Argentine government stops local football, Copa America not at risk


The Argentine Football Association and the Liga Profesional accepted the new measures from National President Alberto Fernández, who decided to suspend local football until May 30 because of the number of deaths that continues to rise due to Covid. Even though there’s been no official talk regarding the Copa America being played in Argentina in less than a month, the tournament would be played, for now.

This decision will freeze the semifinals of the Copa de la Liga, with matches supposed to be played this weekend, in addition to all the other local divisions and the youth categories. Independiente was going to face Colon this Saturday, and Boca Juniors would have played against Racing Club this Sunday. However, international competitions such as the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana would be played normally, even those games played on Argentine soil.

Latin America is going through an extremely difficult time. Social and economic problems have become worse in most of the countries due to the Pandemic and political decisions. It is definitely not the best context for a Copa America to be held, but the desire of the fans is still there.


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  2. Fullish people how come aguero be calling for world cup the guy is freaking to old he need some rest and give the youth a tried to give a youth their chances to improve for world cup however if it’s not for politics aguero should be playing copa and World Cup qualifiers game he should be replacing by icardi because icardi was desive than him and I don’t believe aguero will perform for agenta and Barcelona

    • Aguero is the best finisher for Argentina,he is a all round striker in decisive time he will be more important than Lautaro and Icardi.Aguero will 100% perform for both Barça and Argentina.

    • We can always play with a strike partnership to have room for other players anyway. “Elderly” Aguero just broke another premier league record and he will be playing with Messi. The old age argument applies more to an otamendi than to an aguero

      • I remember when he was at River he was not great at shooting and missed chances. Not a prolific goalscorer in any of his clubs but he does have good work rate and based on stats seems to like to press and tackle

  3. Correa showed he is an Argentine with this beautiful goal. He is Atleti’s third top scorer this season after Suarez and Llorente. Luiz Ronaldo and his team are trying very hard to make Atleti’s season a disaster, but El Cholo is turning the tables on them.

      • Ebo! Always great to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well too.

        Congrats today. what a nail bitter ending to the season. Suarez final goal is such a poetic ending given his shit term at barca.

        Yeah, Correa’s been great. such a strong case to be included/ even start if he’s the best option, especially with Nico injured.

        • Yeah Bro, always great to come and read the comments here,it is about time for Atleti.
          after more than a year of not commenting here, I still see that ‘Messi friends club’ B.S tabloid ‘news’ is still circulating. They call for respecting and supporting the coach decision, but they don’t want to respect and support his decision when he calls Aguero or Dimaria or any other ‘friend of Messi’ . same old TOXIC B.S

          • Yep. Good thing there’s only a minority with really negative views so i try to ignore although sometimes i just can’t help myself and have to respond :).

        • Yes my friend I always come and check on my argentina familia. great always to see you amigo. river did something special last week. proud of the boys

  4. I’ve read rumors of Leeds, Liverpool, Atletico, and Juve + 2 other italian clubs going all in for De Paul. Love El Loco but Leeds are the least stable team. Atletico would be my pick for the spanish league influence. Anyone have any credible information?

    For those that missed this play against Napoli. De Pauldinho was on fire.

      • i never really considered that but its makes total sense. not sure barca want to discourage the younger players but De Jong and De Paul would be great together. And he’s cheap AF….$35m – $40m

        • Knowing how Barcelona work they will probably try to buy and Eriksen or Rabiot or Dele Alli and hold on to Pjanic for no reason

          Seems like barcelona moves to me

  5. I hope the Copa America does carry on with strict Bio Bubble and even with no fans, It’s an important tournament for us. We can’t post pone it again there are no windows left to play the tournament, It’s now or not. Next year is the WC year.

    Was reading the Long interview by Messi with OLE. What caught me was how much difficult was for him as a young boy aged 13 taken away from his family and friends and neighborhood for football how he lost most of his childhood friends. And how difficult as shy guy like him to be always getting attention when he goes to shopping etc. etc. Whatever it is, since aged 4 or 5 this guy has been playing football, the guy was born to play football. Nothing else jut play play play.Football helped him to overcome all the difficulties he faced. How much sacrifices may have his family done to make him what he is today. Remarkable.Every success story has so many sacrifices, that’s life.

    I for one would have been terrified if I was that young 13-year-old boy, and super uncomfortable if I always gets attentions. I for one never want to be famous to be fair. Does anyone here?

    • and to add to insult, in his adult career after all he’s given to the NT, there’s still a group of DOG SHIT assholes that call him “pecho frio”, they say he’s not “argentine enough”, they talk shit about “club de amigos”, blah blah…. screw all those lowlifes.

  6. Copa is an important tournament for South American; it will be a competition and tryout for all the SA footballers and to develop the N/T before WC; huge step-back if it is cancelled.

    • Then try in next summer, and play at least 4-6 WCQ’s now in Juve, and without Copa we could play with our strongest squad on Olympics. (Lautaro and others).


    Off topic but 7 medical professionals were charged with homicide over Maradonas death…

    • my friend Diego is gone. every kind of news this kind just make me deep sad.
      truth or not doesn t change the fact that i feel one knife to my heart every time i remember and i realize that Diego is not here.
      he is my childhood hero and i will never forget him anyhow as long i am in this world.
      this will never change.
      if doctors killed him they will not avoid the justice of God.
      25 of November anyhow will be one black day for me.

  8. Tweet from Fabrizio Romano…… Aguero to Barcelona… If this happen and Aguero can retain his physique… It would be great for our worldcup hopes…. Leo and Kun training together for a whole year…

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