Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI on Copa America: “We are calm”


Argentina national team coach Lionel SCALONI gave a press conference where he discussed the team, the Copa America, Lionel MESSI and more.

SCALONI confirmed the starting eleven at the press conference. He also spoke about goalkeeper Esteban ANDRADA who had to leave the team due to injury.

“In regards to Esteban ANDRADA, we are very sad as to what happened. Besides being a great guy, we had high hopes for him.”

Lionel SCALONI also talked about being with the Argentina team:

“I’m very happy to be here. I’m very anxious and I’ll try to enjoy the moment.”

Regarding the Copa America:

“In a tournament like this, there’s no easy opponent. We will take our precautions as Colombia has a lot of positives but we have to play our game. We think of having the best match possible tomorrow. We are calm and very anxious.”

About the team:

“We are a team where everyone has to work. From the first player to the last player, they all know what they have to do on the pitch. We want the people to identify with the team.

“A team is formed from the back line, it’s important in a tournament like this. We know the quality of players we have from the midfield forward.”

He also spoke about Argentina captain Lionel MESSI:

“I see Lionel (MESSI) very well, very anxious, always wanting to do what’s best for the team. He’s another one of us and I’m very happy to share a team with him.”


  1. Its 2:30AM here in Bangladesh match starts at 4:00 AM, I just can’t sleep went to the bed at 12:30AM still awake got Classes to attend tommorow at 8:00 AM. Yet,I never mind and never will no matter what happens only what I want is the team success!!I want them to win . I love this team I love their spirit ever since I was a kid.Hopefully we secure the win tonight. I go for
    Argentina 2-1Colombia
    Vamos Argentina

  2. less than 2 hours left for begin one new effort of the team in one new big tournament such as Copa america. now it is time for all of us to stand beside the team and support.
    it is not the time for complains for who is playing or not
    it is not time to critic how good is the players and who is not in the team.
    it is not time for any kind of complains.

    it is the time that 11 of our players they will wear the honored Albiceleste jersey and they will play to represent ARGENTINA and all of us.


    • Naah
      That ain’t gonna happen. In 2 hours you will see 500 comments and all will be moaning about the team and coach. Better prepare for it

  3. Scaloni seems to a sensible coach. He also handles the press very well. Always to the point.

    His team selection is the most sensible and logical in the past few years.

    Go Scaloni. Bring us this cup! You’re the most critical part. If you do your job well, we will have a win probability of 90% coz in Messi we trust. Rest 10% will be for the players.

  4. The match starts at 3:30am here in India. It’s already midnight, 1:30am but I’m unable to sleep. I’ll probably sleep at around 5:30am after the match. Hope I can goto bed happy and sleep peacefully.

    • it is very hard and difficult there in India.
      i really wish you go to sleep happy and have happy dreams lift the Copa 🙂

  5. Guys.. I am die hard fan of Argentina and following Argentina national team since 1998. First time in my life I am not able to see Argentina matches in TV due to Broadcast right issues in India. Can anyone send me any online streaming link. It would be of great help.

  6. I’m not calm. I’m trying to get everything done so I can sit down and calm down lol. I have the bbq going with argentine sausage and beef rib, beef ribeye, skirt steak etc. … chumeee sauce marinating.
    I need to marinate and calm down.
    I’m Nervous … I can’t imagine what the players are feeling

  7. Wining copa will not be difficult for Argentina if performed well defensively in the tournament, Messi Aguero are enough in offensive role where Lo celso Paredes gives best argentina midfield after a long time, Armani need to replicate his club from in copa, all the best every fans

      • Yes, Armani won copa liberatories with two different club Atletico Nation in colombia and River Plate of Argentina last year and best GK of both tournament, local league is no more good like previous but copa liberatories is competitive like UCL in combebol

  8. I’m clam, he’s clam, she’s calm, the neighbor’s dog is calm, the kid working down the street at Dunkin Donuts is calm………everybody is clam….JUST WIN THE DAMN GAME.

  9. The problem Argentina have is
    Every team played against them
    Play 200% and still arg keep getting
    Results no one give credit Argentina
    Nt deserves.

    • I am certain we will win. The dressing room environment is looking very positive. Scaloni seems to be a very honest person. My respect for him grows. He talked about being both calm and anxious. Seems contradictory yet it is believable. Go for it boys. Do it for yourselves. You have deserved much more than what you have got so far. May you have the strength to achieve what you deserve.

  10. After 2007 generation Aguero, Dimaria, Romero, Benega 2013 generation is another golden generation Icardi, Dybala, Musso, Paredes.

  11. Waiting to see the new voyage in a few hours from now. Let’s hope it’s this time. Vamos Argentina.
    Colombia game I think they will totally shackle messi . Locelso, aguero , adm will capitalize the space.

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