Julian Alvarez in for Argentina, Lucas Alario out for Copa America squad


The official Argentina national team squad for the Copa America has been announced. It is the same one which was announced yesterday but with one difference.

Julian Alvarez, who made his Argentina national team debut vs. Chile, replaces Lucas Alario as Alario has not fully recovered from his injury. Alario misses out along with Juan Foyth, Lucas Ocampos Emiliano Buendia and Jose Palomino.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has selected four goalkeepers for the tournament.

Franco Armani
Emiliano Martínez
Agustin Marchesín
Juan Musso

Gonzalo Montiel
Nahuel Molina
Cristian Romero
Nicolás Otamendi
Lucas Martínez Quarta
Germán Pezzella
Lisandro Martínez
Nicolás Tagliafico

Marcos Acuña
Rodrigo De Paul
Leandro Paredes
Giovani Lo Celso
Exequiel Palacios
Guido Rodríguez
Nicolás Domínguez
Alejandro Gómez

Lionel Messi
Lautaro Martínez
Nicolás González
Sergio Agüero
Ángel Correa
Ángel Di María
Joaquín Correa
Julian Alvarez


  1. Lo Celso is more creative than Papu Gomez, though the later has more energy. However, Papu Gomez and Acuna have played quality time together on field in La Liga. They can be played together. We need to have workable combinations in the team rather than great individuals. Remember how we came back from 2 down against Germany when even Messi wasn’t there in the team. Similarly Paredes Di Maria. Togliafico-Martinez. Messi and Aguero anyway have good understanding among them. Still cannot forget their goal against France, which created a last flicker of hope in WC18.

  2. This is my starting 11 for this Copa America based on the selected squad, 4-3-1-2 :
    GK : Armani
    RB : Montiel
    RCB : Pezzella
    LCB : Otamendi
    LB : Tagliafico
    RCM : De Paul
    CDM : Guido
    LCM : Paredes
    AMC : Papu (or Lol Celso?)
    RCF : Messi
    LCF : Aguero
    And the others will be the great substitute…
    After this Copa America, I prefer to drop Armani, Marchesin, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Papu, and Di Maria… I will choose the younger one….
    (If I’m the head coach of Argentina NT)


    #NoMatterWhat Vamos Argentina!
    Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion! Vamos Argentina!

    God bless you all….

  3. I feel extremely excited always when new players comes to our squad.. we had a tradition of new messi..new Maradona..new batistuta..new Riquelme etc

  4. This copa America plus before that those 2 wc qualifiers will be huge plus point for the wc. 80% of this players will be selected for wc thats for sure only senesi, medina, buendia, thiago almada, alario, Dybala, icardi or may b 1-2 players can get the chance so this much time training together and playing against tough teams trying out different formation will help us a lot to build a proper chemistry. Don’t expect too much world cup or even copa America is not easy. U can only work hard results depends on so many things otherwise a minnow like Greece could never won euro at 2004 even Portugal also didn’t deserve last time. According to me forwards win matches and defense win championship. No matter what until Argentina improve their defense we can’t win any trophy we got close in 2014 because of our defense. And defense needs chemistry and understanding for that scaloni needs to pick our best back 4 and stick with it for long time defenders need confidence bt too much chop and changing can destroy rhythm and confidence. Only 1 yr left for wc enough of experiment now lock the prefer 4

  5. I just saw the italy game. They look absolutely mediocre out of 3 they were lucky in 2 goals. Nowadays the difference between top teams and mediocre teams r much less its not like 80s or 90s that top teams usually destroy lower level teams. Even in 2014 wc we struggled against iran and won in injury time with messi stunner. Maradona’s 1990 team lost against Cameroon i believe. U can’t expect pep’s barca like football from Argentina, 1st we don’t have that much quality and we r not playing day in day out plus spain 2010 germany 2014 played regularly with each other in club level look at Argentina there is no 2 players in the starting 11 besides low level river plate that play with each other in club level. Messi Aguero in barca could help bt Aguero is not a starter anymore. If lisandro and tagliafico starts thn its good as they play for ajax bt i don’t like tagliafico much. He was destroyed against France and he hasn’t improved much to be honest atleast acuna plays in a tough league like laliga bt problem is Spanish league doesn’t have much speed best league to pick fullbacks is premier League that league is completely dependant on speed bt we don’t have any fullbacks playing at premier league right now.

  6. The Copa America has become a joke over the years.
    This is 5th copa in 10 years.
    And from two groups 4 teams will qualify.And we all know the favourites, there is no fierce competition.
    If we dont win this shitty tournament then we should stop playing football.

    • Don’t make stupid comments. Winning loosing is part of the game winning a tournament is not easy if u can’t win u stop playing thats the most dumb argument i always hear from some fans ridiculous there is a thing called sporting spirit

    • in Copa America all opponents are almost same .. world’s toughest football power is in Latin America..
      we may think best are Brazil Argentina Uruguay Colombia/Chile..but others are not lagging behind..
      Peru Ecuador Venezuela Paraguay Bolivia not easy opponents like the 3rd 4th team of Euro ..

  7. Besides LoCelso, Buendia is the only one with high attacking coefficient – attacking dribbles per minutes played. I would have loved to see LoCelso pair with Buendia snd Parades and DePaul alternating as holding mids to break play and distribute.

    Scaloni is making ridiculous selection mistakes but I hope the players he chose repay his confidence.

    • italy played a beautifull football against turkey. roberto mancini has 3yrs time to built the italy team. but scaloni need 10yrs time to take built a team. if arg players against italy argentina will lose the game

  8. Argentina is not winning anything because of the coaches it had all along, this current specimen is one of them. Selection of a covid infected player, picking an unfit player yesterday and dropping him today from the list, dropping an inform player (buendia), dropping 2 players who played in the recent 2 matches but keeping bench players in the tournament squad – all these and much more reflect that the specimen is not to coach Argentina maybe he has the ability to coach a 3rd tier club.
    We had good and world class players all along but garbage coaches. Sabella was an exception even though I didn’t like his style but he had what mattered ‘brains’. Even he made a stupid substitution in the final and got ourselves out of history.
    Messi needs to speak to Tapia if he wants to win anything with NT.
    I’m sure Tapia will kick Scaloni out once this Copa is over.

    • Exactly said mate!
      Argentina is badly in need of a good coach since 2006. We had good & worldclass players in every position always, now we have also. Just need to apply proper tactics to perform.
      I thought after 2018 wc that Scaloni may b do something like Guardiola at Barca or something else! But now after 3.5 yrs, I m totally frustrated very much, cz Mr. Scaloni’s end product is just a big zero, simply a waste of very valuable time!
      Frankly speaking, now Argentina team’s performance is like a 3rd graded team like Chile/Mexico. 2nd round/qf is the highest destination of such a team! They r not the power house of football anymore. Though its sour, but very true. “Champion”, the word is just a dream now for Argentina!
      Really need someone who can magically u-turn this team, bcz we have talents!!

  9. I think Argentina midfield is one of the best.In some matches G. Rodriguez and Paredes both should play in 3 man midfield along with De Paul or Lo celso.

  10. @cox4 With all respect if someone have an opposite opinion kindly dont assume that He/She doesnt play football or have zero football knowledge. I have played football, I follow football. You have your opinion , I have mine.Thank you.

    • Hey guys. God forbid but what if covid positive Armani infects the whole squad? Did scaloni ever think about that? We will be the laughing stock of the entire planet..

    • with all the respect too i said what i said not because we have different opinions.
      this is not the point here. you can continue have yours freely without any word from me.
      Just the point here is you use “lol” for one post from me which i was speaking about the effect that can have one experience player to the locker room of one team.
      forgive me but i had every right to assume what i think when i read what you write about that.
      Now that you follow football i believe it. it is other thing. to have play football even in amateur level sorry i don t believe it. i have every right to believe it if you can t understand the role of the older players in one team even if that team is in lowest division or it is even a school football team.
      when i speak about play football even in amateur level i mean for a team with locker rooms. Not just play with your friends outside in your neighborhood. this is other thing too. of course this way i believe you have play football.
      this is my opinion and i have every right to have it as you too can have your opinion about me or anything else.

      i just answer you only to make clear myself not to convince you about anyhting or i want to change your opinion.

  11. I have very low expectations from this copa. I know Argentina most probably not winning copa. But its a very important tournament for us. If armani doesn’t play Martinez can cement his place. Our team will play back to back high intensity match against quality opponents that will grow our chemistry between players. We will see how good locelso palacios depaul paredes guido etc really are. Our fullbacks will improve. We need to choose a settle team now and we need to select some wingers who can create and score lots of goals without fast counter attacking wingers one can’t win wc. Need some creativity in midfield. I hope lisandro gets some minutes he should pair romero bt we all know scaloni will start otamendi

  12. If you guys compare other coaches player selection then this coaching staff clearly winning. Even Sabella’s player selection was questionable and do not talk about Tata! I see some of here praising him and his play
    but I remember clearly People were making fake name ID here to insult Tata. Yes it is quite shocking to leave Dybala. Most of us here including me was shocked but it is what it is. This is a perfect SQUAD for our Coaching staff. This is what they need to complete the plan. There is so much more about play a tournament besides playing. Yes defence wise maybe they could have picked Senesi and in midfield Buendia but they still young to make Qatar for sure. And I am sure after Copa also securing world Cup spot team will be change accordingly to the Qatar. If you like Argentina then stop insulting Argentine league for sake. One or two players deserve to play in NT i believe. You can’t neglect your root after all. That new KID ain’t that bad but YES he ain’t Dybala but Scaloni and Co thinks he is perfect for their plan so be it. Foyth knew it was coming and it was great decision indeed. Support the team guys.

  13. Throwing Foyth out of Copa was a good decision. He is excellent with his ground defending but I have never seen such a careless and clumsy footballer in a long time. Colombia game was not first time.. Who remembers Brazil’s second goal? He stopped playing as Jesus ran with the ball…then began running and got beaten easily at D Box.

    Ocampos is out of form. I follow him closely. He is not the same player compared to last year.

    Buendia’s omission is a bad one. He is playing good football for last 3 years. He could be a wild card. You never know… de paul was not starter but at copa19 his performance was unexpectedly good. Palomino is expected case.

    So from Scaloni you have 2 good, 2 bad decision. This indicates scaloni’s performance so far… Okish, could have been better.

  14. Just like this Copa itself became a mess our team selection also looks messier 🤦🤦🤦

    There is French open mens semis happening there is Euro cup happening all at the same time. All need to be watched in mobile itself in split screen. What the hell. All tournaments are happening at same time.😅😅😅

  15. Armani has been phenomenal for River, it is true…at least in his first two years with River. He transformed River defence in a very organized and confident one. He had an staggering 81% save success rate. So if a River fan supports and admires him, I understand.

    Same Armani could not bring his form to international stage sadly. For last 3 years, he did not bring any notable advantage or performance to Argentina team except one penalty save in crucial moment. His performance has been unspectacular otherwise. When you compare with his predecessor Sergio Romero, you will feel unsatisfied. Also, Armani’s river form has declined by significant margin.

    With emergence of Damian Martinez, he would not be a no 1. That is footballing reason. He is covid positive, he should not even be with the team for health reason only. There is no way to determine if someone is contagious or not. None. With covid, you take no chances.

    So taking 4 goalkeeper does not make any sense. When something does not make any sense, people end up with conspiracy theories. This is where you find ‘local quota’, ‘Riverplate influence ‘ etc. I also would not blame them.

    However, I will blame Scaloni. No, he did not do a wonderful job so far…he has avoided being a terrible manager after Bauza and Sampaoli. But I will hold my final judgement for Copa.

  16. What Armani will teach the other Goal keepers lol.. Martinez is in his peak playing in the most competitive league and has reputation as one of the best in the league..Musso is playing in Italian league for few seasons now and one of the best there. What Sir Armani will teach these two Gks. The are not kids.They are professionals who are playing in the highest level for some years now.One the other hand 34 years old Armani is still in his comfort Zone.

    • first of all if you speaking about me i was speaking to help new comers to adopt to the national team envirment. Not to teach to be goalkeepers. Armani is old guard.
      i don t blame you of course because obviously you haven t play football even in amateur level to understand what i am talking about. about locker rooms.
      you can continue hate anybody you want of course ( Armani etc)
      i don t expect to change your idea.
      Just as i said it is time to unite against our opponents.
      Our beloved team will begin very soon one new tournament.
      i am one devoted and loyal fan of the Argentine national team and now i will stand beside our 28 “soldiers” that will wear the honored Albiceleste jersey to go to “war”.
      Now is that time for me. the rest after the “war”.

  17. I think a lot of people are forgetting that this is the best Argentina squad in a while. Since October Scaloni has slowly improved and it began with including Papu and has gotten better and better. Is Buendia a bummer? Yes but I think Scaloni may use tactics and formations that don’t need him like narrow formations

  18. Rulli/Walter Benitez/Sergio Romero—Facundo Medina/Angeleri—Senesi/Balerdi—Nehuen Perez/Palomino—Foyth/Saravia—Ascacibar/Battaglia—Pereyra/Lanzini—Ocampos/Macallister—Dybala/Thiago Almada—Buendia/Lamela—Icardi/Alario with a Flick or Klopp caliber coach this team would win Copa…

  19. Just read a report..experts says Argentina is strong team on paper compare to others South American..this is real chance to win the cup..
    But we know,we have a young holy shit bulshit confused

  20. Everyone after France Portugal England… Just look at the Italy squad… There front 3 each scores more than 15 goal this season… With likes of chiesa belotti on the bench…

      • I really hope he doesn’t end up at either. Hes better than what those clubs are doing right now. Fior is a freaking mess and i know Milan ranked 2nd but i feel like they are stuck in rebuilding mode and things can go south quickly. Milan Coach also really defensive, i think. Rather see him in the Prem or Liga.

  21. @kavi/ @ Kevin
    “ Gaich and Icardi never been with team how can he select them for a tournament.”

    Really! They were never selected for Argentina by Scaloni? You want me to take you seriously when you ask me to get my facts right? What is the definition of fact to you?

    “Ocampus was always shit just like you”.
    You don’t cease to amaze me! What game do you watch? You are clearly not able to set aside your subjective limitations while making a judgement. You may not like a certain player or be obsessed with another player, but if you make such emotion-driven, unsubstantiated judgements (and do it repeatedly), then the impression I get about you is either 1) you are someone who haven’t seen many springs; 2) You maybe an adult but the size of your pre-frontal cortex is still juvenile.

    And, “just like me”!! Do you think you disrespected me using your foul words? If you were intelligent you would have known that you rather denigrated yourself. Do you know that our behavior with others is the reflection of how we grew up in a family and what kind of a human being we are? You are just exposing yourself dude. Your foul comments doesn’t touch me or Ocampos or anyone.

  22. Guys, please take a chill pill. No amount of complaining here will change the reality. Yes, little bit of venting is very normal for fans, but this is getting a little toxic, especially when the tournament has not even started.

    The finals squad is good and has better chances of winning than in 2019. The players you ‘hate’ for being in the squad, probably won’t even start or get enough minutes. Remember there are 28 players, so many of them won’t kick a ball.

    The players you are crying for being dropped are not exactly champions league winners ( last serious Argentine player to win was back in 2015 ). There is still a season before the WC, and some of them will get their spots if they perform well at their clubs.

    Enjoy the football and VAMOS Argentina.

  23. There are river fans here. So what is the reason behind selecting cov+ sir Armani? Such ridiculous.
    Also Sir otamendi is doing error match after match. He thinks himself as he is sergio ramos. Look for the last goal conceded against Colombia he did not jump I guess. This player could not defend properly but can show his temper. Such a liability for the team.

    • He was the starter GK of the team he is experience player inside and outside pitch he can teach the younger and in end he didn t do anything bad to anyone to be droped from a 28 players squad without reason. Scaloni is not Sampaoli to treat unfair to Armani as Sampaoli did to Romero. As about Otamendi we like it or not he is kind of vice captain in team after Messi.
      So he couldn t be dropped off team.

      this is time to stop complain and stand beside our team. if we say that we are fans that love that team now it is time for fight against our opponents. not to eat each other.

    • A lot of people are blaming River propaganda but I don’t think there is such thing. I think there is a local quota / local propaganda in general and because River has better talent and players than Boca for instance it just so happens we only have River players. I am sure that if Salvio was not injured right now he would have been selected, maybe ahead of Alvarez. About Armani I do not understand on a footballing level why he was chosen if he can’t play, but on a human level I did see Scaloni say in an interview that Armani provides things for the team as a person and I guess that is why he was chosen.

      • we have if not the best one of the best youth academy in Argentina. with Gallardo we work that project in the highest level. River propaganda? this is the biggest joke one Argentine can hear. AFA and the majority of “famous” so called reporters in Argentine media is Boca fans. what River propaganda?
        don t give attention to nonsense my friend.
        let people without knowledge saying whatever they want.

        • Yep the youth academy was another thing I was considering mentioning in regards to the level of River players. We’ve developed better and more players than Boca this decade in my opinion. Since AFA favors Boca this actually proves that out of the local players they focus on choosing the best ones because otherwise it would be just Boca players. Some people also say that we only call up ex-river players. I do not think this is the reason for that either.

          • it is not only your opinion my friend. it is the truth.
            to remind you if you forget that back in 2011 after the black page in our history our board take one huge intentional decition. Because our bankropsy and financial issues the team will invest almost entirely to the develop of young players with intention the team will self builded. No costly transfers and develop our kids. this project is continue till our days and have no doubt that it will continue in future too.

  24. At least theoretically a midfield of De Paul Paredes Lo Celso won’t bring us results and will make Messi extremely difficult to score goals for our national team. Brazil played all three Firmino Jesus Richarlison along with Neymar against Paraguay. Both Jesus n Richarlison got the ability to stretch the opposite flank giving space for Neymar and Firmino. Even though only two goals scored, Tire got a system and confident with his plan and also sure about his players and their positions. Also they got good overlapping full backs joining the attacks and also good defensive minded Casemiro or Fabinho or even Fred to cover the holes. They are not expecting Casemiro to create chances. But he’s doing what he needs to do.. covering the defense which is already superior with Marquinho n Silva with better keepers in Allison n Ederson. Now both sides of flank is almost nil in attack. Molina showed some promises but next match he’s out. Weird. De Paul always move from flank towards center much like Celso. So nobody is stretching the flank which makes easier for opponents to nullify Messi by putting more bodies in the centre. Papua Gomez can stretch the opponent full backs and Celso should be deployed on left side. Lisandro Martinez should play one of two pivoting midfield along with Paredes with De Paul in right and Messi as false nine but that takes Lautro out of equation. Omitting Dybala who can play many roles at least as a sub is beyond human understanding. We are under a very poor coach who may get results because of players not because of tactics.

  25. When you have names that are proven at the highest levels such as Dybala and Icardi it’s Fascinating to me that a player like Julian Alvarez is called upon. It’s quality against potential. ONLY IN ARGENTINA!! Even France got it right with benzema..

    …but what are we going to do… once the whistle blows .. we all forget the bullshyt selections and it’s all… Vamos Argentina

  26. Just saw the Argentina U23 vs Saudi game . Got to say the U23 players look much more motivated to play for national jersey than our seniors😁 . Very high press & moving ball well . Rarely see a backpass . Only issue i saw was full backs still not effective in accurate crosses & at times Barco, Vargas , Almada overdo dribbles & lose possession leading to a quick counter. But got to say this team is high on chemistry & looking like a Sampaoli/ Bielsa Chile when chasing opposition & moving forward. Payero , De la vega , Vera, Gaich , Barco , Perez , & even Ortega played well . Almada was brilliant against Denmark & today also dangerous with ball in his sub role . I am hopeful we will put up a good show in Olympics .

    Herrera – Perez – Medina – Angileri ( hopefully )
    Vera – Payero
    De La Vega – Almada – Barco

    Cant think of a young good RB who can attack well . Maybe Alex Vigo or get Foyth to play & regain some confidence.
    Bench will be also strong with Balerdi , Ascacibar , Macclister , Zaracho . Batista shld also get Girotti as a sub.
    Just wondering why AFA didnt atleast get Senesi here while Perez- medina is a good CB combo.

    • Great to hear our U23’s are doing great. I would watch the games if they were played at a more reasonable time where I live. I am very excited with talent like Almada and De La Vega in particular. Also I am surprised that Girotti has not received a call up to one of these teams yet, he (might) even be more dangerous than Gaich. Him and Vigo not being there is probably an attempt for continuity but both could serve as great options.

  27. for me the real mistake is Senesi

    this guy won the best défender award last year and he can do it again this year. Milan Seville and Napoli want him. It’s a monster like Romero ! But we like Otamendi who is down for that level and Quarta on the bench of the Fiorentina…

    • You don’t get it Otamendi has protection don’t waste your time Certain players have guarantee as long as they can kick a ball. I agree with you senesi, but he isn’t there whatever reason still lisandro martinez is there
      He should start over otamendi but It won’t happen because Mr otamendi 33 years old who makes childish mistakes match after match will start every game and is over yet, him and other two are here to stay till 22 world Cup.

  28. The amount of crying that has been going on this forum about Buendia has made it unreadable. There is a reason why Johnny and other original posters from 2006 have left.

    I didn’t know so many people watched the Championship. Well, the truth is that there isn’t. It seems like the blind leading the blind about Buendia. The assessment appears to be YouTube videos and articles on him.

    Stop your bitching and support the team. Stop criticizing the national team and begin supporting them. From the manager to player number 28, support your team.

    • Excatly.

      Moment there is a loss, people here want half of the team to be dropped completely and want some other players ( whom mostly they haven’t seen play) in the starting XI and they really think that we will start playing like prime Barcelona !!

      Molina : Doubt there are regular Udinese fans here. Kid’s got pace and nice runs to provide width, but has so many poor touches, not great at defending and at association play.

      Buendia : The guy had a great tournament in the second division, but still people believe like he is a Balon D’or winner who has been dropped. I agree that he is a good player, someone who could add a new element to the team, but not a huge loss, and if he continues his good form in the FIRST division of England, he will get his chances

      People need to get some perspective here. There are very good players in the squad and there is a good chance of winning. The players who have been dropped are not champion league winners. Yes you could argue that some of them would improve the team, but not so much.

      Football at the end of day is for enjoyment, but here there seems to be too much toxicity. Take a chill pill and Vamos Argentina.

    • Yes.. Buendia played in championship..but best player of championship this season.
      Last season 4th best most chance created player in PREMIER LEAGUE when he was 23.

      Some people here just hate or devalue a player who has great quality.

    • I beg you to read Buendia’s stats both in premier league and championship. If we don’t play a formation reliant on wingers than we don’t have a problem in terms of depth so his exclusion won’t hurt us. If we do than it is a problem

    • thank you Jack finally someone who says that… I have never and will never watch the Championship…

      And for those who are screaming now Player of the Year in Championship and last year inPremier League blablabla…

      Think again Dybala was Player of the Year 19/20 in Seria A and as for last Season Juve only played good when Dybala was on the Field. And Dybala was not even called up so why should we play or have a Championship Player on our Team?

  29. Please give this team to Gallardo. He will transform this players and team into next level.
    After Copa..if we win or lose… appoint Gallardo..we need to make sure we perform at the maximum..in coming WC.
    If we perform at that level no-one can beat us…I say…no team in the world…!

  30. Dybla is complete striker he can really well link up with other player, good first touch final touch, can provide assists,good dribbler,can take free kick Dybla is all round he should have been selected.With Dybla Juventus always looked scary, Juve could have better UCL if Dybla had not been injured. For such an important tournament Dybla is needed please Scaloni select him for Copa

  31. Such a joke from Scaloni..Alario IN after one day he’s OUT..Now Alvarez IN….!

    Tomorrow Armani out…Matias Saurez IN..!
    Buendia deserved to be in NT

    • I think it was a confusion created by CONEMBOL. Yesterday’s list was not released by AFA & was released by CONEMBOL . Hence it was maybe a lminus 1 version list . I am sure 1 more GK going off in final list & lets see who between Buendia & Ocampos will make it. But considering Scaloni never even got Buendia in sub bench , i guess it will be Ocampos.

  32. Instead of Alvarez,Dybla should have been selected. I do not know when Dybla going to get proper chance he is with Argentina for more than four years and never got proper chance.

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