Cristian Romero trains with team mates, possible start for Argentina vs. Uruguay


Cristian Romero trained with the rest of his team mates on Tuesday and might be a starter for Argentina vs. Uruguay.

Romero, who missed out on Argentina’s opening match at the Copa America, has been recovering from a muscle strain. Following the match, he did some stretches with the rest of the players who did not play in the 1-1 draw.

On Tuesday, the team trained and Romero trained alongside them. Per Ole, should Romero continue with his recovery, he might start for Argentina vs. Uruguay on Friday.


  1. the problems are very obvious .
    1, scaloni lack of strategy, he didn’t know how to attack nor defense well .His substitute is poor .Gonzalez ,lo celso should not substitute off instead lautaro martinez ,paredes ,otamendi ,tagliafico should be benched.

    2,The team lack of a strong central forward ,lautaro is not that type we need lukaku

    3, we don’t have world class defense midfield ,paredes is useless .we should use box to box midfield and all round midfield such as de paul to take up the DM job .

    4,Tagliafico is overestimated, replace him with gonzalez who is fast and hardworking .

    5, 3 central defenders with 343 is better than 4 men defend.

  2. At the moment I think with this team the best lineup should be 343.

    GK: Martinez
    Defense :Molina, Romero ,Quarta
    midfield : DePaul, palacios ,lo celso , Gonzalez
    forward:Di maria , messi ,Joaquin correa

    1,Gonzalez replace tagliafico
    2, 343 formation with two wingers di maria ,correa
    3, No defensive midfield ,nowadays We needs all round midfield ,actually I am not impressed by paredes.
    4,play counter attack with fast player infront
    5,lautaro martinez is below par why not use joaquin correa
    6,3 men defense sometimes can change to 532 with de paul ,gonzalez drop back to two sides .
    7,play one touch football dont waste time on meaningless dribbling .

    • This is the funniest lineup I’ve ever seen what kind of formation is this this would not work even in ideal world guys please chill scaloni will not see this comment so just support if you have another problem go deal with them all this frustration is amazing really please you even know Molina face playing him in a cb role

  3. Can anybody pls tell me ‘why Lizandro martinez ,such a talent in defense( evena potential DM), is not given the chance by Scaloni.? His defensive skill, ball control and ability to play the ball is amazing and one of the best.(i would rate him better than Romero)

    • It’s coach choice . If Diego Simeone was coach of ARGENTINA . he would have played Angel Correa. Every match like he plays in Atletico. I think sclaoni likes LMQ PEZZELA OTAMANDI more. So if you won or lose he won’t change player

      • It may be a height issue. We are not an air dominant team.
        Otamendi is a beast in the air.
        Cuti.Romero is good too.
        both Pezzela and LMQ have decent height.

        The rest? Acuña is super small, our mid is not exactly physical, our forwards are fleas. Remember how we used to get destroyed wirh crosses into our box? Sabella fixed that with dominant aerial back line.. Scaloni is likely afraid to repeat that vulnerability.

        Samuel is there. I trust his advise to Scaloni is legit. We dont see the training matches..

        Before subbing in l.martinez for centerback, I think he shoukd be tried as a fullback or dm.

  4. Can anyone tell about DM of Boca juniors whom sclaoni called for copa but not selected… How good/bad/average is he ?

  5. We need very DM. Sclaoni should try Guido. Uruguay will going to attack… Hopefully we can won the match with fine margin… Don’t want another draw… And can’t imagine to loose

  6. GK problem solved. 1 CB will be Romero who will be 2nd . Otamandi/LMQ/LICHA. FOR RB. Montiel/MOLINA for LB TAG/ACUNA.. we need atleast 3 world class player at CB RB LB. mid is good enough attackers is good enough…

  7. Has anyone noticed E. Palacios blunder at 82:30 what the hell he was trying to do,he had plenty of time and literally no one was pressing him and what he did he showed his back to teammates and tried to pass them the ball which ended up in loosing possession and suffering counter attack. That mistake or lack of vision or careless attitude should not go unnoticed by Scaloni that mistake could have caused defeat to Argentina.Even the Chilean player behind Palacios surpassed him.Palacios decision making was complete idiot. After Di Maria and Palacios came the whole Argentina looked dull although Di Maria gave some good moments.

  8. Man it’s been so long… Been reading all the comments but been too lazy to post. Now it’s getting more exciting because of 2 new players: Emi Martinez and Cristian Romero.

    First of all to compare this Argentina to the likes of France is just not fair. Not only they are the defending champ, but they also have almost all their players playing in top clubs as key players. And they are on what? 7 games winning streaks or something? Last night Germany, arguably the world “second best team” could not even have a single proper chance against them.

    The truth is we finally grow. Yes we do. I applause Scaloni for trusting and starting Emi and Romero into the starting line up. I was worried that they were called and just be regular rotation players only, glad that he got the cojones to start them.

    Now we can tell the difference between really good players (close to “world class”) like Romero and Emi Martinez and overrated players hyped by the local media such as Lucas Martinez Quarta and Armani. Emi and Romero show that they are way above others in his position. MU, Liverpool, Barca, are not stupid to want to sign Romero this season. Atalanta is not that stupid to be willing to sell him below 50 million Euro. Emi is the same, the best goalie in the premier league is quite an achievement. it shows your real class.

    Now as for other players:
    1. Nico Tagliafico: To be honest I dont like him and the fact that he has 30 caps and has 0 assist and 0 goal for us show how overrated he is in Scaloni’s eyes. For me the goal Chile scored against us last week was his mistake. It was him late marking his man: Medel (Yes Nico was responsible for marking Medel in set pieces) that resulted in Medel’s assist to Alexis Sanchez. And what funny was after the goal, Nico got so angry as if his teammates made the error.

    The rebound goal Chile scored 2 days ago was also because of our players were late in preparing for the rebound case.

    Yes he did play better against Chile 2 days ago but again; for me he had too many bad games for Argentina. He is not an attacking fullback and is very average defensively. His defensive awareness is poor. Mbappe knows that.

    2. Nico Gonzales: He is similar to the young Di Maria. I just hope he keeps growing because as of now he is a “promosing player”, nothing more than that.

    3. Lautaro Martinez: Before the break of what? 2 years, Lautaro deserved to be the second most important player of Scaloni after Messi. He was that good and reliable, but this Lautaro is in a bad form. Every top player in all sports have gone thru such period of the slump. Some take a long time to be back to normal, some take a shorter time. I remember one time the likes of a healthy CR7 also had like many games without scoring a single goal.

    But to rely on the out of form Lautaro and still think that he is among the “untouchable” ones are unfair to others. Scaloni needs to consider other options at least to awake the sense of emergency in Lautaro’s head that his spot is not that secured anymore.

    4. Otamendi: For me he is not finished yet, among the defenders who are available with us today (don’t talk about Senesi who is not even with us), he and Romero can develop a special partnership. Otamendi is not as good as his City days but is not done yet.

    A lot of people call for Licha Martinez. I like Licha, for me at least Licha has to be the main back up of either Romero or Otamendi. But seriously we can’t play too many players with less than what 5 caps in the starting line up and expect amazing results in our favor. I mean I know a lot of us want: Emi, Romero, Licha, Buendia, or Nahuel Molina to start but all of them have 4 caps or lower at most with us.

    5. As for the midfield, the new Atletico man Rodrigo De Paul suddenly has become the hottest midfielder in europe. We need to give him a chance to show his worth. If the world think Emi and Romero are good and they show to us in 3 games that they are THAT good, Rodrigo should be the same. Just give him more time.

    6. Lo Celso has been a revelation. There are times where i think Palacios is a better option, but there are times where Lo Celso should be among the “untouchable” list.

    As for the back ups, Di Maria and Aguero deserve to always play at least 25 last minutes. Aguero even deserves to replace Lautaro now. Di Maria brought energy in the last game, the moment he was introduced, Chile completely stopped attacking us.

    For me we should have won the first game but 1-1 is not the end of the world. In Copa America 2015 or something, we also drew 0-0 in a group game against Paraguay and then the next time we met them in the semis we destroyed them 6-1.

    I totally believe we will improve more in the next game. The team spirit looks positive, it is nothing like the same spirit as the 1-1 result that we had from the Iceland game in the World Cup where we went into a panic mode and changed the whole team into a shitty team that resulted in 0-3 loss against Croatia. Now we are calm, we know that we can do a lot better.

    To comparw Argentina and France is a bit too much for me, but to expect to win this Copa is not an unrealistic target at all.

    • Well said..

      As for Lautaro, he needs a second stricker next to him. He has done great holding the ball vs 2 or 3 man markers, but he has no one to one_two with like he does with lukaku. He is only able to pass back, and then in the box he gets zero crosses.

      Taglafico will never cross, always safe pass back. On the right no one crosses.. if we are going to play with the singke stricker we should have wide players who can put a cross in.. acuña, dimaria, depaul. Messi.. in wide positions. We try to pass or dribble our way into the box too much.. we need crosses to targets, that makes space for messi and co to dribble into the box.

  9. Hello guys…. Does anyone know how many penalties are won by lautaro martinez for argentina?
    From which site do we get stats like these?

  10. am i only one who thinks many of the fan here in mundo albiceleste are shouting without knowing anything…before 8-9 years ago it was so fun reading the comments and views but now nothing special… humble request to bangladeshi, indian fan football and cricket are two very different game……….. myself sudhir ( nepal) following mundo albiceleste arountb11/12 yrs ago and commenting after 6-7 years…but i go through it almost every time when i get time…. vamos albiceleste….. i trust my team

    • Hi Sudhirfadi I know what you are trying to say, I am not here to generalise but unfortunately you are partially correct. Not all the fans from Bangladesh and India does not fit into those categories there are good and sensible fans here from those regions. I am a Bangladeshi-American living in USA and I have many friends living in Bangladesh and India and I can say that they are really passionate about sports. But sometimes not all but some gets a bit cartied away. I have been in Mundo for more than a decade and it is also correct that Mundo had better football conversation before. With all respect there are very knowledgable Bangladeshi and Indian fans here but there are also those who are agressive and irrational fans here and those numbers are mainly representative of those regions. Very unfortunate but true. And I think I can explain why is that. They are more frustrated than people living in other regions. Because there is a always a war between Brazil fans and Argentina fans in Bangladesh and India. So when Argebtina lose they face more frustration and shame than us because of the Brazilian Fans would always get under their skin. You can always feel they are in a hurry to change tge Argentina Team cos its unbearable for them. But it does not work like that in football. And that does not mean everyone from there are like that but a good number indeed. I know cos I have seen it first hand. Over in America no-one cares. Argentina and Brazil fans watch games in the same sports bar but its not the same there. When we lose we move on. I hope I did not abuse anyone its not my intention I just shared my observation. I am a Bangladeshi too. But the Sports culture in Bangladesh and India are strong and it can get really personal. And I think that is the reason some of them unleash their frustration here in mundo. Please dont take offence my Bangladeshi and Indian friends we are in the same team. And please share your thoughts.

  11. Rodrigo De Paul will be playing uefa champions league next season under his compatriot chole Simeone
    According different sources done is done pending medical

  12. I don’t think Argentina can not perform well. But if Scaloni wants to win a tournament he needs to realise the strength and weaknesses. I am only concerned about defense which was also our weakness before Scaloni came. But Scaloni did not fix anything. Romero somehow managed to fix CB position but RB position is still our weakness and no team can win any tournament with out fixing defense. When lautaro is not performing well Scaloni should try to play jaquin correra or ocampos(as ocampos is not good enough in wing) as false 9. Argentina has all potential to play false 9 formation. I think Correra for lautaro and Molina for montiel can change so many things.

  13. For Uruguay Match we should try this..

    ——-De Paul————–Lo Celso—–


    And why is the first change always Lo Celso, I know he’s not fully Match Fit, but in the first half he was our best player. He should have had at least two Assists, but Lautaro and Nico were unable to convert.
    If we don’t score we need to bring Strikers and Di Maria after maybe 60mins. In Chile Match Aguero came way too late he couldn’t do anything in that Match.

    An now again I have to say we are badly missing Dybala, he would’ve been a perfect Super Sub.

    As for now let’s cross our fingers for the Game against Uruguay. Let’s hope that Romero is fully fit because of Suarez and Cavani. It’s gonna be a very difficult Match and much harder then the one against Chile…


      • OK
        Sounds good to me too. Thanks for the respons.. I do not follow J. Correa to be honest. But as I could read here, he is pretty solid. I just think we need to change something in Attack becuase, right now, and I’m a huge fan, Lautaro is not clicking… Maybe as a super Sub he can be great..

  14. This place became toxic , unbreable so negative No rational it becomes worst than arsenal fan TV.
    Having said that they re few good guys who I like them.I don’t care what nutcases say tagliafico is very good reliable defender.
    I loved what I saw from nico gonzalez his movements directness Finding spaces were superb sure he will score goals.Pple think chile is easy to play against.. let me tell you) Whenever chile play vs Argentina they play like they going to war just know that, do you know? chile never beat Argentina in copa in open play so have respect Even when they having thier best generation ever i mean likes vidal and co,Don’t expect Argentina to win every game 2,3 & 4 nil.Football developed they aren’t many minnows anymore expect few in Europe like San Marino. Oh my lord that pitch was horrible almost was unplayable.
    I had enough with some guys keeping saying following sentences ( messi will never win with this Argentina team) since I started supporting Argentina I wanted to see Argentina nt to win some trophy I haven’t seen yet but they came so close to it Which was heartbroken by itself and I won’t give up. I don’t really care who scaloni picks as long Argentina win that makes me happy.

    • Without proper choices at back Argentina can’t win foyth should not be dropped otamendi should be dropped. Tagliafico was destroyed by France in wc 2018 and i don’t think he improved a lot. Bt if lisandro Martinez gets selected thn tagliafico can be ok they play at ajax and may have good understanding our right back should be atleast decent enough i feel there is nobody better than foyth at rb for Argentina molina and montiel will be destroyed when they face a tough opponent tagliafico needs to improve his attacking output lots of scope for improvement

      • Foyth is the best defender but he really effed up. I don’t think he should have been dropped and Scaloni could regret it, but its understandable given the 2 egregious mistakes.

        • Foyth was mistake but he costs us six points which would have given us tranquility so I understood why he dropped but he will come bk Stronger.
          As tagliafico is easy pick for some people in here cuse they expected him to play like P.S.

        • Even Demiral made mistake, Hummels made mistake vs France in Euro.Mistake gonna happen players should be given chance if they have potential.

  15. this failure becos of coaching itself. how tite keep on winning the matches with new players in everything match? even their players are not even star players. last copa he used arther, coutinho but in this copa none of themselves added. but afa keep on players lo celso, parades, depaul same who played last copa but no improvement. this shit scaloni keep on telling stories pitch was not good, we are improving, climate was not good, referees are in corruption. scaloni mindset is fixed with draw is nough for him to satisfy AFA and topia so that he could enjoying few more years. he is enjoying when he is winning against india, pakistan, bangaladesh, srilanka, nepal games. he cannot win any trophies. AFA is actually they dont want to win any trophies. argentina football is dead because of shit management. that is the reason europe’s are not considering argentine players. argentina wont win against uruguay. either lose or draw but no win. if they draw or lose definitely they wont move next stage. better they must come out of the tornamentm

  16. Emi Martinez said Argentina could have won 4-1 or 5-1.This guy is a leader never lets his team to drop it’s head. I saw Tagliafico was performing better against Chile I think Emi Martinez will bring best out of this Argentina defence line.
    This mentality Argentina needs to win Copa America.

  17. I noticed our earlier coaches used to select one very young prospect in top 30 pool of players for any big tournament . Idea was to integrate the new prospect with the players and give him a confidence. I don’t see such thing here under scaloni. Like someone said Thiago Almada is going to be a future star. He should have been in the team to spend some time with senior members.
    Now coming to formation, we should leave Otamendi at Argentina only. He does not fit in this team. Lisandro Martinez must be there with Romero. Even i feel Garay would have been better than Otamendi. Midfield could not be better than today . Buendia could add something , but scaloni probably thinks that he needs some time to integrate the new player into system . That’s understandable. But I would have kept him in place of Armani and give him chance to adjust in group stages. Buendia or dyabala someone needed in this team.

    • this failure becos of coaching itself. how tite keep on winning the matches with new players in everything match? even their players are not even star players. last copa he used arther, coutinho but in this copa none of themselves added. but afa keep on players lo celso, parades, depaul same who played last copa but no improvement. this shit scaloni keep on telling stories pitch was not good, we are improving, climate was not good, referees are in corruption. scaloni mindset is fixed with draw is nough for him to satisfy AFA and topia so that he could enjoying few more years. he is enjoying when he is winning against india, pakistan, bangaladesh, srilanka, nepal games. he cannot win any trophies. AFA is actually they dont want to win any trophies. argentina football is dead because of shit management. that is the reason europe’s are not considering argentine players.

    • Actually Argentina manager tend to hesitate introducing or playing a youngster.

      Saviola was left behind in 2002 despite scoring 10+ goals in u20 tournament a year earlier

      Messi sit on the bench entirely in 2006 QF.

      You look at teams like Portugal and France, they’d play CR and Mbappe the whole tournament even when they’re still a youngster.

      Germany in 2006 used tons of young players, Spain aswell in 2010, many of them in their early 20s at the time.

      Argentina would pick someone like Palermo & Palacio instead.

  18. @El Mongol

    Your post was great. I just rewatched the play a bunch trying to follow your observations and its looks like RDP and Paredes take the lions share.

    The play was fairly slow so Arg had plenty of time to hustle back.

    1) De Paul firstly allowed that green space in your image but he also let Pulgar race by, possibly misjudging the pass.
    2) Paredes….see this image –
    When Pulgar makes that beautiful pass to blondie, who’s responsibility was it to close the space between Otamendi and Tagliafico? I would assume its Paredes since dragging LMQ away from winger would create another dangerous play. Paredes jogged back instead of chasing like a rabid dog.

    Also, did you see as Messi passed, the chilean defender hilariously fell backwards onto his face, allowing Toro to break? Also looked like the ball deflected and hit Messi in the face. It was a comical play after watching few times.

    • yes it was a bit comical indeed! I did laugh at the slip a little before it turned into despair lol.

      i think there are plenty of fingers to point. should paredes have stepped into the space I had marked out, I can bet you if casemiro or kante were there they would have entered that space. Right as the play was turning over, all three mid – locelso, gonzalez and depaul decide to do a very half hearted press. If you re-watch you will see the decision to press there was utterly silly. There was no cohesion there. Messi and lautaro were not interested in it at all. There is a huge 40 yard space between the press line and the backline. Any opposition mid can run into it. The problem is like a snowball going downhill getting bigger. When the chileans switch flank from right to left, montiel has to come out into a 1v1 challenge in a very bad area because of this breakdown from the mid. LMQ has to come inside to track menenses in a do or die tackle. Otamendi running backwards has to try and fail a desperation interception, tagliafico has to kick balls literally etc.

      For me singular blame is easy to place – like in Colombia qualifier – but when you see large scale instance of this you realize team is not in sync in all phases. Communication and chemistry and fitness and concentration is not at maximum. Too much focus on this site is on individual player ability, and replacing x with y but to me it is this rhythm that is missing.

      It is chemistry and rhythm scaloni has to be able to convince this squad for the next 4 weeks. To suffer and leave everything on pitch. We are ok for 89.5 minutes. Yes even the 20-30 minutes of defense and time wasting and flopping or whatever is also fine with me personally. It is all football to me. But he has to convince everyone to fix that missing 30 seconds that is turning results for us.

      As they say, everyone has to be on same page, entire time.

      • You’re right….the collective shortfalls far outweigh singular mistakes. As far commenting, it’s just a lot easier and fun focusing on singular mistakes. Hell, i had to rewatch the play 30 times and read your post several times to understand everyones movements and im sure i still missed something interesting.

        Regardless, its really interesting studying the play in detail and seeing how much the team needs to improve on all fronts. Those 30 seconds are very telling.

  19. Good news, We need all the best resources we have to get a good result vs Uruguay. Emi & Romero if given time can revitalize our back line. After long time finally we have 2 players along with Tagliafico whom we can genuinely trust of being safe 9 out of 10 times. Still human errors will occur, But with these players we have more safety at back. Scaloni needs to find a solid CB to pair Romero & a RB too, From the outside Molina looks good, he is tall and very keen to participate in attack.But he needs to be tested more defensively.

  20. Fabrizio Romano tweets that RDP set to join atletico madrid. Medicals being planned. Saul will leave. So finally we will get to see depaul in big club games. Waiting to see how simeone further betters him.

      • people always give Simeone such a bad rap for Argentinians. I am sure De Paul will do well it’s not that Simeone decided he hates his own country and will fail De Paul’s career

        • No bt i don’t think he is a great coach he is too much defense minded and in such a ultra defensive setup players forget their creative side of the game

          • @Anuparno , Simeone not selecting enough Argentine players is different to ” under Simeone no Argentina player grew ” . Key is players who have worked under Simeone have grown as players & have a tigerish & team first mentality . these are wonderful traits for any NT. Angel Correa has definitely improved as a player under Simeone & they stuck with him through his initial health issues. Kranevitter , Gaitan , Veitto moving out was bcos they were not cut out for that level. Augusto Fernandez was settled in when he unfortunately got a bad ACL. He couldnt even get back to NT post that . So cant blame Simeone. N Perez being loaned out is bcos he is still not ready to start for Atleti. He is being given a chance to develop. At this level of professional football, no one forgets their creative side😁. You should also see Atletico matches more. This season only Barca has scored more goals than them . So they have changed a lot from Cholismo brand of football & you will see Koke , Marcos Llorente in advanced positions this season. With Simeone ,Vivas , A Correa , a host of Uruguayans – RDP can find the place ideal to settle fast. The only crib i have is Simeone for his stature in Ateleti could maybe get a few more Argentines in squad ( like a Pochetiino, Sampaoli ) . But then Bielsa & Zanetti also havent done much on native talent.

  21. Golden boy award nominees with 100 names are out. There is not even a single Argentine player in the list if I am correct. Even Mali and Burkina faso have got their player in the list (Nothing offensive against that small countries). I am worried about our future. Not that a golden boy nominee is a must for building a good team. But not all these nominees are going to be real Gold as well. However we can’t place a single player in that list with such a footballing heritage and history sleeping behind us. Period!

    • A problem with the golden boy award is that they only use talents playing in Europe. Argentina is in South America and young players are the players most likely to be playing where they were raised. It is a shame but it is understandable

      • Hoping clubs let almada, de la vega, etc play in olympics. Thats a great occasion to announce talent in a global stage. Copa liberatodres knockout & mls season happens that time. So velez, atlanta united may hold back almada, ortega, barco etc. Luckily lanus players like de la vega, morales may still manage to get the olympics break bcos lanus is out of sudamericana also. It will be a good test for AFA to coax clubs to release these players.

  22. I know lot of you would disagree with me but the player that I would drop is Depaul. I like him very much, he runs a lot and harasses the opponent, he touches lot of ball but Depaul barely participate in any sequence that leads to a goal, I don’t recall any assist from him as either. I would put Palacios close to Paredes to tighten the midfield and let Messi and Locelso with more offensive responsibilities. LIke many of you mention it, I believe a defense with 3 would benefits the players that we have now. With Licha on the left, Romero and Otamendi team would be more comfortable with ball, Acuna and Montiel or Molina higher on the pitch would support the attack. Scaloni is not stubborn I hope that he thinks about it… Vamos Agentina….

    • Romero goal was a depaul deadball cross. Depaul & locelso should be there imo. Locelso clearly at this point cant last a full match. The midfielder i think who needs real competition for place is parades. So palacios substitutes locelso in deep 2nd half & guido/parades fights for DM role.

    • No serious fan can still rate otamendi 😂🤣😹 with otamendi we always going to concede 3-4 gials against big European countries he played in 2010 wc we lost 4-0 against germany in 2014 he wasn’t selected thn in 2018 he was selected we lost 4-3 against france he is bad luck to us

      • Argentina has to changes the formation from 4-x-x as we don’t have fullbacks to support the attack or do defense properly. Argentina has the players to play 3 man defence Romero, Lisandro forth, palomino, Senesi can all play in 3 man defence. it will allow us to beef up the midfield. we should play where our strong points are and not where just to confirm we have to take sub standard players

        • We don’t have the wingbacks for 3-4-3 also for 3 man setup our wingbacks need to be great in attack as well as need to defend and track back not easy to play this formation i still feel we should play 4-2-3-1 formation with depaul and paredes as 2 holding midfielder

    • I agree with you de paul performance is not up to the mark..if we need defence from de paul than gudio is better even palacios could play better

  23. I think this is a good team. It has good players, good coaches, and good results as they hardly ever lose.
    They just aren’t great. They aren’t going to win anything, and they won’t embarrass you. Nobody young here is world class. Their best players are past their prime, and their young players are just good, not great.
    People say put this guy in, put that guy in. Look, none of them are world class, if they were they’d be in. You are basically changing an average form player for a guy that maybe be a tiny bit better.
    My only comment about Scaloni is that his team is soft. They don’t have any toughness or resiliency. That is why they can’t hold a lead. This is a reflection of leadership.
    Trust me, there is no Aimar Riquelme or Mascherano in midfield anymore. No Batistuta Crespo or a young Higuain even. Or a Zanetti Sorin Ayala or Samuel. Just a bunch of average guys getting you average results with an aging superstar.

    • against Chile you could tell Scaloni gave the command to start wasting time. All of sudden, EVERYONE started doing it, including Messi. Changing kickers, falling down, walking slow, and constant complaining. It was embarrassing. Wish they fought till the end without the time wasting BS. Its fine in the last few minutes or so but anything longer is cheap.

    • The team hasnt lose in quite sometime but they failed to win either. The defence and frontlines keep cancelling each other with defensive error & poor finishing.

    • With aimar batistuta veron Zanetti Argentina got out of league phase in 2002 wc.. With riquelme tevez Crespo saviola sorin Argentina got out of quarters in 2006 wc.. With tevez Messi higuain aguero veron Argentina gout out of wc in quarters in what star star you are talking about bro.. Our star studded line up in the past got us nothing.. Not even copa.. Team chemistry is big thing in any team game.. Lets hope these young guns can create history by winning this copa.. I belive in them.. Vamos Argentina

    • Those players u mentioned reached quarter in 2006 and knocked out in 1st round in 2002 wc never won a copa America also except only batistuta. So u clearly see having all world class talent doesn’t gurantee success. Decent players will do the job remember we still have Messi and he is still good

      • Spain used lots of same players in 2014 as in 2010 (most still in their 20s), yet they’re out in first round in 2014, but won the title in 2010. France and Spain also out in first round in 2002, Netherlands didnt even qualify.

        Bielsa reached Copa final in 2004, they lost in shootout and its actually the last time where Argentina scored in Copa final. Adriano’s late equalizer saves Brazil. In next 4 tournament finals (2007, 2014, 2015, 2016) Argentina scores Zero.

        I believe it was also Bielsa that won Argentina Olympics gold for the first time.

  24. Scaloni needs to drop Leandro parades from the lineup. He is only good when he has real dm next to him. Guido should have started over, but stupid Scaloni kept on starting him. Argentina defensive problem will continue if he remain as our dm.

  25. This Argentina team is mediocre because of the farmer players from the River Plates. Scaloni is a garbage coach who has zero knowledge of football tactics. As long as he remain as a coach, this team will not win anything.

  26. Cox 4 take a chill pill and show some respect for individual opinion. Accept the truth River Plate player are not world class. I am talking about players not club. Argentina have better player than Montiel,Quarta Martinez, Palacios, Armani everybody would agree.Renzo Sarvia,Emi Buendai, Foyth,Marcos Senesi would have been much better than them. I like Alvarez and Angilleri only.

    • “Accept the truth River Plate player are not world class. I am talking about players not club”

      You somehow managed to contradict yourself in two seconds of reading

      I also don’t know why you are lumping Palacios in with Quarta and Montiel he is one of our best options on the bench for depth and would have been selected anyways had he been an ex boca player or ex second division player.

      • Till now what your best option did nothing. I do not rate Palacios highly nothing much he has done. Let’s wait what is he capable of.One of N.Dominiguez or Palacios should have been dropped for Emi Buendai.

  27. With the name Romero I feel safe and confident. If Romero and Emi Martinez plays for some reason I dont get scared when the opposition attack us. The other day when Vidal was taking the penalty seeing Emi standing up against him I was sure he will save it. There was a sense of calmness and confidence. And he did save, but unfortunately they scored on the rebound.

    • Funny how we all feel the same way about this keeper……………I felt that he was going to save it as well but the crappy luck…..oh well

      • But I bet that save made him more confident now. I used to feel anxious about our gk even with Romero. But now I have peace of mind with Emi

    • I felt exactly the same thing. I actually have a really spotless track record of predicting if a penalty will be scored inside my head. I felt it strongly that he had to save it

      • Though Chile scored from a free kick in the qualifiers i also feel safe when we concede a corner or a free kick when Emi is between the sticks. Its his presence. I never felt like this with Argentina keepers before. Maybe Goycoccia in the penalties but its been long.

  28. Yes, Otamendi is very prone to making mistakes.

    Have Argentina tried 3 at CB with Lisandro, Romero and Tagliafico/Otamendi? Acuna could play as LWB and Montiel as RWB. Paredes and De Paul/Lo Celso/Palacios in CM with Messi as the #10 and Martinez with Aguero/Nico Gonzalez up front. Just a thought.

    • I think they are giving Otamendi his last rodeo before retirement (I don’t understand the concept of this anymore. Most Europeans now do a friendly match with a little thank you/goodbye ceremony – We should do this with our players, but we never do). Otamendi though is a yellow/red, or penalty, or free-kick in a dangerous area waiting to happen lol. He scares me all the time with his sliding tackles. It’s no wonder Pep once said regarding him that he likes his CB to remain standing on his feet.

      The only CB I was comfortable with in recent years was Garay. Even his face was calm when we faced offensive threats (Valencia had many clean sheets with him couple years ago – he’s injury prone unfortunately). Before him Walter Samuel. Romero for me has given me confidence with his backheel tackle (which to me was a symbol of his greatness and incredible season).

      Btw, I like your line-up. I’d also like to see a formation in which Lisandro is a CDM and Paredes next to him with the freedom to go higher up the pitch.

      • The only security I feel with Ota right now is in the air. He seems like he knows what he’s doing for a while and then suddenly makes a mistake or bad decision or fails.

    • I think we should stick to back 4.we struggle with back 3.just needs to change some players and we good to go. I think we should play 4-5-1 formation more like 4-2-3-1
      Emi Martinez
      Molina Romero lisandro tagliafico/acuna
      Depaul paredes
      Locelso messi nico Gonzalez
      Lautaro Martinez

    • i wouldn’t do it but this makes the most sense given their natural positions and with Ota at base being the best distributor.

      Lisandro – Otamendi – Romero

      For the mids, RDP and Lo Celso are key players and Acuan or Montiel or 3rd CB not worth dropping either.

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