Angel Di Maria scores, comments on Lionel Messi possibly joining PSG


Angel Di Maria scored and assisted for PSG in their 3-0 win vs. Nimes as he also spoke about Lionel Messi possibly joining the team.

Di Maria scored his fourth goal of the season to give PSG the 1-0 lead. The Argentine got onto the end of a poor pass, ran towards goal and his effort opened the scoring for his fourth goal of the season.

Now 32 years of age, Di Maria also had an assist as he crossed the ball into the penalty area for Sarabia to score to give them the 2-0 lead.

He would also make headlines after the match as he was asked about Lionel Messi possibly leaving Barcelona and joining him with PSG. When asked about it by Canal+, here’s what he had to say:

“I hope so. There’s a big chance. We have to be calm and to let things develop.”


  1. It’s important for Arg to beat Brazil in the coming qualifiers or have a good game & not lose. Going to Copa, it’s very important psychologically

  2. we can t beat easy any big team and the other big teams can t beat us easy too.
    this was always like this it is not only this years. from 1978 till today.
    some games exist historically not like this but it is just some exceptions as every rule has.

    with Messi or without Messi. with Maradona or without Maradona.Argentina national team jersey is “heavy” and it is always respected from all the other teams.
    this is not matter of fear. Brasil ,England ,France, Italia ,Holland and Germany never afraid us no matter what players we have or we had. the same exist and for our side.
    we never faced any of those teams with fear. we always enter the pitch with mentality that we will play to win them without care what players they have inside.

    the point here is this. are we ready today when we will face those teams to have more than 50 % to beat them. i think we are not. not because of talent. we are not because our team don t have the chemistry yet for that. the 2014 generation is gone and the new team is not builded yet.not in the level is needed at least.

    favourite or underdog in 2022 world cup and in this year Copa america we will go to win and we can win. quality exist already. chemistry and balance we need only and little luck during the games. nothing more i believe.

    • Agreed mate!! Most part. I would like us to be in a position that we have 50% chance of us winning against any top team. That’s the minimum. Sometimes we can be good, sometimes others can be good, tilting the balance. I agree with you that the mutual respect is there.

      However I do disagree in the fear part. Or whatever word you want to choose. To your point, our 2014 team was a well oiled machine and instilled fear in opponents. Italy during last world cup was a mess and there was no fear of playing against them. You would think you can beat them. High or low confidence. It matters. Holland the same. Same with England and everyone.

    • Cox4 my friend, i agree with everything you said but i strongly believe that our team, coaching stuff and our players should not only get prepared for the reasons you and other fellow members have mentioned but in an ultimate extent, to even surpass their own selves and that is because we have to face corruption as well.

      I am sure that you know exactly what i mean!

  3. Juan Foyth has made remarkable recovery he played as Right Back vs Levante full 120 minute and got 7.4 ratings in is good in both Right Back and Center Back.
    Foyth,C.Romero are best for defending role even LMQ is showing quality performance.

  4. Great answer from @Godin below. I totally agree.

    We will never be able to beat them easily. These are all big nations (including us). They don’t beat each other easily. Sometimes you can get a score of 4-0, 5-1, those are crazy accidents.

    A better quantitative question to ask: If we meet these top nations 10 times, how many times we will win, how many draws and how many we will lose? E.g. Last time we beat Brazil in any game of importance is a 3-1 win for 2006 WC qualification at home. 2 goals from Crespo, 1 from Riquelme and Roberto Carlos pulling one back later. That’s freaking 16 years back. We are still a strong nation, but there is a reason we don’t win anything recently. So where are we, if we play 10 games? not one offs.

    A qualitative question is: Does other big nations fear us? I think YES. Mainly because of Messi. We will lose the prestige or fear factor to some extent after Messi. That’s a huge component. If you are always an underdog, you are going to win less and lose most. That’s the definition of underdog. An underdog is dangerous but mostly loses, a favorite is feared and mostly wins. So, what are we? when we play these big nations, an underdog or a favorite?

    Lot of work to do for Scaloni & co. Cut the politics, choose players on merit, have a strategy and plan, we have the necessary talents to win.

  5. ——————-Lautaro—–Messi
    Gonzalez–Lo Celso—Paredes—-De Paul—-Ocampos


    ———-Gonzalez—–Messi—–De Paul
    —————–Lo Celso—-Paredes


    • Hhhh there nothing easily in football now days without been baised sure arg nt can beat any nation in world football on their day However in recent history suggests other wise that arg couldn’t beat big nations like arch rivals Brazil, Germany and France.
      If I come to answer your question yes they can beat current Portugal or other strong nations with or without C Romero and emi martinez under scaloni

      • I think the next qualifiers against Uruguay and Brazil will be a big showing of whether or not we can beat big teams if we incorporate these players. Would have been better to incorporate them the last two games though because it’s riskier in the big games, but it has to happen as soon as possible given Copa. We will have to wait and see, a month and a half to answer your question

    • Right now Argentina can beat any team. A midfield of Paredes,Lo Celso and De Paul can beat any team. Emi Martinez as goalkeeper Messi a play maker Argentina has good chance.

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