Diego MARADONA on Lionel MESSI at Copa America: “I thought he was a MESSI MARARONA”


Diego MARADONA came out and praised Lionel MESSI for what he said and did at the Copa America for Argentina.

The football legend was interviewed by TyC Sports and the World Cup winner had nothing but good words to say about Lionel MESSI. In regards to MESSI’s performances and his comments at the Copa America, here’s what MARADONA had to say:

“I thought he was a MESSI MARADONA. I saw him more rebellious, he said what he felt and he won on the pitch without anyone gifting him any match.

“I like this MESSI more, that he’s with his family, showing that he’s playing with his dog and drinking a beer more than the one they criticized because he didn’t sing the anthem.

“Everything that MESSI does is for Argentina’s benefit.”

Regarding his battles with FIFA and the AFA:

“I fought for 25 years against BLATTER and GRONDONA because I defend the ball. Me, they didn’t pay me to talk. I defended the players and today I have the recognition of the monsters.”


  1. Man Utd has called off Paulo Dybala deal because of player’s unwillingness and ridiculously high wage demand. So he is going to become Gareth Bale at Juventus as Sarri already said that Dybala is not in part of his plan, such a negative attitude of our player.
    Real Betis have broken off negotiations with Tottenham for the transfer of Giovani Lo Celso. Daniel Levy’s attitude has not been taken well in transfer market even Sporting cp is not ready to talk to levy for Bruno Fernandes.
    Napoli and Atletico Madrid linked with a late transfer move to sign Lo Celso.

    • Ronaldo is finished if Juventus sold 25year old for 35year then=????, mark my words Dybala outscore ronaldo this season unless Juventus buy new no9

    • i think the issue is more about balancing the books than not wanting dybala. Dybala is a better version of Mertens which worked very well for Sarri at Napoli so i dont think he doesnt want him. Regardless, i still think Dybala should GTFO

  2. so glad the man city deal for almada fallen apart. his passing range is already so immense. hopefully velez can up his release clause now and he can develop a bit longer in primera. cufre-dominguez-almada with some pretty football on the left flank for velez on saturday.

    too bad the velez midfield had another head scratcher moment at the end and couldn’t get the three points.

    • Yes, Almada should stay one year longer and his release clause will be higher. Add to the Velez’ group Gudiara on LB.

      Velez is still stronger and stronger. In previous season they were not able to handle Racing. Now they are one of best in league.

  3. Still we lack creative passer in midfield. Aliseda seemed interesting but he was subbed of necessity after red card. Still think Necul would be such creative AM.

  4. Except the golazo Lomonaco was not much visible.

    The next game we need to play without Mosevich and maybe Vera. Very likely Batista will change more than only 2 players.

    • Medina seems to be already senior NT material for LB. 2 assists today. Herrera with 2 long shoots attempts was close to score.

        • Gaich will probably stay senior NT player sooner than win starter position in San Lorenzo.

          Colombatto is playing great today, unlike in previous match. He took the Vera tasks perfectly. The more central DM position suits him so far.

          • “Gaich will probably stay senior NT player sooner than win starter position in San Lorenzo.”

            Absurd…..why? Cause his physical abilities are too much for kids? Even Benedetto and Lautaro from Primera destroyed that. Cant Gaich compete with mediocre Blandi and Bareiro? Then whats the question?

          • ??? Can you speak this in other words. His position in SL is about thirdoption on striker position (there is also Reniero and Diaz): that’s my thought. For me he is best of SL strikers. That’s not my hierarchy but SL’s coach. Just like Heinze prefers Bouzat to Alamda for no reason.

            What’s your problem again, lurker?

          • WHo said they have fearfull attack?

            I just informed you about current hierarchy, not hierarchy of mine. So was with Almada: you thought he is automathic starter with Vargas departure. Now you see he is not. Heinze has his own ideas. So has Pizzi. It’s not that simple as you think. Watch more local league instead draw only on stats.

  5. Velez Sarsfield wasted 2:0 lead against campeon Racing. The final result 2:2. Nico Dominguez with goal – must call up. Maxi Romero has scored too. Zaracho with assist.

  6. Arg.must find a good captain , who can lead all players to build a group.In Gk area it will be Gazzeniga Rulli musso & benitez .These keepers need to get rotated in coming matches.tht is imp.

  7. Actually out of positioning of players causes thr actual strength. Ys dmaria not tested well in RW.similarly A.correa seems more bright in Rw and box to box and Lamela/locelso gud in central playmkr and lanzini is gud in AMid & Lw.dybla/pity is good in Lw/box to box.
    Foyth can be tested in DM role and Asaicabar in a deep defence role.J.correa can be tested in L w.back role.Icardi as in a Pure no.9.
    Scaloni need to find correct positioning for these players.Thy all are so much talented enough to win single handedly.

  8. I always said farmer Benitez is one season wonder otherwise suddenly a 26year old GK not comes into picture, a good players name came into picture early 20’s then improvement and progress should be considered, a good and bad season came every sportsperson career but one season wonder never be trusted. Armani is the best Argentina GK who performs well at club label followed by rulll and musso

    • Rulli, Armani, and Musso?

      You think they perform well?

      Rulli can’t put a consistent show.

      Musso isn’t really that good.

      Armani is too old and is starting to decline.

      Benitez and Gazzaniga meanwhile are putting world class performances.

      Your opinion here has really gone down RomanceKing! I notice you say stupid things all the time!

      • Gazza who, a benchwarmer and with disaster class pre season friendly and who is Benitez, one season wonder playing in farmer league. Rulll oflate not having good season but put excellent performance against top teams, 2 season ago Rulli was consistent unlike now but can be back in this season. Musso playing in competitive league having a good season with Udinese where Armani playing at top label with river plate as well as wining titles. Yes Armani was not upto mark with NT before the penalty save against Paraguay but he is the best Argentina GK currently without a doubt.

        • So you think we can just keep these average par goalkeepers for the next 4 years? Do you not want the goalkeepers that made great impressions on world stages like UCL and Team of the Season?

          • Unfortunately Argentina don’t have, Rulli showed potential earlier but, only hope from U23 setup and Musso(24) how can they improve. At moment Armani is best GK who performed top label in Copa Libaratories

  9. This idiot called Mrinal (aka Little Sissy) has huge mental problem. Some three days ago when Licha Martinez put an excellent performance and most of Mundo members showered him with praise he said it’s only one game and Licha doesn’t deserve any praise for one game. Now Walter Benitez had one bad game and he’s bashing him for this one bad game.

    This fucking brainless, faggot has no business with football. I think he doesn’t have eyes for Lenglet and the rest of the leaky Barca defense who failed to defend a healthy lead vs Liverpool.

    It’s really shame on you to contradict like this, you fucking cocksucker!

    • Here comes filthy mouth ass licker @dadir10 you motherfucker asshole. Whenever Braca bottle nobody critisizes Barca more than me. But you shithole should know none of our CB is as good as Lenglet rightnow but you would never know because you know anything about football you brainless idiot.
      When some average players like jesus dribble makes Pezzela like a fool and Paredes and Tagliafico can make 36 years old Dani alves look like Zidane but its ok for you.
      Couple of months ago you were sucking the Cock of Palacios too much, where is he? , he is playing like an idiot.
      You are always clueless when you talk about players , you son of a Whore.

      • “Couple of months ago you were sucking the Cock of Palacios too much, where is he? , he is playing like an idiot”.

        Mrinal, sudddenly it makes difference for you how is playing Palacios in River, in Superliga or Copa Libertadores? If he had brillant performance you could arrogantly say: good performance in local league means nothing.

        Problem is that we can’t invest and give confidence to young players to support them in growing faster. Instead you never give up in promoting, for instance, 31 yo Di Maria even if we did good without him already.

        Some people only waiting foe every little stumble of our youngsters.

      • Why do both of you have to diminish the complete potential of players when they put up one bad performance? They are humans too. You both need to shut up and respect our players.

  10. Csabalala

    I think that i understand what you are trying to say, the talent is there but still the talent has to be proven and show it’s worth.

    But what i can’t understand is that goes for every young talented player but still i can’t recall just a single time that you have said the same for other young talented players from other countries, instead i remember you praising them like we praise our own young talents.

    Conclusion: The fact that young players have to prove their worth goes for every single young player and not just only for Argentines. Numerous young talented players from other countries that they didn’t justify the hype, don’t get me started.

    • UCL will answer how unreal Martinez is (dont forget Ajax played semi-final, this is the height Martinez has to jump this year), not against a small holland side (Ajax wins easily against them most of the times)

      • Stop create immediately your own stupid standards. “has to jump this year” – no he has not to jump this year. He has not to do anything at once – he is young and has a lot of time to win a lot.

        Lautaro Martinez did not need your 20 goals-standard in league to be better during his first NT tournament than Higuain for several years.

        • “L Martinez is unreal what a player” even De Jong and de Ligt were not unreal in UCL last year, who performed great against Bayern, Real Madrid, Juventus and Tottenham etc. (they are younger than Martinez) and worth over 70 millions euro (Martinez 1/10) or maybe you dont know what this word means? If Lisandro is unreal he will be better than De Ligt with his several great UCL performances…and Ajax too…

          • Csabalala
            No disrespect to you but you always
            One sided when it comes to Argentina
            Young talents you re not balance about Them just pure hate and sh..t statistics
            So there is no point to talk about or discuss With you cos you re not fair.
            Listen I have enough knowledge about Football to know that l Martinez is really Good you will see very soon playing The nt and all the big European clubs Following him too.

          • Lisandro Martinez is not unreal yet but really really no need to overburden his with unnecesarry expectations straight from his very first season in Europe. Unusual talent is there, let’s wait some time.

      • Any way even if he don’t perform we will support all argentina young sters. wedont want your certificate Mr negative csabalala.you are anti argentine just pretending argentina fan.beterr you Shut up.we won’t allow you to degrade our players and you want to make our fans believe argentina is no more.it Will never happen.positive comments are welcome like Cox gonzalodadir Godin.that mrinal should banned

    • Piss off will you
      I was listening the commentator
      He was saying when di Maria plays
      For Argentina he isn’t exists. the soon
      He put psg shirt different player
      Everyone know di Maria is clueless
      When it comes the nt so please
      Stop accusing the coaching staff
      Di Maria is done with nt no one
      Cares about how good he plays for psg

      • Last Copa, Scaloni started ADM first game on the left and ADM did very poor (everyone agrees). A game after that he was subbed on and played on the right and did much better (most everyone agrees except haters).

        Then…. take a WILD GUESS where Scaloni starts him the next game….on the left OF COURSE.

        EVERYONE saw that Di Maria did much better on the right yet dumbass caching staff still played him on the left agin. So yeah, the coaching staff are responsible.

          • I addressed your comment specifically about the COACHES fucking up. He fucked up by playing ADM on the left during Copa when it was obvious he did better on the right.

          • Now if you want to talk about the past, then i keep asking the same question which you never seem to be able to answer.

            WHO WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER THAN ADM in the past?

            If you’re going to say “no one was given a chance” then dont bother because i’ve heard it before. That answer basically confirms my position that there wasn’t anyone better.

          • Give him a chance at the RW, we already have sort of wingers , De paul always mess up the attack at RW, he missed a great opportunity created by team against Brazil ,Dimaria would have scored that goal.
            Sorry but Acuna was the worst one, he doesnt deserve to be called for NT.

          • I said enough about adm I don’t
            Want go back same arguement
            All the time. as far as i know
            Adm is done with nt regardless
            How well he does in his club .

          • “If you’re going to say “no one was given a chance” then dont bother because i’ve heard it before. That answer basically confirms my position that there wasn’t anyone better”.

            But this is fact.

            I heard that again and again we keep old guard because there are no better options. Copa this year was perfect example that was so false insinuation. Old guard is replaceable. Argentina always has enough resources to
            carry on regular rejuvenation. Tournament create new stars, if you have not enough courage to call up young successors in right moment you will pay for that.

          • What could one to say after 2002 WC big names left NT? We are entering dark age or so? Nothing of the kind. Bielsa suddenly from nowhere conjured up bunch of talented new generation kids.

          • I belive Di Maria could have been better player for us if given the right side. His best NT game against Germany was on RW. On the left however he was so irritating most of his games – so much irritating that I can’t say he was irreplaceable. All that is matter of past now.

            “Give him a chance at the RW, we already have sort of wingers”

            Mrinal – u have no limits. You seek for another disgrace. Enough is enough. It seems like your head stuck in past. Di Maria NT time is over. Get over it.

            It’s same old story every season. He score nice goal for his club and the campaign for ADM in NT start.

  11. Manuel lanzini is back he scored
    His third goal in per season I hope he
    Stay injury free lanzini is really really
    Top player even i believe he better than
    Lo celso no disrespect though that is
    My opinion.

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