Argentina U17 draw 0-0 vs. Spain at World Cup


Argentina drew 0-0 vs. Spain in their opening match at tje U17 World Cup.

Pablo Aimar’s team took to the pitch in their first game in Brazil and were unlucky not to score and come out as winners. Argentina had the better chances throughout the match but they received a scare after the referee called for a penalty in favor of Spain.

The referee awarded Spain a penalty but after consulting with VAR, it was over ruled due to an offside. Here was the starting eleven for Argentina.

The next match for Argentina will be vs. Cameroon on October 31 in Cariacica.


    • He’s playing in his natural position at last! Correa has been playing as a right midfielder for years now but he’s actually a support striker by trade. He’s doing quite well and with Felix out for a few games hopefully he’ll get a chance to prove himself and start.

  1. My 23 baes on current form since start of this season with their club:


    Foyth-Pezzella(Romero) – Quarta(Kannemann)-Acuna(Tagliafico)

    De Paul(Buendia)-Lisandro Martinez(Paredes)-Zaracho(Nico Dominguez)

    Messi(Di Maria/Lamela)

    Lautaro(Dybala/Ocampos)-Icardi(Aguero /Alario)

    I rate Acuna slightly over Tagliafico. I dropped Lo Celso because he was injured. Paredes still average with his club unlike Lisandro who becomes essential.

    • Like this team a lot!

      Marchesin should be considered as the starting GK, based on his form at Porto and how well he played for the national team in the last few friendlies.

      When Lo Celso comes back, I think he should be considered as a replacement / competitor for Paredes position as a deep lying play-maker. While I would love to see them play together, the pair hasn’t shown proof of working yet.

      Lo Celso was played as a deep lying play maker / DM while at PSG. Although he didn’t get a ton of playing time, I remember how natural and comfortable he looked here and never though he would be in another position. He is not a hard tackling destroyer, but I think he can do what Paredes does well, but maybe even better. Celso is much less static and liked to dribble the ball from the deep space – drawing in defenders.

        • Thank you!

          To be fair, this would be largely dependent on where Pochettino plays him regularly and how he develops in the EPL.

          Same with Licha. Will he go back in defense, or develop into a high level midfielder?

          • I think it must for pochettino to play
            Lo celso for so many reasons
            Dele Erickson all drop form
            Don’t deserve to play.
            Lo celso would have started many
            Games if he wasn’t injury.

            Lich Martinez must play as left CB
            That is where is needed most.

    • Lamela could be box-to-box. In attack, Tagliafico or Acuna move up leaving 3ATB

      Aguero – Martinez


      Tagliafico/Acuna – Lamela – Martinez – De Paul

      Quarta – Otamendi (pezz) – Foyth

      Musso / Gazzaniga

  2. solution to the defense:

    Quarta/foyth ball playing defender.
    Balerdi/perez/romero sweeper/ballblaying defender .. watching this player playing is so promising and eye catching , this are real talent in Argentine center defense position,
    Quarta – balerdi could be great combination in center back defence, balerdi is great he just needs regular playing time, but he is still top class

  3. Aimar’s boys definitely can play. They’re brave and fight for each other as well. Great to see this mentality. I think, all the NT levels have currently been instilled with this “collective team mentality” whether it’s senior level, u23, u20, u17 or u15. Refreshing and promosing.

    Spanish kids looked done after the first half. Maybe bcoz of the conditions or Aimar’s boys made them look like finished or maybe both.

    The Palacios effort was a joke. It certainly merited a goal. And for me, Argentina should have had a penalty or freekick at the end when Zeballos was tackled waist high. Ref not even interested but was quick to give a non-existent penalty for the Spaniards in the first half which would not have been overturned if not for an offside during the buildup!

    • I always believe pablo aimar will be
      Good coach. the guy is very intelligent
      When he finish this campaign he will
      Join the senior set up as normal.
      I hope Argentina youth Continue
      to grow this way .
      Claudio tapia project starting working now.
      It’s still long way but it’s promising
      Far better position than last few years.

    • good comment. you can see the spaniards tried to go mano a mano in the first half. but our boys ball movement, possession passing and patience made them decide to just sit back, park and counter in the second half. when Spain of all teams has to resort to that tactic in what is basically a glorified kids tournament tells me that aimar and the long term project is definitely is on the right track in building a base.
      too bad they couldn’t knock in a goal or two, to not give any future ammo to the trolls always claiming there is zero talent if by any chance they don’t go the full distance.

  4. How on earth Tata Martino lost to a guy like Pizzi or Sampaoli i will never understand.
    How on earth pizzi doesn’t give Player like gaich and Palacios playing time.

  5. Gazzaniga looks natural, A smooth Goal keeper, He looks comfortable with feet and at ease while handling the ball. He and Andrada should be carrying for us moving forward. Gazzaniga definitely requires continuous playing time. he looks like Spider man in Goal.

    • His ball playing skills and distribution is definitely underrated. He’s calm and composed and looks confident as well which is very important for a goalkeeper. The only major con I see right now is his positioning to long range efforts which needs improvement.

      But he needs to play regularly like you mentioned and show consistency to have any chance of getting into the NT. When Lloris returns, he’ll be #2 again. So he needs to move from Spurs imo.

  6. Based on current form ? It’s a shame this blog is not a forum so all the nonsense that gets posted can be filtered out. Pavon and di Maria ? Take a look at the respective leagues. Otamendi ? His form has fallen off a cliff. It is urgent time that players like Romero, Martinez and Balerdi are filtered into the side.

    Foyth I would like to see as a DM and with age move back to CB.

  7. Who is the no. 10 and no. 11 of Argentine squad. For me, those two are way better than their respective age. No. 11 constantly threats spain’s defense and No. 10’s control and dribbling is top notch. Is that no.10, the player barcelona are curently following?

  8. Based on current forms 2020 line up should be
    Foyth…..L. martinez Otamendi/C. romero………Acuna
    ……………..S. Ascaccibar……..G locelso
    We need speed demons at wings.

  9. As a team we controlled that second half. Crisp passing both short and long. Defended as a unit from players chasing back be it Godoy or Krilanovich. Some great skills on display. Medina dummying two Spanish players, Zeballos a constant menace down the left while Palacios who dropped incredibly deep at times orchestrated play.

    We passed out of the back with comfort too although Amione is confident on the ball he needs to be more aware with his distribution although he can hit great long passes. Sforza was the sole disappointment and did not exert influence compared to Medina and Fernandez.

    Four of the players stood out for me for their decision making, calmness and assured play which displays maturity and they were Zeballos, Palacios, Amione and the left back Luciano Vera a very intriguing player at left back. Up and down all game and shut down his flank and is comfortable carrying the ball unsurprisingly being from the River cantera. A bit small still but he has time to grow.

  10. From FIFA. Com
    “Palacios’ near-golazo from 60 yards
    It would be easy to dismiss a draw without goals as a match that lacked intrigue, back doing so for Spain-Argentina would be a mistake. Argentina’s Matias Palacios nearly netted a goal of the tournament contender when his shot from 60 yards hit the crossbar. The skill levels of the players and tactics of the coaches were some of the best Brazil 2019 has offered, too.”

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