Argentina training news ahead of Bolivia match on Monday, Exequiel Palacios not fit


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni had everyone training together except for one.

Nicolas Gonzalez and Gio Lo Celso are back training with the team after both missed the team’s 1-0 win vs. Uruguay. The only one that did not train with the group is Exequiel Palacios as he’s still not fully fit.

As we reported on Wednesday, coach Scaloni is expected to make several changes for Monday’s Copa America match. Argentina have already secured qualification and six players are on yellow cards. The six players being Emiliano Martinez, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Gio Lo Celso, Leandro Paredes, Joaquin Correa and Lautaro Paredes. A yellow for any one of them would mean they would miss the next match.

While the team has nearly a week’s time of rest, it remains to be seen if Scaloni will play Lionel Messi from the start or if he will keep him on the bench.


  1. Watching the geniuses on FOX Sports discussing what happened last night and for a change had something constructive to say, Nestor pulled the whistle to his mouth and was about to call it and The Colombians saw that and stopped and then pointed to continue and that was a chance to attacking/scoring play.
    Just like many in here said, ARGENTINA in the exact situation would have scored only to be called back for a NO GOAL, 100% guaranteed.
    Watching Club football this past season, La Liga, Serie A……etc UEFA, and now the EUROS…….the REF. would ALWAYS stop play once the ball hit him. PLAIN AND SIMPLE…..but when it comes to S. America you’ll always hear, “well, it was not a clear foul, or call or whatever bullshit” they come up with and that is a joke.

  2. Check out the guys singing happy birthday and giving small gifts to Messi. I chuckled at the end when Grandpa Aguero had enough

    Link –

  3. On a more serious note, half a building in South Florida collapsed overnight for some known reasons and there are 99 people unaccounted for, including 9 Argentina nationals and ONE sister of the current Paraguayan president ……………………hope COPA is it affected

  4. All players recovered and available for selection.
    Only caution is yellow cards, goalkeeper Martinez wants to start Bolivia game despite yellow cards because he does want to give up starting spot.

    Whether Messi starts or not up for decision.

  5. There were some interesting discussions going on in the other thread, one of them was about Cristiano Ronaldo. One of my most hated player of all time :). Though I have to admit that these days I am more forgiving, may be because both of us getting!

    Anyhow, I have to admit the guy has tenacity. First of all at a career level, to look at Messi and actually believe that I am going to compete with this guy, needs courage. I have to give it to him.

    And more recently, about his goals in Euro, the goal he tapped in, he cleared the ball in his own penalty box from the corner kick and ran 60 yards to go and tap it in. I will see the whole play, from a 36 year old. And also the second penalty yesterday was pressure cooker situation. I am so nervous when Messi takes his penalties (may be I care more).

    Anyhow, not starting debate, and no matter how much I dislike the guy, its more than just a tap in and penalty. On the birthday of Messi, I forgive him for trying 😉

    • I have been, was and will ALWAYS be a Christina HATER, I always refer to him as a She, names like Christina, Ronaldita, her highness, Penaldo, ultimate prima donna, diva……..etc
      I would troll her every chance I get but I never not once did I doubt the footballing ability but be that as it may, he is conceited and self-absorbing like no other.
      When Messi scores, his arms go up to the sky to thank the ONE and ONLY, but when this motherfucker scores, he jumps up and down like a monkey and points to himself, Mee mee mee I did IT, ME, I’m the best…….news flash, you ain’t SHIT

      Not only is he not better than Messi, she is NOT even on the same level.
      Said it once and i will say again and again, LUCK…..he gets injured in the first few mins and is out and then Portugal wins the EUROS in a last sec goal by some schmuck who doesn’t even play for any club now while her majesty cheerleading from the sidelines and in the eyes of many imbeciles helped them by his support!!!!

      F him and the horse he came riding on and yes I strongly despise that MFer

    • Personally I have nothing against Ronaldo, but what pisses me off is that idiot fans have the NERVE to compare him with Messi. I don’t even know how it is even a debate. One thing Ronaldo fans will NEVER do is bring up in game individual stats because they all point to Messi. All I hear is “instagram followers” “better teammates” “more abs” “international trophy” “played in premier league” and bs like that, and the worst part is they actually believe Ronaldo is better. Ronaldo is someone that should be compared to the brazilian Ronaldo

      • As much as I hate Ronaldo, but cr7 has surpassed the fat Brazilian Ronaldo long ago.
        Now he is definitely into consideration of top 4 of all time.
        Pele, Maradona, Messi and Cr7 all lay in the same table.

  6. Brazil route to the final will be really hard Chile or Uruguay or maybe their kryptonite Paraguay (Copa 2011 KO in quarters, Copa 15 KO in quarters, Copa 19 penalty shootout in quarters) then Uruguay or Paraguay (still their kryptonite) or Chile or Columbia (who want a revenge) in semis, then Argentina in final? Or quarters will be much easier, and know Uruguay, Chile and even Columbia. (we are better than them without unforced penalties for them).

  7. LEGENDS ARE BORN ON THE SAME DAY…Happy Birthday LIO AND RIQUELME…my top 2 Fav players of all time….Hope somewhere in the future Argentina gets to have a player like Riquelme in his prime playing with a player like Messi in his prime…The team would be a beast…unstoppable

  8. If someone gets second yellow in the quarter finals he will miss the semifinal..player with single yellow after the quarter finals will be cleared.
    There is every chance that we could miss one or two of our keyplayers in the semi final if we qualify.

  9. my squad vs bolivia
    molina quarta pezella tagliafico

  10. “The Colombian Football Federation (FCF) has asked Copa America organisers to suspend the referee from their 2-1 defeat by Brazil, saying he prejudiced the result by not halting play when the ball hit him in the lead up to a goal.

    Nestor Pitana, the Argentine who refereed the 2018 World Cup final, waved play on when the ball bounced off him outside Colombia’s box and Brazil continued passing for Roberto Firmino to head in an equalizer.

    – Brazil scores late in epic Copa America win over Colombia
    – Copa America bracket and fixtures schedule

    Rubbing salt into the wound, long protests by Colombian players led to an added 10 minutes of stoppage time, with the home side netting a winner in the 100th minute.

    Colombia took the lead after 10 minutes through Luis Diaz.

    “Even the VAR [Video Assistant Referee] indicated to the referee that the pass from the Brazilian player that rebounded off the referee was going to a Colombian player,” the Colombian federation complained. It urged South American Football Confederation CONMEBOL to suspend the match officials.
    CONMEBOL took the unusual step of publicising the conversations between Pitana and the VAR officials on Thursday.

    The organisation said that the incident “did not lead to a promising attack” and so play should not have been stopped.

    Even though they lost, Colombia still qualified for the last eight of the tournament, along with Brazil.

    The Copa America features 10 South American teams and ends on July 10 with the final in Rio de Janeiro.” (ESPN)

    How the hell did it not lead to a promising attack, it bounced off him where he should have stopped it immediately as we have seen when this was introduced and then to went to Brazil and the rest was history!

      • Not sure about that. The key issue is “It says “The organisation said that the incident “did not lead to a promising attack” and so play should not have been stopped”. We dont know where the ball would end up without ref block.

        The block is not enough sometimes, the difference is if it led to a promising attack which is not black and white. Did that block start the attack or was the attack already in motion? I do think it led to “promising” attack but maybe i’m missing something.

          • i do agree it shouldnt have been allowed but Im playing devil’s advocate it possible VAR thought the play was already in a “promising attack”? Here are the rules –

            Law 09: Ball out of play
            The ball is out of play when:
            1) it has wholly passed over the goal line or touchline on the ground or in the air
            2) play has been stopped by the referee
            3) it touches a match official, remains on the field of play and:
            a) a team starts a promising attack or
            b) the ball goes directly into the goal or
            c) the team in possession of the ball changes

            Look at 3a, key word is “start”. Did the promising play “START” after the ref block…i dunno man.

    • Heres the video Dfox is referring to. Conmebol released VAR room video.

      After the disallowed Messi goal, i realized how much of a SHITSHOW the VAR backroom is. Had no clue it was that messy.

      • good points chori. What I don’t like though is that this would have most likely not been a goal had it been Argentina. Let’s see what happens the next matches of Brazil and Argentina and maybe we can make further comparisons

  11. I would risk Lautaro. He needs to score to get his confidence. Once he scored in the last Copa, he had another goal and then went on tear against Mexico and scored a few times in matches after that.

    He went from being the young guy with little expectations to the official #9 and I think it’s messing with his head after a long layoff from NT play

    Plus, I think Bolivia will be out of the tournament and thinking about packing their bags rather than getting a win. There will be plenty of opportunities to score.

    • Aguero must start he is only hope for Argentina, Lautaro can come as substitute.Agueri’s ball holding and finishing is world class.Link up is also good

  12. THEY HAVE A WEEK OFF!!! They don’t need rest !! They need more chemistry and rhythm together!!!! The only ones that possibly should be benched of the potential starters are Lautaro and locelso for yellows …Emiliano got a yellow trying to waste time and shouldn’t happen again.

    Aguero dimaria
    Palacios parcedes depaul
    Acuna otamendi romero Molina

    Truth is … we can’t finish and dimaria is our second best finisher after Messi at this point … sad but true… hopefully Aguero and Martinez come around

    • 1 week rest is not enough specially for the 30+ players i don’t wanna see messi starting if we don’t rotate thn when will we rotate?? Lisandro Martinez should start. Yes Molina should continue alvarez and Aguero should also start

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong please….
    But don’t the cards get wiped once group stage is over ? Meaning even if Locelso gets a yellow card vs Bolivia, it won’t matter for the first knockout match as all cards will be expunged …..?

    • Yellow card accumulation

      If a player receives two yellow cards in two separate matches through group games or the quarterfinals, they will be suspended for the following game. Yellow card accumulation will be reset after the quarterfinals and cards from the first two rounds will not carry over into the semifinals or the final.

      Better don’t play any player who carries a yellow at all unless they are back up players like Lucas Martinez Quarta or Joaquin Correa.

      No it is not wise playing: Gio Lo Celso, Lautaro, Paredes, and even Emi Martinez.

    • No, if Lo Celso gets yellow against Bolivia, he can’t play QF; If he doesn’t get yellow against Bolivia… He will have 0 yellows in Knockout stage…. Will be reset after Group stage…

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