Argentina to fly back to Argentina after Bolivia match at Copa America


Argentina will be flying back to Ezeiza following their match vs. Bolivia on Monday at the Copa America.

Lionel Scaloni’s team are based in Argentina for the Copa America and have been flying in and out following the matches. There were some reports that the team would remain in Brazil and prepare there for the quarter final match but that will not be the case. Per a report by TyC Sports, the team will fly back to Ezeiza.

The team stayed in Brazil following the match vs. Uruguay as that match was played on Friday and the team played Paraguay on Monday.

In regards to the match, it still remains to be seen who will be starting. Six Argentina players are on yellow cards and there’s also the decision of possibly resting Lionel Messi as the team has already qualified and secured a top two finish in the group.


  1. SouthAmerican football (the skills, the game) is not dead… but the poor management and corruption has not given up trying to kill SouthAmerican football… it is like a constant war between the players who give everything on the field and the dumb greedy fux who run the show behind the scenes.

    It is the same reason Asian teams are not doing well, because of ineptitude and greed of the administrators.

    • Pitch quality and refeee quality is always the worst in the world…I. basing this on 60± SouthAmerican football matches I have watched in last 5y… SA teams play much better on European pitches due to better field and gsme quality is better due to better refrees..

      • Yes, in europe the pitches are mostly in much better shape than in around South America so offcourse the Argentine players who have been playing in europe allready for several year’s have adpted to the european pitches and have forgot how to play with Sout American pitches and for this reason i think it is allways important to try bring young talent’s from Argentina who maybe not reached Europe yet or have been only playing for a short time in europe, but there is also another side to this bad South American pitches story specially back in the old days the South American teams and individual players gained actually from theese bad pitches, because when u learn to play on them first and then u get to play on a better pitch then u could see some very magical moment’s produced by South American players and that is why also South American Teams were really big threat for European teams and were very respected opponents even the actual game was sometimes allmost as brutal that it can get so the players from 70’s and 80’s and even from 90’s were made of different and much more stronger wood because also life in general was much harder back then for even some european countries too, but this is not an insult against players from theese days rather it is just a natural way life developping more in to something new etc…so my love and passion has and Still is and will be allways the same for Albiceleste !

  2. Line Up against Bolvia should be like: Emi Martinez – Montiel Pazella Lisandro Acuna – De Paul Guido Palacios/Papu – Di Maria Aguero/corera Lautaro

      • @Cox4: Siddiq/Siddiqe/Siddique means truthful. It is also a Muslim name, which goes contrary to Romance’s infatuation for someone else’s wife (I think it’s not just unique to any particular belief/norm).

        • @Cox4: Maybe I am going to a different direction, but I feel that in this time of globalization, each of us don’t just represent ourselves but also serve as an ambassador of where we come from/country, our sects, culture, belief etc. For example, if we somehow know someone is from a particular part of the world or of a particular sect/class/belief from their names and we see that particular person constantly behaving in an inappropriate way, we often time derive a perception of that person (and when we personally don’t know that person, web unknowingly generalize that perception to his/her other recognizable identities such as country/belief/sect etc.

          So, I feel, with our names/ identity, we carry a big responsibility too, although we do not realize it.

  3. Expect defender and to some extent midfielder, Yellow card isn’t alarming for GK or even forward. Emi Martinez must continue and both lautaro, Aguero should play the match while messi would be rested.

  4. south american football is dead. in future all the world cups are belongs to europeans. brazil can try for next one in futer. but rest of the south american never win in future.

    its very tough to beat european giants even small team like hungary, austria and sweden. argentina is not near untill they change their playing style and agile players.

    • When the last time Brazil crossed quater final in World Cup. Indeed South American Football is no more powerhouse that’s the reason Indian Sports channel telecast meaningless European teams friendly ahead of South American qualifier. If any South American team has slight chance to win World Cup, it’s none other than Argentina though it’s well known fact European teams continue their World Cup winning dominance.

    • really we are dead? i feel we are alive honestly. what happened to you suddenly i wonder. fly bite you? Just be careful because sadness guide people to lunacy.
      You don t know the future. Argentina was it is and will be forever a great football nation.
      Be patient and have faith.

      • Cox, my friend just forget all this nonsense about South American football is dead and just try ignore all this kind of negative vibes towards our beloved Albiceleste, because u know in your heart that this nonsense is not worth listening, because like u said we are Still live and will allways stay alive even one day everyone must die, but to loose faith on our beloved Albiceleste is totally weird and very strange for me like iit not make any Sense to be a member of this site or a supporter or a fan of Albiceleste. So for all those people at this site who will talk like this and has no respect for anything in life in general please at least have some respect for others and when some people are behaving like this make’s me very sad even more sad than if we don’t win this Copa or WC in the near future and i’m not talking about Qatar now even i would not Mind if we would win so like u said so true again nobody or no-one can know the future so for all those people who are saying that South American football is dead have clearly not any football IQ in their heads, because firstly it is allready very silly comparison to compare european football to south American football because they have allways been different to each other and they will allways be and that is the beauty of football itself when another team from another continent plays against each other! Ok, europe has got the money and the money is big part of football today, but it does not guarantee nobody nothing simple as that so Argentina has allways been a powerhouse in world football as same goes for Uruguay too for example not to mention Varzil and their politics with FIFA and so on so nothing is black or white and specially nowdays theese dirty people who i prefer to call antifootballistic’s or anti footpolitic’s are constantly creating new ways of cheating their way through like they have done in the past too so what can we do about it ? Nothing, really until now has happened to clear it away, but there been a sights of it and i do belive we will see more sights of this in the future and eventually they will crash themselfs down if someone does not mash them down before that which is quite difficult thing to do so better keep your faith and never loose it and just support Albiceleste even more and for those who dont want to then at least show some respect for those who will never loose their faith and will allways keep on supporting Albiceleste! Cox, my friend stay strong and specially well and healthy as the same goes for your family and for all of those who support and keep their faith for our beloved Albiceleste like, cox4, waweride etc… and i do know that there are many members on this site who won’t lost their faith on Argentina even if the results don’t come our way like it has been unfortunatly for quite some time, but here are Still alive and feeling very well!

    • Dump comment ever…
      Argentina is the only SA team reached final in the last 4 edition. Last WC.. Argentina lost to the eventual champion France… actually 4-3 against France was the best match in the WC 2018.

      Brazil…7-1…can’t win against big European teams.

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