Gio Lo Celso scores for Tottenham in 2-0 win vs. Manchester City


Gio Lo Celso scored for Tottenham in their 2-0 win vs. Manchester City.

Lo Celso was substituted into the match and about seconds in, he would score Tottenham’s second of the game. A counter attack by Tottenham and a pass into Lo Celso in the penalty area as the Argentine would score.


  1. Marcos Senesi with his banger and rocket goal; absolute beauty like Lanzini’s goal. Scaloni should call him and can be optimized as CB or LB; don’t wait for another 2-3 years again.

    Age 23 yrs now – it can be a new Roberto Carlos in Argentina N/T.

  2. It is also unfortunate that 26 y.o. fireball Chimy Avila is also out until Mar. 2021. He still has 5-6 good years ahead of him… I’m sure he can fight for a place also next year if he can remain injury free.

  3. Ok got caught up on some of the games and my 2 cents:

    A.Correa was excellent against Barca, he’s been one of Atletico’s best performers this season (already bagged 6 assists) and Simeone is FINALLY using him properly i.e. in the attacking position. Mind you he’s pretty solid as a RM as well.
    Lio wasn’t at his best, even though he created a couple of good chances but you can tell that his heart is not in it and his confidence is at an all time low, I mean there was an instant in the 2nd half where Lio would’ve normally shot on goal from a difficult angle but he hesitated and it reminds me of good ol’ bad days with Argentina where his confidence was totally shot.
    Needs to get out of this club by the end of the season or there will be nothing of the Messi we know left by the time the WC comes around.

    Ocampos was fantastic for Sevilla even if he didn’t score but you can tell he was fired up and the fact that N.Gonzalez has displaced him for the starting 11 seems to be lighting some fire under him.
    As for Acuna, he came back way too soon but it shows how important he is to Sevilla that they couldn’t wait to send him out there as soon as he recovered. Hope the injury isn’t too serious.

    Speaking of injury, Nico Gonzalez continues his hot form and his goal was very messi-esque but unfortunately he went out injured and I really hope it’s not too serious, although I am not too surprised considering the 2 intense WCQ matches he played.
    Klimowich came in as a sub after 2 previous starts as a striker, which is not his position. The coach seems to like him because the he is getting minutes but I hope the coach comes to realize that Klimowich is a midfielder not a striker, although at his young age (only 20) it’s good to explore his strengths and weaknesses in different positions. Good prospect.

    Good work from Celso and it’s great to see him get back into fitness (hasn’t lost his form) because that’s been Mourihno’s complaint. I’m glad he didn’t play the full match because coming of those intense WCQs and with his fitness issues it would’ve been too much.

    Over at Italy I didn’t watch Juve or Lazio but apparently J.Correa scored, which is always a plus while Dybala is still working his way up to fitness. It’s been a tough start to the season for Paulo but he showed last season that has the mental grit and class to rise when everyone counted him out and I honestly hope he doesn’t extend with Juve because this club does not deserve him.
    The Serie A game that I did watch was Atlanta’s and I gotta say C.Romero’s performance was breath taking! The way the kid read the game is absolutely incredible! If he continues like this he can become the next Ayala.

  4. Harry Kane assist. We will delightful if Lo Celso can replicate the same during the next 2 games at WCQ against Uru and Bra, what a wonderful moment will it be.

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