Colombia no longer Copa America hosts, Argentina as possible solo hosts


Argentina could be the only hosts for the Copa America when it begins next month as Colombia will no longer be co-hosting.

It was announced on Thursday evening by conmebol that Colombia will not be hosting and that in the next few days, we will know where the matches will be played. For the moment, there are strong rumors that Argentina could host the tournament all alone but there are rumors that it could still be co-hosted.

Three additional stadiums in Argentina are being rumored to be added, should the entirety of it be played in Argentina. Per a report by TyC Sports, the three stadiums being la Bombonera, the Libertadores de America and the Bicentenario.


  1. Tweet from Fabrizio Romano…… Aguero to Barcelona… If this happen and Aguero can retain his physique… It would be great for our worldcup hopes…. Leo and Kun training together for a whole year…

  2. I know many here rag on Foyth but I do think he has a really high ceiling. I kinda view him similar to a quality/talent player like Lo Celso. Glad to see he’s recovered.

  3. Cox, it seems now that Angileri and Paradela are also positive but all of the previously positive players will be ready to play on Monday. For obvious reasons one day of training is not enough. Since there are libertadores games on Wednesday and Thursday anyway, have you heard of any possibility of a postponement? I dont know why stupid conmebol had to choose TUESDAY of all days to play given everything

    • No. as we speak now there is not exist desire from Conmebol for something like that.
      from our side we wait what will happened with the first cases from covid.
      i am speaking for Franco Armani, Enrique Bologna, Germán Lux, Franco Petrolli, Paulo Díaz, Robert Rojas, Bruno Zuculini, Tomás Castro Ponce, Santiago Simón, Nicolás de la Cruz, Agustín Palavecino, Rafael Santos Borré, Matías Suárez and Federico Girerir.

      now that i am thinking again exist one chance to postpone. i will go till Tuesday to put a bomb to conmebol headoffices. Or to make phonecall for exist bomb in Tuesday in the locker room of Brasilians he he

      • Hahaha😂 I share the same anger with you about Conmebol and AFA. We support River and Argentina meanwhiles Boca and Brasil are favored. It is horrible. All of the people responsible for this corruption and favortism deserve to be punished and HARD. Seriously, in what way does it hurt them to postpone the game a day or two when it was so easy to do for the first santa fe game and Wednesday and Thursday are libertadores days anyway? Also, the fact they have to postpone Boca games for no reason than “covid is worse in argentina” but they couldnt postpone OUR game when we had 15 players out, a new goalkeeper, and having to put youngsters on the bench is beyond me. On top of the fact they have to use bostero Facundo Tello as referee twice after he shows clear favortism and play in the bombonera every time. All of this makes me very frustrated and it is not even fun to watch games sometimes because of it. Hm, clearly the Covid situation was worse when we had to play because players had it, maybe this new postponement isnt even about Covid but rather because Afa’s poor little bosteros have been playing like shit for a long time and need some recovery time

        • my friend things is like this from when i start understand myself as child. This is one of the reasons that i became River plate fan. this is why we are different than Bosteros and this is what make us special as club. you don t need me to tell you who control Argentine media. who control AFA and who have deep roots and big influence inside Argentine politics.
          Even worse the ex Argentine president Macri was Boca president.
          Angelieci s family relative was the police captain that decide change the usual root to Monumental of Boca bus and pass it directly inside from the square that our fans spend time before game. if i start speak about corrupt and Bosteros i will write a book my friend.
          Anyway. no need to say more. you know.

  4. Juan Foyth is training in Villarreal.He will be ready for Copa.C.Romero and Foyth can be best CB pair for Argentina.
    Center Back- C.Romero, Foyth,Otamendi,Marcos Senesi,Pezella
    Right Back- Sarvia, Mollina
    Left Back- Acuna, Tagliafico

  5. Messi not playing last game vs EIBAR.
    PALACIOUS AND GONZALEZ alredy in argentina.
    Hopefully Nico Gonzalez will be ready for the 1st match

  6. I think we can all agree that Romero is the best Argentine center-back at the moment. Top 4 CB in Italy,only behind De Vrij,Skriniar and De Ligt in my opinion(he is better than Demiral,Kjaer, and Koilibaly this season). But one problem is ; his best performance has always came at the right side of a 3 man defence. Both for Atalanta and Genoa. I think we should revert back to 3 at the back,our defenders are fully capable of that. Lisandro is absolutely incredible in a 3 man defence,while Quarta/Foyth can play the sweeper role with ease. This also allows us to use our attacking fullbacks(Acuna,in beastly form for Sevilla) and Montiel,Molina or even Ocampos as a right-wingback(I have came across Sevilla fans who have said that Ocampos is absolutely amazing as a right-wingback with his pace,workrate ,crossing and Strength). Having a 3 man defense will allow the best of Paredes as a defensive midfielder (Paredes isnt a type of DM who is a destroyer,his playmaking is fantastic but defending is average). What do you think? Tell me about you guys’opinion

    • Romero is outright the best defender in serie A. If he can kick out that casualness and deliberate follow thru during tackles, he has all the potential to be one of best in the world by the time the world cup starts. He and Licha Martinez have all the qualities to form a formidable defense, given Emi Martinez becomes the first choice keeper by then, good enough to be world champions.

      • I watch Serie A, Romero isnt the best altho he is top 4,De Vrij Skriniar and De Ligt is world class and technically better. But yeah,he has the potential to be one of the best in the world. Lisandro’s defensive skills are not on the level of Romero,but his technique is already world class. His passing is incredible,his dribbling is like that of a winger,and he is extremely versatile and quite fast for a defender too

        • If you’re genuinely considering all the elements needed for a world class defender – physical thoughness, ability to read the game, composure, stamina, not-easily-tricked, recoveries and confident distribution from the back, solid in air, even scoring/assisting at crucial moments of the game, Romero indeed is a cut above the rest. I don’t think there has been a player so vital and crucial to a team than how Romero is to Atalanta this season, at least on the basis of what have been regularly showcased throughout the season. May be others are better than him in terms of what they have in-store. But let’s wait for another season anyway…

    • yes 352 is what I suggested previously to explore full potential and to hide some weakness of argentina. And for once we have players for that. but I guess only 1-2 matches we will use this formation. 442 will stay the main formation. Anyway 352 will be very popular in euro and in Copa this year.

    • I like your 3-5-2. In my opinion every argentina formation should have two striker positions because it takes advantage of our depth and firepower there

  7. I knew there was stupidity in this world but the truth is far worse than I ever imagined…………….many dying because they have no to access to the vaccine and will do anything to get it and I HOPE they do and many other FUCKING MORONS like we have here in the U.S. who refuse to take it because of their sheer ignorance and stone-cold DONKEY-like stubborn allegiance to idiots.

    I hope ARG takes all the precautions necessary to protect anybody and everybody involved in Copa.

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