Copa Libertadores preview: Boca, River, Defensa, Racing, Velez, Argentinos look for glory


The group stage of the 2021 Copa Libertadores starts on Tuesday with six Argentine clubs taking part this season.

It’s eight groups with six Argentine teams divided as we have three full days of Libetadores matches. After an all Brazilian final last year, the Argentine clubs will want to make the final this year.

Copa sudamericana and recent Recopa Sudamericana winners Defensa y Justicia are in Group A with last year’s winners Palmeiras, as well as Universitario of Peru and Independiente del Valle of Ecuador. Group B brings no Argentine clubs as Olimpia of Paraguay, Internacional of Brazil, Deportivo Tachira of Venezuela and Always Ready of Bolivia will compete.

Six time Copa Libertadores winners Boca Juniors are in Group C along with last season’s finalists Santos, Barcelona of Ecuador and Bolivia’s The Strongest. Group D brings 2018 winners River Plate, Sante Fe of Colombia, Fluminense of Brazil and Junior of Colombia.

Group E has Racing Club with Sao Paulo of Brazil, Sporting Cristal of Peru and Rensistas of Uruguay. Group F has Argentinos Juniors with Nacional o Uruguay, Universidad Catalocia of Peru and Atletico Nacional of Colombia.

Velez Sarsfield is the last Argentine club as they are in a group with Flamengo of Brazil, LDU Quito of Ecuador and Union La Calera of Chile. Group H has no Argentine clubs with Cerro Porteno of Paraguay, Atletico Mineiro of Brazil, America de Cali of Colombia and Deportivo La Guaira of Venezuela.

Here are the Copa Libertadores matches this week involving Argentine clubs:

Tuesday, April 20:
Argentinos Juniors vs. Nacional

Velez Sarsfield vs. Flamengo

Wednesday, April 21:
The Strongest vs. Boca Juniors

Rentistas vs. Racing Club

Independiente del Valle vs. Defensa y Justicia

Thursday, April 22:
Fluminense vs. River Plate


  1. Angel Correa is a very talented forward leaving Atletico and joining a PL club would revolutionize his career. Scaloni should find a way to inject him into the team.

  2. _________ ——–Lautaro———-Messi
    Lo celso ——– Paredes ————- Depaul
    _____————————————— ______
    ———– _______———- ________
    ———————— __________

    I think only 5 positions fixed yet still chaos for other 6 positions , Scaloni needs finalize these remaining positions ASAP.

  3. Cox

    I completely agree with what you said yesterday. Aside from the greediness of the situation it would ruin it for the viewers as well. The worst part is that people like Florentino Pérez claim it is wanted by the people of football, although up until now I have not seen a single person that is in favor of it.

    It is undeniably for the purpose of money, if it wasn’t strictly about money why aren’t Sevilla and Ajax in it? Sevilla have dominated European football through the Europa league in recent times. Ajax have been more successful than Tottenham and arsenal combined internationally I believe. AC Milan haven’t even been playing champions league since 2014. Why not have qualification rounds for it like the champions league? Because money is the only thing that matters. It is highly unfair to the clubs that have succeeded but aren’t in it. Even the players and managers of these clubs were surprised from the news and all resented it — more proof that it is just a scheme made up only by the owners of these clubs that want money and power

    • yes of course my friend. those rich clubs care only to be more rich. Nobody i believe can be so naive to believe that they care about football. i read what Perez told to the media and really make me feel that this man had the impresion that he was speaking to us like we are all idiots.
      He make me ungry personally.
      if this 15 clubs succeed to make this closed for rich only clubs new championship then the football soon will have huge damage in every aspect of it.
      i hope for the good of football those 15 clubs to fail with their plans.

  4. Buendia is so good this season. 13 goals, 16 assists in 35 matches. Leading key passes and big chances created in league by far, also highest rated player in league…
    115 key passes (3.3 avg per game), 18 big chances created
    Creativity, dribbling, passing, through balls, key passes, hard working, defensive contribution, long shots, crossing, ball control and ability to hold on to the ball and progress it forward… Apart from aerials and committing fouls often, everything looks top notch. The whole package.

    His type of player reminds me of De Paul. In fact, when comparing their season heatmap, it’s very similar. It’s clear that they like to operate in the same types of spaces.
    Buendia has played the whole season on the right wing, but likes to cut in and play in central areas too. He can play on either wing or as attacking midfielder, but with the qualities he possesses, I’m sure he can be just as versatile of a midfielder as De Paul and I think there is currently no better Argentine player to cover De Paul’s role.

    By dropping Dominguez and replacing him with Buendia, our complete midfield would be:
    Paredes (Rodriguez)
    Lo Celso (Palacios)
    De Paul (Buendia)

    • It really is high time to call him up in June after this wonder season. Scaloni has picked second division players before (Gonzalez, Emi Martinez) so it’s not an excuse.
      June WCQ and Copa selections will be a big test for Scaloni’s maturity in squad selection and management. By not selecting/trying any of Buendia, Romero, Emi Martinez, Lisandro/Senesi, he will come off as clueless because these players are all in the forms of their lives, and have proved themselves this season by being among the best in their positions in respective leagues or even all of Europe in Emi Martinez’ case.

      We should have 6-7 matches (including WCQs and group stage of Copa) before Copa knockout begins.
      That is more matches than Quarta, Montiel, Gonzalez etc have played for us, and they are considered important parts of our team. It is not too late to give chances and integrate these important players to our team before shit gets real, especially considering that 4 out of 5 teams advance from group stage to knockout stage this Copa…

    • A. Gomez and Lamela would be much better than Palacios and Buendai. Gomez and Lamela have pretty much experience.

      • I really don’t want to answer your baseless comments anymore because you ignore all reason and logic from everyone on here, too blinded by your own favoritism and pretend knowledge of players you clearly don’t follow.

      • Kavi, her you go again with your “expert” opinion. You are not watching full games, only highlights it seems. Time and time again, you have shown that you really don’t know what you are talking about.

        Lamela is rarely starting, only bit part player under Mourinho. Papu Gomez is a different type of player from Palacios and Dominguez, so a bit of an apples to oranges comparison. At this point Buendia would be a tremendous asset to have based on his form for the past two seasons.

        • Papu Gomez is playing in midfield on Sevilla for your kind information and Buendai is winger,Palacios just played last game as starter after more than 80% of season is already gone. Do you think Buendai or Palacios would start in Tottenham midfield there is so much competition in Spurs. Sissoko,NDemble,Lo celso,Dele Alli,Lucas Moira, Hojbjerg,Lamela.
          Lamela may not be starting every match but in some matches he is a starter and he is playing every single match either starter or substitute and Jose Mourinho loved him he said “I love good Lamela.”
          Everyone knows about Papu Gomez of Atalanta

      • So true. Hoping Scaloni does not continue the legacy of our NT coaches who always messed up on final selections. But not starting Emi Martinez & C Romero can go down in history as a blunder as big as Redondo snub in WC98 & Zanetti axe in WC2006.

  5. What the Hell is this Super League UEFA mess? First of all, why was the need of this, these greedy Clubs want more money. Of course Money is needed, it’s a tough time due to less revenue due to the pandemic, but this is a once in a lifetime phenomenon which is happening in the world. How many times in past 100 years a complete shut off of the World has happened? WORLD WAR II isn’t it. These clubs had already earned Bigglions of Money for the last 30 or more years and now they are crying about a 1 year or 2 year shut off? Really?

    And how the hell the UEFA can ban any player from playing the NT matches, why on earth FIFA is supporting the UEFA, there are other Continents and football associations too in the World. The UEFA can ban players from attending EUROPEAN Domestic leagues, Champions league and the EURO CUP but they can’t ban any player from playing for their national team. Hope this Mess is sorted out somehow.

    • this thing is not new and it is not because pandemic. The big rich clubs of Europe begin this plot 5 years before and the reason was one and only. MORE MONEY.
      Now that their plan completed in terms of preparation now they open up the Superleague and pandemic used as one perfect excuse.

      to say you simple and not make people tired.
      One top club makes per season now around 70-80 millions from current champions league and with the new project of Superleague will make 250 millions.
      this is all about.

    • as about the players yes can be banned of course. UEFA and FIFA can ban everyone they desire because simply they organize the tournaments.
      as you invite in your home only who you want same like that FIFA/UEFA can invite or ban from the tournaments they organize whoever they want.

      • Of course FIFA can ban any player from attending a WC, But the reason should be viable like Doping etc etc. Here they r supporting the UEFA, Imagine any Argentine player is banned from participating the NT matches because of their issues of playing in the Super league? There is no connection between the Super league and the NT. FIFA is not only for Europe, FIFA is an organization for the whole nations in the world where Football is played.

        Its all about money. The Pandemic didn’t teach humans anything I guess. These rich clubs waited or the perfect opportunity. Well its human nature. Greed, Power, Ego, Anger etc etc. its not gonna change. All these non perfect things completes a human i guess.

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