Geronimo Rulli penalty hero, Juan Foyth, Funes Mori win Europa League with Villarreal


Geronimo Rulli was the penalty hero for Villarreal as the club lifted their first ever European trophy.

It was Villarreal vs. Manchester United in the Europa League final and an early scared for Juan Foyth. The Tottenham loanee tripped on the ball as his head colided with Pogba’s knee. He was cut in the face but did continue the match.

Villarreal took the lead after 29 minutes with Gerard Moreno scoring as they kept that lead going into half time. The second half saw Manchester United mostly in control as Edinson Cavani scored to draw them level.

Juan Foyth was substituted off in the 88th minute. The match remained at 1-1 as it went to extra time and to a penalty shootout. At this point, Ramiro Funes Mori was an unused substitute and Rulli was the only Argentine on the pitch.

The penalty shootout was not a short one as it went to 22 kicks, 11 rounds with every player having a kick of the ball. Ultimately, it came down to Geronimo Rulli and David De Gea as the last two. Rulli went up first and dispatched a perfectly placed penalty kick to make it 11-10 in favor of the Yellow Submarines.

Up stepped Manchester United’s David De Gea but it was Rulli who made the save as Villareal were crowned Europa League champions.


  1. After Europa League win Foyth is 100% starting Right Back for Argentina. Foyth and Acuna best Full Back pair of Argentina. Sarvia/Mollina and Lisandro Martinez are best back up for Full Back roles. Argentina just need two good Center Backs I think Marcos Senesi and Nehuen Perez will be good for Argentina but they must prepare themselves before World Cup 2022.


  3. I said last year juan foyth is better player than Eric dier, tanganga and Sanchez when he was having rough times at Lane under Mourinho. It proved to be right. dier and Sanchez were hopeless a season just finished. Juan foyth will be a great defender if he works under good managers like unai Emery and poch. Tottenham fans crying to see him bk in thier club.

  4. Rulli was supposed to be our starting GK like 5 years back. He himself has to blame for. Atleast we cant blame the coaches for not selecting him in the NT. Don’t say now because of this Penalty stopping that “He should be in the NT” SMH… He is realistically far down the Pecking order now for the NT.

  5. For a very long time we all cried for 100 out of 100 marks but everytime failed and suffered miserably. Seems better go with some other strategy. We can get 100 by adding small numbers also. Correa n Simeone getting laliga gives some 4 points. Foyth n Rulli in Villarreal history books gives another 4 marks. Lautro Martinez in Inter success and Bielsa in Leeds history gives another two points. So totally 10 for this year which is highly satisfying considering the current covid situation especially here in India which is devastated by the second wave. If Aguero makes anything special in ucl final, it will be bonus but really not much expectations. Overall at least in club wise our players and coaches tasted reasonable success. So a satisfying year. All the best for our guys for Copa. Just enjoy the beautiful game irrespective of the results.. cheers..

  6. What if – If the situation was Sergio Romero vs Rulli on penalties? English press would have crucified Argentina..good it was De Gea.

    • If that was Romero he would’ve eaten alive by United fans. Romero won the Europa Leauge in 2017 and De Gea lost it four years later.

  7. Warrior Juan Foyth was phenomenon. I do not think there are many player who can handle player like Rashford.Argentina’s other Right Backs can only dream about it.

  8. i would like to choose…

    a.correa romero lisandro acuna
    depaul paredes locelso
    messi lautaro nico

    sub: if tactically needs defence change or strenght then sub will be otamendi for lisandro or foyth for correa…
    sub: if the change in midfield.. then dimaria for depaul … or guido for paredes.. or gomes for locelso…
    sub: if it is in attack then… aguero or joaquin for lautaro .. ocampos for nico …

    • foyth is very good defensively strenghen the team.. villareal is underdog team their play build up priority defensive measurement … but the team like barca liverpool bayern psg mcity their play is intence play they give importance on attacking measurement.. with good vision and tactical measurment argentina can play with both defensive and attacking style.. in both way argentina has player

  9. can anyone share opinion on thought angelo correa playing as right back option.. i see he is perfect and elegant for right back… and he will do better than any other right back in the world… his defensive contribution is not bad his cross also good he is fast… in central midfield argentina has good number of player.. angelo somehow previously not good with argentina in that position … but i see exequite right back in angelo play if he introduced in that position… if he plays as right back the strength in argentine attack will be another level

  10. Referees confirmed for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers

    Vs Chile (June 3)
    Referee: Jesús Valenzuela (Venezuela)
    Assistant referee 1: Tulio Moreno (Venezuela)
    Assistant referee 2: Lubin Torrealba (Venezuela)
    Fourth official: Juan Soto (Venezuela)
    VAR: Leodán González (Uruguay)
    Assistant VAR: Daniel Fedorczuk (Uruguay)

    Vs Colombia (June 8)
    Referee: Roberto Tobar (Chile)
    Assistant Referee 1: Christian Schiemann (Chile)
    Assistant referee 2: Claudio Ríos (Chile)
    Fourth official: Nicolás Gamboa (Chile)
    VAR: Julio Bascuñán (Chile)
    Assistant VAR: Angelo Hermosilla (Chile)

  11. joquin correa one two ball movement is very good but his running little bit uncontrolled while fast dribble or sprint with ball and finishing but he is very good option for tacticallay brings something new in the fiel

    argentina best squad current situation


    i think baundia will not in selection for final squad… bcs there is depaul dimaria … and this is enough fire power for the selection…

    rulli may save the final shot but he is not convincing for me..
    and de gea form is fall down and he didn’t regain his form and i think he is currently overrated

    • i forget to include montiel… so palomino is out.. palomino positive his strengh though he is not good with ball but his strenth and energy is very good

  12. I was thinking, how many times was he going to guess right and NOT stop one??
    Like the pressure wasn’t enough, to kick and then save one!!!

    Losing SUCKS, watching ManU players and fans feel the agony …………….one THING we ARGENTIAN fans have felt so many times…………I want to feel and look like Villarreal fans looked like today……..confetti flying around and a COPA AMERICA trophy in the middle.

    • What a man. To survive through so many kicks and to keep confidence and composure after so many near missed saves. To put a rocket in the back of the net and finish the job. This also brought up a question in my mind, what happens if the goalkeepers score theres? Do they start back again with the original players?

    • It’s great that he guessed the direction so many times but yes, i feel like if he committed 150% to the dive, he might have stopped one.

      I loved his pen! I believe the appropriate description is “thundercunted it in” lol. Easily one the best pens.

    • Dfox, i don’t know if there are any other fans, of a club or a national team, who have ever felt the heartbreaks we the Argentina fans have felt. I mean, it is not only the trophyless drought since 1993, especially when it comes to one of the most legendary and best teams ever such as Argentina, but the fact only that we lost three consecutive finals (wc 2014, copa america 2015 and 2016) and especially the way we lost those two copas, in penalty shoot-out to Chile, is still something very difficult to believe! And all of this, if you also take into account the fact that Argentina is almost always in copa america finals, we have witnessed more finals that even half of copa america tournaments have been occured, we have scored the most goals and we have the most wins in the history of copa americas, no other team has fixtured so many finals like us, but still we are trophyless since 1993! Absurd, paradox, i don’t even know how can i describe it!

      I like you and the rest in here, also want to celebrate a trophy so badly but there are times i think that it is an uncatched desire!

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