Rodrigo DE PAUL, Milton CASCO, more changes to Argentina team


Following the 2-0 defeat against Colombia, Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI could make changes to the starting eleven which will play against Paraguay.

A few names are being mentioned as possible changes. Per a report by TyC Sports, Rodrigo DE PAUL, Roberto PEREYRA, Milton CASCO, Matias SUAREZ and Marcos ACUÑA all have a chance of making the starting line-up.

Out of the potential changes, the two main chances could be Milton CASCO for Renzo SARAVIA and Rodrigo DE PAUL for Angel DI MARIA.


  1. I was quit surprise by the performance of qatar team. They are not easy opponent and it will be not easy to win against them. Brasil beat them 2-0 but Neymar got hurt and missed the copa. What I am observing from other top teams of the world, most players are tall, fast and strong compare to selection team with Argentina.We have seen that against Venezuela , Columbia and France. Same way Barcelona lost against Liverpool. Liverpool dominated Barca with their physically strong players. Qatar players are tall, strong and has quality. argentina Federation should find strong and tall players who can hassle on the field like they did 86, 90 world cup.

  2. My CHANGES:

    De Paul in for Di Maria
    Foyth in for Pizzaro
    Dybala in for Paredes

    These guys were the worst players in yesterday’s game without a doubt. DYBALA HAS TO PLAY. How can two players ever build relationships without playing? Sampaoli’s logic is so dumb. Dybala and Messi don’t have to connect with each other to score a goal. Dybala can connect with other players. We are still thinking pf always giving the ball to LEO. That is wrong. Dybala and De Paul play in the same league and can bring some chemistry together.

    • De Paul in for Di Maria – Definitely

      Foyth in for Pizzaro – neutral about Guidos. THis could either be the absolute worst decision or genius.

      Dybala in for Paredes – Dybala isn’t Paredes alternative. Pereyra is it.

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    • 4 defenders….a 5th Defender as no5 instead of a midlfielder…a Forward instead of a midfielder…and with de Paul, messi and aguero 3 further strikers….4-1-1-4….do u even Football bro?? idiotic lineup….incredible….

  3. DYBALA NEEDS to PLAY he can PLAY in MESSI’s Position and MESSI can go DEEP to bring the BALL forward since the useless midfield cant even bring the ball forward

  4. Clueless duck Scaloni, even more ridiculous than Sampaoli.

    An internal source says young players couldn’t get along with Messi. They rarely talk to Messi and Messi can only have relaxing conversations with Arguero, Di Maria and Otamendi. Unfortunately, none of them can be Pique or Xavi who build the bridge for Messi and other young players.

    Messi needs a smart coach (Sabella or Pep) and a good leader who is also a friend of him. To be honest, Icardi can be a good leader IMO but he is clearly not a Messi’s friend …..

  5. Argentina is perhaps going through the toughest time in its footballling history. The team did not look as clueless even during the group level exit in 2002 World Cup. Scaloni perhaps is a wrong choice as a coach and Messi does not have the leadership charisma to lift the spirit of the team. But we should not leave hope. We have come out of bad patches before too. But this time it seems a never ending saga since early 2017. We need an inspiring coach who can take tough decisions even if that means leaving Messi out and giving Dybala a few tough glares. We need a patriarchal coach like Tabarez who pulled Uruguay back to the shore of success out of the ebb.

    • It is only because of Messi that this team can go to World Cups and compete. Without him Argentina wouldn’t even be a competing force. During the 2018 World Cup qualification stage, if it wasn’t because of Messi, Chile would have qualified ahead of Argentina and we’d be completely out.

  6. I like the changes that might gonna happen. Saravia was bad, didn’t look good on both Goals. I don’t know why everyone is Talking shit about Guido. As soon as he left we had a whole in midfield and two Goals for Colombia happend.

    I like to try Casco for Saravia and di Maria out and maybe Dybala, Pereyra or De Paul get a Chance…

    • Yeah Guido was actually the one that qas coming back watch the 1st 20 mintues if the game he blocked 2 or 3 clear shots in goal, or came from the back to get the guy that qas about to shoot.

  7. Dybala and Lautaro need more consideration. Yes, even if Dybala and Messi have struggled to link up well in the past. It’s not like others have suited Messi and the attack any better. To an appropriate extent, we should believe in our talent.

  8. What th fk Mr Scaloni….!
    Its OK…to change one or two…! But not many..!!
    I dont see there are need for many changes currently. We will see how this team will perform against Paraguay. Then decide. Its very frustrating to change players after just one match.

    DePaul for Dimaria..!
    I dont like any other changes to this team. Better to keep same players. Give them one more opportunity.

  9. Hopefully there will be a day that we have the same lineup for two straight games !! Lol against Paraguay DePaul for dimaria and Pizarro should start for Rodriguez … saravia couldn’t have done better but in the first goal be did what he was supposed to do, thinking he had help to the inside ..

    • You think Pizarro would do well? I’m not sure… he looked out of sorts when he entered the game against Colombia. I don’t know his track record though.

  10. Sounds at least a try from our coach ( only god know’s for how long ? LOL !).
    I remember reading a post, i think it was from either gonzalo or mamoun, maybe ?
    Well, nevermind anyway on that post it was mentioned that Casco Could play on both sides so why not try him ? At least there is nothing much to loose on this sad era of Argentine football because nothing never seems to change anymore besides the coaches or should i say monkeys, LOL !
    Well offcourse it is not their fault to try over and over again because what else could they do when that shitty AFA is running and ruining everything for Argentine Football !
    The other teams are far beyond on basicly everything which comes to football besides maybe our young, gifted and talented players ? U can clearly see now that allmost every team or maybe even on the worst case scenario all of them are better team’s than ours ?
    Anyway it doesn’t really surprise me after how things been dealed in AFA for propably one could say allready decades, maybe ? And this is the major factor and reason why our gameplan or tactics or developping players in the modern way have failed and until theese major things will be corrected i higly doubt that there are that many proper coaches to accept the job or wanting to be our coach at all ! I do give credit for Scaloni and to his staff to at least to try something, but also in the other hand they should have or should have been given proper games to try different setups before the tournament itself, but what do or what can they really do if games are played against Mexico c or Nicaragua etc. And all this shit have been arranged by AFA ? Now it is way too much Late to try correct things properly and that is why i hope they just get over it and basicly Fingers crossed let the players (who they might see in form at the moment during training) to play ! Change the keeper first and maybe but casco in or let saravia have another one and maybe put foyth in as well ? But the main problem as allways is still the middfield and that has been problem at least sinne riquelme quit or maybe even before ?
    So who do we have ? 2 guidos, I would drop both ! and after that we don’t have any More so called Dm’s left so what to do then ? Well i would try either Foyth or Otamendi in that place and put another one of them to cb with pezzella, i know it sounds crazy but there is not much options left ?
    Or give qive rodriguez one more try which might be another suicide as well ?
    This is why i would not look so much or pay so much attention to our formation instead moreless to the players themselfs who are available and who were our weakest performers against colombia !
    So TaKe out Dimaria, Armani, at least and let Musso and De Paul start at least, but unfortunatly i dont think that will do it all ? That is why i would throw in Dybala, Pereyra(if fit) and lautaro as well !
    So my desperate line up will be something like this :
    Casco/saravia Pezzella/foyth. Otamendi/tagliafigo Tagliafigo/acuna


    Perreyira/dybala. Lo Celso. De Paul

    Messi Lautaro

    But i quess it is better to stop all this nonsense and just pray for miracle as usual, LOL !
    Hopefully Argentina will succeed and i will never stop cheering for them as my one and only team forever !
    Btw: I personally i think final will be between Uruguay and Brazil if they not meat each other before because both have very good coaches and offcourse Bolivia was much easier opponent that Ecuador but home soil and no neymoney might be advantage ? Still in that case i hope that the charros will kick shit out of the Brazilians ! Anyway vamos Argentina ! Wish u all the best and would be really happy to see those past glory days again once again in my lifetime !

  11. First thing I don’t see any advantage playing Guido and Paredes in same line up.. so many people in here talking about defense.. you guys all are like Valverde.. he is also thinking about only defending.. playing guido and paredes is like playing Rakitic and Busi in same line at Barca.. I think paredes can play holding midfielder.. he did it in Roma,Zenit and now doing at PSG.. we should attack not defend..if we can score first we can give pressure to the opponent.. with the current squad I prefer playing 442 with
    Saravia Pezzella Otamendi Tagliafico
    Pereyra Celso Paredes/Guido De Paul
    Messi. Aguero\Martinez

    Celso and paredes can play Holding midfielder role.. celso played as double pivot at PSG.. We should trust them.. playing paredes and guido together is useless.. and scaloni is idiot he had one month to set up team.. he can at least try 4312 formationwith
    Saravia Pezzella otamendi Tagliafico
    Celso Paredes\Guido Pereyra
    Messi. Aguero

    Messi and Dybala can change their position during the game..when messi gets man marked he can make the space for Dybala..when Dybala gets marked he can make the space for Messi.. and 23 man squad scaloni selected 3 natural LB and only one RB.. Casco didn’t play RB in this season..we didn’t even try him at RB do we trust him.. we had to select Montiel instead acuna or Casco..

    Ps- my English is not good sorry for that..

  12. Suarez is scaloni roommate no matter how much he played bad always picked ahead of lautaro or Dybala, Suarez is meza of the tournament

  13. SCALONI is an idiot for picking players from farmer league over European leagues. Players like pupu Gomez, Garay, Benaga, Ruli, Jonathan Silva, Icardi, Lanzini, Mercado, Correa should have been there over farmer leagues players…Argentina will never win anything with this stupid coach..

    • I agree
      Those playing in top 5 european leagues are far better than those in south america with a few exceptions like cristian pavon, guido rodriguez etc.
      We have all seen what players like maximiliano meza, enzo perez and the rest did at the world cup

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