Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGÜERO, Lautaro rumored to start for Argentina


The three superstat players are rumored to start for Argentina in their final group stage game against Qatar at the Copa America.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGÜERO and Lautaro MARTINEZ could all start Argentin’s next game. Here’s the rumored starting line-up:



  1. Brazil did us a huge favour by beating Peru 5-0 who has 4 pts. Now Argentina just need to win to qualify for the quarterfinals with 4 pts as we will have better goal difference. If Paraguay wins, we will finish third and will have to face the toppers of group A or C (which is scary btw). But if Paraguay does not win, we will finish second and face Venezuela in QF (which is better for us).

    Ofcourse, for all of this to happen Argentina has to beat Qatar.

  2. I like it. Messi needs triangular passing options up front, our wingbacks\fullbacks are not helping offense width and 1 striker is too isolated and predictable.

    Acuña is a very hard working and smart player, I trust he will do well there.

    I think Paredes is incredibly talented, but I am not so sure of his role in a 3 man mid, his work rate is low and we need a destroyer in the middle like Mascherano was in his youth. Hope he proves me wrong.

    Lautaro for me is a must start, he is talented scoring, build up, draws a ton of fouls, has leadership, garra, and connects well with Messi. I would start him over Dybala every time. Dybala unfortunately, will be Messis sub till he retires. Sucked for Aimar during Riquelmes reign too. But..

    What worries me is our right back, weak offensively and poor defensive, id rather we stick a 100% defender there and park the bus while we counter. This team is too physically weak to fight 5050s in midfield, we should play like Sabella where slow defenders where not a liability.

    • Agree. Not sure if it a coincidence but a large majority of the goals conceded originated from an attack on our right. Sigh….

      And Armani, other than the penalty save, was a wreck indeed with his poor outfield control and hashed/failed clearance. In recent times, other than Romero, our goalkeepers are all so weak with the ball at their feet. Sigh….

  3. At this moment ,It does not matter who will play or not, but all the players should come up with positive attitude and has to have desire to win. They all have to give their best and play as team.
    Let’s Go Argentina…. It’s ShowTime.

  4. Wasn’t there also a rumor that Dybala would start? Saw that from another reputable journalist. Acuna is hardworking but I’m not sure how he solves our problems.

    • i agree. hes actually trash. we have better players to put in than him. i dont understand whats so hard about trying tou dybala. what do we have to lose?

      • Nothing to lose at all. Crazy to think that inserting him into the lineup would somehow make us worse than we’ve been the past two games. For me our biggest problem is failing to exploit space and break defensive lines. I can already picture what it will look like when Acuna goes wide… that strange trapezoid where all our players besides messi are on the outskirts of the field.

  5. this is a decent lineup but DM is needed here maybe give guido rodriguez one more chance Scaloni made one big mistake by not taking ascaibar i understand he is a hothead who got banned for 6 games for spitting but everyone makes mistakes he could have been better than guido pizzaro

    • my words man

      Rodriguez is needed he was one of the best in the first match as soon as he came off we received the goals…

      I don’t know why he’ not playing…

  6. Are you noticing that before the nigeria match in last wc, There was panic situation in the dressing room ,everyone were against sampaoli.Because no one supported his tactics.
    Today, before the game against qatar there is an optimism in the dressing room, No one is against scaloni. There is just a missing of luck due to which we aren’t winning but I guarantee that it would be Lionel Messi who would lift that trophy on July 7.
    I believe everything is possible since Portugal won EUROS 2016

    • By looking at our performances in this tournament, only a miracle will bring copa back to Argentina. I think this team will reach semi final if they keep improving. We will surely gets kicked off by a strong opposition if we play like this shit. But I have faith on this team, especially Messi.

    • I have told this several times. Matias Suarez doen’t make any sense. Alejandro Gomez will add creativity and dribbling skills to this team. He is also clinical in front of goal. He can play multiple positions. Another one is Ever Banega along with Joaquin Correa. If we called Icardi, we would have put more crosses into the area to take advantage of his aerial abilities. Exclusion of Alejandro Gomez after such a great season with Atlanta is the joke of the century.

  7. What we need is not playing wide, it must a good flowing ball movement form mid to forward. A fast and penetration to open the Qatar wall with speed , would prefer to have De Paul to do that instead of Acuna. say calm and trust we will beat Qatar…

  8. ACUÑA will be crucial for width. He will play out wide and deliver crosses. We haven’t seen that all tournament because Di María played as true winger but did absolutely nothing and the rest of the wingers have always been inverted. I like dybala but probably best he doesn’t start. He will make a good sub for aguero or lautaro,

    • I don’t understand why we should even care about delivering crosses. Our forwards are not an aerial threat and not in the team for that reason. Their prowess comes from foot work and accurate shots.
      Not sure how Acuna would be effective over others. Hope I’m wrong

        • Don’t underestimate Aguero and Lautaro because of their height. They are good headers..!
          Also, If 4312 clicking with this team, chances of Icardi added to this team is very high.

          • I guess Acuna is good at delivering low crosses/on the ground inside the penalty box which makes the most of el toro and kun

      • Ys. When dmaria playing on left wing thr is no pure No.9.As usual his crosses r flying with no clue.or our current no.9s dnt understands whr it ends. Thr comes need of icardi.If wingers deliver crosses no one reaches on time..

        • Lautaro is good in the air. He attacks the ball amd gets his head on crosses but he does send them over the bar occasionally. If aguero gets his head on the ball its going on a lot of the time. Plus ground crosses we also have messi running around in the box and lo celso. It just makes it so they cant put everyone right in front of the goal and clog up the midfield. also i just looked and the 3 defenders qatar has played are 5’9 5’10 and 6’0 so they are barely taller than our guys and some are shorter. Lauta and aguero both have good jumping ability as well. This provides some optimism.

  9. my first post since this awful copa

    fans get excited when we beat teams like guatamala, iraq, nicaragua, singapore and qatar
    and except truth for decades local players are rubbish.

    Argentina play better without messi
    look at portugal limited players but try to play fast paced high tempo
    vs colombia was just walking football and pass to messi

    bring back bielsa

    • With Bielsa Argentina could not even qualify to the KO in 2002 WC, which is the worst result by any Argentina team in recent history. And at that time Argentina was powerhouse, not like today, transitioning. So, stop the cry for Bielsa. I have seen enough of Bielsa.

      And stop talking shit about messi. He is the reason why, still people watch Argentina team play. So, STFU.

      • What was Scaloni doing in the friendlies and practice matches before Copa if he can’t finalize the best formation. Is Copa America the place for experimenting with new formations everyday and giving chance to squad players to see what they can bring to the table?? Why don’t we stick to a particular formation like 4-3-3, I think most of the players will be comfortable in this formation.
        Why we don’t see a midfield trio of Guido Rodriguez, Paredes and Lo Celso with properly defined role of each and every one?
        Why can’t we use the players we have in their own position?
        Why is Dybala in the team if the coach doesn’t have any plan to utilise him?
        What is Matias Suarez’ role in the squad? Is he a back up center forward, if yes then we have too many of them. Or if he is a left winger, then again we have too many of them after ADM and de Paul.
        I really don’t understand Scaloni’ tactics. What style of play he is trying to implement or what is his football philosophy. He chooses a squad with with a particular playing style and he plays the team in god knows what style.
        Maybe we will win against Qatar, in fact we should win but this style of play won’t take Argentine football forward. Severely disappointed

    • Because other players are walking that’s Messi’s Fault?! Argentina needs people to run, that’s why acuña will be playing against Qatar… we will see if people will pass to Messi and then run to create space or just watch as we do on TV…

  10. Casco doesn’t have a quality of good RB and Pardes will never work in single DM position. Both may be OK against Qatar. They have their plus…Paredes pass and Casco’s speed will be an advantage.

    Why Acuna..? Instead of an attacking MF DePaul…is it OK to use Acuna…i think yes. He will give more balance defensively and can cross the ball for two strikers in the penalty box plus for Messi just outside.
    Rest all are OK.
    Hope this lineup will do wonder against Qatar.
    Qatar plays 532 mainly. If we use 1 CF..he will be sandwiched in the area. By using 2 strikers in Lautaro and Aguero..all of their CBs will have much work to do..especially Messi behind has to be blocked by 2 DM. That may change their tactics from 532 to 541..and may make them less potent in attack and rely only on counters.
    I think Scaloni has considered all these things and planning to use his tactics accordingly. Maybe thats the reason we see Acuna in team. Hes not an excellent player but an ok guy, who can do the basic duties.

  11. That’s a good idea, I hope it’ll work. I think Scaloni is not that bad as he seems to be from Argentina’s playing style. I am not saying that he is giving Argentina something very special but he is not as bad as Argentina plays. I think lack of hardwork on the pitch by our Midfielders creates the main problem for us.

    Whatever it is, I just want Argentina to lift the cup. It is looking less likely but its not impossible. W e just need one BIG victory to boost the confidence of everyone. I hope we’ll get it against Qatar.

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