Argentina possible eleven vs. Colombia, Emiliano Martinez to start


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni reportedly has an idea in regards to the starting eleven vs. Colombia as Franco Armani is left out of the squad.

Emiliano Martinez will start in goal for Argentina for the second match in a row, following the team’s 1-1 draw vs. Chile. Martinez was selected ahead of Franco Armani who was and continues to test positive for COVID. Armani has not travelled with the team to Colombia for Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier.

One player that missed out on the squad vs. Chile but will make the trip vs. Colombia is Gonzalo Montiel. The right back has tested negative for COVID and per a report by TyC Sports, might start on the right side of the back line.

After missing out on the last match due to suspension, Nicolas Otamendi is back in the squad. Here’s the rumored eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel or Juan Foyth, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi or Lucas Martínez Quarta, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Marcos Acuña or Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María or Nicolás González.


  1. Just watched the semi final from 2019 again. Honestly, it was not a bad performance by this team and needless to say the refs were all on Brazil’s side. If Aguero’s header had gone in, things would have been different. Argentina played both Tagliafico and Acuna in the starting 11 along with Aguero and Lautaro. So the main changes this time around would be Emi in the goal, plus Acuna should play LB (he played there an entire season for Seville), no Tagliafico, so we can add Lo Celco or Buendia/Papu in the midfield. Papu mostly played in an attacking mid for Seville. Add Nico or Di Maria up front and most importantly Romero in the back. Plus one can decide between Foyth or Montiel, these 4-5 changes would make a hige differnece, we have a good chance to go a step further in Copa.

    • All said and done, Otamendi is a must, he has the experience, is taller than Lisandro, and is a leader. SO him and Romero will make a good CB pairing. It is time to try Guido instead of Parades, he also had a good season under a better coach, so deserves a chance. Parades is weak plus he doesn’t play against good players in the league, Guido does.

  2. Big propblem is parades. please get someone like redondo or mascherano instead of parades. better my suggestion is Lisandro martinez.

  3. As a CB pair at now ROMERO-LISANDRO pair is better than ROMERO-OTAMENDI.Now it is the time when young players should get some chance!

  4. I’m so tired of Di Maria being in this squad. Put in Nico González, Papu gomez, Joaquin Correa etc. Anyone but Di Maria. Scaloni was right to take him out.

  5. Montiel is defensive liability against fast Colombian wingers either Foyth or Mollina should be RB in any case.

  6. “But When Scaloni selects 33-year-old OTamendi in the XI, 90% Of Mundos people….
    1. that’s not fine. That is his bad decision”

    I think you don’t understand the base of those members’ argument, and yes I am one of them. It’s not the age what is important to me, it’s form and performance. Look, I will take a 37-year old Messi over any other Argentine attacker (even if he is a 20-year old decent goalscorer) coz I know that even at 37 Messi can do what others can’t, so it’s not about age, it’s about performance. Right now Licha is way, way better than Ota, I can’t buy the idea of benching Licha and starting Ota. That idea has ZERO logic.

    • We dont need Lisandro as a central Defender with 1.78 cm height. He is Lisandro, not a Ayala or Canavaro!!!

      Lisandro as a defensive midfielder or left back…its probably ok. If we have midfielder like pogba(1.90 cm), Rabiot (1.87) of height with physically + skill, left back with 1.86 cm( hernandesz), rightback 1.85 (pavard)…. Then we consider Lisandro as a central defender.

      • “We dont need Lisandro as a central Defender with 1.78 cm height”

        How tall is Gary Medel? Does he have tall and big midfielders like Pogba infront of him or a tall fullback like Pavard next to him? It seems your argument doesn’t have good supporting points. Gary Medel is shorter than Licha and he doesn’t have any of what you have mentioned and he is doing very well with his NT.

        • In the last 10 years, the Chilean national team has not had a better, more aggressive Defender ( DM) than Medal. So the medal is matured in Best 11.
          Comparing the medal with Lisandro is a poor logic. Chile has less standard Central defender, but Argentina does.

          • “Comparing the medal with Lisandro is a poor logic. Chile has less standard Central defender, but Argentina does”

            Dude, you seem clueless in this one. If you have obsession with a particular player (Ota), I am not saying stop supporting him, I am just telling you Ota’s good days are well behind him. Age and height will never be an excuse. Those who perform well should be in the starting 11 regardless of their age and height, and those who underperform should sit on the bench or see off the NT.

          • By the way, Barca want to sign with Lisandro Martinez to ship the clueless tall defender (Linglet) to other teams. This tells you something. Right?

      • actually licha is the best argentine CB I don’t think many of you saw him play otherwise your opinion would be very different in terms of defending romero and licha are equal level but lisandro is amazing ball player he never makes mistakes argentina can sit back and stop worrying about CBs because these two will be great for the next 10 years and there is also sensei medina may be balerdi i don’t beleive on the others if we continue to play martinez quarta we will be worried every time argentina play like we have been every time otamendi f.fernandez demichles play

    • Completely agree with all of your points Dadir. Lisandro played well when he was subbed on and better than I can imagine Otamendi playing. Does age mean everything? No, because if we had Ramos, Silva, Chiellini he probably would start for us. If Otamendi plays well against Colombia I will be less harsh but at the moment I think Lisandro is better for many reasons. The only reason imo Otamendi should start against Colombia is maybe because of the physical factor against Colombian players

  7. 1 or 2 change is ok. But should not change. Why montiel when molina performed good in last match? I think foyth or molina should start as right back

  8. When Portugal selects 37-year-old Pepe in the XI, that’s fine.
    When Italy selects 36 yr old Chielini, 34 yr old Bonucchi, thats fine.
    When Brazil selects 36-year-old Thiago silva in the XI, that’s fine.
    When Germany selects 32-year-old Mats Hummels in the XI, that’s fine.
    When Belgium selects 35-year-old Vertoghen, 35 yr old Varmaelen, Tobi in the XI, that’s fine.

    But When Scaloni selects 33-year-old OTamendi in the XI, 90% Of Mundos people….
    1. that’s not fine. That is his bad decision.
    2. Otamendi is very old. I don’t understand why Scaloni takes a player of this age in the team.
    3. Scaloni is sTupid. Scaloni excells his bed with Otamendi😂😂😂
    4. No Otamendi Pls…. Big No…Bla, Bla..

    I think “Otamendi Romero” Combo is the next Big thing for Argentina national team in next 15 month. Central Defence and goalkeeping is theposition where age is just a number. Otamendi still a player of Aerially monster type Defender. No one is better than him in the Air. Yet he is week in ground duels but I m really exciting about…. Otamendi Romero combo❤️❤️❤️

    • Old players are playing because either they top class like messi, Aguero, di maria or we dont have options like otamendi.
      Otamendi never performed top class in any of the tournament even rojo performed better. Should we call him?
      Or can we call Insua?
      Should we call mascherano?

  9. I think lo celso will give us the attacking bite we’re looking for and we need acuña as lb. I’m happy to see otamendi and Romero. See how they do.

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