both Barrios and Uribe will play deep to check Messi and Lo Celso, very close to their center backs to deny them any space to accelerate and run at their defence. As soon as the midfield will be beaten the second line of defence will come immediately to the rescue. The midfielders ability to participate in attacks through the center will be limited. If we get the first goal spaces may open for more. But of they get the first things may be difficult.

  7. Lionel Scaloni (Argentina Manager):

    “If we win the Copa America, I will retire.”

    “No that’s a joke. Here no one is not asked to give more than the others. If everyone does what they do for club for the national team, we will be a great side.”

    “Our system can be 433, 442, or 4231. With the players we have, there are several possibilities. We will see what to do on the pitch and we will vary systems as we have versatile players.”

    “The team will always have pressure on it and so you only get a contract for two years or two months. I’m not sure that just the result is valued. It’s not only to win and lose but to continue with style. We do not have pressure to win something, but the team should play how we want and people should be able to identify with the team. We go match by match and the most important thing is that we can transmit the collective idea.” [MD]

  8. I am also worried about Armani. I don’t know why, but his style for me is not demanding. With his tall and slender body, his moves look rigid, not flexible. Compared to Alisson or Ederson, Armani is such an old-school goalkeeper. Somehow, he’s the only experienced goalie we have now. So, there is no other fair option.

    In defense, I feel a bit worried about Otamendi. He had a gloomy season in Man City this year, beaten by John Stones and Almeyric Laporte in the pecking order. I hope he can forget last season’s despair and perform like what he shown during the 2017-2018 season.

    In midfield, I am wondering how Guido Rodriguez will play his role. Paredes has to be aware of his vital influence, not only to balance the play, dictate the play but also to effectively contribute defensively.

    In attacking line, Di Maria should not be utilized too long. Give de Paul or Dybala chance to contribute their abilities.

    Overall, I still have optimism that Scaloni’s team will do more. Vamos Argentina!!!

    • Di Maria skal ned på midtbanen, væk med Guido Rodriguez. Dybala i Angrebet. Men igen, Argentina mangler, en seriøs træner, målmænd og ikke mindst et sammen spillet hold. Et år har de haft til at få sammensat holdet efter et skrækkelig vm. Det eneste træneren har formået er at skabe mere uro og langt fra et landshold som er godt nok til denne tunering 3-4 kampe. Så hjem. Desværre. Det gør ondt at se på… Love Argentina.

  9. I’m currently in Florence Italy, does anyone know where I can watch the game online ? I know it’s at midnight by spectrum doesn’t allow me to watch unless I’m on WiFi at home.. can anyone share a link or know what local Italian channel it would be on!

  10. Columbia will rely on counter attack and try to hold and control the ball in their 1/3 area. Queiroz is a master of defense, it will be a competitive match.

  11. Brazil vs Bolivia was a lame match.Coutinho got a pen and scored a free header.Bolivia were not even trying to score after going 2-0 down.Only Weverton goal was worth watching.
    This lineup will be great only if Paredes gives us more press and his defensive work. Armani can’t choke too.
    Overall at Colombia I think Cuadrado and James are gonna change their positions
    The defense will remain same the midfield and front line will shape up something like this




    Uribe and Barrios have lung busting stamina.Cuadrado posseses defensive ability.Muriel and Falcao are clinical (Falcao better of course) within the penalty area.James has a world class left foot.He also provides incredible set pieces and know for his playmaking ability. He will thread in those passes for Cuadrado and Muriel.Guido Rodriguez can shut him down as he is not the fastest on the pitch too. Paredes has got good tackling ability needs to stay motivated and work hard he is sometimes too lazy.Our Fullbacks also have that speed and stamina to cope with their wingers and stop them getting in behind.I am only worried about Armani, hope he doesn’t choke.Vamos Argentina

  12. Just waiting for the first match…!
    I am waiting to see how this team has been transformed into a new team in style and mentality..!

    Just look at the current team…only 3 players from the WC2014 finalist team. Messi, Aguero and Dimaria…!
    Just 5 from the last Copafinal…Again Messi, Aguero, Dimaria together with Otamendi and FunesMori..!
    More interestingly only 9 left from the last years squad…that lost to eventual winner France for 4-3..!! They are again Messi, Aguero, DiMaria, Otamendi, together with young guns LoCelso, Dybala, and Tagliafico, plus Acuna and Armani.

    This team has completely changed from 2014 to 2019..! Also, there are 12 players under 27..! I believe all of them can participate in next WC..! Scaloni together with AFA have done some great steps towards future. I hope immediately after Copa Scaloni\AFA will give more opportunity to the youngsters and setup even more younger team for the next copa and ready for the WC2022…!

    I am eagerly waiting for our performance, especially the youngster’s.

  13. Very excited to watch todays match but also with little concern. Their coach Queiroz knows how to make a defencively structered team, add to it a powerful player like zapata it is a perfect recipe for counter attacking

  14. We have brand new, young midfield, old well known forwards line and mixed defence – interesting what will come out of it. Exciting.

  15. I think Colombia will goes like :


    Radamel is a veteran with sharp teeth still. Bet they will use him as decoy and tries to shoot from distance. Still i think they would give him much opportunity to score.

    • Cuadrado and James are gonna change their positions
      The defense will remain same the midfield and front line will shape up something like this




      Uribe and Barrios have lung busting stamina.Cuadrado posseses defensive ability.Muriel and Falcao are clinical (Falcao better of course) within the penalty area.James has a world class left foot.He also provides incredible set pieces and know for his playmaking ability. He will thread in those passes for Cuadrado and Muriel or Tesillo if Tesillo can play as the final third maybe Arias, Haven’t seen much from Arias

  16. For me, seems like Brazil did against Bolivia is same like they did at World Cup a year ago. Tite still depends on left-flank, using Luis-Coutinho-Neres, same like Marcelo-Cou-Neymar. After all, Neres has given free access anywhere around pitch and can move anywhere.

    Dunno why but except Neres, other Brazilians are trying to send the balls to Final Third as much as they can, as fast as they can. They was using dribble only when attacking with Neres. You can see how much vertical passes to Firmino or both flanks using heat-map.

    I think i must watching atleast one more Brazil match to get sure what they do with those things.

  17. Ecuador with bronze coin of U-20 WC. After silver coin of Venezuela 2 years ago it seems the north of SA is closing to South on youth level.

  18. Bolivia wonderful run of draws in Copa America opening games comes to an end. Underdog Bolivia can hold only for fist half . The favorite team will get the challenge from the parking bus strategy . We need Di Maria and Lo Celso penetration and creativity to move the ball from wide range and supply to Kun and GOAT.

  19. Bolivia down 0-3 and none of their players even try to press and win the ball, wtf…. they literally just going through the motion . They’d be out at group stage.

  20. Bolivia had nothing to lose, yet they just watching and defending without trying to attack in number when they won in Brazil’s half. Expected result from this game, Brazil looking fast on the left flank.

  21. First of all Congrats to our U17 boys for winning Russian International Cup tournament with dominant performance! And also Congrats to our women team for playing with passion after a 16 years of gap if i don’t mistake the exact time period. Vamos!!

    Second, after watching the first half between Brazil and Bolivia, i am getting worried about opponents who’ll park the bus against us! Fast wing play is important against teams like Bolivia. Pereyra and De Paul is our trump card here, because Di Maria can get injured any moments. Possession football won’t much work in this Copa imo.

  22. I’m liking the Brazil-Bolivia game. Brazil not playing great and Bolivia playing some great defense. Unless they are playing against us, I am always happy for Bolivia to do well. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  23. Bolivia is chopping the Brazilians down every time they touch the ball and the ARGENTINE REF. will be calling RED and many yellows very soon.

  24. India based fans , Pls do keep looking for streamlinking links & share for Arg matches. So frustrating that Sony ditched Copa telecast rights for India .

    • yes ..we are in great problem in viewing Copa matches…..only live streams can save us…
      friends please do share links for us ..

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