Lionel Messi, Lionel Scaloni comment on Argentina draw, Diego Maradona, Cristian Romero


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni and captain Lionel Messi both spoke to the media following the team’s 1-1 draw vs. Chile on Thursday.

Lionel Scaloni praised the young players, in particular Cristian Romero while Lionel Messi, who scored the only goal for the host team, commented on the situation and Diego Maradona. Speaking to the media, here’s what Messi had to say:

“It had been a long time that we weren’t together, it’s not easy coming back but I think at times we played a good game. I’m happy about the result, beyond that we couldn’t win. Little by little, we have to get stronger again.”

Prior to the match, the entire Argentina eleven wore tribute shirts in honor of Diego Maradona. While they wanted to wear the shirt for the match, FIFA would not allow it. However, Messi spoke about Diego Maradona following the match:

“It was a very special match because it was the first one without Diego. We know that the national team meant to him and we know that he was present. In addition, it was special for the situation in the country and in the world, it’s a very difficult situation for everyone.”

Coach Lionel Scaloni also spoke to the media. Here’s what he had to say about his team:

“The World Cup qualifiers are complicated, the opponents are difficult. I’m left with the feeling that we were the team that always tried to win. Under no circumstances does this result change what we are going to do in Colombia.”

In regards to the players who made their debut:

“I’m satisfied with the fact that the debut didn’t weigh down on any of the boys. That makes me happy, it’s a good sign. The positive aspect is that the team always showed face, they tried to attack, they practically created no chances. In the second half, we went deeper, with a different team. The negative is that they drew off a dead ball situation.”

Regarding Nahuel Molina and Cristian Romero:

“We saw that with Nahuel Molina we could attack a little more on the right side. Julian Alvarez came on and did well, he’s another option we have.

“Romero didn’t surprise us. I wasn’t wrong when I said that the national team has a great center back. We are happy, he played as if he had played 100 matches with the team. In the end, the best play in the national team.”


  1. Everyone bashing Latauro after just 1 quite game.
    Come on…. Forget about serie A. His track record alone with Argentina is very impressive for his age. He is the kind of Poacher we need. He creates goals, penalties out of no where. He is always a threat in the box. Check out all the highlights if your memory is deceiving you.

  2. “Brazilian players have decided not to play the Copa America which is being hosted in Brazil. Some are apparently contacting other players from different national teams to see where they stand.”

  3. This team needs Nico Gonzalez and Palacios to play. Not a fan of Ocampos or Paredes, as I think DePaul has the work rate to easily do Paredes’ job. Messi can’t run like he used to, so we saw a lot of standing around. I’ve seen enough of DiMaria also, no group play. Playground football.

  4. After a long time & progressing through a bad situation world wide We the Argentine national team played against a rough and tough opponent Chile.

    I found this formation is not good enough than 4-3-3.
    We must play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 or 4-1-3-2 (almost same).
    I don’t see a fast running player in XI except Lautaro.
    Especially winger did not show much response or quick attack . Midfield is a issue where we had problem for a long time . ●DePaul is good but ●Paredes is unpredictable in every game. The type of forward we had we cannot afford too many attacking minded midfielders in XI.Playing with both● Ocampos, Dimaria is not easy at all.
    ●Tagliafico has disappointed us.He also looked less fast in runs.
    A.correa played good,
    I always wanted to see C.Romero and he delivered well.
    I like to see Buendia play in the XI .
    E.Martinez is good though all 3 keepers are good.
    Please no Armani again.
    Hopefully we will win next game.

  5. The other team results has been going Argentina’s way for now, so at least that’s one less thing to worry about heading for the next game.

  6. In next qualifier Argentina should try.
    …..Plalacois…….De paul………………
    ……Messi…………..A Correa..

  7. Just woow about CUTI. Looked like he played already 100 games with NT. Now we need to find another solid CB to partner him. I was so excited about LMQ. Thought them 2 will take us till World Cup. But LMQ lacking confidence and he gets caught out of position more often. Hopefully he can come back stronger. Now for all PlayStation coaches here please give the team a break. It’s been long also completely new set up in back line. Alot of them see each other for first time too. I was expecting alot worser then this. But team played better for the current circumstances. Chile barely had any clear chances and they played almost everyone in back. Their goal was because of our miscommunication prior to new set up in back line. But still our defence played good enough. Also I wish Martinez was little bit taller then he is. He would been best left side CB for us. He took Vargas in his back pocket since he came on while LMQ was struggling. In midfield clearly we were missing Lo Celso. That creativity was no where to be seen but you can give this benefit of doubt to the current circumstances. Alot of the players were missing from the last XI when we played last WCQ. But still those thing can be fixed. If Scaloni could find a system to play Lo Celso or Emi in three man midfield we can get the creativity get going again. Scaloni were more cautious then free flowing with his tactise. It is understandable because they did not wanna lose the game and get into a awarkward position. However I still feel they hiding something in their sleeve. Maybe I am wrong but not even introducing Lo Celso or Emi in the bench is really odd. I wish they are good. Hope it was only part of a plan. Can’t wait to see next game and Copa.

    • Agreed. Lo Celso is still dealing with fitness issues and Palacios is not fully fit either. We do play better when either of those two play for us.

  8. The sour grapes type of comments are from people who only come out of woodwork when we are not winning. Those are the same people who wouldn’t mind if Biglia, Higuain, Rojo and Sergio Romero still played for the national team…

    • I agree, the comparisons to Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador are hilarious. How many Peruvians are the best center back on the Serie A? How many Ecuadoreans are one of the best Keepers in the Premier league? Its a draw that they got via a free kick. Granted our Attacking needs adjustment but the talent is clearly there. Frankly, Palacios or Lo Celso have to be present on the pitch

  9. I think if Scaloni plays in 4-3-3 formation he should try this.
    Molina Romero quarta/Palomino tagliafico
    Paredes Guido de paul
    Messi lautaro Nicolas gonzalez /di maria

    two destroyer in mid field and molina will support in attacking on the right.

  10. The Doom and Gloom of some of the comments here are disheartening. Saying that this team is on Paraguay’s level? That is laughable. The fact is that the problem last night was no creativity from the mid, One of Palacios or Lo Celso should have started to add creativity. There are a lot of positives about last night. Romero and Licha are beasts. Emi looked comfortable. There are a lot of new players on this team and they will need some time…The Defence hasn’t looked good in a long time…Just need to adjust tactics for attack. With the attackers and Mid’s that we have it will only be a matter of time before they click. One draw where a post denied us of the win and a set piece gave the other team a draw and people are ready to give up on this team. There are a lot of positives. Di Maria needs to be a sub only, Ocampos isn’t ready to start. If Argentina beat Colombia then all of a sudden we’ll be the next world champions. Be patient

  11. Good thing is that our defence is pretty good right now we only conceded 3 goals. But our attack is very bad at the time. with those kind of players we have it’s very bad to score only 7 goals so far.
    As for the Chile match the only good thing in Attack was Messi. Lautaro tried but couldn’t
    do enough for his ability.

    Ocampos and Di Maria need to be switched for the Colombia Match. And as I always say, we badly need Lo Celso. Right now he is our best midfielder, and that’s a fact. He has the most assists and he can score, as seen before… Paredes and De Paul were not as good as before. IMO that’s because Lo Celso was missing… I really think the midfield is set with De Paul Paredes Lo Celso..

    Defence is nice. Maybe try like other of you said, Molina Foyth Romero Acuna/Tagli, would like to see that.

    My dream Starting would be:


    Molina Romero Foyth Tagli/Acuna


    De Paul Lo Celso


    Messi Lautaro/Aguero

    • Depaul is better than LoCelso. The reason he isnt contributing in attack is because he is doing a massive sacrifice and winning countless balls in the back. He covers for both Messi and Paredes lack of hustle in defense.

      LoCelso is awesome, and indeed we needed a player like him to open up the game, the coach was betting on Dimaria for that.

      • I can’t say if De Paul or Lo Celso is better they’re two different kind of players…

        I just say we need al three of them De Paul Paredes and Lo Celso

        And in this game either Paredes now De Paul were very good..

        thx for your comment
        I like the discussions in this forum


  12. Despite the fact that I have great respect for the coaching staff, I believe that they get it totally wrong last night. The team must have an identity, a way of playing, a system. At times we play with 3 midfielders but last night we tried to do something totally different. DiMaria on one side and Ocampos on the other side didn’t work at all. This leave a void in the midfield that DePaul has to fill. Besides, Paredes is a dip midfield that is more suitable in a midfield with 3 people. Finally the fullbacks didn’t contribute to the attack. No movement, no cross, no support from them. We have very good players but the coaching staff must be wise enough to put the best players in their best position…..

  13. I think if you use foyth as RB ,it is better to use Nicolas Gonzalez as LB not tagliafico .then we can play 343. Romero, Martinez quarta ,Foyth three man’s defense are good . No need tagliafico.

    Another player Paredes is useless . perhaps can try lo celso, Palacios, De paul combination or Lo celso, Palacios, Buendia combination.

    Joaquin Correa is very useful when counterattack , he should be no.9 .

    IMO 3331 is the best

    emi martinez
    Foyth, Romero,Martinez Quarta
    Buendia , De paul, lo celso
    Di maria , Messi , Nicolas Gonzalez
    Joaquin Correa

  14. not too bad but definitely not too good performance. players rating

    EMI Martinez : 6 nothing to do with the goal , it is the mistakes of our defense

    Foyth : 6 decent performance but didn’t attack too much ,should improve with time

    Romero : 8 man of the match I think

    quarta : 6 Good at ball distribution but still show some greeness .Will improve with time

    tagliafico : 6 Not too bad but I prefer Lisandro martinez

    Paredes : 4 looks like disappear I prefer Palacios plus de Paul

    de Paul : 7 good performance

    Ocampos : 4 worst performance

    Di maria : 6 not too bad but definitely isn’t the same di maria as 5 years ago .

    Messi : 7 same as di maria .

    scaloni : 5 I think we should not substitute alverez who is too young .also ocampos .instead we should
    use de Paul, lo celso, palacios combination with buendia

  15. Very hard to beat Scaloni team for sure, but need to improve in attack. Btw Germany-Denmark 1:1 (same level as Chile, but easier to play against them), Belgium-Greece 1:1 (much weaker team than Chile), England-Austria 1:0 (way softer) Uruguay-Paraguay 0:0…Scaloni Argentina will score always at least 1, but wont conceede more than 1 against no one.

    • England WC qualification group has always been a mickey mouse tournament .

      Germany won all games in 2018 qualifier only to crashed out at group stage. Spain for all the praise they always got, only passed round 16 once in last 4 WC.

      Qualifier games dont always mean shit. Team just needs to click at the right time when tournament begin. Portugal won 2 games at 2016 Euro and won the title. Greece won it in 2004, Chile won 2 Copa through penalties and Chile has NOT beaten Argentina in last 11 meets.

      In many occassion, luck beat quality.

  16. The Copa America squad 28 we deserve :

    ———-Lo Celso——De Paul

    Aguero – Alario – A.Correa – Dybala- Ocampos – Di Maria – Gomez – Buendia- Dominguez – Palacios – Paredes – Montiel – Tagliafico – Senesi – Foyth – Musso – Marchesin –

  17. Lo celso or Palacios should start next match if they are not injured. Ocampos was poor and Di maria just average, I dont think argentina will miss them next match.
    I guess foyth is better option against colombia who has speedy zapata.

    • No lo ceslo, no creativity..
      Paredesh had bad game but de Paul too..
      De paul never good passer and zero creativity.. I saw him closely he has energy, speed, dribling but not Enough to one tas forward passer even no shot on target

  18. If Argentina wants to improve in the middle, they must drop Parades from the line up. This guy is too slow, bad in defense and lacks stamina to play the full game. He is making DePaul and other midfield players looking slower than they are due to his playing style. I know Guido is not world class, but he is way better option than Parades.

    • Yeah Paredes needs competition in his spot just like in his club PSG. G. Rodriguez can be tried in Defensive Midfield role. As we know Paredes is better player but I think once Guido Rodriguez clutches his spot in national team he will not not let it go easily. Guido Rodriguez is true destroyer and his creative skills are underrated.

  19. I think it was quite ok defensively, they played quite compact with aggressive pressing. But in attack, same issue since 3 years: too static, lack of pace, slow transition to attack, Di Maria overlapped with Messi … etc.

    if Scaloni want to stay with the same formation, I would consider: Emi Martinez-Molina, Romero, Lisandro Martinez, Acuna- Buendia, De Paul, Guido, Papu-Messi, Lautaro

  20. TAGLAFICo played whole match…. Why Papu gomez not involved when we needed goal. Still don’t understand….

    • Papu was taken as a substitution of messi… In case if messi needs some rest or not feeling well, then Papu would play.. Other than that, I don’t think he’s gon be in the starting xi

  21. 352
    Romero OTAMENDI lisandaro
    Bundie/molina DePaul palacious parades Acuna
    Messi lautaro
    Sub. ángel Correa – Acuna
    Parades – Papu
    Molina – di Maria

  22. Argentina needs to stick to 4-3-3
    De paul.paredes.acuña

  23. Ocampos played Out of position I know he didn’t have good game But it’s way to early to give up on him . in here one good game you re genius one bad game you finish.

  24. If you want to mess up the attacking move give the ball to Lautaro , this guy is utter shit. He is just a workhorse . He is very selfish and has no killer instinct of a striker . Scaloni should integrate another striker Lautaro doesnt deserve to start.

    • Agree with that. I dont get why there is too much hype for him. Neither he is good in build up play too.Icardi should have given more chances. How many matches did Icardi start for us with Messi in? 1 or 2? Isnt it. I think Aguero should start instead of Lautaro. He is better in build up play than Lautaro and has better understanding with Messi.Alario is also an enigma. Otherwise start 2 strikers like Aguero and Lautaro.

      Eitherway we have to find ways to score open goals. Today apart from Messi i didnt think anyone else looked remotely close to scoring a goal.

    • yeah but I don’t think he’s selfish, he is better when he plays with another striker. either someone tall and powerful like Lukaku or someone fast who can make off ball move to free him. if you give the ball to him and let him deal with it by himself, it’s very hard. I guess may try to pair him with Joaquin Correa or Angel Correa in the next game.

    • Yeah Lautato Martinez does not have strikers killer instinct. Alario would be much better. Aguero would be much better. Dybla would be much better. Lautaro Martinez is over rated like hell. A striker must have deadly finishing then other things.

    • Lautaro scoring ratio is still higher than Aguero and Higuain and he’s only 23, just to give better perspective.

      Lautaro has scored 2 crucial goals in qualifier, 2 crucial goals at Copa 2019, has won 7 penalties which all converted by Messi (6) , Paredes (1).

      11 goals, plus winning 7 penalties in 22 games isnt good enough? then we can bring back Tevez or Pipita and having another crashout party in Copa.

      For another comparison, Messi only scored 16 goals after 65 matches for Argentina. Its only after Sabella got the team engine’s going , Messi finally took off.

  25. Loosing two points is painful. But we have not played a game to win 3 points.

    Foyth and Tagliafico added nothing to attack. Ocampos lost the ball so many time with Di Maria not doing much better, the team was lacking creativity. We missed Lo Celso and Nico Gonzalez, plain and simple. And we should stick to 4-3-3.

    I don’t buy the logic that we played after a long time. Same is true for any other team.

    Anyway, we should not make huge changes going into Colombia match. Two changes at most. I expect Foyth and Tagliafico to improve in next match, nothing to worry about them, they have been playing for us regularly… Ocampos and Di Maria should get the axe. But I am not sure whom to start.

  26. If Lo Celso is injured i think Palacios should start in the middle along Paredes and De Paul. If Acuna can also start it may be better.

    Lo Celso and Nico Gonzalez should be rested for the Copa. It will be better to not rush them both. More than anyone Nico Gonzalez adds so much to our team i guess looking at how we performed today.

    We need atleast 19 more points to be on the safer side to qualify for the WC. Which will get us to 30 points. Usually that much points will take us to the WC. The last target should be 25 points which may guarantee the playoffs with oceanea. We should be fine by the way we have started. Unless we dont lose matches then we are doing okey in tough South american qualifiers.

    I think we did okey today the team was playing together after long time that will effect the chemistry. I think by Copa we can see improvement.

  27. I took some positive from this match
    The only negative is the result
    1 emi martinez in golie still good with his feet even though he didn’t have much to do.
    2 Romero and lich martinez playing together who thought that will happen so fast but credit to scaloni for that.
    3 positive di maria played his perfer position and still same outcome this guy will never deliver for nt regardless his club form I hope this is his last game for 4.nt. Palacios come bk from injury
    5. scaloni don’t afraid to make changes if need it.Note chile still have pretty much same teamPlaying together more than 10 years. For me f… lo celso if he isn’t available when we need him most.

    • > never deliver for nt

      scoring against france and created one oF ONLY goal opportunities which led to Messi taking the pen. He and Martinez created that pen.
      but no never delivers… lol. come on.

  28. E. Martinez 7 He did not have anything to do except punching a ball one time. Good distributor of the ball. He could have come out to claim the free kick but I think he thought his defence is solid they would take care of it but that did not happen.
    Romero 8.5. MOTM He is in same form as he was in Atalanta. A complete defender.
    Quarta Martinez 5. Amost invisible in first half good in training camp but bad in pitch in actual match. Taken off in 2nd half.
    Foyth 6.5. Very good in defending, always recovering the ball even with one less eye.
    Tagliafico 5.5. Not satisfied with his performance was given the role to attack but instead he was passing sideways Acuna would have been much better in his place.
    Lautaro Martinez 6. He is good but his finishing is poor. Aguero/Alario should come

  29. Emi: 7/10 not because he had a lot to do, but because of the fact that he is in the team, which is the most important thing for me.
    Romero: 9/10. After a long time Argentina finally got a great center back and Scaloni wasn’t hesitant to start him.
    Lisandro: 7/10. Didn’t do much but loved what cameo he had in 45 mins.
    Teglafico: average 6/10
    Foyth: 6/10 nothing special. Still error prone at times.
    Pareses: 6/10 didn’t had a good game. Hope he comes back
    DePaul: 7/10 did what he was supposed to do.
    Ocampos: 5.5/10. If anyone was a headless chicken today that was him and not DeMaria

    DeMaria: 6.5/10. He wasn’t as bad that many people who seem to be allergic to DeMaria claim. But, we have better option and he is a super sub going forward.

    Messi: 8.5/10 Quite game for his standard, still the best performer.

    Lautaro: 6.5/10 Wasn’t that impressive after all.

    Angel: 7.5/10, loved his impact for the short time he was in the pitch. Always active and was eager to make an impact.

    Molina: Didn’t do anything special to deserve an accolade. But happy that he started.

    Palacios: 7/10. Like Angel, gives the impression that he is going to make something. Hope he can continue with the National team uninterrupted.

    Quarta: 5.5/10. He needs more development. For now, Lisandro or Otamendi to partner with Romero.

  30. We were missing a bit more creativity in the midfield. Can be solved by Beuendia in a 442. Team played well for the first match together in a long time with lots of new players. Ocampo not his usual self. Lautaro was tired and Romero’s market worth went up by another 10M. What a terrific CB!

  31. Ocampos had mixed season with Sevilla..missing penalties etc..yes he is a workhorse and has speed like Pavon..but i think he needs to be rested (Not dropped)..Not sure how fit is palacios or Lo Celso..definitely need creativity in midfield..i am sure scaloni will make changes..

    Probably missing quite a bit of river players..

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