Mauro Icardi double, Angel Di Maria 3 assists in PSG win vs. Marseille


Mauro Icardi scored twice while Angel Di Maria had three assists in PSG’s 4-0 win vs. Marseille.

Icardi cannot stop scoring. Since joining the French league champions on loan, he has scored seven goals in his last five games. The first goal saw Di Maria send in a cross to Icardi and while his initial effort was saved, he wasn’t denied on the rebound to give PSG a lead.

The Argentina man would make it 2-0, this time through a Verrati cross and he would head the ball to double PSG’s lead.

Angel Di Maria would have two more assists on the other two goals which were scored by Kylian Mbappe.


  1. In fact why cant Dybala be dropped and pick Icardi instead?? Aguero, Messi, Icardi, Lautaro, Alario. (I know Dybala is a jewel and they both play different position, But they both are taken as strikers often) To be frank haven’t seen any spark from him in our NT till now, He rather looks weak, Icardi meanwhile at least may bring goals, He scored his first for the NT, So that monkey is off his back. Dybala right now don’t have any hunger for the NT (Forget what he does at Juventus) And we all know, till Messi is there Dybala wont start its a fact, So why take him instead go for Icardi. A true poacher.

    More over Lo Celso is there too to replace Messi in case needed, if Nacho is selected then we have another similar profile same as Messi.

    • “why cant Dybala be dropped”

      Scaloni has already proclaimed lautaro and dybala to be his main future stars.i don’t think he’s dropping dybala any time soon.

      • With Messi Coming back Dybala is pretty much useless. Lo Celso can ably back up Messi in case required. Even if Dybala plays he wont have any impact against tough teams. I guess. Anyway lets see.

  2. fun game. aimar seems to be doing a good job communicating basic ideas.
    palacios, zaballos, lomonaco seem to me to be most skilled in their positions.
    the spanish kid pedri seems fun too.

  3. More interesting news coming out that…Batista to speak to European clubs to release young players for 2020 Olympics football.

    He tries to convince clubs for the below players;

    Matias Vargas
    Lisandro Martinez
    Nicolas Gonzalez
    Santiago Ascacibar
    Cristian Romero
    Macos Senesi
    Santiago Colombatto

    Hope we can win this time.

  4. I think the whole debate on Adm and Icardi depends really on which formation Scaloni will use. If he wants a 433 with 2 wingers + 1 fwd, then calling back those 2 would be wasteful because they will play exactly as they used to do with NT. However if Scaloni wants a 4312 or 3412, then he should definitely have them back, I believe Scaloni will use Messi and Lautaro in the 11 no matter what, so depending on Messi’s role:

    If Messi is used as 10, Adm could be a good sub. Icardi can compete with Alario and Aguero for the forward position next to Lautaro, whose sub will probably Dybala and Ocampos. This was the formula used during the last Copa.

    Now if Messi is used as half 9 next to Lautaro, I guess Adm, Lo Celso and Lamela(eventually Lanzini) would compete for the playmaker role. Based on the current form, impossible to ignore Adm.

    Both option should work. I prefer a bit the 2nd one simply because I think half 9 is the best position for Messi.

  5. Dimaria’s club career has been phenomenal except for that one season at Man utd, where he was tried in multiple positions including LB by Van Gal. However, I don’t know what happens to Dimaria as soon as he dons the national team jersey. Its hard to even list ten matches where he has been a match winner for us.
    He constantly loses possession while trying to cross or pass thus putting immense pressure on our defense. At PSG, 8 out of 10 crosses are delivered at pin point accuracy but when playing for Argentina its the complete opposite. Besides that he is easily dispossessed when building a counter attack. The polarity in his performance is uncanny!!

    Icardi , also hasn’t been any good so far.I understand that previously, we didn’t have the midfield to provide him the kind of passes he required, but now with the rise of Lautaro, our striker department is at full capacity. Barring any unfortunate injuries Aguero, Dybala, Lautaro & Messi are expected to be picked. Its a same that a striker of such quality has to be overlooked yet again.

    • Spot on Sulav! I don’t know why people keep bringing this stuff up. Either they have short memory or doesn’t watch much international football.

      Di Maria, Higuain and Aguero are all exceptional in club football and have always been. Good for them. But we all know what happens when they put on the ” La Albiceleste” shirt. Like San Isidro explained it beautifully, “we all seen that movie million times and know how it’s gonna end!”

      We are not speaking of a handful of games here, it’s nearly 300 caps between them. They have had their chances and now it’s time to move on(probably should have done a lot earlier).

      Just to sum up the recent example:

      Di Maria was superb last season too for PSG. Then what happened for Argentina, for the 7677635th time at the Copa?? Looked a completely different figure with zero confidence and forgot even the basic stuffs of football. And all the “LW/RW/ CAM”… , bollocks! He’s not an 18 year old inexperienced kid! Like he has never played in that role before. Look at Acuna and De Paul for instance. They’re not complaining, they have the hunger and desire to fight for the team no matter where they play. They have a point to prove. Unlike Di Maria and others who have lost that hunger(if they had any) and take things for granted.

      In Aguero’s case, I was pleased to see him working hard in the last Copa. For that reason alone, I was happy. Never expected that from him. So credit to Kun. He showed he can fight for the team.

      However you can’t rely on Aguero. He’s now 30 plus and always had fitness and injury issues, particularly when the tournaments come in the summer. He looks exhausted last Copa too, like he did in each of the past tournaments.

      And once again don’t get fooled by club football form like it will magically transform into international football form. These three are prime examples. Over 250 matches!

      • In Icardi’s case he never got a proper chance to show his worth in the NT. For the umpteenth time, he should have been in the Copa 15, Copa 16 and World Cup 2018 squad. As for Copa 2019, he wasn’t in the squad and but that was rightfully so.

        If he plays football regularly and get his attitude right instead of focusing on soap opera stuff than football, then he should be given another chance.

  6. Icardi will be the crucial in 2022, even Lautaro too who will mature in 2022 and also hit his peck. Aguero can’t remain same though playing at top level at moment where icardi just entering his prime. Logically Icardi must be picked ahead of Aguero and Dybala must be dropped in upcoming friendlies, no doubt dybala will be back but Alario deserve more than Dybala at moment and Icardi is a must for Argentina who is the best striker in the world(26)

  7. Argentina is a laughing country in terms of selection, during worldcup Icradi left out despite Sere A top scorer now few haters saying that there is no need for icardi in Argentina. Imagine Golden Boot winner of 2019-20 season can’t make into the Argentina squad where farmers are picking ahead of him. This is the main reason Argentina can’t win the tournament, Tevez left out in 2014, Zenetti in 2010, Icardi in 2018. In form player must be selected, in copa 2019 icardi not deserved to be the part of the squad but in 2020 deserve if he continues current form.

  8. Icardi no way, he is just good in finishing, but he is lack in other area, if he is in the team I think there will be lack of chemistry, while messi in the team arg need players who will good in short pass,key passing, dribbling, finishing, icardi is diego costa type of player may be better than him, he will better suited simeone style of playing system

  9. Have said it before will say it again, Icardi if playing will score goal he is a cold blooded striker, Forget what he does in his personal life? that doesn’t matter, one should be only selected on the basis of his performance for their club. right now Icardi looks good. But who will Scaloni drop? Aguero is Aguero he is a must for the Copa, Lautaro is perhaps the brightest young Argentine talent out there. It has to be between Icardi/Alario. Its a tough ask. its really up to the via before the Copa to confirm who should be there. Till then Scaloni may have to test both in the friendlies. I think in the Qualifiers its much easier to rotate players, But in Copa we don’t have that luxury.

    Another crack who should be there in our NT is the best Argentine player playing in Argentine League. Nacho Fernandez, he is 29 only, Can still offer so much for the NT. Have no idea why he is not selected for the NT considering he is on fire right now. Only issue with him can be,unfortunately the area where Nacho operates that place is where Messi operates, Along with Lo Celso and Dybala its a tough position get a grasp on. I still think he deserves to played more in the NT.Its a long due.

  10. Icardi must be called up, you simply can’t ignore a striker who is on the verge of wining Golden Boot this season.

      • Gaich is not better than Icardi. Icardi is even better than Lautaro Martinez. He was top scorer of Serie A two time. And you cant imagine how shit inters mid was. Only player that supported icardi was perisic.
        If wanda never have happened or If AFA have kept personal problems aside. Icardi would have been our first choice by any manager or coach.
        He is predator inside tha penalty box.

      • Gaich has more potentiall than Icardi, no doubt. But at this stage there’s no point of reference for the two as long as Gaich is not even San Lorenzo starter. Let’s see in future but I believe Gaich will have more to offer for NT than Icardi.

  11. Godin11 October 28, 2019 at 4:05 am

    “Mate i don’t doubt di Maria for PSG
    Is great player but one for arg nt
    Is average.
    If you say he should play right or center
    Behind the two strikes as number 10
    Where will you put messi cose lately
    He was playing those positions for nt.”

    Cant he be the option if Messi injured( i never want Messi injured). Cant, he plays in 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 we used against Germany in second half as a right-winger and ‘Messi at center or as forward’.
    Cant he play in dying minutes when the opposition is tired? He has the speed and dribbling ability..a great counter-attacking threat.

    How can a coach leave a player of this caliber..!!

  12. Messi – 136 matches, 68 goals, and 44 assists.
    Aguero – 96 matches, 41 goals, and 16 assists.
    Higuain – 75 matches, 31 goals, and 13 assists.
    Di Maria- 102 matches, 20 goals, and 22 assists. A midfielder played out of position much of his career with NT. Don’t tell he doesn’t deserve it. Don’t hate a player like this. He’s playing excellently now, mainly in the attacking area. If I was the coach I will never leave him out of the team in this form.

  13. Nice to see so many players in highest form: Acuna, Ocampos, Di Maria, Papu, Tagliafico, Icardi and more. However it’s clear some of them will not go for COpa America.

    • Acuna Ocampos and tagliafico yes
      They re big party of scaloni plans
      But not sure about other three
      Hopefully not icardi and di Maria
      Papu probably too late for him .

  14. Papu Gomez with two assists too. Having to choose between the two Papu – Di Maria – I take Papu cause Di Maria had more than 100 chances in NT while Papu 100 time less.

    • There will be no competition between Papu and Di maria. I like Papu. But what we need is a pacy winger who can play at right.
      Just check how good Di Maria playing in right and in the center. Currently, he’s average or below average at left. Di Maria should not be used on the left. For me He’s must in the Copa as one of 23 until we have a proper player in that role. I can’t see anyone currently better than him there.

        • doesn’t deserve? Why? I have also criticized him many times here for his lackluster performance with NT. But that does not mean he’s not a great player. Maybe he is the spark we need to win the Copa. He has quality. Nobody can deny that.

          His stats with NT.
          102 matches, 20 goals, and 22 assists. Is that bad as a midfielder? And he mainly played at left and we all know hes not good there.

          • Mate i don’t doubt di Maria for PSG
            Is great player but one for arg nt
            Is average.
            If you say he should play right or center
            Behind the two strikes as number 10
            Where will you put messi cose lately
            He was playing those positions for nt.

  15. Probably in Copa, DeMaria played few minutes on the right side, and he was very good compared to when he plays on the left. Some people are taking as if DeMaria never played in any other league than League 1, check your facts. He can be in the team if the Coach is able to use him properly. I would like to see something like this

    ————-Laurato/Aguero/Icardi ——-Messi————
    Ocampos —Palacios/LeCelso——–DePaul——DeMaria

    I see Paredes as a defensive liability. I don’t see what he can do that Palacios/LeCelso, DePaul cannot do.

        • I’m not hating mate, I’m just being practical. Although not experience, there are many youngsters on our NT roster that are in much better condition than him, with world class potential. While he is doing good this year, he isn’t the player he once was. Di Maria is one of my favorites too but for the welfare of the team it is only logical to select a better player.

          • “Marseille boss Villas-Boas suffered his heaviest defeat in a league game – across spells in France, China, Russia and England – since his Tottenham side lost 5-0 to Liverpool in December 2013.”

            I hope you understand the opposition.

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