Lyon out of the race to sign Argentina’s Gonzalo Montiel


Lyon are out of the race to sign Gonzalo Montiel of River Plate.

Montiel won’t be joining Lyon as the club has reportedly decided not to sign him due to his transfer fee. Per a report by TyC Sports, the club could not get the €8.5 million necessary to pay River Plate for the Argentine.

Still only 24 years of age, Montiel has been linked in the past with a move away from Argentina.


  1. Papu Gomez to Sevilla seems a done deal . Fabrizio Romano has confirmed it in twitter & this guy is very credible on transfer market news.
    Considering its just this week for transfers to close , if montiel & gaich also manage a transfer – that will be best case scenario for Argentines.

    • €5.5m transfer fee + €3m add-ons. Contract until June 2024.
      Today he’s traveling to Seville for medicals and paperwork.

      Really happy about this signing! Sevilla is a team I like, and besides playing alongside Acuña and Ocampos, I am excited to see his take on a slightly different role than what he’s used to in Sevilla’s 4-3-3 midfield. If he can adapt well and stay on his level, I think it’s fair to say that he could be a better option than Dominguez as De Paul’s backup.

      • He’s coming in to as a banega replacement….rakitic has been a flop so lopetegui is going to start him and play him in the hole just behind the striker and since suso en nesyri has been on fire gomez could pair up well with the front 3 (suso, ocampos and nesyri)

  2. What a shame….. first Roma sign the American and now Lyon does not want to pay the LOW release clause for him. He needs to be in Europe to improve and better the NT.

    • Logic, He is free in 6 months …. Why will you pay 8,5 during this crisis ? It’s too much expansive and Lyon have a bad experience with River’s players after the Mammana Flop

      • According to TYC, they were looking to extend his contract for another 18 months to try and get a transfer fee for him. Oh, please refresh my memory on the “flop” title that was given to Mammana.

        • Mammana 2017 “the new Ayala of River”

          Mammana 2021 : “The random Argentinan defender of Sotchi FC”

          it’s one of the problems about River’s players … When they are good with Rivers, people think they are elite players ready for Europe.

          Result : Mammana, Kranevitter, Lanzini, Druissi, Nicolas Gonzalez, Martinez Quarta etc…

          Who is the last player from River who succeed in Europe ? Mercado ? Lamela ? it was years ago and they arent Elite Players.

          Sad reality

          • Absurd to include Nico in your list given his form.

            Absurd to include Lanzini in your list given the only thing holding him back were injuries. Talent wise, he could have made into many top teams.

            Absurd to include LMQ given his first few months in Europe.

          • I think you created a bit of a straw-man Calimeroi. Players become elite over time, usually by their mid 20’s. They start as promising and rough diamonds and then develop.

            Also, a bit premature to judge Quarta and Nico Gonzales is doing fine so far.

          • Since when was Nico Gonzalez from River? And in what universe is the guy a flop? He’s in great form!

            Mammana was a success in Lyon initially but then his endless injuries started happening.

            Lanzini was a big success in West Ham and then sadly his endless injuries started happening.

            Druissi was a success in Russia, even if that doesn’t mean much.

            Kranevitter was a big flop I agree with you.

            Way too early to call Quarta a flop.

          • Yes Gonzalez Martinez sorry about that.

            Mammana was on the bench of Lyon and he was already in Zenith during his first knee injury…. Yes Druissi play in Zenith but come on… its a farmer league we all know that. Lanzini is regulary on the bench of West ham … not on the bench of Liverpool ! WEST HAM ! It’s not a amazing succes for me. Palacios was on the bench of Leverkusen too by the way ….

            What i said is not “River’s players are shit” i just said they are not elite players. And sadly the recent history prove it …. The best argentinan players came in Europe very very young and finished their formation there…. Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Lo Celso, Icardi or Dybala

          • Nope, Mammana was starting for Lyon, which caused Zenit to buy him for about 30 mill euros.
            Lanzini wasn’t on the bench in the first 2 seasons with West Ham, it was after his major injury with Argentina that his form dropped and was then dropped to the bench, and I never said he was an amazing success but he was a success and was voted runner up for West Ham’s best player of the season.
            No club forms elite players, u have the likes of Kranevitter who was as flop in europe and then you have Nico Gonzalez and C.Romero who were relative unknowns but are proving to be successes in europe, alot of it depends on how the player adapts to his new environment.

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