Lionel Messi reaches 700 career goals with Panenka penalty for Barcelona vs. Atletico


Lionel Messi scored and reached goal 700 in his illustrious career as he netted a Panenka penalty for Barcelona in their 2-2 draw. Atletico Madrid.

Messi continues to score goals in style and his 700th of his career was no different. With Barcelona drawing 1-1 vs. Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid, the Catalan club were awarded a penalty kick and it was the captain who stepped up to take it.

The best player in the world took the penalty and did the Panenka, a chip, to score and give Barcelona the 2-1 lead. Here are his goals in details:

He has 630 goals in 722 games for Barcelona
He has 70 goals in 138 games for Argentina

He has 582 left footed goals: 441 of them from open play, 89 from penalties and 53 from free kicks
He has 92 goals with his right foot
He has 24 goals with his head
He has 1 goal with his hand
He has 1 goal with his chest


  1. Icardi is not a full 90 minutes player he is overatted player argentina don’t need him we have enough of telented players like dybala . L.martinez.alario.gaich.and others some young and dynamics telented players .

    • Icardi is a world class poacher, if given proper service he’s capable of scoring lots of goals. However, him and his wife think too highly of themselves and their presence and sense of entitlement is toxic. I’m not sure Scaloni would want that in his locker room even though he wouldn’t openly say that. Bottom line, Icardi comes with too much baggage, drama and bad history.

  2. Icardi is not a full 90 minutes player he is overatted player argentina don’t need him we have enough of telented players like dybala . L.martinez.alario.gaich.and others some young and dynamics telented players

  3. Icardi should be called and basically play instead of Lautaro alongside Messi in Plan 442 because Lautaro is so bad and his level has gradually declined since his name was associated with Barcelona
    Icardi Messi
    Ocamps Dominguez Paredes DePaul
    Tagliafico Senesi Quarta Montiel

    • I know his finishing is not world class level yet…..but we need someone upfront who can work hard for the team and he fits the bill.

      • We do need hard workers but we also need strikers who are clinical and can capitalize on the few moments throughout a game/tournament. For a while, Icardi was in the top 5 for most efficient Strikers in Europe. hes certainly has proven himself. Hard work can only go so far, we need goals, man. If Icardi isn’t called yet, then he should be integrated as Aguero exits.

        Dybala, Martinez, and Icardi should be our primary attackers after messi and aguero bounce.

        • I know that Lautaro is an amazing striker, but he has become unconvincing recently, and his level has decreased a lot. If he continues with this performance, Scaloni must sit him on the bench and enter Icardi or Alario or even Avilla.

  4. Talleres’ Argentina U-23 defender Facundo Medina is set for a move to Ligue 1 with Lens, reports TyC Sports.

    The French club will pay €6 million for the talented centre-back with the fee to be split between Talleres and River Plate, who hold 35 per cent of Medina’s playing rights

  5. I see musso is very good in wide angle view any shot that comes from the outside of box or little away he is very good to stopping that but i think his positional sense promptness infront of goal still not strengthen yet or not world class, so in close range he is not strong yet, oblak stegen alisson promptness positional sense infront of goal way better than musso,, and first goal Against atalanta i think he is in fault, at this situation he could little move forward, if his close range capability improve he will be world class

    • I think in last match also he conceded a goal which was somewhat questionable.

      But our GKing post is open as of now. No one has cemented the spot as No 1.

      Armani is old if he was young I would put him as No 1.he is infact a GK who can win matches(Atleast for River he does that 90 out of 100 times)

      Andrada was on fire, as of now he is the most logical No 1 considering his age. But that last match vs Uruguay didn’t do him much favor. But he is fantastic with his feet, good in air, great reflexes. One fault we can say is his penalty stopping ability. Which is bad. But gradually he can better that. Armani was way bad. But now he is improved.

      Musso can learn a lot if given more starts. The more any GK starts the better will his understanding with the defence becomes. Which automatically makes an average GK look good. Romero was prime example. He had played all friendlies and qualifiers to form a great understanding with the defence prior to 2014 WC. 2015 and 2016 Copas. The guy had started 99 out of 100 times for us. And the result shows.

      • I think musso should given the no. 1 spot. But he need to improve position, electrifying close range capability promptness or decision making, which could be improve with quality training and matches, yes you are true armani improved a lot, but he has little problem with body reflexes, andrada is good and no.1 currently but as you said he is weak in penalty

  6. Recently Messi was more of a playmaker than striker.But in match against Atletico we can see now he is hungry for goals too.Barca is rarely converting chaces created by Messi.So Messi gonna step forward

  7. Another jewel in the crown of Messi. I hope he becomes the highest goalscorer by the time he hungs up his boot. which is more than 800 goals over all officially.

    Looking at the current state. Messi for Barca looks exactly like Messi for Argentina during the past. Nowadays it looks to have changed for Argentina with addition of some vibrant Midfield players by Scaloni we can say that we are not dependent on Messi.

    At his age we can’t expect Messi to rescue us. He is more of a playmaker. It’s upto the strikers to exploit the plethora of assists which Messi will provide with his impeccable vision.

    At Barca its not looking good. Lautaro may can improve the attack but I don’t think they can afford him. It’s better for Argentina if Messi and Lautaro play together. I just hope Barca don’t humiliate themselves against Napoli and somehow reach quarters of CL. Meanwhile the league looks lost course.

    It’s sad to see Messi losing that’s an issue here. Not Barca losing. Still lot left to play but I don’t think they can win anything this year.

    • i think La LIga lowered their threshold for players purchases. The economy tanked due to COVID so the league lowered the ratio of revenue to purchase price. At this point, i don’t think Barca has a choice even if they could afford $100m for Lautaro.

  8. Problem with Barca is that there are many old players.Greizamen should start over Suarez,Franco de Jong should start over Busquet.3 man midfield should always have jong and Riqui Puig.3rd player can be anyone like Pjanic,Rakitic or someone else.Alena should have been in Barca.Messi Griezaman and Anshu Fati should be starter in. attack.Pique Lenglet are best.Semedo,Sergio Roberto are one match hit one match flop same for Jordi Alba

  9. I would not be surprised if Messi joins Pep Guardiola at Man City if that club can play CL next season.

  10. Hi everybody. I hope u all r well.I’m from Banglades.I’m a supporter of Argentina football team.I come here to read u r conversation. All of member here too good.Bye bye Stay safe.

  11. Congrats Messi, Maybe Messi have to consider moving from Barca… The management, recruitment policy, coach style, lack of creativity and vision doesn’t suit him anymore. Surrounded by veteran players and all depend on him alone.

    Messi is not the 25 yrs old stamina, he need to be surrounded by energetic and lethal striker and wall defensive players

  12. What’s happening rn with Barcelona is what happened in 2018 wc. The squad is filled with to many old players. Messi needs younger players around him just like Argentina rn

    • That doesn’t make sense if you look at WC 2014, oldest team in the competition.

      2018 WC was a cluster fuck of batshit coaching decisions that led to poor results. Other factors too but Sampa is mainly responsible.

      • yes i also see this as a repeat of argentina’s issues in 2018. From being maybe the best team in 15-16 , we fell so bad by 2018 . Ageing players & most importantly coach changes is playing a big role in Barcelona’s decline . 2014 – fact is we had a consistent coach ( Sabella came by 2011) , well oiled defense & folks like Messi, Masche were at their peak.

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