Super League, potential international player bans for World Cup, tournaments


With the football world in complete shock over the announcement of the Super League, this could potentially draw problems for Argentina national team players, despite not being in Europe.

The breakaway of several of Europe’s top clubs in creating the Super League has caused shockwaves throughout the entire sport. As one of the world’s leading countries in exporting players from South America to Europe, Argentina can end up feeling the effects of it as well.

While many are opposed to the idea of the Super League, some are for it. Whichever side you stand on, there is a potential threat on future international tournaments. One threat is that any player at a club which is in the Super League could be banned from taking part in a FIFA World Cup. With the likes of Lionel Messi, Gio Lo Celso, Sergio Aguero and many others currently at one of those clubs, the threat of missing out on a tournament appears to be real. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin stated the following on Monday:

“They will not be able to represent their national teams at any matches UEFA and the footballing world stand united against the disgraceful self-serving proposal we have seen in last 24 hours from a select few clubs in Europe that are fueled purely by greed above all else.”

However, Super League and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has assured that a ban will not happen. Speaking on Spanish television show Chiringuito on Monday evening, Perez had this to say:

“Players banned from international competitions and National teams according to UEFA? Don’t worry, this will not happen. They won’t be banned if they join the Super League.”

Players and coaches have come out against the idea of the Super League as new information continues to be released.


  1. Top 6 midfielders of Argentina should be in squad-
    1 Paredes
    2 Lo Celso
    3 De Paul
    4 Papu Gomez
    5 Guido Rodriguez
    6 Emiliano Buendai
    Otamendi is lacking in speed so he needs to be little faster he is great at anticipating but to execute that he needs little bit of speed. For right now Foyth and C. Romero should be Center Back pair for Argentina.

  2. Saw some parts of the Velez – Flamengo match now. Flamengo seem to always come from behind & score late goals. While i admit not seeing whole match , i didnt find anything great in almada . Is he more of a hype or just a bad day in field ?

  3. I don’t see this ever materializing because no player wants to be banned from playing in the WC or COPA or Euros and I commend FIFA for stepping in so quick and drawing the line in the sand.

    I don’t know what has happened to the world this few past years………seems like the powerful can do whatever they want without retributions and the ones who are supposed to uphold the law either look the other way or are complicit in the act.

    The GREATEST equalizer is always watching no matter how the blind, stupid or ignorant view things and punishment is coming sooner or later.

  4. I don’t think it affect Argentina.

    GK : Martinez, Musso ,Andrada
    DF : Romero ,Foyth ,Balerdi, Perez, lisandro martinez,
    MF : DePaul, buendia, Paredes, Palacios
    Winger :Ocampos, J correa, Gonzalez, Di Maria
    Fw : Gaich ,Alario

  5. Devastating for the sport if this actually goes through…
    Plenty of protests against it. I’m reading that Chelsea, Manchester City and Atletico Madrid already want to withdraw

    • All 6 Premier League teams have withdrawn from the “Super League”

      What an epic fail project! Dead within 48 hours… Suck it greedy bastards!

      • Bielsa speaks –

        “The fundamental problem is the rich always aspire to be more rich without considering the consequences for the rest. (…) If this was is what guides the world at the moment why is there such astonishment. This shouldn’t surprise us. It was something that was coming”

      • Thank God.. respect to them for pulling out but the fact they even considered it and had plans makes me highly suspicious of them. All of the respect to PSG, Bayern, and Dortmund, I would honestly expect PSG to be the front runner of this movement or the club that came up with the idea given their reputation, they are making me think twice. No respect to Perez or Agnelli though

  6. Argentina team without superleague players
    Emi Martínez
    Montiel – Lisandro – Romero -taglia

    Paredes – de Paul


    Di maria – icardi – Ocampos

    Not too bad, biggest problems are Messi and top level strikers depth (Lautaro, Dybala, Agüero)

    • If and that’s a BIG IF this Superleague nonsense would’ve happened the only big loss would Celso. Messi wouldn’t miss out because he’d just say ‘bye’ to Barca by the end of the season and sign with PSG. No way would Lio be missing the world cup.

      Argentina is in a blessed position these days since many of it’s players are playing for good (not elite) CL teams, players like Papu, Acuna and Ocampos (Sevilla); Tagliafico and Licha (Ajax); C.Romero (Atalanta); Manchersin (Porto) and ofcourse PSG (Paredes, Icardi, Maria). You also have other players like De Paul, Emi Martinez and Buendia who aren’t playing CL next year but individually are playing at elite levels.
      Just look at the team that Olive made up, good enough to take on any team on a good day.

  7. Brazil will be most screwed if the player ban for international matches happen. Messi, locelso, lautaro can be our losses while alison, firminio, jesus, lodi, casimerio, vicinus junior, coutinho, arthur, danilo all miss out for varsil.

  8. Palacios starting against Bayern, I think the fact that he is trusted for such a big game shows that there is a great future on the horizon. This was THE game so far that truly proves that they have gone past Bosz days

      • The only player that’s injured that comes close is Paulinho although I believe he is much more attacking and can be a winger so I doubt he is the reason. There are other players that can play in Palacios position but that are on the bench presumably because of him, he wasn’t even subbed off. As a river fan I feel a sense of pride to see him play against the world champions. I did not see the game but based on the stats it seems that he was a bit static again, no key passes and only 3 long balls. It seems that the new Leverkusen manager has changed their style to play with less possession, even having around 45 percent of it against relegation koln. This does not bode well for what we want to see from Palacios because his role is to defend and cover more and they attack more on the break only, so we don’t get to see him have a lot of the ball at his feet and create a lot. It seemed against koln that even when Leverkusen had control of the ball he sat very deep close to the center backs and was only given the role of resisting the press and keeping the flow of the game. Basically a system player like de Paul is to us. I can’t complain too much though, at least he’s getting playing time and we can always tweak the way we want to use him in the NT.

  9. Football loses charm with a Super League. It is the local derby’s that supporters want. Liverpool vs Everton appeals more to fans than a game against AC Milan. The CL is already unfair. The 4th team from Spain, England and other countries participate but most clubs that won their domestic league do not.

    Croatia reached the WC final, chances Croatian club wins CL. Zero. A SL makes things worse. Those damn club owners only think of money.

  10. If this happens, finally we might see some benefit of our players not playing in BIG clubs 🙂

    Anyway, jokes apart, the circus has only started, more to unfold.

  11. the worse senario for Argentina will be that all the Argentinians that playing in those 15 clubs will banned. from one first quick look i realize that actually only Messi will be huge miss for us.
    all the others with one way or another we can cover the gaps.

    • i am afraid that it is not so simple. UEFA without those clubs will be demolished anyway. So why you believe that if war is going to be lost by UEFA they will hesitate to use and that weapon?
      exept that i like what you said 🙂 🙂 🙂 2 mafia is having war ha ha ha 🙂

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