Paulo Dybala scores for Juventus in 2-0 win vs. Bologna


Paulo Dybala scored for Juventus in their 2-0 win vs. Bologna.

Dybala has scored his first goal since the restart of Serie A, a wonderdul left footed strike from the edge of the penalty area gave Juventus the 2-0 lead. The Argentina man was hit with the virus for several weeks and has since fully recovered.


  1. I loved Messi’s display against Bilbao. He’s been kind of prosaic lately but his performance yesterday was vintage Messi.

  2. Lyon and Fiorentina are rumored to go for Barca. I don’t watch Atlanta United much but here is a comment from a supporter on reddit

    “Barco is a very interesting player. Can play as an attacking mid or a winger. Fairly quick, but not elite speed. Good dribbler. Took a while to mature after first coming to Atlanta, but was easily one of our best players last year in the few games he was available. Already had 2 goals and an assist in the first 2 league matches this season.

    The one thing that makes me cautious about him moving to a bigger league is that he often takes too long to make a decision around the box. If he can learn to make important decisions quicker, then the sky’s the limit for him, because he has all of the other tools.”

    • I have watched his highlights with Atalanta he definitely has huge potential like u said sky is the limit . His dribbling abilities are a thing of beauty also his electrifying pace . His shooting is also really good. His major issues are that he is very injury prone and that is definitely an area he needs to work on and improve his fitness no club would spend a lot on injury prone player’s nowdays.

  3. Interesting that Tuchel and Mourinho prefer Lo Celso in a deep defensive role. At least Mourinho gives box to box freedom for lo celso to carry the ball to more advanced positions. Perhaps this perfect training for the NT

    • Lol Tuchel never played lo celso he infact was the one who sold lo celso immediately after assuming the psg manager role. Lo celso played under three managers so far in Europe unai emery, queque setien and now Jose.
      Not sure how unai used him but I remember he was played both in advanced and deep midfield roles. Queque setien played him everywhere but largely used him in advanced role sometimes he was even played as a winger . But the best thing happening for lo celso is that he has played in a possession dominating team and now a counter attacking team he knows how to absorb pressure against high intensity teams this bodes well for argentina because scaloni likes to use different tactics depending on the opponent.

    • Mourinho is not playing Lo Celso in deep defensive role. He is almost playing as #10. He started playing behind Kane and Son yesterday. Off course once a Mourinho team goes up 2-0 or has 20 mins left in the game and winning, they always drop and take up more defensive responsibilities. But all in all Lo Celso plays a #10 in Mourinho’s team.

      Tuchel tried to use him as a defensive midfielder. He has options upfront and there was no place for Lo Celso further up. He tried to play him deep, but Celso is better further up. For Tuchel it made sense to let him go (or sell) and play a role he is good at.

  4. For Copa America only Argentina,Brazil and Uruguay looks to be contender for prize so Which forward midfield and defence is the best
    Forward Messi,Aguero,Lautato Martinez
    Midfield Lo celso,Paredes,De paul
    Defence Otamendi Pezella
    Fullback Tagliafico Foyth/Sarvia
    Goalkeeper Andrada
    Forward. Neymar, Firmino, Gabriel
    Midfield Countinho, Casemiro,Arthur
    Defence Thiago, Marquinose
    Fullback Danilo, Alex Sandro
    Goalkeeper Allison
    Forward Suarez, Cavani
    Midfield Nandez,Bentacur,Valvarade
    Defence Godin, Jimenz
    Fullbacks Caceras, M Vina
    Goalkeeper Muslera
    For Forwards
    For midfield
    Argentina>or =Brazil>Uruguay
    For defence
    For Fullbacks
    Brazil>Uruguay> or=Argentina
    Coach and staff
    So winning the match depends on for how long any team is able to keep the ball in it’s strong area(Attack Midfield or defence) and so their winning percentage gradually increases.

  5. Argentina have best attacking trio in Messi Aguero and Martinez.They also have best midfield trio in Lo celso Paredes and De paul.Every single player is different from other player quite significantly so variety is already present in this team.

      • Fully fit Aguero is always a starter.Icardi can come as sub for Lautato.Aguero is top center forward in Premiere league.Messi Aguero understanding is always prefered.

    • Argentina always have elite attackers, even in our dark time. Now, we are starting to see some gems in the midfield position. CBs problem hasn’t been solved yet, but we do have some rough gems who could potentially become good in C.Romero, Amione, N.Perez, Martinez Quarta… Hopefully, we can see La Albiceleste win something soon.

  6. Happy Birthday to the one and only Leo Messi.

    Since I started watching football in 1994 (First match I saw was Argentina vs Nigeria, I still have glimpses of seeing some Maradona Magic especially a free kick back flick to Batistuta. Which Cannigia scored) I haven’t seen any better player than Messi.

    Well I have been mesmerized by Riquelme, Ortega and Aimar. Messi is something else same with Maradona who also had an aura around him. But I unfortunately haven’t seen that many matches of him. Apart from some YouTube clips.

    Thank you Leonel Messi for making all the Argentine football fans around the world happy and proud. I still remember it was always the Brazilians who were always been counted as the best in the World, the Ro, Ro, Ri trio was always hogging the limelight. But Messi single handedly bettered all of them and been ruling the Football world for a decade and more now. And he forced even the Brazilians to say that an Argentine is the best player in the world.

    • True dude he is becoming a fan favourite at spurs and he even won the match of the match fan vote done by spurs official. I think after son and Kane lo celso might have the most fan following at spurs.

  7. Giovani Simeone seems to be improving after the break , scoring last couple of matches and was man of the match in today’s 1-0 win in which he also scored in the last minute 93’ !! He’s also 24

  8. Dybala is still nowhere near the player who destroyed barca single handedly as a 22 year midfielder,in my opinion. No offence

  9. One hell of a finish.. I feel that dybala still has so much to offer to our beloved albiceleste its upto scaloni to bring the best out of him..

  10. Now Mac Allister starts in his best position.This is good chance for him to show what he is capable of.I think Brighton gonna win and they will end season in top 10

    • he hardly touched the ball – even when he did it was nothing like the MacAllister we knew…promptly subbed at the first opportunity… looks like he needs to get a bit of playtime to warm up to his best…

    • Yeah I watched him, he was average imo, he didn’t have many opportunities with ball so I can’t really assess his performance. He attempted shooting from open play once and made a cross and attempted a free kick that hit the wall in first minutes, plus a couple of corners that led to nothing, other than that he barely touched the ball.

    • Guys stop being harsh on alexis it’s his first match in 5 months or 6 months and also against a team sitting in third position in premier league it’s hard for any player to hit the ground running immediately besides a new league a new team style . When the match started in the first five minutes he was the most dangerous player in the pitch after that Leicester started dominating possesion and whenever Brighton won the ball they wernt passing properly and easily losing possession hence alexis hardly got the ball to do something he only got one or two passes in first half so obviously it’s not enough to settle in the game remember last year Boca and argentina are teams dominating in possession so he was comfortable .this is totally new to him playing in a counter attacking style football. I’m sure once he settles into the team we will see the beast he is

      • Totally agree man. I think Potter trusts and likes him a lot too. He just needs few more matches to adapt with this counter-attacking style of play that Brighton usually use and also to gain confidence on pitch, afterwards he’ll just show what he is capable of(great things of course). I really hope this happens before the end of this PL season(7 matches left).

  11. Dybala doesn’t score ugly goals. 🙂 What a brilliant finish from outside the box.

    Dybala is easily juves best player. Ronaldo scores more goals (More penaldos) but Dybala assists, dribbles, and creates more chances, etc… . Even with CR7, Dybala is Juve’s most dangerous players.

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