Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, Lautaro start for Argentina vs. Qatar


All three of Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO and Lautaro MARTINEZ start for Argentina.

Coach Lionel SCALONI has once more gone with a new and different starting line-up. Renzo SARQVIA and Sergio AGUERO are both back. Here’s the starting eleven:



  1. Good line up and good result for Arg NT. Scaloni fix the problem tactical before this. But against Venezuela ” The Tango “most carefully their defend and midfield. De Paul and Peredes could be stay as a RM and DM. De Paul have 91 touch ball and Peredes 87 touch ball this game.

    Possible line up vs Venezuela
    Otamendi (Mori)
    De Paul
    Lo Celco (Dybala)
    Lautaro (Maria)

    Scaloni must use all player in Copa only Mori didnt play in Copa with( 2 GK)

    Many player Arg is good in Copa squad but Scolani must choose for tactical and balance for any games.

  2. This was like Guatemala comfortably beating Nicaragua. The amount of easy giveaways on both sides was sad to watch. I have been watching Argentina since the late 80s and have to say this is not only the worst, but an unbelievably low level that I would not have believed it if I didn’t watch it myself.

    Feel sorry for the fans who travel to watch this shitshow, for Messi’s legacy, and for young players future. Other than that, in true honesty, this team does not deserve a place in Copa’s final 8.

    • Some of those players in that list (Romero and Banega) are past their prime, and their “replacements” at least can showcase potential and grooming for 2022 WC. Rulli is not significantly better than Armani and if he can take the next step, might make the team. I would still pick Armani over the available pool at the moment.

      The real head-scratchers at first glance are Icardi and Gomez. Gomez can be explained, he wanted to play for Italy, petitioned FIFA and lost. That in itself would not have sat well with AFA, so it’s mostly political. Icardi can possibly be explained due to his personal feud with Maxi. But I don’t believe that’s really the case since Icardi seems to shine only with excellent wingers and creative midfielders. He’s a false-9 and if anyone had watched Inter, you can see he’s least bothered with the build-up, and low on mobility. Maradona considers Icardi to be average and has mocked his style of play as not befitting worth (also mocked him for the ability to sleep with friends’ wives, ahem).

  3. I think 4321 will work better against Venezuela. Dybala and Messi together behind one of Aguero/Lautaro. Else stick with 4312.
    Going for 4231 or 442 will give more solidity at the back….but it will make less potent in attack…!

  4. Aguero was given the MVP on this match by WhoScored, Paredes comes 2nd, and Lautaro 3rd.

    1. Aguero landed the most shots in this game, 6 shots, followed by Lautaro with 5 shots.

    2. Aguero is the 2nd most success dribbler in this game with 3 drib. beyond Abdelaziz Hatim (5 drib.)

  5. Using full potential, this 4_2_3_1
    will be a good option against solid teams…I feel.


    Messi —-Dybala —-De Paul/Acuna


    Going with Peredes alone will be suicidal against teams a bit tougher than Venezuela. If we can have Dybala & Messi together for a 16 min… Why can’t it be for a 60 min and unleash the fire power ! And later bring Lo celso for more balance.

    I am not a fan of Scaloni types, but he deserves credit for learning from Obvious mistakes, which itself was too much to expect from madmen like Sampoli. I won’t be surprised if he really try Dybala & Messi in coming matches. That will be something really interesting.

  6. So we qualified and now we face Venezuela.

    Aguero was man of the match.
    Even the first goal came because Aguero pressed the defender who then made a mistake.

    Impressed by Foyth.
    Impressed by Acuna.
    Impressed by L.Martinez.
    Dybala was decent with an assist.

    But honestly, neither De Paul, nor Parades impressed me.
    Why not Di Maria? Instead of Lo Celso, I would have substituted either De Paul or Paredes, or may be both.

  7. I cannot come up with a positive from theses 3 games: this team is shaky in defense and has no clue how to move the ball forward and worse of all Messi looks like he has given up.

    The only one moment of brilliance was Dybala quickly passing the ball forward to Aguero (unlike everyone else who look around, pause then pass the ball backwards) then Aguero running forward with it. But this was against a weak team that played a horrible game even for their own standards.

  8. It’s a very strange thing ,that the pitches are really worse in this copa 2019, it was much better in wc 2014 , clean and smooth, but this time , it really ugly and crooked all over . It’s really hard to move the ball and keep the flow in these kind of pitches.

    What do you guys think?

  9. Aguero- great goal. He was defending all second half if you guys were watching women’s world cup
    Lauturo- very attentive, the reason he was able to snatch up Qatari mistake and score. Also defended
    Messi- always intimidating although he did not contribute much, his presence was enough today
    Paredes- solid in position, he did well in case u were watching women’s match
    Foyth, didn’t play terrible but missed many defensive marks and could have been red carded.
    Tagliafico- solid game, he won his position out right
    Otamendi- he may have started doing drugs. He is in a different world when defending, and I don’t mean a good different world
    Depaul- good match again from him.
    Dybala- happy he was able to get the sub. Not much from him but he needs a chance.
    Saravia- not bad, but also not good.

    Overall we had better movement today, but our defense was shaky and undisciplined. We are lucky it was Qatar today and not Paraguay.
    Vamos, on to Venezuela!!!!!!

  10. Positive from today’s match is messi playing on midfield. It’s true noone does infront of goals like messi on other hand noone does like messi in midfield too, so it’s always better to keep messi infront goals but when messi doesn’t get services and drop deeps ultimately reduce goal scoring chances. There are many Argentina player with goal scoring ability but not a world class midfielder who gives through ball or control the game. Messi is no more younger so it’s useless to play messi on right wing, better messi to play no10 position with two forwards upfront is the best possible line up, with this condition both messi and Dybala can play together where given at the current form lautaro and Aguero should start

    • Completely agree. Have been saying this all tournament our best forward is Messi and our best midfielder is also Messi.
      Given we have superstar forwards and less so in midfield, makes more sense to drop Messi in midfield. He will still get opportunities to score goals like he did today

    • I agree.
      Even though Barcelona needs Messi as forward because it already has excellent midfield. Argentina needs Messi as midfielder, because it already has strong forwards.
      Argentina always do well when Messi drops down to midfield and is supported by good forwards up front.

  11. It is true Messi did not have a good game.
    But this shows this Argentina team CAN play decent football and score goals without a Messi masterclass performance – something we’ve relied on A LOT.
    This kind of team performance ontop of a Messi masterclass can win us tournaments.
    I hope Higuain was watching Martinez teaching how to score gifted opportunities.

  12. I’m least worried about Leo. Don’t take these kind of matches to suggest his slow down. If there is at least a bit improvement in movement from the team, he will be there.. I hope Venezuela match will be a great opportunity.
    Let them practice now with less pressure & let them get some chemistry back..
    Nothing to worry about leo.

    Need a bit more fluidity from the central mid zone… Acuna & De Paul are good in creating width. Saravia has a lot to improve.

    Kun & Messi looked terrible together. May be pressure played a role there. They will be fine… Rest of the team especially central mid & RB need a lot more hard-work

  13. I just have to admit one thing today, that is , 16 mins of dybala was dangerous than 90 min Messi .

    This is the creativity we have been missing on the last games that is : dybala
    He dribble , that almost no look audacious pass to aguero and almost dribbling through two Qatar players and sliding the ball past another one to create a chance for Messi .
    Dybala showed what he is , he plays simple but effective passes .
    Is this the starting of messi-dybala ……?????

    Vamos vamos to all mundolites , we did it .Big hug to everyone.

  14. Tagliafico, Paredes & De Paul have been really good today;
    Foyth was better than Otamendi.
    Messi had a bad game. Lautaro & Aguero did their job;
    Saravai, Lo Celso aren’t upto it;
    Subs were good;
    The pitch wasn’t good; Against Paraguay too, it wasn’t good;

      • That’s not important bro. We all know how good Messi is.. him going a bit down is not something to be worried… The big positive was Argentina won a crucial game without much Lionel Messi in it… That itself is Historical for Argentina of recent times.

    • It was already discussed here…Paredes as single DM will never work… against big team. Against Qatar…it may work…we already discussed here.
      Nobody against Paredes he’s in best form in this copay. But he has to play in 442 or 4231

        • That doesn’t make him single DM against big team. It doesn’t have any relation with LoCelso. May be Guido and Parses will work.

      • This match, you would see how much De Paul busting his own lungs to help defense. It is more likely De Paul had an access to roaming overall in midfield. Even Paredes in single DM was helped by De Paul performances. I think against everyone will still the same if they could display what De Paul did as Paredes pair.

      • It may work if there is 2 BB MF covering him all the time. Today De Paul did that and Lo Celso tried but his Acuna executed that masterfully. Lo Celso will be better next match.

      • Might work against Venezuela as well! But I won’t risk him alone.

        Guido Peredes with DePaul & Acuna can do some goods for the team.

  15. Paredes needs to play, the only midfielder who is pressure resistance in this team, plus Messi if he comes back in midfield. Btw he will go back to Russia, so flopped badly in PSG, just like Lo Celso, but still the only one in this aspect, sadly ARG still dont have close to world class midfielder.

  16. 1.Tell Otamendi..don’t give backpass to Armani…and don’t be silly when passing…this is not the league game….any small error will push you out from the tournament.
    2. It’s Dybala not Saurez as sub.
    3. Messi misses his magic…need to get it back…to win the cup
    4. Aguero unbelievably lost… finally he provided much needed goal. He has to be real Aguero.
    5. LoCelso recovering the ball well…but he hold the ball too much time…that make opponent to block his passes..
    6. Otamendi and Foyth.. giving penalties..and free kick in dangerous position..this is their weakness. I fear they will cost us in KO.
    7. Lautaro, DePaul and Tagliafico fought well. Paredes done better. Armani and Saravia..ok.

  17. I’m feeling pure joy and happiness! Messi did not have a good day at office but the other players stepped up in the most crucial match. So glad to see that. To me, it’s obvious that Lautaro is the main striker to build future upon. Paredes impressed, don’t think I have seen him this good in any important match. Aguero did good, sure he missed a couple of sitters but he did his job right. Even Armani looked solid. Scaloni made good subs, leaving me wanting to see more of Dybala-Messi-Aguero co-ops.

    Hopefully, this was the turning point for Argentina, and if we beat Venezuela, we will probably face Brazil in semis in Belo Horizonte, which is ground zero for Brazil (7-1 vs Germany WC14). Anything can happen there. Let’s bring the goddam copa!

  18. They played with intensity. Argentina always possessed good DM’s and always play by winning midfield battle. Today they did that. They pressed till the 90th minute. Pitch condition was poor. Scaloni made 3 good subs. He is learning definitely. He didn’t have the experience but he is learning quickly. Messi tried a lot but his execution was poor. Most importantly, the team didn’t look for messi today, whenever they got the ball. Instead they played like a team, especially after Acuna came in. But, Qatar is not a formidable team, neither they can be overlooked. So, we have to keep improving. Paredes distributed long ball quite well today. De Paul ran a his heart out. Dybala should be super sub.

    Armani’s positioning was brilliant today. The penalty save boosted his confidence. It seems we should back him in his good times and bad times.

    In a good pitch they would be lethal if they play like this.

    Vamos Argentina

  19. I guess Against Venezuela we can continue the experiment , ie, without 2 Defensive mids, safely.

    A solid play with 4_4_2 might be good enough to beat Venezuela in 90 mins.

    Saravia (because no better option).
    Otamendi & Foyth (Give him one more chance! )

    De Paul
    Lo Celso

    Kun & Messi.

  20. I can’t believe I’m saying this but our MOTM is Scaloni.
    Great starting line up (shows he’s learnt from previous games) and great substitutions.
    This game proves Dybala CAN play at the same time as Messi.

    • “This game proves Dybala CAN play at the same time as Messi”.

      Not really. Dybala was ON fire because Messi was OFF fire. LOL

      • have u watched the game?
        Messi was probably the worst player today..
        believe me it hurts me to say that cuz I’m an absolute fanboy of Messi…
        but today he lost the ball all the time he didn’t track back or run at all.. we’re almost playing with 10 men only

        • Thats because you expect him to be MESSI…consider him as an ordinary player and watch again…then hes one of our good player….But his magic missing.

  21. great choice taking Lautaro off, who was running all the time cuz of Messi n Aguero, and keep Aguero who finally scored….

    Great pass by Dybala.
    Dybala should have come on for Messi…

    I’m a huge Messi fan but that was just horrible of him… Good choice to take Lo Celso out because of the yellow…

    Let’s now please stick to those players for the game against Venezuela


  22. Foyth and Saravia not playing well today, Messi was not at his best, Otamendi was risky a lot. Other than that, I think we’re all good.

    • Pezella over Foyth is a no brainer. Saravia shld still be continued though he disappointed today. Waiting to see Locelso peak – then NT will be a treat to watch

  23. That was Aguero typical goals. He isn’t a true target-man that stand still, but he suppose more his own way to scores some goals.

    Dybala brings fluidity, and Acuna proves width and some good tap-ins. Pezzella is funny when wasting time lol.

    Give Paredes or De Paul MVP please.

  24. Some of guys in here are criticizing Messi for that horrible miss. please don’t doubt Messi. He will prove you all wrong. The pitch might be bad but sometimes Messi also plays human level football. Glad that we made through after rough start. Hats off to scaloni today. He made right subs at right time. I’m sure we will see a different Argentina in Knock outs.

    • I’ a huge Messi fan but today was just nothing man…
      no dedication from him for his country he should’ve been subbed

      It’s hard for me to say that. But this so far is not Messis copa.. I really hope he is proving me wrong

      let’s go now

      • yeah man. I know Messi is poor tonight. But don’t doubt his game changing abilities. He will step up when needed. I’m not saying this is an excuse but the pitch was poor today. Messi and most of the European players are not used to these kind of pitches. His magic hasn’t lost. When we starts to doubt Messi, he will prove everyone wrong in the next game.

  25. Surprised by not Suarez substitution seems Suarez failed to satisfied scaloni last night on bed.

  26. Happy with the win. Best moment was the pass from Dybala to Aguero. Finally a player who doesn’t play a backball in that position. Dybala made an overall good impression.

    The 2-0 win however covers a lot of worries. In the first half the Qatari’s could cross the pitch like there was no midfield at all. Add to that a shaky defence and we’re in trouble against a better opponent.
    The Qatari’s did not press our players, they all had 2 or 3 meters to control the ball. Unreal in today’s world. They even left Messi unmarked. He had acres of space and we still managed only 2 goals, one of which was a mistake by our opponent.

    With Acuna and Dybala we looked and played better. We need to build on this and need to avoid Brazil, Chili and Uruguay in the next round.

  27. Next match:
    Armani/Saravia Pezella Otamendi Tagliafico/Paredez DePaul Acuna/Dybala Messi Arguero

    – Acuna is way better than Lo Celso. Lo Celso is completely useless in our system.
    – DePaul is our B2B CM.
    – Dybala is in good form. His dribbling and passing is what we need.

      • to me play the same 11. Acuna & Dybala are subs. Let it be that way. but I am disappointed that Saravia not being able to advance . had great hopes on him blossoming this tournament . Not worried on Locelso. He will peak in knockout. playing a team role now. Great to see DePaul progress & glad Aguero silenced his NT critics for once.

    • not sure about Lo Celso…

      he does a lot you don’t see I promise u.. But it was absolutely the right time to bring Acuña he brought width

  28. couple quick takes:
    depaul behind messi seems to have covered the leakiness on the right.
    otamendi and foyth together is like sticking a stick of dynamite in your pants.
    paredes relieved pressure like a boss today. as long as he is not dragged sideline to sideline he is fine.
    acuna introduction added more bite to left side which has been really lacking.
    4-3 defensive block will be suicide against a team that can switch sideline to sideline. one of the forwards MUST drop into the line.

  29. 2 clear messages of it, positive and negative:

    1. Positive is that we are in final tound

    2. Negative is that the game is like another prove we are not going to win the Copa

    • It looks like pending execution of Argentina. Just like one year ago. Progress to next round without big perspectives there.

  30. I was 100% sure that suarez was coming in, but great job Scaloni. That was a good game to watch. The subs were all great and did their job.

  31. We made it guys. We escaped the scares of the group stage. The real challenge lies ahead. We must not lose focus, keep fighting. VAMOS ARGENTINA!

  32. That’s what you get if you keep playing the great great players for full length by resisting the temptation to withdraw them for your bedmates.
    Good job Scaloni.

  33. Scaloni and Co… scared to sub Aguero…last time everyone criticized him…now everyone will criticize him for subbing Lautaro… probably

  34. I am crying every time when aguero hold or receiving the ball…plz somebody calls scaloni to subbed off him..😭😭😭

  35. We are getting much better after Lo Celso off the pitch, he should not start in this tournament anymore. We have given him almost 250 minutes but he has done absolutely nothing for us. Such a waster player in our squad.

  36. In Paredes case, you can’t compare him with Masche. It is a big difference. Yes he did many backpasses, but he also did quick one-two vertical passes. He tries to dictate tempo to prevent Qatar pressure. You can see it when Tagli and Lautaro got fouled near the box. If we want to add more defense, put Pizarro or Rodri over Gio, but not to soon in 2nd half. We still need 1 more goal to lock the game.

  37. For me its better to wait for subs after 60 mins. For Aguero case, its good to make Lautaro freed because Qatar are focused to mark Aguero instead. Keep this line-up until 60 mins i think.

  38. Maybe lets do italian style defense and play counter attack and hope for the best. We need to defend period. No silly mistakes ( otomendi please behave)

  39. ….2 players who won’t be subbed off like foyth and lo celso are already yellow carded …..lo celso should take less time to make his decision……it just hurt to see talent like him playing like an ordinary player though he is tracking back well.

    We HV created some chances…..I think team is still tentative…….

    • I think he is ok for today. But he dosent have banega’s passing vision. Jus keeping it tidy for now. Suits for today. But still prefer a 4-4-2 for 2nd half

    • Paredes is ok…..if he is weak defensively than he make up with his incredible ball control and passing….we don’t HV better DM than him…just accept the fact.

  40. Our right side needs help because we conceded 2 goals before and i see another one coming. Now the couch make his money right it is basic stuff scaloniiiiii

  41. Our defense is awful… midfield doesn’t know how to defend..

    Glad we are up 1, but if we don’t score another Qatar will definitely tie it up. Can’t miss any more chances

  42. Argentina has a leadership vacuum. They can fire their coach again and again, but noticeably the players on the pitch are playing selfish. I’ve been dubious about Lo Celso’s ability to play for the team, and this game more or less confirms it.

    Schemewise, the wings are playing well, but the centrebacks are struggling. This makes the wingers drop back more and expose the flank for attack. And don’t keep asking for Dybala, he plays the same position as Messi.

  43. Ball movement and movement off ball much better
    Our defense is in shambles. They are confused on markers for some reason.
    Foyth making major league soccer mistakes
    Thank agod Lauturo capitalized on their mistake

  44. Lautaro and De Paul are the fresh spirit of the team that drags us so far.
    Regardless of this Copa final result they are starting point of future team.

  45. 4-3 defense lines looking very shaky when the press fails. back door is open. please bring in dybala for more structure but to keep the offensive threat.

  46. otamendi release the ball to the left man. every time your build out pass is to the right. every. time.
    making the build out one dimensional.

  47. fingers crossed. Equador last qualifier , Nigeria WC group & now this one. Lets see we escape again at the last moment . Vamos Argentina . Didn’t want Pezella dropped . But anyway lets win today somehow.
    Colombia playing a depleted team today vs Paraguay. anyway it doesn’t matter. Messi looks relaxed.

  48. Looking at midfield these are our most creative midfielders. We have them all in the line up even at the expense of defensive abilities.

  49. I am not optimistic. Scaloni has changed the line-up and the system once again. Players are in a different position in every game. The coach has no idea what he’s doing. This is Sampaoli once again.

  50. Scaloni will try to push not that strong Qatar defenders with the Lautaro and Aguero physical strenghts.

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