Lionel MESSI banned for 3 months with Argentina


Lionel MESSI has been banned for 3 months with the Argentina national team.

The Argentina captain has been sanctioned until November 3 for his statements done during the Copa America. He has also received a $50,000 fine. His words stating that Argentina were not awarded two penalty kicks against Brazil as well as his comments following his red card in the third place match.

MESSI will miss Argentina’s friendly matches against Mexico and Chile in September as well as the one against Germany and a potential second game in October.

Argentina’s star man will also miss the first match of the World Cup Qualifiers due to his red card.


  1. Messi should never participate in Ballon d’or, uefa player and other awards because of obvious corruption. It is very clear that HE will never be given Ballon d’or and any other award again.

  2. Quarterfinals of Copa Libertadores. As many as 4 Brazilians club that fortunately play against each other:

    Gremio – Palmeiras

    LDU Quito – Boca

    Flamengo – Internacional

    River – Cerro PorteƱo

        • Yeah, tournament conducted by Spanish authority in Spain in the presence of Spanish officials and dignitaries, still favoring Argentina. Argentina must really be a better economic powerhouse than US and China then!!

        • You’d not have even dared to comment had the exact thing happened to Argentina and if still they’d won. If Arg lost after succumbing to similar fate, you’d say our youngsters have no maturity and deserved to lose and be crippled. And when we win now you’ve a rider that Spain played with 2 man less or else blah blah blah! What can suggest that if Spain had played with full team, they’d have reversed the equation? It’s all about hypothetical outcomes and possibilities.

          Personally to me, what Solari observed after the match was more relevant. “This Spain team has been playing together for the past five years on similar turf where’s we formulated the whole ensemble just a month ahead of the tournament. Considering that, I’d say these players are great”. That’s the best possible review of the match.

          Guys like you or may be you alone(on this forum) always have or strive to find a pretext(out of nothing at most times) to hate Arg. You celebrate our downfalls and go on exile when we achieve something. Even then you’ll be on the lookout for loopholes/frivolous excuses like “we didn’t deserve the penalty”, “we didn’t have the possession”, “Their team was not fully equipped whereas we went firing all the cylinders” and all kinds of riders and caveats.

          • And FYI, Spain had their Real/Barca ‘wonderkids’ playing. Their team is/must be set in the view of UEFA U19 tournaments. Still they had 20yo Alex Collado playing. Arg could have taken a stronger U20 team as their plans would always fall in line with Sudamericano Sub 20(this can help them for 2021 tournament may be). Still they fielded a Sub 18 team with no exposure playing as a team ever before, not even a single match let alone a tournament.

            Instead of viewing these as achievement amidst the adversities, you still want to stick to what you love to see and you are so regular on a forum which I presume to be an Arg fan site! Correct me if I’m wrong!

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