Copa America and Lionel Messi pay tribute to Diego Maradona


Already 202 days after Diego Maradona’s death, the legend is still present in the hearts of football fans and he will continue to be. With the international football break due to the pandemic, this Monday was the third official meeting for the Argentina team after Diego’s death, and the first one in a competition of this magnitude.

Copa America’s tribute before Argentina’s opener vs. Chile showed once more the respect and admiration there is for Maradona around the globe. Even in Brazil, the land of Pelé, and that dispute with Diego to see who is the best footballer ever, they paid tribute to the Argentine legend.

A 3D animation showed Maradona doing keepie-uppies and wearing the kits of the teams he made his name with, such as Napoli, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, and, of course, the national team. It also featured some of his greatest moments, his first-ever interview, and his magnificent goal vs. England in World Cup 1986.

Later, during the game, Lionel Messi opened the score with a brilliant free-kick and then celebrated in a Maradonian way, jumping with his legs separated and raising his right fist. A free-kick goal of those that Diego scored, and a goal celebration of those that Diego made.

Incredibly, with this goal in Argentina 1-1 draw vs. Chile (Lionel Messi free kick magic not enough as Argentina draw 1-1 vs. Chile | Mundo Albiceleste), Lionel Messi reached his 57th goal from a direct free-kick in his career. In this area, he is now just five goals away from Diego Maradona, who scored 62.


  1. Lets chilaxed…its not the end of the world…we haven’t won anything from last 28 yrs so we all are frustrated..but time will come… after maradona era we haven’t thought about reaching the final..
    24 yawning years and we reached final.. unfortunately we lose tie is the part of the game my friends.. people talking about Europe and European standard and Argentina like the standard of Armenia Lithuania’s all not like that..
    Portugal play trash team like Hungary… obviously they will win..we will see how will they play vs Bolivia at la Paz… Bolivia will kick their ass..we draw at baranquilla.. colambia in fact a good team..let me remind you even without James Rodriguez they played so we’ll vs England unfortunately they Lost..
    Look at the record of previous 1986-2018 world cup qualifiers.. even with the likes of maradona oscar rugeri Redondo batistuta Ortega zanetti
    kilyy gongalez we struggled.. haven’t if peru current coach gareca Haven’t scored vs peru we may not have qualified in 1986 world cup.. that was maradona era..
    This team in qualify doing better as compared to older qualify except in 2002..
    We need to play more and coach have to stick plans.. Diego Simone poch at least if they love their country can give advice can be a mentor of the team during international cup..
    Pablo aimar Ayala Samuel are doing grt.. Also I request AFA to request mascherano to join..
    So let’s all be calm and watch and support..
    The game vs Uruguay can be ended up in a tie..but to be honest Uruguay is a grt team…it’s in top 20..chile isn’t a trash team it’s in top 20.. people talking about Portugal hammering Hungary.. Hungary is garbage compared to Chile Uruguay..
    Argentina if play Portugal I’m sure we won’t loose..
    Sorry for Long Post but I want to say keep calm and support Argentina

    • Someone the other day said something on the lines of “if we call up Armani why not Mascherano”. Actually I kind of agree. Not as a player obviously but I would love to see him involved in the set up in some way with the players like Aimar Ayala and Samuel. I request the same thing along with you

  2. The thing is we got over excited with scaloni’s player selection as we were in such a situation, dying to see atleast the best 23 and a balanced 11 for arguably around a decade… We didn’t gave any thoughts on his footballing brain… Everywhere Argentine coaches doing great and Argentinian national team will end with these…
    Feeling so sad for Messi…
    God, actually what’s your problem with us…

  3. Compact and organized, no desire to play out the back or possess the ball, not sending full backs forward unless the occasion is right, pressing only in special moments, an idea that keeping clean sheets is most important – in many way’s Scaloni’s desire for his team is similar to what we see in this france team for years now.

    Of course, in total their players are better (how to improve on that is a separate topic for youth development, economies etc), but the idea that being solid than full of flair to win internationally is well established (not in club leagues where idea is different). So Scaloni’s central idea I have always been ok with, but it remains that many of the pieces required to pull of such a strategy is missing. We can talk about whether our forward lines can be clinical or as fast, or whether our defensive line will ever get over being focussed only for 89 minutes and mess up huge in that one minute. But to me our biggest issue is when we get cut open in our transition game.

    Who committed the penalty yesterday is not so important as to understand how it happened. Lets study it in these images
    (add https)

    Argentina came out in the second half with intention to play as I mentioned above. In the 52nd minute there was a good counter – Gonzalez winning the second ball and messi turning well to release lautaro on the break on the left. An attempt to 1-2 at top of box failed and attack broke down. Lets see what happens after – the transition. Many comments are about DePaul provides and why he is missing in forward areas. This attack was one exception where he made the run to be in a very advanced area to support, maybe even in a better position to score. In first image we see this half second before attack breaks. We can even see montiel positioning in support very high on a counter to realize that people who dog on him are doing so without understanding what is happening. No one is saying he is Philip Lahm. But he is also not as bad as some make out. He is average. Sadly that is the best we have right now. Another story though).

    We see the transition progress in the third image (sorry for not being in order). Chile make an intelligent switch of flank. DePaul and LoCelso have yet to make it into defensive shape. Montiel in fact has not only made it back to the back four but also now has to come out to challenge the right back. Now we start to see the beginning of the problem. The giant patch of green that is undefended. Erik Pulgar is about to run into this as DePaul is still recovering from his sprint. Since an aggressive DM is missed this is why DePaul is not pushed up often. While a more proactive DM maybe, maybe can cut this off it is not guaranteed because in second image we see another problem. Vidal at top of screen has LoCelso beat who also has not recovered from his run. And an over eager DM who fails to intercept the runner in the middle can also create a 3v2 at the top with same result. We see that martinez quarta decision making in challenge Menenses is correct. He has to follow the winger inside. His failure to execute is the problem)

    Who will you blame – Locelso and DePaul for not being able to run 70 yards in one direction and 50 yards back in another. montiel for basically covering that entire channel up and down, parades who has to keep in mind both vidal and pulgar making possible runs on the break, martinez quarta for correctly following his man but failing the tackle, tagliafico for kicking a player in the balls? A more precise tackler like Romero would have helped. A more mobile DM might have helped. A faster line of center backs that sits further up than so far back to cut attacks can help, expecting all the forwards to defend in transition rather than hanging their head helps.
    On top this team is not fully fit. Legs are heavy. Because of which it cannot break up play before recovering its structure back. However it has a system in mind as I mentioned in opening paragraph but to enable it, it has to learn how to do all that.

    As an extra story line i want to point out- as mentioned before not having our depth in #9 on the bench was going to be most critical, especially with lautaro off form and kun’s fitness debatable. In these moments you have to realize that national team requirements are greater than personal rivalries. Deschamps recognized what Benzema brings, an ability to fill and float in various positions in the forward line besides being a clinical finisher, and buried years of controversy and anger for greater good. It is such a lesson that powers in AFA should have recognized when it comes to Icardi when your #9 options were as narrow as they were when they made the call-ups.

    • France is successful in this system because of Kante. I believe Lo Celso and De Paul or Paredes would thrive infront of real destroyer like Mascherano. But unfortunately we ain’t got any now. Like today’s match Kante was cleaning everything left behind by Pogba and Rabiot. In last three game opposition came easily in our box with counter attack and that is worrying sign for me. Anyway good analysis though

      • I am talking about his transfer. About the way he plays it is a tactic for him to play deeper. If he were to commit to the final third only the team would fall apart. He is a system player

        • One of the worst thing to happen. If he goes to Liverpool or leeds that would improve his play with klopp and bielsa both brilliant coach bt in athletico he will get simeone under him all Argentina players degraded not good atall

      • I agree. We are not taking advantage of his excellent playmaking, crosses, etc. He is being played out of position. He should be our right midfielder. The issue then becomes, who does all the dirty work in the middle? Paredes is not that player.

        • ………….nico…..messi..
          …LoCelso..Paredes.. Depaul

          Play Paredes as a #10, NOT a #5.
          Put in a real destroyer as #5.
          Push Messi in the Box.
          Put DePaul in his natural position.
          Defending drop Nico into mid and leave Messi alone uptop.

  4. I really didn’t expect Brazil to pay an homage to Diego!
    Eat shit Brazil but respect for this

    Shame we couldn’t get a win despite having several clear chances. We need to convert these! At least we looked better than the last match against Chile. Lo Celso and Gonzalez are evidently very important even though Nico wasted good chances this match. He adds something special to this team, he just needs to find his groove again after bad luck of injuries…

    I can’t be bothered commenting so much anymore. Since the recent qualifiers started this forum turned into something I don’t really want to identify with or waste my energy on… Some of you I like very much… But some others do nothing but complain about every single thing about everything. It’s toxic and does nothing good for anything. No matter how bad you feel about the coach, management, certain players, media or yourselves… Remember that you always have the option to shut the fuck up and that you are absolute dogshit when it comes to being a fan of this great team.

    • yes it can be tiring reading negative crap but its only a minority that happen to comment a lot. Most others are rationale and objective or at least stay respectful.

      Anyway, if i’m not mistaken you’re dutch and watch Ajax quite a lot. How does lisandro play as DM?

  5. Karl

    You’re capping man, Germany played great, and to compare this Germany team to the current Argentina very shaky mid table European club national team is an insult to football. The game between France and Germany could have gone either way or even ended up in a tie. This was a game between two evenly matched teams where one error cost Germany the game. Unfortunately for Hummels he made that error, it wasn’t his fault because the ball bobbled up onto his foot so he made the clearance with his shin instead of his instep which led to the own goal. This happens in football and it doesn’t make him a bad player to say the least. The game between France and Germany could have easily been a semifinal or a final encounter. Moreover, Mpabbe would score five goals against this Argentina team.. Just imagine Mpabbe against Otamendi and the two horrible defenders from Fiorentina..

  6. After the goal..last 70 minutes France defence and win..
    Varane did really well
    And more important thing is pogba and conte played well to break the pass . We miss Dm badly

  7. Germany play like Argentina. No pace and rhythm. No forward passes. Useless crossings all day. Defense look horrible in every counter attack.

    • Defense doesn’t look horrible they are playing against france Argentina played against chile . Argentine defense cant even stand infront of france. Argentina is performing because of individual skills of few players. Remove messi from Argentina and compare with Germany.

  8. I was searching LB who can be alternative for Tagliafico or Acuna. I found three players
    1)Adrían Spörle (25) -Dutch league
    2)Emanuel insua(30)

  9. What strikes me the most while watching France vs Germany was how the players were not whining or complaining and falling down on small challenges and the refree was allowing the match to go on fluently.

    Switch to our match vs chile. There was tones of disruptions inbetween the match, there was no fluidity. As a viewer there is a gulf of difference between both matches.We cant compare with the Euros where the matches are so crisp.

    Imagine facing Germany or France in an international tournament. We will be ripped apart.Not in friendlies by the way in which we always perforns greatly. SMH…

  10. Ronaldo got 2 goals today. He is two years older than Messi. He will get more. What is going right for him is, his role is well defined. He is in penalty box, good for his age and energy and the team supplies and he scores. He even missed simple chance that Ronaldo 3 years back would bury with his eyes closed. Point is his role is well defined. There is a plan.

    What is Messi’s role in our team? Midfielder, playmaker, striker? I heard from Scaloni that this time they have a different plan for Messi. I saw in the first game De Paul taking most of free kicks (not shooting distance ones), corners etc. I thought OK they are thinking of something different. Now after 3 games I am confused. Messi is 10 times better player than Ronaldo, but we don’t even know what we are suppose to do. He is in our own half.

    I don’t like we are unlucky and they are lucky etc. Our pitch is bad (which is true). We are at high altitude etc. We have not lost in 2 years, which is good, but we are really in a lack of identity and failing to dominate games. I don’t know where to go from here. Like someone said, may be we get someone like Pekerman and let him adjust a few things and let Scaloni and company learn. Keep Scaloni as the coach but provide him with some help. We need an identity.

  11. Look at Frances’ beautiful lineup and formation (i did not watch the 1st half so not sure how they are playing)!

    If we played tomorrow, i would go with (fullbacks are tough to settle on) –

    ——————- Lloris

    Pavard – Varane – Kimpembe – Hernandez

    ———– Pogba – Kante – Rabiot


    ————-Benzema – Mbappe


    ————–Aguero – Martinez


    ——-Lo Celso – Paredes – De Paul

    Tagliafico/Acuna – Otamendi – Romero – Montiel / Molina

    ——————- Emi

    (A Correa or Nico instead of Martinez might be an option too. For DM, we’re missing a ball winner like Kante. such a great player to have)

    • We have a decent DM in Guido. Surprised that he did not get any minutes yet, vs Colombia I would have put him instead of changing shape and bringing Foyth. He had a good season with Betis too so should be in decent form.

    • For me..if we continue to use 3 man should be;

      If we go back to 4231; at center..then it should be;
      Paredes and LoCelso to share the minutes as both of them have no stamina to compete full 90+ minutes.
      When LoCelso-Paredes… LoCelso to do more attacking/creative role. When Paredes/DePaul to take more creative/attacking role.

      • Paredes is one of Scalonis favorite so hes untouchable now.

        However, does seem like Lisandro (and guido) can be the missing key (our kante) but i recall few saying he’s really not the defensive midfield beast we all want him to be. He’s much better defensively at the backline.

        Please someone who watches Ajax / Lisandro play often…can he be our KANTE?

        • Lisandro can’t be Kante…but he can be better than Paredes in 3 man midfield.
          Paredes is not untouchable. He was subbed off last game. If Scaloni can remove Foyth and Ocampos from starting X1 to out of 28 squad…this is too possible.

      • Will be disastrous…. No pace at front while DiMaria dribbles endlessly with no end product…. Aguero & Di Maria are at best subs…

  12. Portugal was lucky (as they have always been) but they have that excitement and happiness when they play for the NT. They don’t look stressed like Argentina. Argentina looks stressed even during the national anthem.
    Even at the 80th min you knew that a goal was coming from Portugal whereas yesterday despite having 7 extra mins I knew a goal was hard to come just like against Colombia, despite being up, Argentina didn’t look composed or in control. Portugal was up by two goals in the extra time and still wanted to score, that killer mentality is missing with the Argentina team. Messi used to be that killer, scoring more and more and didn’t give a damn about the opposition. I hate this hugging and talking with the opposition before and in between the game. Diego had that swagger and attitude, this team is missing that, you need that X factor, that we are better than you attitude. Having the best player in the world should help, but need to kill games when the tail is up. Hope for a good win against Suarez and co. helps. I don’t want to see any more brotherly love but an ugly drubbing, like an in your face 3 goal win.

  13. Paredes…he doesn’t have speed, quick acceleration, arieal ability, not good in ‘ball winning’ considering he is DM, doesn’t have much stamina, but still this guy is our DM… I can’t believe we don’t have an alternative for this player..!
    If we don’t have any pure DM..who is upto the mark, why don’t we use Lisandro Martinez as our DM, who is better than Paredes in almost all of those areas….!

    Else ditch…4-3-3. This kill our fluidity as we don’t have proper players. Paredes not enough as pure DM, DePaul is turning to defensive player and his offensive ability is shunted because of Paredes. LoCelso has fitness issues can’t playe 90 minutes in full energy..still. Palacios is not up to the mark still..! Cut one of CM and go back to 4231 with a player who can defend and attack full 90 minutes.
    Together with N.Gonzalez/J.Corrrea at left…A.Correa/DiMaria at right will be good to go.
    It will provide fluidity and more balance than 433 with Paredes as DM.

    • Licha as a dm is a good shout. If people want to zero in on his height that is less of a problem as a dm. Paredes’ main ability is pinpoint passing from deep and he has not been doing that, while Licha is also good at passing so maybe he would put more effort in to provide that. In fact Paredes attempts more long balls statistically in ligue 1 and has a success rate of 67% success rate there as opposed to 55% in the qualifiers. Champions league (which should be the most difficult of all) is 62%

  14. Again that Turkish imbecile referee gave Portugal a silly penalty!! Another imbecile Ronaldo only has 18 touches and got a penalty!! Is Chile better than Hungary I doubt the Portugal team played with 10 men and beat them at the end!

    • Refree standard in the South American is so bad…. Really Vidal didn’t get Red .. if argentina player had that foul he would have get direct red

    • LOL Chile is 10times better than Hungary (my country) dont talk bullshit! Btw without that super lucky double deflected goal this would be a 0:0, after the goal Hungary collapsed.

    • Portugal were damn lucky… They were poor today…..
      They haven’t created any chances until that lucky deflection goal….

  15. So Nico Gonzalez will be rested against Uruguay. It will complicate some thing. I hope to see Correa in place of him… And 20 mints for Nico for some energy

  16. i am very sorry from all my friends here in Mundo that know me years now about my bad language before but really patience and ignore in one human have limits and mine as human crossed from this kevin guy.
    from now on only to him i will going to his level because this kind of people can t understand the word respect. Patience is over.

  17. “These salty River Plate fans can not stand the truth. They always support mediocrity, because their club along with them is mediocre. Quarta Martinez, Palacios are blocking the real talent of Europe ,Montiel may be may be good addition.Argentina need to get rid of those mediocre players”.

    since your level as human is so low that the words respect , modest and polite is not words that exist to you or you understand them THEN i have to go down to your level to make you understand things that your family didn t teach you.

    So listen to me ashole.
    i don t care if you say that you support Argentina. you are piece of shit. you are garbage.
    you don t have idea about Argentina you don t have idea about our culture and our people. you don t have idea about affairs of football of Argentina.
    MESSI HIMSELF if he see what kind of “fan” and trash you are he will say to your face “i don t want you be fan of Argentina”.same every single Argentine player that playing in Europe.
    Because those kids born from Argentine parents that TEACH them to love and pain for their country WHEREVER they go to play.

    As about what we are us River plate fans i am saying you this ashole.
    you are lucky that in internet you can hide anonumus and you can insult us free.
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    we will wait you pussy to exchange opinions.

    • I do not understand what kevin means by “mediocre”, River plays the best football on the American continent and has the best squad in the continent. What does he mean by “support mediocrity”? Almost all River fans are argentinian and therefore are attracted to clubs from Argentina. This isn’t people from other countries like him choosing a team based on fifa cards. He is completely out of touch with reality. What are argentinians supposed to do? Support Chelsea FC? In regards to the call ups to the national team not a single person as far as I’ve seen has said that Alvarez should play ahead of Dybala or that Armani is better than Martinez. Last I checked Palacios was a BAYER LEVERKUSEN player and is one of the best bench midfield options alongside Guido (don’t say Buendia because he plays as a right winger in a freer role more like a Messi or Dybala, not a CM). I do not understand what Palacios did wrong except for playing to most likely allow Lo Celso to rest and preserve him. Last I checked Romero is injured and Martinez Quarta is a Romero replacement, hence why Scaloni seems to want to play Romero-Otamendi and our real problem is switching out Licha for Otamendi. Last I checked Montiel is a RB which is our weakest position and the only option that is better at defending is Foyth which is a ticking time bomb that can cost us Copa and needs time to improve, while Molina is more attacking hence him being a better bench option. He created a false situation in his mind and them blames River and Scaloni and the fans for it.

      • my friend if you read carefully his post he is not insult only River players. he insult everybody belong in River family. he know us? he knows you? he knows me? he don t have idea about River plate club or anybody of us. who gives him the right to insult everybody? and not only River. all Argentines. Do you know that Buendia is HUGE River plate fan from childhood?Do you know that he was sleeping in his bed as child with River jersey? i am able to know that. Plus if Buendia could read this things he is saying he could punch him in his face. Believe me.

        • Exactly. He is creating his own excuses by using the players to twist it into a way of insulting the fans and Argentinians. What fault do the fans have??

      • I don’t agree about Alvarez. I think he is very talented and can be a x Factor in future. What exactly Dybala has done scoring some 2 goals in 20 odd matches thats not a great performance in any stretch of imagination

        • The thing is Dybala provides a world class option. He has played well for Juve when he has and AFA was able to get Nico, Pala, and Gio back and playing and I am sure that they could do the same with Dybala. The reason Dybala’s exclusion has been highlighted more as a bad idea is because of bad finishing in the squad.

        • i dont care about 18 of those 20 games you mention. Every coach used Dybala wrong and he was often subbed on for few minutes. When Scaloni (hats off to him) FINALLY put Dybala as a 2nd striker next to Aguero with Messi in the hole behind. Dybala and teh NT finally clicked!! 2 our of BEST attacking games in YEARS were those games and thats what counts. His recent games were great.

    • The true is scolani river plate love killed our hope..,
      Armani/ montiel/ Martinez quarta type player never ever have no ability to play Argentina national team

      Armani is million million behind than musso / Benitaz/ even rulli
      But still he get chance….
      If Argentina Play without any rb . that’s also good than give montiel chance

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