River Plate look to overturn 3-0 deficit vs. Palmeiras in Copa Libertadores


River Plate will look to overturn a 3-0 deficit as they play Palmeiras in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores.

It was a disappointing first leg defeat as Marcelo Gallardo’s men will want to turn it around to make the final. The second match will be played in Sao Paulo and River will need a miracle if they want to make a third consecutive final. Marcelo Gallardo has named his squad for the match:

Franco Armani
Enrique Bologna
German Lux
Javier Pinola
Roberto Rojas
Paulo Diaz
Milton Casco
Fabrizio Angileri
Gonzalo Montiel
Leonardo Ponzio
Enzo Perez
Bruno Zuculini
Santiago Sosa
Nicolas De La Cruz
Ignacio Fernandez
Cristian Ferreira
Rafael Borre
Julian Alvarez
Matias SUarez
Federico Girotti
Benjamin Rollheiser


  1. Does anyone know what the structure/format/dates will be for the next first division Argentinian league and or cup competition? If you could explain it as best you can it would be greatly appreciated. I believe I heard something about it beginning in March but I am skeptical if that is correct.

  2. Very dissapointed game from Boca..just 51 min they losing 3-0..always losing ball especially from Salvio..i don’t see any tactical plan from Miguel Angel Russo..now they lost Fabra because red card..so this year is for Brazilian club..

  3. I’m watching live now Boca Juniors vs Santos..River Plate so unlucky yesterday although they play briliant game..hopefully Boca will beat Santos and go to the final..vamos Arg..

  4. Great game from River and a frustrating outcome but we’ve already seen that in copa 19 and I hope we won’t be seeing it in copa 21 (if it’s held that is!).
    Gallardo made a mistake in the first leg and played right into the Brazilians’ plan but cudos to him from learning his lesson and coming back in such a fashion, I mean honestly River was down to 10 men and still they were killing the yellows!
    A big positive is Montiel’s performance and he’s been solid for River throughout the season.

  5. i was not one of those that after we lost 3-0 in first game believed we could qualify.
    after the game the only i have to say is that i am proud for our guys. i don t forget the mistakes that bring us to the bad position before the game but i can t say anything about the second game. personally as River fan i feel terrible and so sad for the way we lose the qualification. honestly i would feel less sad if the game instead of 2-0 win had ended 0-0. i can accept the fact the team perform bad and lose fair. it is ok. but it is not ok and it is far worse to stole us like yesterday.

    var is used from Conmebol asholes as tool for make crimes against the teams they don t like. the same is for national team. i can t forget Messi goal against Paraguay that disallowed because one foul 1-2 minutes earlier.

    Tapia should do something about this asholes in Conmebol. yesterday was River plate tommorrow can be national team again in copa america or world cup qualifyers.

  6. Oh well. There was some kind of cheating, but this game took the cake and goes to history. I have been saying that VAR is a bad thing. It has introduced systemic favoritism. It organized crime now.


  7. I was refered to the favours Brazil is gaining numerous times in here in the past, but some fellow members in here treated me like i was trying to find excuses for our failures.

    Corruption in favour to Brazil is not something new. I have been watching our beloved team for almost 3 decades and i can say that Brazil is by far the most corrupted team (regarding national teams at least) that i have ever seen, they have a glorious history in terms of corruption.
    Anyone who is an “oldie” like me, knows exactly what i am saying.
    “VAR” is just another proof.

  8. Refree theft two genuine goals from River… AFA must intervane this otherwise this same thing will happpen with argentina in copa america

  9. I am a very big fan of football but watching so much corruption in the south american football is very disgraceful….. They brought VAR just to show the level of corruption…

  10. Despite some questionable calls (to say the least), River showed determination and character and can be proud of their display. Montiel played well as a wingback and I think it’s becoming more clear that at the moment there is nobody else better suited to play as a RB for the NT.

  11. River showed fight today.That was clear penalty so much corruption in south American football. Now I worry for Argentina too for Copa America 2021.Why Montiel goal was disallowed he was not offside.

  12. Absolutely unbelievable. Not only this kind of situation with the national team but also with clubs. I’m still so proud with what the team gave today.

  13. What a shitty onesided referee & var team. How can all key decisions bcome against us when we jus needed one goal? Montiel goal, rojas red card, var disallowing suarez foul whixh was penalty. Stinking conembol brazilian puppets

    • Every 50/50 decision went against us. That was a clear penalty in my opinion, were it not for him tripping Suarez he would have had a shot on goal. Disgraceful

      • 100%. Montiel was reqdy to take penalty when brazil var stepped in. Even the rojas 2nd yellow. Referee knew that was a key decision & easily cld have kept it a foul. Wanted to give numerical superiority to palmerias.

        • Yes the Rojas red card was very soft and Palmeiras themselves made several tackles like that that were simply fouls. If he was consistent with the rules Palmeiras would have had a couple of red cards.

  14. 3 man defense against a fast palmerias is super risky. But guess there is no option. Atleast a goal in first half will give a remote chance.

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