AFA confirm Argentina participation at Copa America


The AFA have confirmed that the Argentina national team will be participating in the 2021 Copa America.

The federation released a statement on Sunday through Twitter stating that they will be participating. This comes just as rumors and reports were being released that some players are against the idea of playing the tournament.


  1. When Portugal selects 37-year-old Pepe in the XI, that’s fine.
    When Italy selects 36 yr old Chielini, 34 yr old Bonucchi, thats fine.
    When Brazil selects 36-year-old Thiago silva in the XI, that’s fine.
    When Germany selects 32-year-old Mats Hummels in the XI, that’s fine.
    When Belgium selects 35-year-old Vertoghen, 35 yr old Varmaelen, Tobi in the XI, that’s fine.

    But When Scaloni selects 33-year-old OTamendi in the XI, 90% Of Mundos people….
    1. that’s not fine. That is his bad decision.
    2. Otamendi is very old. I don’t understand why Scaloni takes a player of this age in the team.
    3. Scaloni is sTupid. Scaloni excells his bed with Otamendi😂😂😂
    4. No Otamendi Pls…. Big No…Bla, Bla..

    I think “Otamendi Romero” Combo is the next Big thing in Argentina national team in next 15 month. Central Defence and goalkeeping is theposition where age is just a number. Otamendi still a player of Aerially monster type Defender. No one is better than him in the Air. Yet he is week in ground duels but I m really exciting about…. Otamendi Romero combo❤️❤️❤️

  2. The cancellation of Copa America last year was a 100% understandable no ifs, whys, or buts about it, but doing it again this year falls squarely on the people running the country(s) and the imbecile Brazilian and his moronic polices have 100% contributed to the mess they’re in now and if Brazil is suffering then the whole continent does as well.
    People go forward not backward and this is exactly what is going on now in S. America.

  3. The players have nothing to say when it comes to tournament organization. It all comes from the sponsors, people in the black suits. It’s a game for us but a business for the committee organization. If the players want to boycott any tournament that would have a huge impact in their careers. Don’t be fooled guys. Remember what happened to Messi at the end of the last Copa America…. Remember the like of Maradona, Anelka….