Juan FOYTH suffers serious looking injury for Tottenham Hotspur


Juan FOYTH suffered what looks to be a serious injury during Tottenham’s pre-season match against Bayern Munich.

The Argentina man had to be substituted off after going down unchallenged while holding onto his ankle. He was taken out on a stretcher. Speaking to the media, Tottenham coach Mauricio POCHETTINO had this to say about the injury:

“I need to talk with the doctor. He twisted his ankle but at the moment I can’t give an update He said his ankle was very painful.”

Some are fearing that FOYTH has severely injured his Achilles. Tests are expected to be done on FOYTH.



  1. Independiente lost to Universidad Catolica but progressed in Copa Sudamericana into quartefinals. Several things to improve for Beccacece.

  2. Gaich is a phenomenon, someone with a rare combination of cross-functional skills. IMO he’d hit minimum 70/100 in at least 9/10 departments of the game. At one instance, he dived in with his right leg to win the ball back somewhere around the flanks of the first quarter ahead of the halfline and in a turn and a quick burst of pace, got himself past 2-3 players. Thay was so cool. Unfortunately he has not got a Barco or Alvarez around him to develop those efforts into well-rounded productive team moves. Hope Nico and Urzi can keep themselves upto his dynamics to win against Panama and take us through to the semifinals.

  3. Watching the game from 30th minute mark, I felt Anibal Moreno was on an improving note as the game developed. Even just before he got subbed off, he was the only one trying to push the ball up by storming through narrow gaps.

    Our problem is that we have not got a CAM to drill himself through the gaps or dish out perfectly weighed passes to find the running teammates. I hope Nico can cover for that shortcoming against Panama. We need at least one player who can continuously drive at the backpedalling defense through the middle. Barco did it at times during U20 WC. Whenever he went on those runs, we’d smell something happening. If it happens like 5-6 times a game, you can always expect a goal on one instance at least.

  4. Lamela looking gud after injury.An imp. Role Arg missing is the Central midfld. Lamela is a natural central playmkr.pochtino using him in a right direction.Arg desperately need a plyr who is capable of spreading balls alaround easily.In nxt frindly scaloni must try lamela, zaracho or lu acosta in plymkg role.

    • And also Manu Lanzini is having a great pre-season with the hammers. He is slowly getting back to his excellent form and that is good news for Scaloni and his coaching staff. I like both Manu and Erik and we need both in the team, but I think Manu is more of a complete player than Erik and can have better chemistry with Leo. They both have one very bad problem; being injury prone.

    • I totally agree. Wheb fit, Lamela is one of our best mids. He has gobs of skill and vision, is great on the ball, and the premiership gave him hustle and grit. So long he stays healthy..

      Paredes, lamela, depaul, locelso is a hell of a group.

  5. I m impressed by urzi in this game…he was working hard and also trying to create something…
    I think we our solid but midfield needs to contribute more in the final third and I saw our fullbacks they also needs to contribute more specially Medina. Herrara atleast was trying to cross and create though he was very poor in it.
    ND thnx @Gonzalo for the link.

  6. That last penalty was outside the box…
    Apart from that… Argentina lacked a good passer….. Their was not a single through pass…. That broke the defence apart….
    Gaich is a hard-working player…. He reminds me of lewandowski….. But he needs to work hard to go at his level….
    Medina is too good solid defender…. Barely makes any mistake….
    That last tackle by mosevich was so uncalled for…. He could just press him…..
    These bunch of players are not kids anymore they should show more maturity….
    Matias palacios would have been great….
    His passing ability is amazing…..

    • I’m disappointed Colombatto (except one moment) were not giving the through passes. Too many mediocree players in middle line today: Moreno, Colombatto, Valenzuela. IMO Necul should play. I saw promising moments from him.

  7. Its ok Gonzalo,

    And both penalties would have been awarded to Argentina against the yellow team in the semifinal of copa america if VAR was on the tournament.


    But it’s ok, lets don’t talk about conspiracy SIMPLY BECAUSE CONSPIRACY AND THE YELLOW TEAM ACTUALLY GO HAND BY HAND!

  8. Shame we lost the game having Mexico yet around 60 min. closed on their own half, even on their box – we lost the game. None of the penalties for Mexico would be given if VAR was on the tornament.

    Urzi was good only in first half.
    Valenzuela and Moreno were weak.
    Colombatto had completely quiet game.
    Gaich still was best.

    Next game neither Moreno nor shouldn’t start. Gonzalez or Necul in.

  9. Still holds my view our defence is our stronghold. So good. Little bit dissapointed with Herrera. Agustin Urzi reminds me young Maxi Rodriguez, however he is faster in full sprint. Fausto Vera is so balanced No.5. Very good traversal long passing and defensive mind as well.

        • Stop your bullshit conspiracy theories on penalties against argentine teams, and favour brazilians the only cheating was in Copa semi, where VAR didnt work, River won a controversial penalty last year in Libertadores semi against a brazil side in the last minutes…and another one against Cruzeiro last time

  10. Red card for Mexico player after another foul on Urzi. Didn’t deserved penalty for Mexico but red card as well.

  11. Canadienroyal, i am not a doctor so i may be mistaken but i think that if there is an injury worse than cruciate ligament this is achilles tendon rapture. I may be wrong though maybe Vimal can enlighten us on that.

    Anyway, i hope there is nothing serious, Foyth is a great prospect.

    • We should have been given River – San Lorenzo quarterfinal. SL missed one goal with some great opportunities missed especially one incredible of Belluschi.

  12. as long as it’s not about cruciate ligament it should be fine. Trippier left I guess Pochettino will use him as RB, it should be his time. I wish he can be our RB in the national team in the future given that we don’t have satisfaction on any of them in the past.

  13. Hope Foyth can return soon, He is one player who is gonna be a vital player for us.

    And Scaloni being finalized for the Qualifiers was a decision almost finalized after the Copa, Its just an official announcement, Now weather like him or not, Nothing much to do, As always we only can support. One thing is for sure Scaloni will bring new players he is good in that. Well an ache less heel will be his tactics, with which we may have to see how we r going to beat the likes of heavy wait teams, in South America like Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia. Not even counting World heavy weight teams at all. Germany, France etc. etc. It’s gone be a bumpy road, hope we somehow qualify for 2022. Copa will be just another passing tournament which we may r in no position to win as of now.

    There are so many key positions which r still vacant, Goal Keeping there is no official owner, RB as always no one is fixed, CB Otamendi should be gradually flushed out, DM hopefully Battaglia will return stronger, there are still no backups for some positions also. Some older players should be flushed out like Di Maria. Hopefully Scaloni will improve.

  14. After Benedetto, seems that Pavon may join soon Bordeaux, it seems to be a loan. Boca president doesn’t want to sell the player cheap to MLS and prefers a loan to Europe and sell him higher later. Pavon needs definitely a new challenge in his career, somewhere he can have more playing time and enough competitive. I don’t know if Ligue 1 is the best place for him but would love to see him in a club like Betis or Sevilla.

  15. Hope it is not serious. Foyth when getting a little bit stronger and wiser will be a superstar. I hate injuries they halted Pezzella’s progress alsoduring his youth years.
    In the future a Foyth – Martinez Quarta (needs also to get stronger) would be interesting to try.
    We need to get more athletic and faster.
    We have 2 players who we have to cover for:Messi and Paredes.
    All the others must run and move if they want to play.

      • Yes, he is to me top 3 prospects in Superliga. He still is not in his best form after minor injury and some overweight but even with that he is already one of most decisive Boca players. Not only goal in first game and assist in second but overall influence for Boca play. Important figure in yeterday’s win.

        Unfortunately Alfaro can’t find so far place in starting line up for both MacAllister and Reynoso, another top3 gem. Both deserves for more free/ central/ enganche role in Boca than play just somewhere there on left side. I don’t know how is going to do that but I want to see starting them both.

        • My biggest worry is that we have great players but not much of them find their way into national squad when they are in their peak form .. they are inducted not given chance or they not picked up at all .. what’s your opinion on zarate …

          • Zarate his best form achieved being in Velez 2 seasons ago I think. It was right time to try him. Now I think it’s no sense to call him up. Still really good but it’s better to invest in youth players like Reynoso or MacAllister.

            “not much of them find their way into national squad when they are in their peak form”

            I agree with that. One of many examples here is Nacho Fernandez. I think he is best player of River last 5 years. Still in peak form but he should have been called up 2-3 years ago or so. Papu Gomez another example.

  16. Unfortunately my San Lorenzo is out after 1:2 against Cerro Porteno. Now Pizzi should give more chances to Gaich, Palacios, Barrios, Herrera, Insaurralde, Diaz and others.

    • @sulav, dont be so sure. I ruptured my achilles a few years ago with no contact from other players.. its a common running injury.. and its awful, takes forever to heal and I am frankly not the same player anymore.

      • Yh I want to see how they were doing
        But I couldn’t watch cos boca could put
        Three passes together all they were doing
        Hoving long balls I wanted to see how
        MacAllister doing but he was doing more
        Defence than attacking.

          • That is fair point. Anyway I’m so
            Exciting the future of the nt
            All those young players coming up
            Scaloni his coaching staff now are
            Permanent. I’m sure the coaching staff
            Already following some young players
            Weather they are in Europe or the local
            Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all
            Youngsters will be nt material but some
            Will be that is what is excites me .
            At least we know the nt have sources.

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