Alejandro Papu Gomez to hold meeting with Atalanta president regarding future


Alejandro Papu Gomez will reportedly have a meeting this week with Atalanta officials and his agent regarding his future.

Papu Gomez has seen his relationship with club coach Gasperini turn sour the past few weeks and it looks like his time with Atalanta is over. Per a report by Corriere della Sera, a meeting will take place between Gomez, his agent Giuseppe Riso, club president Percassi and coachc Gasperini.

Gomez is wanted by several clubs but all parties would need to agree on a potential transfer. On five goals and four assists this season, the Argentine has seen Inter reportedly interested in signging him.


  1. Hey guys… I’m Vincent… Been an Argentina fan for 6 years now… I’ve been following this platform since 2017 but havn’t posted any comment… Hope I’m welcome

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  2. Lucas Martinez Quarta is good at passing, interception and ball protection but he is isnt good enough in Physical Blocking(which i believe is the most essential attribute for a CB) and Tackles he needs to improvement in those areas.

  3. Unfortunate that it seemingly will end on a sour note between him and Atalanta (or their coach at least) after such an impactful spell with the team… I wish him a good transfer.

    Question for you guys:
    Which rumored transfers do you wish to see for our players this January transfer window?

    For me:
    #1 Senesi to Atalanta, playing next to Romero = CB pair sorted
    #2 Paredes to Inter (followed by De Paul in the summer, both seem unlikely in the same window)
    #3 Montiel to AS Roma
    #4 Alario to any top5 league team that would appreciate him as a starter. He’s at 11 goals 2 assists in 867 minutes this season ffs and the coach persists on playing Schick with 7 goals 1 assist in 935 minutes

    • I would love to see alario, gomez and senesi at sevilla….because we need a new defender if kounde or diego carlos leaves and we need a good striker and a central midfielder to replace banega

    • nice picks. Senesi needs to be tested in Serie A or La Liga. He is doing very well at Eredivise & a good show in one of these leagues can make Scaloni confident of him as Left CB. I think he & Romero can grow up to be a good pair & complement each other. But would love to see him playing big teams before being fully convinced.
      I would like to add the following 2 :
      1) Buendia to a PL team. The guy is too good for 2nd division. I seriously believe he can bring the energy that LoCelso & Nico G got to NT recently. Arsenal murmurs getting louder day by day.
      2) Adolfo Gaich – the talent is lost in Russia. He badly needs to get a move to a lower ranked top 5 league team or come back to Argentine league. Batista’s No 1 striker for Olympics where we have a decent chance.

      • Agreed amit. Forgot to add Buendia to the list and I really hope he gets a transfer too. Seems likely that he will join Arsenal and hopefully he can bring similar importance and effect to their struggling side as Bruno Fernandes did to Man U.

        Gaich I keep forgetting about… And probably that says everything about his current situation. Lost in Russia. Any rumors regarding him?

        • Yes vikin. There are rumours of gaich for sheffield & some turkish clubs. Nothing authenticated for now & could also be agent led media hype

    • I’ll take all 4 to go!
      Montiel and Senesi need to move to bigger leagues to prove themselves while Alario has already proven himself for NEVERkusen and so he needs to move (Sevilla is a great pick Gurusevilla).
      Paredes would do well in Italy but with Poch around it wouldn’t be the worst thing to stay in PSG (still prefer him to go to Inter).

      Amit’s picks (Buendia and Gaich) definitely need to move, especially the latter who is wasting his talent in a minor league like Russia.
      The Buendia/Arsenal talk is getting louder and louder and Emi is waaaaay to talented to be playing in the 2nd division.
      I would like to add De Paul to this list, he’s legit wanted by Juve and Inter and there are reports linking him to Liverpool (questionable), because he has outgrown Udinese and has so for 3 years now.

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