Argentina captain Lionel MESSI: “We have to lift our heads up”


Argentina captain Lionel MESSI spoke to the media following his team’s 2-0 loss to start their Copa America.

Speaking to the media following the defeat, MESSI mentioned that they have to take away some positives going into the Paraguay game. Here’s what he had to say:

“We have to take some positives, lift our heads up and continue. It just started and there’s a lot left.

“We didn’t want it to start this way but there’s a lot of chances. It will be difficult for us to accept this defeat but when we arrive to Belo Horizante, we have to think about what is coming.

“In the first half, even though they had a lot of the ball, they didn’t generate chances. In the second half it was us but they scored a great goal.”


    • Now this is a much better line up.. Lo celso should be playing alongside messi rather than behind messi.. But still changing 4 to 5 players in each match means the coach is not able to find the proper tactics and its a danger alarm for the team… Somebody should stop these crazy Argentinian managers.. It’s insane to change players like this in every f***ing match

  1. Scaloni should be try this player for scored and win with Paraguay.


    Foyth Pazzela Otamendi Tagliafico


    Lo Celco De Paul

    Messi Aguero Martinez

    Di Maria

  2. The title of this topic is kind of a joke.
    Lift our heads…
    The first one to drop his head is Messi. If things do not go well on the pitch he is the first to let his head hang down and stare at the pitch.

    Naturally, it is a metaphor and Argentina needs to lift their spirit to beat Paraguay.

    • “Lift our heads…
      The first one to drop his head is Messi. If things do not go well on the pitch he is the first to let his head hang down and stare at the pitch.”

      This is really funny, but sadly, it is true

  3. I saw so many guys said messi shouldn’t drop deep he should wait and others will bring the ball to him.. well if you want to do this I think we need to play Dybala in the squad and share the responsibility with him like Messi did with neymar.. playing 4312 formation with

    ———Celso Pereyra———
    ———Messi Aguero\Martinez—

    Dybala can drop to the deep and get the ball and Messi can wait in the final 3rd pass.. Messi and Dybala can change their position during the game..

  4. Possible line up and no need to change the whole team radically

    ** Lautoro ***
    *** De Paul **** Messi

    ***Parades *** G Rodriquez *** Lo Celso

    *** Tagfliaco *** Otamendi *** Pizzella *** Casco

    ** Armani **

      • yepp, and DePaul a little behind Lautaro close to LoCelso on the Left which gives Lautaro more room to roam. he has the stamina

        • Scaloni seemed like he didn’t really want to take on the middle, the play kept going wide. let’s hope our full backs go supersayen on wings and let Messi and Lo Celso dominate the center.

    • Agree Lo Celso will be in the centre , the above is only for the players name not formation. Scheme and tactics with the right and fit players are what the team needed most now. Paraguay will try to follow Columbia, use physically and press strategy with 2-3 players surrounded Messi.

      Hope Scaloni find the solution and team are more well prepared…

  5. Tell me one thing anybody from this group te selection changing or replacing all are done by scaloni.. then what Ayala aimar samuel is doing? Is there are no say from these legend?specially aimar who is assistant manager or coach of argentina..they are interven or not in team selection?that who is better or who will play instead of…

    • Word out there from the ‘inner sources’ is that Messi makes the selection. all coaches are puppets 🙂

      excuse my sarcasm LOL


    DePaul is entirely RIGHT FOOTED, HE could only effectively go in-field when played on the left, and so the play was all in front of the Colombian defense in the second half, He was not in place of DiMaria as a LW. If you guys can not see why he played better, I can not help you.

    Argentina was more dangerous upfront in the second half, not because DePaul succeeded and DiMaria failed, but now since they have an extra player in midfield who does not drift out wide- like How DiMaria was positioned to play in the first half-, but drifting inside, the players went higher up the pitch and that closed the gap between the midfield and the forwards, but left them exposed at the back and was caught out of position on both goals.

    Argentina should abandon ‘classical’ wingers and start playing inverted wingers and look for workhorse wing backs as we don’t have world class ‘CLASSICAL’ wingers. and don’t think we will have any soon.

    Now some might come and twist my words, and maybe get into my mind and call me obsessed with the big names, as I am saying DiMaria is better than DePaul. and I am inventing things to cover up for the ‘old guard’ because they are hung up at blaming the seniors of any failures. these are facts taken from the match. and Scaloni should have never used DiMaria as a LW like many members here said many times.

    • I will choose de Paul anyday instead of Di this position he is not neymar but he is equal to coutinho maybe sometimes better than him…

      • you are missing the point, both are not technically the same, choosing DePaul on the left, means choosing different tactics than choosing DiMaria on the left. one is purely right footed while the other is left footed. check the video link above

    • That is an excellent observation. I am sure the coaches have noted this. But its not a very easy problem to solve. We have to give them time to figure out whether to use wingers to stretch defenses or to load the midfield and do as you are suggesting.

    • @Ebo

      “but now since they have an extra player in midfield who does not drift out wide- like How DiMaria was positioned to play in the first half-, but drifting inside”

      I saw De Paul going also into the corner of left side. This is not true he was only cutting into the middle. The video shows his Udinese performances not the last game. De Paul was simply more looking for the ball. Positioning itself can’t explain why Di Maria had so little touches and De Paul many more.

      To that since when Di Maria is such dependent player who can’t live without service? You know very well that Di Maria on his best games in past was able and willing to drop back looking for the ball and game (instead waiting only for the pass from midfield), against Colombia without spirit.

      • @gonzalo-pity-martinez
        I just finished watching the match, please provide how many times -with time line- did depaul cut out wide left for a cross without moving the play in-field or back. with success rate.
        I am waiting…..
        the video I included just to show he is purely right footed, that was obvious 🙂
        any other member is welcome to participate.

        • “cut out wide left for a cross without moving the play in-field or back. with success rate”


          what for all the demanded conditions? Just ask wheter he was going and using the area close to left corner. I remember Di Maria in past giving traversal runs from the left side despite he is left footed. Simply against Colombia he was off the game don’t try to excuse him every possible way.

          • “Simply against Colombia he was off the game don’t try to excuse him every possible way.”

            It is the other way around, you always look for any excuse to blame the oldies. you could not back up your claim .you should stop comparing DePaul to DiMaria because both are are not technically the same. I asked you to give me proof from the match, and you did not, you know why, because there was ZERO times he did what you said he did. TO Me I would like Scaloni to USE DePaul more than DiMaria because the tactics are better and gives more in-field play.
            You and many others blame the oldies in every possible way unfairly, and this is the proof

          • To talk about tactical adjustment is excuses for me. Apparently you are one of those who will never enough disgusted by Di Maria’s consistent (with some exceptions) underperforming in NT. No matter how many times some will always find excusing reason for this. That he should play rather RM, more deep, in midfield instead wing and so on and so on.

            I’m not comparing De Paul to Di Maria. No matter what types they are are which leg using.What matters is how they performed in simialr position.

            “You and many others blame the oldies in every possible way unfairly, and this is the proof”

            You want to speak about two different players, which are equally good but on different tactics. This is looking for unnecesarry excuses. Just take that like it was because Di Maria long time is proving being disfunctional on the left wing. Last WC was another prove. One goal doesn’t make difference.

            I saw passion and spirit in De Paul, while Di Maria looked threadbare. This is main reason. Our left wing was better with De Paul, not Di Maria.

          • Why “Oldies”? My concern is only Di Maria here. However I suppose Aguero/Lautaro case might be similar. The spirit and eager makes Lautaro better option to me

          • “I asked you to give me proof from the match, and you did not, you know why, because there was ZERO times he did what you said he did”.

            What the hell you are talking about. I dont need brings any particular minutes because De Paul was all the time playing there, exactly as LW. All the time. And no matter he is cutting into the middle as right footed player. He was on the same position the better one. Simply

        • Di Maria play most of his game on the left wing, both in NT as club and had some impressive games there in past. So no need to talk about Di Maria being exposed to smething new for him. He simply underperformed

          • The subject was who’s better on the same position not technical differences.

            “He was not in place of DiMaria as a LW. If you guys can not see why he played better, I can not help you”.

            That’s your words I was reffering to.

            Yes De Paul played exactly LW. Exactly.If you want to say being right footed is the only reason why De Paul was better on the same position then we should ask why on the hell Di Maria is playing there almost all his NT career if every inverted LW can be better. Or maybe Di Maria never was good to here for NT. No, he had some good games there but long ago. This is why De Paul is better LW currently.

          • Inverted LW is not technically the same AS A PURE LW.
            It is not DiMaria’s fault if the coach put him as a PURE LW.
            so saying DePaul succeeded and DiMaria failed is not basis for comparison. because both were used tactically in different ways. Putting DiMaria as an inverted winger on the right would have been a better idea to get more of him because it would give us more advantage in the final attacking third. We all know that, including you.

            Come on it is clear as a whistle that both can not be compared unless both are used tactically in the same manner. But what is clear is that you and many consider failure is on the shoulders of the players than on the coach’s picking the right/suitable or wrong tactics to use each player to his best technical abilities.

  7. Somebody commented that the team is not as relaxed as Japan because they are trying to win for Messi. I don’t think that’s the case. The other players simply aren’t strong enough across the board to play with him or support him.

    Messi is in a Ibrahimovic situation. So much greater than the others they simply can’t click. I’m sure there are examples out there where one player is great but just can’t bring up his weaker compatriots.

    I think we need to accept his fact.

    • Hahaha….Messi didn’t play that good either in the match……and we HV world class players everywhere on the pitch……just give them more time……
      Messi missed the dolly header in the front of the goal…..I m not saying he played badly but the matter of fact is he missed……
      If we can criticise aguero and di Maria.. Why not Messi??

    • El Tigre was always classy and for a brief moment in time before his injury was right behind La Pulga and jerk off (no need to say her name) as a top footballer.

      • U r right. I almost forgot about the days falcao was being prospected as becoming the best. He’s a good guy. He made a good point in the article too. We expect alot out of Messi. Argentina fans are tough. But then again we expect the best. Me personally, I wish there wasn’t so much pressure on their shoulders that they could get out on the field and have fun…. I believe that’s when we will have amazing games.

        • Cuadrado on the other hand needed his face kicked in after that cheap tackle on Messi…….and promptly taken out of the game and its only a matter of time before he does something stupid again.

        • “Me personally, I wish there wasn’t so much pressure on their shoulders that they could get out on the field and have fun…. I believe that’s when we will have amazing games.”

          That will never happen after what the last generation went through, it just going to trickle down to the next generations, one after the other, just wait for the influx of great players with dual citizenship who will be snatched by other nations and choosing to play for other countries but Argentina. and that is why I am vocal against criticizing the great players who made huge sacrifices just to be cursed and humiliated and branded ‘loosers’, ‘Messi’s club’, chokers , hijos de puta, pecho frio …etc

          Some guy recently posted that from an ‘inner source’ players don’t talk to Messi, as they are not happy with his presence. but forgot how all of them stood for him when Cuadrado fouled him and caused a melee 2 days ago, which showed they are going well as one group.

          • that ‘inner source’ is the same spy who been with the group for the last 10 years and knows exactly what goes behind closed doors, sometimes is setting in the minds of the players and the coaches scanning their thoughts and decisions too.
            He owns a Facebook ‘BLOG’, Instagram page, twitter account and a YouTube channel where he publish his highly acquired secrets. I wish if that ‘inner source’ can once document -by video- what goes behind closed doors.

            …. and they still did not catch him 🙂

    • I liked that guy a lot, he was always classy and potent until he moved from the rojiblancos where he scored 52 goals in 68 matches. Too bad he got injured as he was among the top

  8. I wish the team had the unity and balance that the U20 Ukrainian team has. But we’re not even close!

  9. Big news coming from Argentine camp….! Possible changes…!

    1: Casco for Saravia..! Just before Copa…we heard..Saravia not fit..and not on the same level as before…but he started…! May be he still lack match fitness and speed..! Still dont know Casco could do better other than speed…!

    2: Depaul\Saurez for Dimaria..! I would like to see DePaul…..If Saurez…we will see how he performs..May be Scaloni wants to prove he was right to take Saurez….! I dont see another reason to include Saurez…!

    3: Lautaro for Aguero…..!! Needed fresh energy upfront. Chemistry between Messi and Lautaro will be great. Currently Lautaro-Messi-LoCelso-DePaul combination is the best we can go with…! If give time they will do wonders together….!

    • Lautaro did well against Venezuela and Nicaragua , I know Nicaragua isnt strong opponent but he got a brace in matter of few minutes .

      Saravia was too slow in first game, both goals leaked from his side, hopefully Casco could handle it better.

        • Agree, Bro. Casco is a Left Back, the only situation I would think Scaloni wants Casco, is because Saravia is not fit, or/and he wants to have Casco playing as a Wing back and use his speed. Whatever happens I hope it will pay off as we really need to win against Paraguay.

  10. One interesting point I have been noticing since the friendly match versus Columbia last year – We are vulnerable right after Scaloni makes a change in the midfield. He fields a heavily defensive minded midfield who lacks any attacking build up from midfield. As soon as Scaloni tries to up the tempo and penetrate opposition half with a substition in the central midfield, our opponents create clear chances of goal in quick succession. For example, when Meza, Pereyra, Paredes started, we defended pretty well. But when Meza was substituted (who worked hard and defended pretty well in that friendly), Columbia immediately produced two clear chances of goal on the counter.

    My point is, Scaloni’s team dont have the right balance to open up and control the match. He can play it safe and defend deeply. But since he doesnt know how to control the midfield during transition and defend at the same time, watch out for the period right after he takes someone off in the CM zone. You could argue it was Pizarro’s individual mistake in the last match. But I think it has happened regularly under Scaloni so far.

    • Btw, Paredes played pretty well last match. On the whole, I thought he was slowing things down in the first half. He also made a lot of late fouls which shows his positional weakness. But half of the team was making those late fouls. At least, Paredes tried to give his best and played better than most.

      • “At least, Paredes tried to give his best and played better than most.”

        Agree 100%, I always liked that guy since his days at St Petersburg. one pass can change a match. He should be given the time, He just needs to master how to slow things down- without losing the ball- and control tempo of the match.

      • Those fouls was because we couldnt keep up with Colombian players physical adventage. They’re mostly bigger and stronger and in long stretch they’re going to dominate the ball. Every aerial ball was won by Colombian players, and when they got the ball, we couldnt win it back until we fouls them.

        • Yh buddy Colombia had very physical
          Players that was what I scared before
          I knew they have advantage when
          It comes to physicality but we didn’t
          Help ourselves cose we should
          Keep the ball more.
          Paredes at least show Argentinean
          spirit a long with taglafiaco

  11. Japan against Chile shows interesting aspects to see. I think we can learn lot from this match.

    Japan join this Tournament with 3 wins and 1 lose of 4 latest matches against South American teams. Akira Nishino is well accustomed against South Americans gameplay that’s why. Against Cile who has better composition and physicality, Japan decided a good start : Take the initiative of attack. Against a slow-start and patience like Cile, Japan uses their determination and pace. The one reason Japan played well in 1st half is because Gaku Shibasaki.

    You can see Nishino instructed his team not to possess the ball for long time. They must give the ball to the front as quick as they can; keep attacking. So you can see only Shoya Nakajima and wonderkid Takefusa Kubo that hold the ball longer. But, the mastermind behind their attack is Shibasaki. Paired with destroyer Nakayama, Shibasaki even dominating Vidal, Aranguiz and Fuenzalida this match. Calm when with ball, accurate passes and good interceptions is the reason why Japan plays so exploding in this match. But Japan filled with so many fresh-faces that troubled them to score.

    The reason why Cile win is our main problem now : Effectiveness. Cile use the height advantage to score against Japan same lile Belgium did in WCup. Another reason behind their victory is the difference of player’s quality. Much recent Japan players are in same situations like us, have minimum caps even big tournament. What they did is right, they must do restoration because it is a twilight of Honda-Kagawa era.

    The main difference between our player and why Japan can play so freely without burden it’s because like they motive to plays. In their mind is they must won the trophy for Messi, not for Argentina. This is the wrong purpose. We aren’t give one man ballon d’or. We give our nation champ title. Even though they was crushed by Cile so badly, you can see the determination on them. The fighting spirit. Yes, Argentina and Japan is on a restore period. Much young players and even Japan much local players. But what must they fix are their purpose for fight. If we can do that i’m sure even Matias Suarez can do something good like Japan local players did those match.

    • Well, Argentina beat Chile 5 times in last 7 meets, their only 2 wins came from penalty shootout after 0-0 draw. Sometimes you just need to have that strong mentallity plus grit and determination to win thropy. Atletico Madrid showed this few years back when they won La liga and Europa.

      Simeone was able to install that win at all cost mentallity, it could be ugly as fck but result is what matter for him and his team. I remember Tiago said that their players would jump of the bridge of Simeone tells them to do so. Obviously its hiperbole statement, but its a kind of mentallity you need to win something, especially when you dont have squad depth as good as some other top teams.

      You’ll notice aswell that players that play under Simeone shined at the WC, Griezmann and Lucas Hernandez. Meanwhile, the Argentines in Atletico didnt even guarenteed as starting place there.

    • ” In their mind is they must won the trophy for Messi, not for Argentina.”
      Looking at how they played, I don’t think they even wanted to win 🙂

      • Yea, that’s what Aguero said before the tournament. He said hopefully he could help Messi to win it. No wonder they players didnt show much determination and hunger. Messi should just play as a forward so he could just focus on scoring not doing these triple tasking duty. Why? cause Messi has so much preasure on him, everytime he wear Argentina shirt, its like “win or you”ll never be considered as best ever”.

        We’ve been wasting his finishing ability by keep placing him deep in midfield instead in final third. Lo Celso should be given task to handle the creative role, but against Colombia we’re going back to the same tendency, give the ball to Messi and let him solve it from midfield.

        • Depaul, Locelso,Paredes,Preyera with Messi and Lautaro/Aguero upfront should be sufficient. and keep the rest of the players from last match.
          Lautaro needs to play ! keep the pitch compact and don’t give spaces between the midfield and the defense. LoCelso with a free role

          • Yep, we totally have zero threat from the wing. Apart from De Paul.. Lautaro also loves to cut diagonally from the right and thus we will have more option to score.

            The first game was basically same the same old stuff… pass it to Messi in midfield when he’s cramped by 3 defenders and expect him to lob or put a magical through ball directly to the front. We’ve repeated this 1000 times and only worked maybe 8 times .

  12. golazo Argentina reported that it appears casco will start at right back and that it is between suarez and de Paul for the attacking spot on the left. I have defended Scaloni, but if he starts suarez over de Paul and suarez doesn’t have a great game (at least a goal or an assist or many chances created) I will be very disappointed and forced to accept he is Meza of this tournament and will be our downfall and he will have to go after the Copa.

      • good questions. I definitely want to see toro come on as a sub if he doesn’t start. Saravia was not terrible. the first goal he did his job forcing his guy in, if Pizarro is there one second earlier he blocks the shot and no problem. The second goal it was a 2 on 1 against Saravia on the wing not completely at fault.

        • ” the first goal he did his job forcing his guy in, if Pizarro is there one second earlier he blocks the shot and no problem. ”
          agree mostly, Maybe he was caught off position when James made that pass,but the whole defense was in disarray at that moment. I think he thought he was safely covered by Pizzaro behind him who did not make the slightest attempt of blocking the shot on goal. And Armani should have tried harder as he was caught off position, too. Watch how he was running back to guard the goal

      • Exactly, Lautaro has been scoring well in NT, 2 goals as a sub in recent friendly, showed great finish and scored against Venezuela aswell. Suarez showed nothing against NIcaragua , yet he got playing time… its this kind of logic that really cost Argentina.

        I mean, if you’re talking about building for the future, finding a direct replacement for Aguero… then we already have Lautaro more than ready to fill that shoes, yet he’s still has zero game in competitive match.

        There’s another Copa at home next year, and we’re going to give Aguero and Di Maria even matches? if thats the case , obviously we will struggle in qualifier aswell.

        • I think a lot of people agree, I definitely do. And if he drops Saravia and casco plays poorly then what? If he drops Saravia that will hurt his confidence. Then we have Casco who played mainly on the left and Saravia without confidence.

          • true, very true. Casco is a left Back, Saravia is our best available/future RB and needs to install more confidence in him. This is exactly what I was worried about, transmitting the pressure from the older generation to the new younger players.

  13. Ebo

    “Now you will go to the same old record, which is Messi’s package.
    that is your only -and many here- explanation.”

    Please stop keep bring this sh.t
    We got games to worry about pal
    I get it you keep trying to defend
    What is not defendibale
    Everyone who is honesty and has been
    following Argentina last ten years
    Will not find any excuses to defend
    Certain players whom underperform
    The nt time and time again.

    • “I get it you keep trying to defend
      What is not defendibale
      Everyone who is honesty and has been
      following Argentina last ten years
      Will not find any excuses to defend
      Certain players whom underperform
      The nt time and time again.”

      To you they are not , to me they are 🙂 It is just a matter of opinion, Bro
      but let me remind you, those oldies put 3 past Colombia 2 years ago when Colombia was stronger, and put 6 past Paraguay. because then, there was no better players to play better than them, the giving chance to other players is logical, but where were those players and who are they, 2 or 3 or 4 years ago? just name a few please who were not given chances then.


      you are honest and I am not 🙂

    • ….and does Leopoldo’s words make what he says a fact?
      It seems to me that some are just looking left and right for articles that support their opinion thinking that will add validity to their argument.

      I do not think it is productive to keep beating on the squad as we are competing in COPA. any player who would be put in DiMaria’s position in the previous match would have been isolated, Depaul substitution came with change in tactics if you followed the game well. Depaul was used to give more advantage to the midfield and was used in more in-field position than ADM. The whole team pushed forward which made us play better, but exposed at the back. and that is why it was 0-0 first half and Colombia scored 2 goals in the second half. I would rather have kept DiMaria and be isolated and get a draw than pushing forward and lose by 2 goals.

      DiMaria, Messi and Aguero were called by the coach, so let us just ‘pretend’ to support them along with the rest of the players, than just looking for more of the same.

      • Ebo
        bro with all due respect Argentina
        Simply can’t afford to play together
        Di maria aguero and messi
        The team will be so liability
        Nothing against any player but I
        Want to see Argentina competing and winning games to do that
        they must Sacrifice some big names.

        • They can play me and you for all I care to win in Brazil, but squarely putting those three at fault for the failures of the NT is just baseless.
          Removing them will not magically make this team a champion. Nor it will make other players world class.
          There are many more things wrong with the team, so picking on just this cause is not gonna fix it

        • “and does Leopoldo’s words make what he says a fact?
          It seems to me that some are just looking left and right for articles that support their opinion thinking that will add validity to their argument”

          Well buddy in case if you don’t know
          I’m of those who tries to prove the
          Others are wrong I don’t look for that It’s not my nature

          But it’s so obviously that the di Maria
          Always underperform when it comes
          Argentina that is the truth and it’s so
          Annoying he keep get chance.
          While there are other
          Argentina players Deserve a chance.
          So agree what that man said.

          • The way I see it, every player under performed in the last match. Can you give me a player who performed as they do for their club? They ALL flopped, and that only has one logical explanation, Scaloni’s tactics were ran over by Colombia. Unless you want to say again it’s the presence of DiMaria,Aguero and Messi that caused us the loss, and the rest of the team was spectacular.

          • “Annoying he keep get chance.
            While there are other
            Argentina players Deserve a chance.
            So agree what that man said”
            Scaloni have tried about 100 players and gave chances to a lot of them, WE all know DiMaria can not play LW anymore, why did he put him to start as a left winger?
            Now you will go to the same old record, which is Messi’s package.
            that is your only -and many here- explanation.

        • Agreed. Start with Lautaro and De Paul and put Celso in center instead of right wing. Sarravia needs to be replaced aswell, any player that physically stronger will easily blow pass him (and most opponents at this level are in fact stronger)

          Scolani better tells Messi to stay in final third so our #9 will not be isolated and looking like playing in no man’s land. Scolani chickened out in first game and he basically played 4-5-1.

          I’d rather try to score more goals than trying to prevent goals which will eventually happen anyeway unless we put great defensive performance.

        • I think only Angel Di Maria can be substituted and can be brought in as super sub … Aguero is one of the top 3 strikers in Europe , cannot replace him…and the other one … I don’t need to say much on that ,man

          Argentina’s main problem start from midfield, grows deep in the defensive half, and becomes insanely worse in the last line of defense…GK…almost any shot taken at their goal goes in, courtesy Armani…these r the main problem areas, please stop pointing strength of the team as weakness

      • For me taglafiaco pezzella paredes
        De pual and otamendi did well.

        Still I believe we will win next
        Two game I believe players
        will motivate more to win

        Plus I would like see Colombia play
        Against like Brazil Uruguay and some Fancy European team this Colombia Are sphysically strong and athletic I mean are really favourites for this Tournament.


      • > any player who would be put in DiMaria’s position in the previous match would have been isolated, Depaul substitution came with change in tactics if you followed the game well. Depaul was used to give more advantage to the midfield and was used in more in-field position than ADM. The whole team pushed forward which made us play better, but exposed at the back. and that is why it was 0-0 first half and Colombia scored 2 goals in the second half. I would rather have kept DiMaria and be isolated and get a draw than pushing forward and lose by 2 goals.

        nailed a key difference yet it will fall on deaf ears.

  14. Chile still using their veterans in this event.
    Even aging Beausejour still plays this time as left-back. All their veterans even made the starting XI. Only young promising Erick Pulgar replaces Marcelo Diaz.

  15. I was checked the heat-map and players movement graphics yesterday night to ensure that we can’t blame Saravia after that.
    Atleast our average OVR movements like this :

    ————————Lo Celso–
    De Paul


    There we conclude how far the gap between Saravia and the midfielder in front of him, Lo Celso. This is why Colombia always trying to invade the right side because in 2nd half Lo Celso rarely gives defensive contribution, in exchange to add more attack. This cause big gap that could be easily exploited by fast counterattacks. Otherwise, Tagliafico rarely helps forward because dont want to take risk against counter attacks, and De Paul repeatedly go onward-backward progress to prevent Cuadrado that’s why he is struggle in the 2nd half. Tagli was doing good job for not to aggresive otherwise we could conceded more. At the same time Messi and Lo Celso position was too close often so both of them was struggle to loosen the pressing. With Lo Celso almost being locked, Pizarro get the initiative to add some help on forwards, but at the same time must aware to keep Paredes onguards. That’s why you could see in 1st goal he was a bit late.

    My conclusion is, if Scaloni still insist to start Paredes, pairing him with both Guido’s still okay, but rather than using risky 4-4-2 instead, the better is 4-2-3-1 as Messi move to the right swapping with Pizarro. Atleast that will gone like this :

    De Paul-Lo Celso-Messi

    And the back four & GK still the same. I think it will work better. Vamos!

  16. Im wondering if a lineup like this could fix the current issues:

    ……..De Paul…….Paredes……Lo Celso……..

    GK: Musso is the more talented Goalie, but as others have mentioned, we cannot change this position mid tournament when Musso has only had half a game with Argentina. Switching now could cause further chaos.

    LB: Tagliafico doesn’t offer much going forward, but again, has been a solid staple for Arg. Acuna would be my preference solely based on his crossing ability and comfort with the ball at his feet, but he is injured.

    CB: Otamendi played ok – Pezzella was absent and hesitant to distribute the ball, but is still less error prone than Funes Mori. Stay the same.

    RB: There were concerns about the fitness level of Saravia prior to the cup and now we can see why. He did not play anything like his past performances and needs to be replaced. The options are either Casco – who is an unknown with Argentina at the national level, or……..Foyth – who played very well at right back for Spurs once. He is very talented with the ball at his feet, good speed, passing, etc. Even though he can be overly aggressive and card prone, there will be a lesser impact if he is playing RB versus CB in giving up fouls.

    CDM: None are playing well right now, but Paredes can at least distribute the ball AND to be fair, he has been played out of position for Argentina since day 1 – he needs to be in the center, not left center mid. Classic deep lying mid playmaker. Sub option would be Rodriguez. Pizzaro should be avoided if he plays anything like he did versus Colombia.

    LCM: First choice would be De Paul as left center mid, where he plays normally for Udinese. Remember, he started as a LM, but honestly does not have the speed to play there. Udinese started playing him as a left center midfielder or as a 10 which led to him having the best season of his career. He is one of the few on this roster that can dribble, pass, and create threats. Excellent player.
    *Hopefully Pereyra is ok, as he is an excellent 2nd choice – or 1st if we need a more defensive team layout.

    RCM: Lo Celso. Not right wing, but center mid – was a waste the first game to play him so far out of position. Again – he and De Paul in the center can actually do something meaningful and take the pressure off messi – freeing him up.

    10: Messi. I don’t understand the point in playing him on the right side of a 4-3-3 if he is just going to drift into the center. It takes away any threat of play down the right side and makes us one dimensional. Free roam around the center works best for him now.

    ST: If we cant play Dybala and Messi together, that means the coach failed at his job. It’s a complete waste of talent. Let Lautaro and Dybala, or Aguero and Dybala start up top. Give Dybala the freedom to drop deep and play the same stop he did when Higuain was at Juve. I prefer Martinez > Aguero because of his off the ball work.

    Di Maria should not be playing unless we need a “super sub”.

    • An alternative could be:

      ……..De Paul…….Rodriguez……Lo Celso……..

    • This.. this could be it. I think you’re onto something. We play attacking football with this lineup and will put goals on any teams head. I think it can work because de Paul and lo celso are great going forward but have high defensive workrates. Lautaro has a pretty decent workrate (correct me if I am wrong) the only issue is Messi and Dybala. If they are playing near each other, they both cannot avoid defensive responsibilities. I think Dybala would have to be willing to work hard on defense, or play Aguero as second striker and let Dybala come in as sub with high energy. Additionally we could start Rodriguez and have Paredes come in if we need a goal because he is a more attacking threat. I think @formosa had similar ideas.

    • So you mean to tell me the coach can’t freaking see something like that and you can just by looking at this line up I wish we would us something like I really think that would work.

  17. Some members here suggesting so many changes (including getting new players) while criticizing the current and former coach for the same. Time to relax people, it was the first game together for this new team and that too against Colombia (they have been playing together for a while now). First half was bad for both and in the second it was Argentina that was making all the movements, we were unlucky not to have a goal, it would have changed the complexion of the game. ADM was bad and so were a few others, but things will work out and the good thing is Paraguay and Qatar are not as strong as Colombia, beating them will help us. I dont think Armani would have done anything differently as both shots were super. Watch it again, passes were slow and players were more interested in getting a foul than continuing to play, Lo Celco was out of position and that costed us, Sampaoli played a double pivot against Iceland and this guy made the same mistake, it has to be either Parades or Gudio cant be both or else Pizzaro with Lo Celco and Parerya or De Paul/Dyballa, I think we need to play more attacking than possession based game, the ball has to move faster thats all, even trying both Augero and Lautaro together may work (for a half may be). We will win both games and qualify then it becomes a matter of nerves and big players bringing something special.

  18. Here’s what Maradona had to say about the opening match against Columbia:

    You realise that even Tonga could beat us,” he told TyCsports .“We have a prestige we built up kicking and punching. Let it be remembered that when we left Peru our bus was smashed up. What’s left from all that? What does this shirt mean? You have to feel it, for f*ck’s sake.”

    I love maradona, but he can often be toxic and I am sure players are affected by his words, being that maradona is the legend of this sport. I am sure that even if he commented about a team foreign to him the players would be affected.
    I can agree with his outrage and what he means, but with the responsibility he has he should find a better way to make his point.
    A way to make the players say ” we will make Diego proud of us”

    • I was wondering when he was going to open his mouth and surprised that it took him this long since the game ended to STICK IT TO THE TEAM as he often has done since he left.

    • Diego was always one of us.
      he was never politician.
      that is why we love him.
      he always saying what he is thinking pure without filter to be liked from everybody.
      he is not politician.

      he is not Pele, Platini , Beckembauer and many other ex football legends that after their career end
      they was sucking FIFA and became their loyal dogs.
      Diego has a lot of things in his character that sure is not the best but anyway he is like every one of us.

      after the game do you know how many people think and say to each other exactly same things that Diego said?
      before Diego even open his mouth the majority of our fans said or think exactly same things Diego said.

      • We all love Maradona and any fan who says they don’t is a damn liar but constantly putting the team and players down every chance he gets got old years ago.
        Where was that criticism when he was coaching? didn’t he criticize Sabella too when he ran the team?

      • No matter what Maradona says, He can say stupid things sometimes, He always say what’s on his mind without thinking about the consequences , But he is loved 🙂

      • And we love him for being a rebel. And for saying what’s on his mind we love him. But maybe he should wait till the end of the tournament 😉😬.
        I hope the players take his words as a fire of encouragement rather then a fire of destruction. And by the way, f#$k bekenbauer. We are talking about the greatest maradona. Bekenbauer is not in the same category

        • Bekenbauer is a legend. I have seen him in WC1974 vs Holland final, Best sweeper/defender, ever. I don’t think anyone came close to him except maybe Maldini, to a lesser extent Passarella

  19. We used to have players that can adapt to different formation or tactics, such as Lavezzi or Maxi Rodriguez. Aguero is clearly best striker in the world currently but he did not suit to the system with Messi taking most space upfront. Higuain was a better partner of Leo. In the midfield, Paredes remind me a downgraded version of Gago. Both can glare with killer passed but most of the time: soft and slow.

    Argentina need to find a lot of above average utility players than super stars. We need only 1 super star and 10 workers

  20. In any case, we lost. And THAT’s THAT. Colombia is done, but our tournament is not. We have to move on and make sure we don’t have any mistakes next match. This Thursday is the true decider. Good luck and as always VAMOSARGENTINA!!!

      • that would be horrible to wake up Thurs morning looking forward to seeing the game later on and then logging into Mundo to read “pregame” circus.

  21. one of things that i find komik this period inside here is the subject about Armani.
    just one year before like this days after Romero injury that send him out of team in world cup
    the majority of people inside here WAS CRYING and SCREAMING to Sampaoli to put Armani for starter instead of Caballero.

    this days exactly same. just in the place of Caballero is now Armani and in place of Armani other “world class” goalkeepers we have.
    look how the life is hahahaha 🙂

    if anyone here have time and mood to search and read the posts of one year before like this days
    he/she will laugh with his heart 🙂 🙂 🙂
    about Armani most of all and after about Meza and Pavon 🙂

  22. * Always felt the only player who had good chemistry with Messi in national colours is Higuain. Even though Higuain made several eternally costly misses for us..but still think he ran more for us..worked more for us than Aguero. Most of the times Aguero for us is lazy. He is pure technical player that can be useful in league format where pressure is less compared to 7 match national tournament. Aguero is slowly missing the appetite of football. He is not concerned with that unfortunately.

    * Messi body language causes more damage. He is injecting the pressure on others too. If he goes on keeping his hand in head n show frustration..that gesture will give more n more negative result. He is not allowing others to enjoy the game.

    * As long Messi don’t understand the importance of coach..he will suffer..we will we can compare a just certified coach to the likes of Carlos Queiroz..someone with understanding of almost everything in the game and experience almost to the age of Scaloni. Iran almost beat us in 14. Again Iran gave a nightmare to Spain n Portugal in 18. How Messi can miss this statistics.

    * Sebastián Beccacece.. still can’t believe we failed to make him a coach. If someone touches Messi shoulder than he is confidence with his coaching. He knows what he is doing. He is concerned with the result and not with Messi. We lost to Venezuela with Scaloni. We should have realized the situation there it self. Seems now it’s too late. Look at Colombia. How their federation is monitoring the world football. Once Queiroz leave Iran..Colombia hire him. That shows their thirst n understanding.

    * Just imagine if Mourinho or Guardioloa or Ancelotti as coach. We got two people to rely in this situation. Messi and the coach. Now the present coach make Messi too to disappear.

    * If we want to come to 21 century Football..we need a European coach..

    • Agreed we need a Good coach and we should give him a chance.. look at Portugal , Fernando santos took Portugal in 2014..and now he build a team who can perform well without ronaldo.. same goes with sabalella,we give him 3 years to make a team.. if we want to win 2022 World Cup we should hire a good coach we should give him a time.. if we are going to fire every manager in every year we can’t do shit no matter how many talented player do you have.. pochettino is the right man we need now but I don’t think he will take I prefer manager like Gallardo,setien,conte or even sabella back..and I think if we didn’t fire sampoli he could make this team play better than scaloni..

  23. as a matter of fact the whole team flopped against Colombia, yes some were better than others, but all the players played with nervy approach, including Messi, let’s face it.
    The only ‘logical’ explanation’ for such behavior is that it was the first competitive match for the players and the coach and surely chemistry and confidence were close to ZERO!
    Let us hope that the players will revolt and show us that Argentina is still a team to be feared. but without radical changes maybe 2 or 3 players at most.

    • Scolani used Lo Celso as playmaker in center against Nicaragua, subbed out Suarez for Lautaro, both worked out well.

      …and then the tournament begin, he fielded Lo Celso as winger , replaced Aguero with Suarez instread.

    • > competitive match for the players and the coach and surely chemistry and confidence were close to ZERO!

      Thats exactly it. Few changes and i think well see improvement next game.

    • Di Maria is an Enigma to me!
      He is always talking about representing his country and how special it is to wear the Albiceleste, playing for his NT is always on his mind…etc and then he plays like he did on Saturday!
      At least now we can say that there is somebody else that can do his job for him.

    • Di Maria hasnt play since I think against France last year ? and Scolani think its a good idea to suddenly call him back and put him in starting line up with many players he never play with in major tournament. It takes Einstain intellegence level to come up with such idea.

      • This point doesn’t get repeated enough. Similar applies to Aguero… needed a bit more time to adjust too. De Paul should start though next match.

      • Come on, he’s been playing before with Messi, Aguero, Lo Celso and Paredes in club, Tagliafico, Otamendi. All the midfield and forward players are well known for him except Guido.

        People are willing to conceive everything to excuse oldies. Why such argument is never used in case of the really new players. How many times Saravia played with the rest. Check this, or Guido or even Paredes. Leniency and forgiveness only for old players. No matter how many failed performances. If you are new one you need to shine immedietly and you will be immediately clean to the bone after first lapse.
        It works like that.

        Di Maria was poor against Switzerland in 2014 giving the ball to opponents 30 times but at least he was super-active and scored the goal. Against Colombia he looked uninterested, without spirit – unlike De Paul. Midfield service has nothing to do here.

        • > People are willing to conceive everything to excuse oldies.

          Players need time together to gel and build chem even if they have played together in the past. No shit he’s rusty when Scaloni didn’t play him in any of the friendlies, you think magically he’ll just shape up and perform? Give me break.

          We would have looked a lot better if scalni called the core 23 many months ago and played all friendlies. Instead we went through dumbass player try-outs and did not build any chem at all. Yet here you are casting stones to veterans like expected.

        • “People are willing to conceive everything to excuse oldies”

          And some are willing to create many distractions and misdirection to blame the oldies.

          They never played together under same coach, did they?
          as every coach has his own tactics.
          LoCelso was not used as he was used in PSG, and LoCelso barely played in PSG,
          you just wanna direct the blame on the front 3, look at the heat map of the match, you will see how isolated was Dimaria and how Locelso was mostly on the other side of the pitch.
          “Check this, or Guido or even Paredes. Leniency and forgiveness only for old players. No matter how many failed performances.”

          most were/still willing and calling to give chance for the younger generation, but it works the other way too, hyping a younger player after one good performance is not right, either. it had been going on this site.

          But when many put the blame squarely on DiMaria,Messi and Aguero, that is absurred as the whole team flopped.
          When Depaul was subbed, he was used more towards the in-field to give numerical advantage to our midfield whicvh was owned by Cuadrado mostly, while DiMaria was used as a pure LW, guido and PAredes were playing behind and LoCelso was left alone on the right which created the gap that prevented DiMAria from Receiving ball, which is WRONG. If Depaul was used as a pure LW in the second half, he would end up not doing anything just as ADM in the first half.

          • Scaloni’s tactics were wrong, his subs were wrong. Team selection was fine, maybe he should have started DePaul instead of DiMaria. at the end he is the tactician who lays down the plan for the players.

  24. Two things annoy the hell out of me on this forum:

    1) People coming on here and declaring that they are fed up with losing and that they will no longer support the team or don’t care blah blah blah AS IF WE REALLY CARE THAT YOU’RE A FAIR WEATHER FAN and then come back whenever a tournament is about to start as if they didn’t say anything.

    2) BUT what really burns my ass is how the Highs are TOO high and the LOWS are too low around here………just few days ago, it was “I have a feeling ARGENTINA will finally win Copa America…..etc” and now heck, it doesn’t look like they can beat country XYZ with a ranking of a 1000!

      • We have an emotional fan base. If I were an argentine international I would never live in Argentina. U guys should go to the coffee shops and then u will understand bi polar. U may even hate our fan base afterwards 😂

        • our fan base is not mirror of coffee places.
          in coffee places as same inside this site you can read good things and you can read every idiotic thing can imagine.

          Argentina fans is the best in world.
          about love, support, passion, loyalty and emotions.
          don t offend us.

    • So true Dfox

      Sometimes during feast like tournaments I miss Mundo of the regular mid season when we are small grup of mostly well known everyday posters. On discussions I have more trust to some of my regular opponents of the small group than to most of them who are here only for tournaments’ days even if they agree with me.

      When number of comments goes beyond 100 this site reminds stupid moody, vulgar street crowd

  25. We saw that 4-4-2 does NOT work with this squad.
    We don’t have guys with pace such as Pavon or others to be on the wings.
    Everyone we have lacks pace

    So a 4-3-3 is the most logical.
    Look how we immediately changed when we switched to a 4-3-3 against Nigeria and France.
    From scoring only 1 goal in two matches to scoring 5 in two.
    4-3-3 is a must.

    With this squad, I’d put
    Marchesin/Musso (ANYONE OTHER THAN ARMANI!!!)
    Lo Celso-Pizarro-Pereyra

    Paredes was AWFUL against Colombia. He was awful for PSG and for Argentina, simply does NOT deserve to start again.
    Pizarro, yes plays in la Liga MX, but he has proven himself with Sevilla in La Liga, so he’s the ONLY option we have, thanks Scaloni!

    Pereyra instead of Rodriguez. Another who disappointed against Colombia.

    Just hope that it happens!

    • That’s one good post. Well written. Although I have to say I’d prefer Rodriguez over Pizarro. Just watch the stats again and remember as soon as Rodriguez was out we conceded two goals.
      He lacks in Attack but is strong defensively…

      At some point I’d like to see Dybala and of course Lautaro. No more Suarez please….

  26. As much i support like everyone, i would also want everyone to be practical..We want to take improvements and not look for semi’s or finals.

    1. We do not have the best defense..the back 4 needs to be more physical and fit to compete.
    2. We are missing speed and creative midfielder to support Lo Celso, Messi – Unfortunately Palacios is injured and Pastore is not in limelight any more..Lo Celso cannot do it every match.
    3. We have taken more local players, assuming Menotti influence..but not sure if they have the qualities of other teams.
    4. Miss – The speed of Pity Martinez, Pavon..
    5. This squad will be good for Counter-attacking football.

  27. Argentina needs to play with two Strikers Augero and Martinez and messi as CAM atleast he can supply the ball ….the team couldnt bring the ball forward was shocking messi needs to play deep we need people to recive the ball upfront

  28. If Scaloni is going to use 4-4-2 he better NOT put Lo Celso on the wing again where he is wasted. He should be playing AMF or CMF and nothing else. De Paul and Lautaro should start as well. We don’t have a good option for a DM, neither of Guidos are good enough. Battaglia is being missed badly.

  29. I am a big Aguero’s fan but I wonder if his profile can fit in this team. He get so used to the possession football with City. He struggled vs Colombia as we count on him for long ball and counter attack. It’s just not his style. That’s why I think maybe Scaloni should consider Lautaro in the next game.

    • That’s a fair point but im struggling.

      I don’t know if Agueros “perceived” underperformance (i used quotes because i think he was ok) is due the style or other things.

      1) Playstyle as you point out


      2) Scaloni failing to integrate Aguero in a timely manner since he called him at the last second. In other words, does Aguero just need a bit more time to integrate well and gain chem.


      3) Lack of Service. midfield couldn’t control play and service the attackers.

  30. Well I think the Nothing much can do. We cant make too many changes too now, This was expected against tougher opponents. Hopefully they perform better against Paraguay, Lets see how the team move on going forward in the Copa.

  31. I decided not to comment during this Copa, but what the hell…
    These things have been said and repeated a million times, but still…
    Scaloni-Aimar-Samuel-Ayala are more than capable to transform this Argentina side. So far they have proved they’re the right men to lead La Albiceleste in this rebuilding/transition process. For those calling out for experienced managers/coaches: You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. Everything has been tried. From Bielsa to Tata to Sampaoli. So give that thing a break.

    This loss doesn’t even a change a thing. Argentina is on the right path. For the “get-out-of this site” brigade, fifa/playstation experts, who had unrealistic expectations and were even naive to say that “Argentina is the best side in this tournament and others are overrated and crap”, “history will repeat itself noone can change that” will never get that and continue to moan. They can’t stay patient for a while. Building a team isn’t easy and particularly an international side. Even Sabella’s side wasn’t defensively solid in a year compared to this Scaloni’s side( never mind the explosive counter attacking threat). So calm down.

    In international football these days, it’s all about results. Forget about the playing style unless it’s a Barca 11 or Bayern 11. In these tournaments to be a winner you need not be the best side/team. And forget about the history and stats stuff. For instance:
    Somebody here said “we didn’t lose to Colombia or they didn’t score in the last five encounters against us..”
    ” Brasil never lost on home soil against South American/Asian teams”

    –Well, so what, Brasil can still have the stats intact and have no Copa America. Nobody has to beat them, in normal/extratime, you just have to edge them on penalties!

    All that matters is what you do on the pitch, not history and stats. And you don’t need to have “superstar names” to be a good team.

    • All that matters is what you do on the pitch, not history and stats. And you don’t need to have “superstar names” to be a good team, especially if they don’t add up to “the whole is greater than sum of its parts”.

    • The strangest thing about the match was the stark contrast between the 1st and 2nd half. Only Maradona’s WC Qualifying team could match Argentina’s horrible 1st half passing. I think the main reason was that Di Maria and Lo Celso were hugging the touchline and not coming back to present themselves as passing options. I think Scaloni must have been trying to bypass the midfield and move in longish passes from our defense to attackers.

      De Paul was much better in making himself available and Lo Celso adjusted a bit as well. We begin the slow buildup but got killed on counters.

    • > forget about stats

      yep. Here’s a good one.

      Famous last words in 2014….. “no country outside South American has won the tournament”

    • @batigol_cowcho, GREAT analysis. Many of the guys on this site always have someone to criticize, they have their own players they proport to be better than the next player or great…in addition, I am not sure why everyone seems to criticize the AFA, what are they doing wrong….? Can someone educate me?

    • Yes, I agree with you on almost everything except one.
      I still believe the Scaloni-Aimar-Samuel-Ayala coaching team is not the right one.
      They are Pekerman’s students, and I love Pekerman’s style. However, I still think we need experienced coaches. In the Colombia game, Carlos Queiros’s coaching experience was the deciding factor. This Colombia team is not even as strong as couple of years ago. James, Falcao and Cuadrado are not in great shape like in compare with 4 or 5 years ago, yet we could beat Colombia.
      I think we really need Simeone on the national team. I don’t understand why he doesn’t take the position. Messi’s era will most likely be over in 3 to 5 years and no one at AFA has been able to bring in Simeone.

      • Simeone is not a good option ,since he doesn’t have the track record to develop young talents . He damaged kranevitter and many other young players.

  32. I prefer Foyth over saravia and Casco.. he played as a RB in this season..and he did good.. Ex:- Against Man city.. even Pochettino said Foyth can be become our main RB next season.. reason I prefer him..he is fast.. he can create chances,he can defend well,play under pochettino,playing in one of the toughest league in the world,had experience in playing Biggest tournament like UCL,had a experience in playing against top strongest team in the he should be our no 1 RB.. in the mid I don’t see any advantage playing Guido or Pizzaro..playing one guido with paredes like playing busi and Rakitic in the same line creativity. So midfield should be Pereyra Celso Paredes De paul .. both pereyra and de paul can help with defense and even celso also can help with defense.. best line up against Paraguay is

    Foyth Pezzella otamendi Tagliafico

    —Pereyra celso paredes de paul —

    ——— Messi Aguero ———

    • Does someone have the stats on Messi and Aguero partnership? They’ve never been good together. Always preferred pecho frio Higuain playing with Messi even though Aguero is the superior player.

      Please start Lautaro.

        • Last match Messi given a ball to Aguero..he could have give it back to Messi if there was good chemistry…Messi was expecting it…and he moved to penalty box….but Aguero passed it to right that he can also be available to score from the cross…!

      • The one game where Foyth’s lack of pace hurt him was when he was against sterling, but that is understandable and no one has a winger of that quality/pace is in this tournament.

    • Why not Foyth, it’s a good idea to put Pereyra in front of him so that Pereyra can support Messi. But the problem is the midfield, Lo Celso and Paredes are not DM. I would have replaced Paredes with Pizarro or Rodriguez.

    • @pandaownz I thought the same thing about Foyth. Do you happen to remember the end of the game against AJAX in the first leg. Foyth came on and looked confident on the ball, even beating players off the dribble and providing good service as well.

  33. Argentina need a quick goal against Paraguay to ease out everything… 1-0 for Arg going into half time should be the first target

  34. I think the coach just need make obvious, if want to play with attacking style,then adjust the formation and line up. and if want to play defendsive style and using counter attack then adjust to it. Argentina need to play with obvious style. i hope head coach has been thinking about it.
    Vamos Tango!!

  35. I know it is flat out awful to talk about bare minimum to qualify, but I guess it might come to that. As far as I understand it is only all 4th places and worst 3rd place that gets knocked out. All the rest advances.

    I’ve just checked 3rd places in last world cup. There were 2 teams with 4 points and all the rest had 3 points. Goal difference for the 3 point ones range from I think 0 to -5.

    So as odd as it seems, a draw and a win would almost certainly advance Argentina. And it is not unrealistic to advance with just one win.

  36. Saurez instead of Aguero when you need a goal was joke…! I would have liked if Scaloni taken one of the DM (here only Paredes…as Pizaro just came IN..) then introduce Lautaro to try hard for the goal…!

    I would have liked to see below lineup when we were down…against Portugal..!

    Pizaro ……………………………..(as he came IN..!)

    Here, Lo Celso and DePaul have to be helping the defense. Messi,LoCelso and DePaul..all good for giving assists and one of Lautaro or Aguero could have capitalized the opportunity.

    • Especially bizarre substitute cause the offense was not bad at this point and Aguero was getting into the match. I never liked the Messi-Aguero combo but at that point we were creating chances. Why change it?

      Your formation is extremely offensive but I suppose worth a shot when chasing a goal with 10 minutes.

  37. 2020 copa lineup:
    Rulli – Saravia Foyth romero Tagliafico – LO Celso Sosa Palacios – messi Dybala – Icardi
    Coach- Gallardo

  38. Paredes and Rodriguez should not play together both are good at long range shot.We need interplay between players so Pereya is needed.
    De Paul Paredes Lo celso Pereya midfield will be good.Lautaro should start.Hell no for Suarez.Casco can be tested.It looks like Sarvia has a lock between his legs and so can not run fast enough.Armani is biggest mistake of Scaloni.Armani deatroyed our world cup now he is up to Copa.Musso is best for Argentina.

  39. Messi excels in Barcelona, but not in Argentina NT
    Aguero excels in Manchester City, but not in Argentina NT
    Di Maria often excels in PSG, but not in Argentina NT
    Dybala excelled in Juventus last year, but not in Argentina NT
    We have had great players over the last decade, but not great teams.

    We had many coaches since the Bielsa and Pekerman days. It is unlikely that there all were fools.Something else is wrong.
    On this forum we have speculated on basically everything from team selections, coaches, strategy, (lack of) leadership, AFA, tactics, fitness levels, game preparation and much more.

    A European journalist had an interesting view after the Colombia game. He stated that Argentina is holding on to 20th century football, whereas the European club teams they play in have switched to 21st century football with high intensity pressing. I am not saying he is right or wrong, but he could be on to something.

    • Bielsa introduced the high intensity pressing system in the 20th century he coached Argentina and they were out of WC in group stage.

      • True.
        Still the question remains: what is wrong with our NT that so many stars fail to meet the level they reach at their clubs?

        • To large degree they havent win any thropy since 1993 due to bad luck, not solely because of bad performance.

          This what makes the players frustrated, they fought hard, lost narrowly or through penalty shootout and people insult them as if they’re out at group stage all the time!

          Argentina lost in the finals in 4 of the last 5 Copa and people reacted as if its first round exit everytime!

          Also, Argentina lost in penalty shootout 4 times in last 5 Copa (2004, 2011, 2015, 2016), 3 of those in finals. Between 2014-2016, Argentina reached 3 major tourmanent finals , losing just once statistically to Germany at extra time.

          In comparison , other teams were able to win thropy by winning the shootout. Brazil 1994, Italy 2006, Chile 2015 & 2016, Brazil 2004. So sometimes the difference between the champion & the losing side are ust that… a shootout lottery.

          Bielsa side failed at group stage, but does anyone remember that France also out at group stage in that WC? Spain & Germany also exited at group stage in 2014 & 2018 respectively. Thats football.

          • Its not a matter of winning. We where all sad about loosing in finals but we did not critisize the team. We know its bad luck and the team played well. But the matter concerning me is i was not able to see any philosophy or any kind of style of play for this team after tata martino resigned. Even after 3 or 4 years we dont have any kind of idea how we are goning tonplay .everyone boasting about 10 year project and all but visually nothings visible.In this modern game of football we have to play fast think fast get the ball in oppositions box faster. And we have players to do that but no one to guide them.

          • @ Rattlehead – All known facts. What puzzles me and many others is that players like Batistuta, Crespo, Veron, Ayala, Sorin all did well for their clubs and for the NT. Nowadays our stars only perform well for their clubs. It is a mystery.

          • @ Rattlehead. Agree. We win 1 of the last 3 finals (WC, CA*2) and people are saying this generation was petty good. We win 2 and they are legendary.

            @Richard. Messi (despite of his lower goal ratio(plays deeper)) and Di Maria (despite of the terrible performance against Colombia) have been good for Argentina historically. It’s our strikers that have really underperformed during the past 10 years or so (Tevez, Aguero, Higuain, Dybala).

            Messi is correct. Colombia only had 2 shots on goal, both were goals. We led them in shots (13-8). It wasn’t that bad.

            The one area that we have been terrible at during the past 15 years is defending counters (like against Colombia). Only Sabella solved that.

      • This kind of high intensity pressing football need to be educated since U15, it has to been worked on daily basis. If players were not trained like that, it’s just impossible to play that football. In 2002, the players were too old for that kind of football. But in 2004 olympic games, it outcast everyone. Bielsa’s football need to be played by young players who are also gifted technically.

    • The truth is :- the team fails to capitalize the moments where they excel…Di Maria scored a stunner against France in the 2018 world cup, Messi and Aguero combined to score a goal in the same match, but the rest of the team failed to capitalize…Don’t try to conclude everything by the last match result, as the whole setup has a problem…but again its time to look forward and stay positive for the next match… I really hope for some good results in the upcoming games

  40. I dont know why everyone is praising guido rodriguez for me he was one of the worst player against colombia and iam fed up seeing this shit goal keeper everytime he get the ball kicks it loong to a colombian player and pocession is lost again colombia press hard all these so called great players passes it back without taking risks back to the goalie and this cycle repeated for atleast 10 times in that match.

    • Agreed I also don’t see any advantage playing Guido.. we can play better,
      Pereyra celso paredes De paul in the midfield than guido in the mid..

    • True that he wasn’t exceptional but you need a DM in the midfield, otherwise there will be no protection for the defense, which is already slow with an average GK.

  41. Though its not the proper time to change the gk again, but may b it would be better to use Musso!
    Armani’s movement is really weak & confused! We need a gk whose appearence will make us & the other players to stay chilled. I agree that Scaloni tried to find new good players in all positions but he fully failed in terms of gk, even after one year of wc’18. It is very frustrating!
    It is very clear that Scaloni is just a coach of formality, his tactical knowledge isn’t really something special which can make Team Argentina great. If Argentina do good & can win this copa, it will be for some players & 95% mirracle! Thats it.
    However, I wish, if it really happens at least!


  42. For me the best lineup possible with the current 23 squad would be

    Aguero Messi
    DePaul Paredes G.Rodriguez LoCelso
    Tagliafico Otamendi Pezzela Saravia
    Juan Musso

    This way we cud have some supersubs like dimaria, dybala, martinez or pereyra.
    I hope that he refrains from using armani, pizarro or matias suarez. They are all shit.

  43. Messi made the big mistake coming out of retirement to through this kind of bull***. Argentina will never win anything unless they figure out a quality coach who understands how to use his players like Sabella.

  44. I have never seen a weaker Argentina team than this. Argentina had the chance to win this tournament if they hired a true coach right after the World Cup but instead they hired a coach who never coach in any label before Argentina. Last night, he got out coached by Colombian coach.

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