Guido Rodriguez joins Real Betis from Club America


Guido Rodriguez has joined Real Betis from Club America.

The Argentina midfielder has finally made the switch over to Europe. Still only 25 years old, the defensive midfielder has joined for €4 million plus variables, according to reports.

Winner of the MVP in the Mexican first division last year, here’s what Guido had to say about his transfer:

“I am happy to be able to fulfill a dream, to fulfill a goal that I had set and that every player likes, so I’m very happy. I am very happy to have done things well in a big club in the world, the biggest in Mexico, so I am very happy, and now there is another challenge ahead.”


  1. Betis doesn’t have a true DM, Carvalho did the job quite well last year but he’s not a natural DM. It’s really a good move for Guido, I believe that with so many talented players like Alena, Fekir, Canales and Guardado, they should be able to go back to the top.

  2. Lo celso is overrated player in Argentina.Many people see himextraordinary while he is just average and good for lower mid level team in league.These cute players were always overhyped.Sometime Dybla was overhyped too but now he seems good ,Padtore was over hyped,he was talented but not in game only in training session now Lo celso.

    • Lo Celso has demonstrated he is good as 8 with PSG and as half 9 or right attacking midfielder with Betis. Maybe too much position change and too frequent club change stop a bit his progression. If Pastore wasn’t injured so much, he could have helped Argentina to win the world cup in 2014. I consider him as the most talented #10 of the decade.

    • Average players don’t score 16 goals while playing midfield and don’t get named in la liga’s team of the season. In the past I saw you praise Rojo after his joke of a display against Germany and now I see you call Celso average so please stop with the hyperbole.

  3. Mourinho was very happy when Erik Lamela scored a goal.That was very nice goal.Anytime Lamela over Lo celso.Lo celso does not suit modern game.Scaloni should choose either Lanzini or Lamela over Lo celso.

    • I like all of them, Lamela totally deserves more playing time. I found him quite different, more as an advanced box to box like Lampard in the past. I like to see Tottenham in 4312, Sissoko-Dier-Lamela as the midfield. All of them are so talented but have so few playing time with their club this year, it’s hard for Scaloni to bring them to Copa, maybe except Lo Celso because he belongs to one of the Scaloni’s proteges.

    • Lamela is Mourinho type of player. Hardworking , tracks back to defend, can score goals, can assist and has the ability to create something out of nothing. He is also an enganche but his fitness has been the biggest road block of his career.
      Locelso on the other hand is only useful if played in an offensive role , apparently! He doesn’t seem to be physically or technically good enough to play as a deep lying midfielder. We are already heavily stocked in our offensive department. It’s better we drop him and bring someone who can contribute to our midfield and defense both, like Lamela or Battaglia or Ascaibar or even Papu Gomez who has been extremely good for the past few years and can easily play the next copa and some qualifiers.

      Lanzini , he is made up of glass and can’t be trusted. He should not be selected for national team any more. Depending on Gago cost Sabella the world cup. As soon as Gago got in Germans started bombarding us. No more Gago type of players please!!

      • I honestly don’t understand why some of you are turning on Celso like that, the kid is world class.
        Celso did wonderfully when playing CM for PSG and Betis, infact at Betis he played CM, CAM, RW and RF and the result was 16 goals that season. Like Lamela he’s skilled with ball, defensively able and has a big eye for a pass and goal.
        Celso fails to perform when he is misplaced e.g. when playing as a DM against Real in the CL or playing on the left side of the midfield in a 4-4-2 for Argentina. In such a system he’s pushed to the edge of the midfield where his contribution is blunted. On the other hand if you watch the copa game against Chile where Scaloni used a 4-3-3 Celso did excellent as a b-2-b when paired with Depaul with Paredes just behind them.
        For me personally I see Celso best as a 10 behind Messi and Lautaro/Dybala/Kun


        Think of it as him taking messi’s role in Sabella’s old system! Using 3 strikers is a liability against stronger teams because it opens argentina up for attack (see the games against Brazil in copa and Uruguay friendly) but by using Celso instead of another striker you can eliminate that liability because Gio has the goal threat ability of a forward but is also diligent in defense.

  4. It’s a real sad thing to see another bright talent of ours Santi caseres career being destroyed due to staff changes he wasn’t included in the squad even against a trip to the third tier team of la liga truely sad. On the other hand two of our destroyers are in Europa league level clubs of hertha Berlin and real betis ascacibar and Guido which is good if only caseres future cud be sort our destroyer midfielder problem wud be sorted further more

    • There are also Lisandro Martinez who can play as DM as well. If Scaloni has to have Paredes, it’s always good to have a real DM next to him, and Buendia(Ocampos) + De Paul(Acuna) on each side of the midfield. The perfect balance, all of them can attack and defend. Paredes and Lisandro by their long pass, Buendia by his creativity and crossing, De Paul by his dribbles.

      • But bro I have watched Martinez playing every match n I observed his playing style is more similar to paredes both are excellent but in ball distribution tackling n both are lazy hence Ajax often be prone to counter attacks n concede goals similar to paredes who also is lazy but Martinez under the guidance of Erik ten Haag will improve hence it’s better to have only either one of them

        • Sorry Merc but I have to disagree with you there, Licha is anything but lazy, he works like a horse and always has to compensate for Vander Beek’s tendency to bomb forward and leave tons of space behind him. I would take Licha over paredes in the midfield any day of the week but Licha is best at the center of defense along side another ball playing CB named Quarta.

          We (Argentine fans) are used to having a no.5 in the team thanks to Masch’s 13 yrs or so at the heart of the midfield but things have changed quite abit now. When I look at Argentina’s midfielders I don’t see one trick ponies anymore, guys like Palacios, Dominguez, De Paul, Celso, Acuna, Licha and even Cervi (if and when he gets his chance) are all capable of playing defensive/creative/attacking football when need be and the days where the team needs destroyers like Ascacibar and Guido are fading away! Still I wouldn’t mind having Santi in the team because he’s a beast and the WCQ gets very rough.

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