CONMEBOL publishes the VAR audios of Argentina’s disallowed goal vs. Paraguay


On Tuesday, CONMEBOL uploaded on its official Youtube channel the conversation between the VAR referees regarding Argentina’s disallowed goal in the 1-0 win vs. Paraguay. The referee ended up giving offside for “interference in the goalkeeper’s vision” from Lionel Messi when Di María took the shot.

Here’s VAR’s revision on Argentina’s disallowed goal:

“The assistant correctly follows the protocol of delaying his decision, and when the play ends, he marks the offside for interfering with the opponent,” says the narrator. “The VAR analyzes with virtual lines the position and the impact that the striker causes to the goalkeeper and agrees with the referee’s decision: offside for interfering with the opponent.”

Here, the final decision reached among the VAR assistant that was communicated to the main referee:

“There is a clear offside. That player (Messi) is in the goalkeeper’s line of sight, makes a move, and delays the goalkeeper’s reaction.”


  1. Why do we think if it was argentina in same situation as Bra-Col we would settle for a draw and shake hands and say good game? Scaloni has never settled for a draw. In the last two 1-1 ties (in WCQ and copa opener), when there was enough time after the tieing goal he always comes out to attack. In the last Chile game after the tagliafico penalty the team came out pressing again generating multiple shots, set pieces and corners. In fact they were in the same situation as last nights game with a 100th minute corner and even a potential hand ball call.

    Scaloni plays to protect a lead, but does not settle for a draw. There is a difference.

  2. Today’s match Brz vs Col shows us how professional brz and No development for Col tto reach professionalism. In last 10 minutes Col lost control and confidence after controversi.A professional team never let to loose confidence before final visil.Arg. had the same issue before Scaloni’s appointment..An early goal and High presr match Arg. looses concentration easily. That’s the area Arg. football need treatment..

  3. I honestly question how the REFS work in S. America, more specifically who do they answer to?
    I always thought Nestor Pitana was a standup guy and he is but he made a HUGE mistake and that is unacceptable……the ball should have been called DEAD the sec it touched him and that was that!
    Colombia was cheated, plain and simple and just like ARG was MAD 2 years ago, they should be too.

  4. What i am really curious about or should i say, deeply suspicious, is why all of a sudden conmebol publishes the specific VAR audio while in the previous copa america, when VAR was constantly being used ECXEPT the infamous semifinal, they didn’t publish the communication between VAR and the referee?

    Are they trying to convine us that nothing is wrong? When things are fair and right, you treat every single occassion the same way and not whatever you like!

  5. Video title shl have been ‘how to prove one legit goal into an offside goal by whatever means’
    If Messi had scored then wud have accepted goal being disallowed but for godsake it was an own goal.

    Don’t know how low will these ppl go to make Brazil Champions yet again. Do watch Brazils goal against Columbia where Brazil’s 12th man’s assist helped them get an equaliser n Referee + VAR + whatever means Rules didn’t exist at all.

  6. Brz’s win against Colombia is just a warning for Scaloni. 1.0 hanging on entire 90 mints not possible against brz. They r very good professional team with luck technicality controversial etc.Thr sportsmanspirit is always questionable..Arg must careful against brz bcz they looks always very disciplined in def. against Arg.counter attacking difficult against brz bcz thy r very disciplined against us. An all-out attacking against brz cause serious damage to doubt in tht. previous history shows tht.Current brz squad really not a big threat considering the technicality.but thy r disciplined.
    Only thing Scaloni need to do is manage his players presr..In previous so many matches against brz shows our players coming to pitch in a high presr situation. Arg. players always can’t manage this presrs…

  7. Again I received a lot of hate only because I said, I want Messi to score like Ronaldo and I want the Fighting Spirit of Brazil…

    I explained myself… But here I go again:
    For all of you who have seen the Brazil Match or at least the End of it… When it was 1:1 Brazil put so much pressure on Colombia as if they were losing. The really wanted the win and they got it. We, Argentina, would not fight like this and in the end would say, nice Match and we got a draw against a strong Colombia…

    And now again I want Messi to score like Ronaldo… I absolutely know he’s scoring a lot of tapins and Penalties and whatever. But still he scores.. He’s topscorer right now with 5 in 3 Matches. And Penaldo scored against France and Germany.

    Now for those who said Messi is an Attacking Midfielder for Argentina. No, absolutely not me friends. I used to play Soccer myself in Europe and every Midfielder has to do defensiv work. Messi can play whatever he wants and I like that a lot… But he has to score more for Argentina.

    A lot of you said then Messi is the only one creating chances in Argentina Portugal always set Ronaldo up…

    We have by far the better Players then Portugal… Di Maria, Papu, Lo Celso, De Paul and yes even Paredes can do assists… Messi doesn’t need to do all the work..

    As for now I wish a comfortable win against Bolivia and then win this f***ing Copa I know we can do it vamooos

    • Mark

      First of all, you didn’t receive any hate. I would like to tell you that your opinion is well respected my friend. I just totally disagree on the part of fighting spirit regarding Brazil exclusivelly. And for the sake of any constructive converdation and disagreement, i feel the need to give you my reasons, my thoughts on why i disagree with you on this part and i will try to do my best to do so.

      Football and specifically success in it doesn’t have to do only with talent and the team’s legacy. The mental state of every individual player and of a team as a whole plays an undisputed significant part. So here we come to the fighting spirit. Fighting spirit is not solely dependent on the players willingness to fight but on an another significant factor, mental pressure. If you are willing to fight for something, being under big mental pressure, the real aim here is not to “break” mentally and hence give up fighting. Now you may tell me that if we really want something, we will fight to the end for it. What i am trying to say is that if we really want something, we are willing to fight for it AGAINST ALL ODDS and hence the true fighting spirit! Brazil is not under pressure. On the contrary, they know that they will have all the favour. Did they tried to win the game? They did, good for them and thats it! But by no means, i can say that they have the fighting spirit, real fighters are not being unfairly favoured on constant basis!

      Argentina on the other hand are being under huge pressure! 28 years of trophyless draught for one of the “heaviest” shirts when it comes to international football is way too much! If you combine this with the fact that Argentina not only has to give an end to this trophyless draught inside Brazilian soil but to also fight a corrupted footballing political factor, the 12th player, well, these are the true conditions and circumstances from where a true fighter can stand out! For me, all we have to do is not think these things too much, actually don’t think about them at all if possible, throw the pressure away from our shoulders and try to give our all, in every match, for every single second!

      That was all i wanted to say, again no disrespect or hate to anyone, i know that you, me and everyone in here have one thing in common and that is seeing our beloved team being back on the top of the world again!


      • Hi Waverider

        Thank your for that very professional reply. I wish everyone was like you in replying to others…

        As for the fighting spirit, I only meant in the specific Game against Colombia. Brazil was really fighting for the win… And on the other hand Scaloni would have been ok with the draw… I mean really just in this Game. I know that we are under huge pressure and Brazil has absolutely none…

        Thx again and let’s hope for the best

    • The brazil coach also threw on a lot of attack, early & as the time went on. Talk to scaloni to do the same.

      Also that ball hitting the reff, i dont think colombia deserved that.

    • You have your arguments but don’t forget that the turning point of the game came from the 12th player. I’m not pessimistic but their fighting spirit was revived from there.

  8. Btw why did weverton start today over alison & ederson. So surprising. Tite cld have jus played betwee alison or ederson.

  9. Once more, another VARsil game, another controversy. Three games so far, the first two played against the reserves of the oposition, 9 players out of Venezuela, 4 out of Peru due to covid and now this. Honestly, for all the years i have been watching football Brazil is the most corrupted team i have ever seen, be it for national teams or club teams. Especially now, where Argentina seems to have no power at all in south america, conmebol is totally run by VARsil!

    I have said it many times before, the winner of this copa has already been decided and what is mind boggling at least to me is that some Argentina fans in here are talking about VARsil fighting spirit! Is that a joke or something? For what fighting spirit are we talking about if they know from the beginning that they will get all the favour? Some other fans are even talking about “excuses”. Well, i am 42 years old and i can say with certainty that excuses is one thing and corruption is something completely different. Excuse is when we prefer to close our eyes to facts and try to find ways to create a different reality.

    However, i believe that everyone pays for his actions in this life, actually i don’t really like the word “pay” i would rather say that every action has its consequences. Let VAR and conmebol win the whole thing for Brazil, let them make Brazil seem invincible. Now that European teams have gained even more authority in fifa, if Brazil somehow won’t have the upper hand, then we will see their true worth and all this dirty antics will all come and backfire their ass!

    Let me ask something: Why conmebol hasn’t published the audio communication between the referee and the VAR in 2019 copa america semifinal?

    Things are way too difficult for us, but still i never lose hope and i will always keep the faith for my beloved team, even if we have to fight against all odds! But one thing i can tell you for certain: This will make us stronger and tough as nails!


    • VAR is only for Varzil adventage, not for Argentina or another team that play against them.

      The fact that they sabotaged this tournament in last minute proof Conmebol wants Brazil to have easy route to the thropy.

    • hungary is the team that attract me of their fighting sprit and aggression. they never think opponent is superior or less while playing. what a mentality which was incited by their coaching staffs and managers. these kind of coaching staffs should be there in argentina team instead of scaloni.

    • Like Waweride said very well indeed in his post from where i copy pasted it on this post to make his very good statement/point even more stronget and to support his words like theese:
      Waweride’s very wise words:
      However, i believe that everyone pays for his actions in this life, actually i don’t really like the word “pay” i would rather say that every action has its consequences. Let VAR and conmebol win the whole thing for Brazil, let them make Brazil seem invincible. Now that European teams have gained even more authority in fifa, if Brazil somehow won’t have the upper hand, then we will see their true worth and all this dirty antics will all come and backfire their ass!

      This is very well said like allways his post’s are very intresting and very well written as well! And it makes me really happy to see post’s like this one for example! Me too i will allways support Argentina as the one and only team for myself as i have supported it since 1978 and i will never stop supporting it !

  10. Portugal are turning into a real dangerous team. Renato Sanches is pure energy. We can’t deny that and getting more maturity too. Also Guerreiro is a hard working left back coupled with another hard working Jota in left. Their goal keeper always raise to the occasion. They are playing without a striker most of the times. They keep their patterns same with their formation. That’s a crucial difference between an experienced coach and a novice. Also painful to say one biggest difference between Messi n Ronaldo is Ronaldo is shaken by a defeat only on that day. Messi takes the impact of a defeat for years. That ‘ careless’ attitude of c7 really makes a difference. That’s why when Messi is down our whole team gets down but when Ronaldo is down that’s not making much impact and infection to the Portugal team. But anyhow we can come to many conclusions if Euro takes place in South America and Copa takes place in Europe. South American pitches are horrible. But the real positive note for us is Molina. He too real energy. We need to sort out the left side.

  11. We are most probably going to face Peru in the Quarter finals.If we end at top andBrazil wins its last match.
    The best thing will be to face brazil in final and we will avenge the last copa loss, Messi and the whole team would be highly motivated.

    • If Peru loose to Venezuela. Peru will be on 4. If Peru won Venezuela will be on 4. If draw. Then also Peru will be 2. Venezuela on 4. So
      Venezuela this might be the final standing

      • You have to play better to won the games.. and need luck to won the Championship.. last night Germany vs hungry… Despite playing well hungry are out of the tournament.

        • Newer fans probably never notice but in Copa 1993, Argentina won just 2 games. 1 win + 2 draws at group stage, won 2 shootouts quarter & semi final , but then we won the final.

          Sometimes just need that kind of luck, similar to Portugal in 2016 aswell.

          Uruguay didnt play well at 2011 group stage, they only beat Argentina through penalties but then they played well in the final itself and won. People also forgot that Brazil needed a shootout in Copa 2019 semifinal, they’re held goalless.

  12. With VAR in place I think it’s impossible to beat Brazil in Copa America while Brazil hosts it, only way any team can knock them out is via penalties.

    It makes me sick to see that Arrogant B***** ‘s Face whenever I search for Messi. The MFker will always get penalties after penalties and some fools will be blabbering about him as if he is the best. It so sickening. One of the baddest thing which happened to Messi is 1) International trophy drought 2) This A** H*** is compared to him, as much as I hate Belgium I want them to knock out Portugal. Enough of seeing this F*** Face.

    Germany vs England OMG?? One of the baddest rivalries in World football returns. Woooohhh. Love International football tournaments, Nothing beats this. Waiting for the knockouts.

  13. Not sure which call was worse…versus Paraguay goal in la copa America or against Paraguay in the qualifiers!!! Never mind I do… the Paraguay Goal by Messi that got called back after 20 passes!! Fucking joke !!!

  14. That is understandable because Messi was offsides and distorting the GK’s line of sight but like many in here said tonight and I bet the house and the car on it, HAD IT BEEN ARGENTINA who scored after the ball hit the ref. then it would have been called back a 100 FRIGGIN %

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