Argentina 2021 Copa America matches confirmed


Argentina’s matches for the Copa America have been confirmed as they will play Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia in the group stage.

With no Australia or Qatar at the 2021 Copa America, each team will only play four matches in the group. For Argentina, it is four extremely familiar Copa America opponents. Lionel Scaloni’s team start the tournament at the Monumental vs. Chile, a team they have played in the last three Copa America tournaments.

Only four days after their first match, Argentina play eternal rivals Uruguay on June 17 at the Kempes stadium. The last time these two teams played against each other at a Copa America was the 2015 edition. Three days after that, on June 17 it’s against Paraguay back at the Monumental stadium.

The team close out their group on June 27 vs. Bolivia, a team they recently beat 2-1 in the World Cup qualifiers.

This year’s Copa will have 10 teams divided into two groups with four teams advancing from each group. Here Argentina’s matches and kick off times (local time) for the 2021 Copa America:
June 13 vs. Chile at 6pm at Monumental
June 17 vs. Uruguay at 9pm at Kempes stadium
June 20 vs. Paraguay at 8pm at Monumental
June 27 vs. Bolivia at 6pm at Monumental



  1. It seems like Lo Celso is about to return as spurs posted a video of him boarding the plane with his teammates for Zagreb, I doubt he will start though but the wait is finally coming to an end.

  2. Koeman used 3atb and Barca did well. Given that we don’t have modern attacking fullbacks, Im curious if Scaloni can make it work for the NT.

    Dembele – Messi

    Alba – Pedri – Busquets – De Jong – Dest

    Lenglet – Pique – Mingueza


    Martinez – Messi

    Acuna – Lo Celso – Paredes – De Paul – Ocampos

    Senesi – LMQ – Romero


    I would have put Tagliafico at LCB but i remember him and Acuna didn’t pair well. Foyth could all work at RCB and Montiel or Molina at RM. I do prefer 2 strikers with Messi in the hole but this formation has plenty of options to play with.

    • If Molina continues getting minutes ve could be better for RM because he is good at attacking yet not the most defensively adept. An important thing to consider though is that if we have 3 CBs we need 3 back ups as well, Pezzella and Medina should be two because they play in back 3s, but who else? Maybe Foyth can play RCB

  3. Apart from Messi, Pep should be grateful to Aguero too, lots of Manchester city’s success is due to Aguero’s goals. I was never too fond of Pep actually, i think he utilised Bielsa’s philisophy and tactics during Barcelona’s successful era, not a pioneer really.

    Anyway, does anyone know why Ocampos is not even included in Sevilla’s team for the match against Elche?

    • Mad or what? Think twice before speaking about Pep. The world knows that Pep is a Cruyffista and a pioneer of Tiki Taka. Bielsa is nowhere near Pep. Bielsa is Leeds quality. Pep is Barca, Bayern and City quality. It is obvious that Aguero has contributed to City’s success in the recent years. But even when Aguero is injured, City keeps playing well. None of Pep’s teams are one man teams.

  4. Best xi

    Dybala Lautaro martinez / aguero

    Nicolas lo celso guido / paredes messi

    Medina/Lisandro christian romero juan foyth

    Emiliano martinez

  5. Slightly off topic…

    I am not surprised. There are a lot of people who think Pep is fond of our players. I have said this before, this is actually a myth. Not even Messi. I would not want Messi to go to Man City or anywhere under Pep.

    I think Aguero is guilty too with his discipline but he should leave now and get serious about his physical preparation. I feel he has 1-2 good years with NT.

    • I agree Guardiola never been fair with Aguero since the day he came man City wanted to get ride of Aguero and promote jesus but he needed Aguero goals cose his goal ratio ridiculously so good. can you imagine Aguero hardly finished game whenever he starts
      Under Guardiola always been subbed otherwise he would have score more than 200 goals by now in EPL. BTW Messi made what Guardiola is today
      Prove is messi won UEFA champions league without Guardiola but him not even great teams like fcbayern
      And man City who backed him financially so well.

      • Completely agree. Pep even got Ibra to play 9, but then could not handle him and sold him and Messi bailed him out. He is grateful for that, at least he admits it. Without Messi he won nothing other than league titles. He never even tries to sign an Argentine player. He shuns them all the time. Strangely the world thinks there is a Messi connection and he is fond of our players too.

        I won’t be surprised at all if players have instructions not to find Aguero.

        Pep can be a very good coach, but he is a slimy character.

    • I would prefer Messi to stay at Barca honestly. He has 3 years of European level football left in him and I prefer him end his European career there.

      • He should stay at Barca. If I was him, I won’t go anywhere. CL is not guaranteed anywhere. Even at a top club. There will be unnecessary pressure on him to win CL by his own. I would rather prefer, stay at Barca, drop out of CL in QFs and focus on the WC.

  6. Ranking of top 10 most important player for Argentina who are probably starter
    1 Messi
    2 Emi Martinez
    3 Lautaro Martinez
    4 Aguero
    5 Paredes
    6 Lo celso
    7 Dybla
    8 C. Romero
    9 N. Gonzalez
    10 De paul

    • Emi hasnt even been called up (not saying he shouldnt be).

      Aguero has been hurt, will again if he didnt change diet, etc and has not regained form.. he was workd class, but his decline could be a real factor. Too early to tell, he needs continuity.

      Dybala was dull almost every game he played for NT and is not good enough to build a team around for us. Bench.

      And DePaul last? Depaul is 90% the reason Messi is playing better under our new coach. DePaul is more important than ANY midfielder. We can replace Paredes, Locelso, etc but if we loose depaul we are fracked. Highly underrated.

      • Dybala + Aguero with Messi in the hole proved to be one of our best attacking front lines. I forget the games but it was Brazil, Chile, and/or Uruguay, for the 1st time in years i saw we had complete control of the game. we dominated the opposition with press, possession, and these front 3 attacking.

        100% agree with De Paul. He’s certainly one the most important players right now. For the life of me, i dont understand his critics.

        • @ choripan it was aguero Messi and dybala in the Uruguay 2-2 and the Chile 3rd place match , the Brazil match it was Messi , ocampos and Lautaro

      • Dybla was Serie A player of the season 2019-20 and that is a huge achievement.In matches vs Chile and Uruguay he was phenomenal, Aguero is getting minutes in Man City he looks more fresh and fitter.
        De Paul is good player I am not criticizing him he is a undisputed starter it is just about ranking the player too many good players.

    • Over time lo Celso will become more and more important to us, we saw how helpful he was in the last qualifiers. Notice how Tottenham are massively struggling without him

  7. Four teams out of 5 qualify? What nonsense. The top 2 teams should go through to the semi finals. Guess conmebol just wants extra games (extra money from broadcasting rights).

  8. The top four teams from each group will qualify for the quarter-finals.

    So we should be able to qualify for QFs. Does anyone know what is the format from QF? Does 1 of group 1 play 4 of group 2, like that?

  9. According to our next games will be played in June against Chile and Colombia big let down was looking forward to this international break also puts South American teams at a disadvantage because every other federation seems to continue with their schedule as normal as always the Europeans aprovechando de sus riquezas para dejarnos jodidos

      • Honestly why don’t Argentina and Brazil play a 2 way friendlies in europe? It would be hugely beneficial for both.
        Missing out on another international break is such a huge waste, heck bring the olympic team and let them play a friendly match against the main team, which would be good practice for both, just do something AFA, anything!

  10. This group looks very dangerous. It could have been easy with more matches but Australia and Qatar have left so this is group of death. Just goalkeeping department needs Emi Martinez in Copa America 2021 and everything other is quite settled or good. Argentina needs all round goalkeeper between the post and Emi Martinez is made for this. Armani is not good in distributing the ball and his reflexes are also slow recently.
    Do not bring Armani between the post. Argentina needs best player at every position, Messi’s dream of international trophy is at stake if Argentina wins Copa America it will boost Messi’s confidence in team for next years world cup 2022.

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