Argentina rumored XI vs. Bolivia, Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero to start


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni reportedly has an eleven in mind for Monday’s match.

Lionel Scaloni has many things to take into consideration when thinking of his starting eleven vs. Bolivia for Monday’s Copa America match. He presently has six players on yellow cards and should any one of them get another yellow, they would miss the quarter final clash.

The other thing is Lionel Messi. There have been rumors that Scaloni would be resting Messi for the match but it appears as if that will not be the case. There remains a few doubts in the team regarding the eleven but most are apparently confirmed. Per a report by Ole, this will be the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez or Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Germán Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Marcos Acuña; Exequiel Palacios or Papu, Guido Rodríguez, Nicolás Domínguez; Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Ángel Di María or Ángel Correa.


  1. […] Bolivia vs Argentina Emiliano Martínez or Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, G With Paraguay winning 2-0 vs. Chile on Thursday, Argentina secured a top two finish in A . Therefore, the Argentina national team will undergo the lower area of the draw, while Brazil, already qualified as firsts in B , will undergo the upper half. […]

  2. I hope Argentina don’t repeat the mistake of Portugal. Portugal was held back by more than couple of times cause of Ronaldo. He was demanding ball in Midfield even if he was not in very good position to create and also he was raising his hands for crosses even if slow build up was more beneficial. Portugal’s other attackers are also not able to perform to their full ability due to his presence. Though I don’t rate Bruno Fernandez (As much as English media rates him) or João Felix (Media overhype), I believe they along with Bernardo Silva can still do better than this if CR was not in the pitch. And Renato Sanchez, man that guy is a beast. For me the MoM.
    Someone commented about who will you like to have in Argentina from Belgium Vs Portugal.
    My answer:
    Ruben Dias (instead of Otamendi)
    Meunier (Molina/Montiel)
    Renato Sanchez (Paredes)
    De Bruyne (Nico Gonzalez)
    Lukaku (Lautaro)
    (Nite: I’m really worried about Portugal. The day Ronaldo hangs his boots, they’re going to be a top class team.)

  3. Did I mention HOW MUCH I HATE that conceited Ape AKA Christina???

    Notice how she was PRETENDING to show concern for De Bruyne, WELL KNOWING that his day was done, he couldn’t contain his inner happiness for his injury ……F**ER

  4. Cristiano Ronaldo portugal’s big game player, the clutch man, who always performs when the stakes is high LOL, Euo-WC KO stages 17 matches 3 goals 3 assists, never scored or assisted in WC knockout-stages, never scored or assisted in Portugal last do or die matches (9 matches and portugal eliminations, except single one time when CR cheerleadin as an injured player vs France in Euro final, his marketing propaganda is a complete bullshit. With De Bruyne Belgium would have killed portugals with counters.

  5. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss CHINA can win the EUROS for all I care now yesss yess yessss

    FUCK YOU CHRISTINA and donkey you came riding on, you bunch of dirty sons a bitches

  6. Portuguese thugs were able to send De Bruyne out of the field!! Pepe’s place is not the football field but in jail. Although it was another thug who almost broke De Bruyne’s leg!!

  7. For all of the comparisons people make to European teams both Belgium and Portugal are passing it back more and have created less chances than Argentina combined. Let’s see if this opens up next half

  8. Scaloni confirmed the team in the press conference. Papu Gomez in instead of Nico Dominguez
    Montiel Pezzella Licha Acuna
    Palacios Papu
    Messi A. Correa

    Happy with the inclusion of Papu instead of Nico as we don’t need to be too defensive against Bolivia.

    • Great news El Príncipe ! Let’s hope that Papu will have a good game again and also for our rest of the starting eleven, because we will need every single player to be at their best ! And this an good opportunity specially for Lisandro to show Scaloni that he deserves to start also in the KO’s, hopefully! And also Palacios and A.Correa+ Aguero we need to get them on that certain level which is required from them! I’m not worried about Acuna and i think his chemistry from Sevilla with Papu will be maybe a key to beat the Bolivian’s at least i hope for both of them to click on well! But, i’m only worried about our striker’s at the moment even Lautaro has ran his ass off and been pressing hard though Still he has not scored yet as the same goes for J.Correa and offcourse Aguero is big question mark as allways, but offcourse Kun Still have it in him, but it is just the matter of enough time for him to get at least as close to the best Kun we have all seen in the past and i hope for him too that he will get as close as he can to there, because this will be his last Copa for sure! So i hope for all our players to perform well and have a great game against the Bolivian’s which can be a tuff opponent to beat specially when they do not have anything to loose for! I wish all the best for Albiceleste as i allways have done and will allways do!

  9. ”Looks like team with World Class players playing in the biggest clubs in the world didnt help Netherlands i guess.”

    Who was world class in this Dutch team? This Dutch team was far from world class, not even close to the 2014 WC Dutch team. I mean, they had some talented players at some major clubs, but as far as world class, far from it..

    After the group stage games had concluded the ESPN pundits were all saying how the Dutch team doesn’t really have big star players and that the round of 16 will be the ultimate test for them.

    • Imho, Frankie is a world class player. He’ll walk into any team’s midfield (Country or club). I would die to have a Frankie in Argentina midfield RIGHT NOW. And there are couple of other Netherland’s players who would walk into any South American team. IMHO though

      • just because he plays for Barcelona. I do not find him to have the skill to break down well-organized defences and defensively he is a liability

  10. What a freedom that penaldo is having!! Sitting just up and walking for a loose ball or a counter-attack and an easy tap-in!! Messi doesn’t have an advantage like penaldo!! Still penaldo needs so many chances to leverage Portugal’s solid defense!

  11. The starting line up pretty much is confirmed. Aguero will start.

    Armani; Montiel, Pezzella, Licha Martinez, Acuna; Guido, Dominguez, Palacios; Messi, A. Correa, and Aguero.

    Papu Gomez has a chance to replace Nico Dominguez in the starting line up.

  12. I would like to see this Monday starting 11 without Messi. It would be great if he was subbed in second half. Not only does he need rest, but it would be nice to get a feel for the team minus Messi.

  13. PSG have inquired about 26-year-old Lazio forward Joaquín Correa. Correa’s agent is Alessandro Lucci, who has excellent working relations with Leonardo. No offer made yet and Lazio value him at €40M.

  14. The people who feel inferior regarding our squad should look at stating XI of both Belgium and Portugal and ask themselves if they would want to exchange them with Argentina.

    • The only player I would really want right now from either team is Lukaku to have a clear goalscorer target man with power and hold up play and good shooting plus connection to lautaro. Neither team really has a destroyer and right backs / wing backs are average

  15. Papu must start for sure. He deserves to be given another oppurtunity.One of the few times we scored a open goal happened in the last match because of him and his movement.Rather than set pieces.

    Looks like team with World Class players playing in the biggest clubs in the world didnt help Netherlands i guess…waiting for England vs Germany thats gonna be a cracker. So much history and bad blood between them,that too in a knockout match.

  16. For GK yellow card won’t be the issue, Emi Martinez must start along with Molina and De Paul, team chemistry matters. Hope Lisandro grap opportunity like romero against Bolvia.

  17. Why remove Di Maria and Papu Gomez from the lineup going up against a park the bus Bolivian team who will be playing for pride given they have no chance of progressing? The coach clearly doesn’t know what he is doing, this man is changing lineups faster than Sampaoli ever did.

    Italy vs Germany final Euro 2020

      • @AFA We’re currently in the 2022 World Cup cycle, so I’m sure Bolivia has this in the back of their heads. Getting a tie or a surprise win against Argentina will boost the overall team confidence going into the remaining 2022 WCQ games in this year’s calendar. Remember Bolivia defeated Chile away in WCQ this year and their losses haven’t been that embarrassing at the 2021 Copa America.. Bolivia will play not to lose the game, I don’t see any other approach from them.

      • You can’t underestimate Germany in knockout rounds, this England team is overrated and only being hyped up because of the EPL presence at the Euros. We here like to mention how Argentina lack effective fullbacks, England has nothing, nada on the wings. Has Kyle Walker delivered a dangerous cross thus far at the Euros? I can’t remember him doing so. Sterling is inconsistent and Kane should lay off the beer, and England midfield? They don’t have any. England can’t hurt Germany on the wings or in midfield, the only way England score is either by direct or indirect freekick..

        France haven’t been playing great at the Euros, they’re just hoping for Mpabbe to blow away their opponents. France midfielders have been underwhelming too, they’re clearly missing Matuidi presence on the pitch. France was fortunate to win against Germany, barely got by Hungary and struggled against Portugal.

        Italy has the most complete roster at the Euros along with the best coach in Roberto Mancini. Thirty one game unbeaten is no joke, this is not an easy feat to pull off. Yes Italy was shaken by Austria but in the end they prevailed just like their round of game against Australia at the 2006 world cup.

        • Well even i dont like England a single bit i do remember clearly in first half Kyle Walker was their worst player against Croatia, but what a game he had on the second half was totally opposite to the first half and actually he made great play and basicly created from all the way back the play which led to an goal scored by sterling from Calvin-Philis great pass, but Kyle walker was the one who brought the ball all the way from back and made great pass to Calvin-Philips so after that i have not been intrested about Englan’s game or barely watched them so i can’t say more about Kyle Walker against Scotland or Chech Republic so all i know that England had to draw with their auld Enemy and beat the Chech’s by one single goal so i dont actually care about them for a even a tiny bit and actually i wish for the German’s to beat the shit out them ! Even i dont want Germany to win either so i’m rather for the danes, Italy and Spain and will see how the danes will handle The Chec’s which also i won’t Mind if they would win the whole Euro’s and also Italy is having real though game against Belgium, but i wish Italy to win, but their mighty streak could very well end against the Belgium team so then if France will win against swiss they will most propably have to play against Spain if the Spanish won’t loose against Croatia which i don’t think that will happen or at least i wish so! So France against Spain, well, i hope that Spain will win that game so then we will have great semi on that side which i hope will be Italy against Spain and then i just wish for the better team to win ! But if Italy will loose against Belgium and Spain will play against Belgium then in semi, well then offcourse i will be on young Spanish side coached by Luis Enrique! So for me either Italy or Spain for the Final from that side of the pool! From the another side i wish that danes will make it all the way to the final,but if not then i wish for the Chech’s to make it to the Final !

  18. Good defense will won you tournaments…. Feeling bad for Netherlands… One individual mistake cost them today’s match

      • Yes, indeed Frank De Boer has has very bad year’s of coaching abroad, because soon as he left from Ajax he went Inter who fired him straight after 2-3 months and then same hapoenned in Crystal Palace where he also lasted only for the same 2-3 months and after that it also did not work for him in Atlanta United in U.S so i dont know why Netherlands hired him? Offcourse they needed to replace Koeman who left them for Barca, but for sure there must have been a better coach for Netherlands to find ! Anyway all the credit for Chech Republic who played a great game tactically against Netherlands who could not figure out how to play against the Chech’s so yes this is deffinetly poor management from Frank De Boer indeed !

        • I did not know what De Boer’s history was but when you mention his track record it makes it all the more worse. The Netherlands should have enough talent to beat the Czech Republic but nice to see that there is an easier way forward paved for Denmark because of this

  19. Latest news update:
    10 players are confirmed by Scaloni to start:

    Armani; Montiel, Otamendi, Licha Martinez, Acuna; Guido, Dominguez, Palacios; Messi, A. Correa, and Aguero/J. Correa

    The only one not confirmed is the number 9. It is either Aguero or J. Correa.

    Note: Those asking for Lautaro. He has one yellow, Scaloni does not want to risk him. The same as Emi Martinez.

    • I notice Angel Correa when played in the previous match as a sub had too much respect on Messi, he always passed the ball back to Messi. A. Correa is a good player, it is OK for him to hold the ball a little longer.

      This line up looks like a pure second team to me with the exception of Messi and Acuna. Hope at least Messi doesnt have to drop deep all the time.

  20. Did You guys see, A new pitch is being laid in maracana, And Major repair works also being done by levelling the pitch, it is a good news, If we are in the final, the pitch won’t disturb us.

  21. Scaloni made major mistake by not calling Dybla,I never saw anything special in Lautaro Martinez for me he an average striker Alario,Dybla,Icardi are 2 times better than him but Lautaro Martinez can be a good substitute, even in last Copa he scored only two goals against weak teams.
    Now Scaloni needs to bring Buendai and Foyth back to team ASAP.

    • What Martinez has that none of your 3 show (less so Alario), is contribution when defending and physical/mental tenacity, aka Garra. Lautaro is like having an extra midfielder when defending, he is non stop chasing 50\50 balls and pressuring mistakes from the defenders, this makes our midfielders much more successful at recovering pocession, especially in a 4 3 3, especially with Messi who is not expected to defend (he has been!). Dybala is more likely to get carded than win a ball, Icardi is lucky to have a single tackle attempt all 90 min, and kun even when in great shape is a poacher classic #9, he walks back and only sometimes wins them.

      If kun was fit and firing in all cylinders id start him, he is the most experienced, proven and clinical..but he is not there. Dybala and Icardy are not better in any substantial sense to Martinez attacking and defending they are far below.

      Besides its not just Lautaro, our whole front line has been missing, most our goals are set pieces.

      • Dybala has improved his defensive skills while playing for Juventus this season + he is lethal in front of goal. Dybala, ocampus, and foyth should be called after Copa. I don’t know the utility for keeping j Correa in the squad. we need a goal scorer in front of the goal, not a defender.

  22. Aguero needs to start. He badly needs to play more to get back to his best shape. It is a perfect timing now as Lautaro is in a bad form and is in yellow accumulation. If Aguero can be 70-80% of Aguero we know, that would be a huge boost in the elimination stage.

    The game against Bolivia; we need Aguero to start.

    Overall I like the team as we don’t go too crazy by fielding all experiment players.

    Those asking about Julian Alvarez, this is the truth: the guy is 4th in the pecking order of the center forward after: Lautaro, Aguero, and J. Correa. So don’t count on him.

  23. With the abundance of stickers, Argentina suddenly finds herself desperately in need of one in the Copa. What an irony! That’s because, Scaloni put all his balls on Lautaro’s basket who has been misfiring for sometimes now and two unfits- Aguero because of his name weight and Alario. J. Correa has emerged as the poor man’s Icardi/Dybala. And, who is Julian Alvarez?

    The question is, who actually misfired? To me it’s the selection team.

  24. 4Mollina is must now he should start no matter what and Montiel should be dropped permanently now. Foyth and Mollina are enough for Right Back spot.
    Emi Martinez
    Molina. C. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul. G. Rodriguez. Paredes
    Messi. Aguero. A. Gomez
    Emi Martinez.
    Mollina. C. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De paul. G. Rodriguez. A. Gomez
    Messi. Aguero. Di Maria

    • Why did u leave out Lizandro Martinez, the best talent of Argentina right now.,whose defensive skill and ball playing ability are one of the best.( To me Litcha is better than Romero in terms of skills)

      • Yes, we should not forget Licha and instead give him more playing time so that he convince everyone who is not Still convinced by him… actually this the one of the only things Scaloni has not yet done besides against Chile in WCQ where Licha played great and like u said he is deffinetly very skillfull and talented player!

      • Argentina needs to build chemistry in backline this is a tournament no time for experiment. Otamendi and Romero are done for whole tournament just for the sake of chemistry both needs to start. Lisandro Martinez will have his playing minutes in Qualifiers.

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