Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni: “We are convinced that this is the way to go.”


Lionel Scaloni spoke on Sunday at a press conference and commented about the national team, in addition to confirming the starting eleven on Monday’s last group stage game against the already-eliminated Bolivia.

Coach Scaloni commented on Brazil, complimented Lionel Messi, talked about the dispute in the left-back position of the national team, and minimized Argentina’s 16 games unbeaten streak.

Here is what Argentina’s coach had to say:

“We are aware that any opponent will be difficult. What we want is to reach the highest in this cup.”

“Honestly, the number of games without losing is not that important for me. I am interested that the team is doing well. It leaves us calm that we are a solid team, although there are always things that we would like to improve.”

Regarding Argentina’s left-back position:

“(Marcos) Acuña and (Nicolás) Tagliafico are players we like; we are happy with both. We can rotate them through the games, and we are satisfied with both players.”

About Lionel Messi:

“I think that in regards to Messi, everything has been said. We are proud to have him and convinced that he will give us more joy.”

In addition, Lionel Scaloni added that Lionel Messi is the only player who always has a place secured inside the starting eleven:

“In this team there is only one player who has a place secured in the starting eleven and everyone knows who he is. The rest have to earn it. For us, it is important that no one relaxes and that they continue to demonstrate game after game. They know it very well.”

Regarding the possibility of facing Brazil in a hypothetical final, here is what Scaloni had to say:

“The last game that Brazil lost was with Argentina; it was an even match. Between two such powerful teams, anything can happen. They are a consolidated team, but nothing should be ruled out.”

Finally, Scaloni gave hope to the Argentine fans for what is to come:

“We believe that we can compete to the maximum with all the teams. We are convinced that this is the way to go.”


  1. Bolivia’s goalkeeper has had an incredible tournament so far statistically so I am assuming he me be the most difficult player

  2. Players not available tonight:
    Emi Martinez, Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Joaquin Correa, Angel Di Maria.

    Players not fit: Cristian Romero and Angel Di Maria.

    Players with one yellow who are still on the bench: Lucas Martinez Quarta, Leandro Paredes, Lautaro Martinez, and Giovani Lo Celso.

    If Scaloni will not play the ones who have yellow then the sub possibility in the second half are:
    Otamendi, Tagliafico, De Paul, Nico Dominguez, J. Alvarez, and Nico Gonzales.

  3. Ok Ok, it was a fun day of very entertaining football and notice how relaxed one would be one when there is a Penalty shootout and you could care less who wins as opposed to when its YOUR team playing!!

    Anyway, its almost time for our BELOVED team, lets get that W and get ready


  4. Greenstone Lobo predicted France not wining Euro 2021 and Brazil not wining Copa 2021, his one prediction becomes correct already.

  5. Somebody enlighten me ………………….I know one of the REFs. in COPA is a Spaniard (seen him a 1000times in La Liga) and the REF. in this game is Argentine and I believe there is another who already refereed a previous EUROs game

    Is this a new thing?

  6. Dang French players dropping like flies. Greiz, Benz, and now comman. Glad we we have 5 subs although probably won’t need since no extra time

  7. Oldie benzema killing it with 2 goals. According to Mundo brainiacs, he’s too old and they should experiment with prepubescent players instead. Gotta plan for the future, ammmrite???

      • Absolutely. Most are Fifa players and think Fifa strategy can be implemented in the field. Hell,not long ago I remember a poster commenting about playing benjamin garre. I mean ,I like Argentine youth, but have some logic please.

  8. I agree with what Cox4 wrote… attacking is attractive and necessary but defense ultimately wins big tournaments. One of the best examples of this is Italy back in 06.
    On another note…. The Swiss need to tighten up in defense for this second half. I think the french team have two frenchmen in it, including the coach. I wish players like Benzema would have played for Algeria and given Africa a chance on the world stage! Imagine if all the Turks in Germany played for Turkey.!!!!
    Soon USA will have a team where no one knows how to speak English, 😂. In 30 years the world cup won’t be how it is and was. I miss the days of watching world cup and seeing how each team has their own style organically from their home country.

    • I actually feel bad for Algeria because there are so many players that have declared for France that could play for them, like Cherki, Benzema, Fekir. If I was Algerian I would feel pretty cheated

      • I lived in Algeria for some time, also Libya. The countries are split… Some cheer for then and some see them as traitors. Can you imagine the current Algerian team with Benzema. They would go far in the world cup

        • Right. Farthest so far I think was Ghana after the whole Uruguay drama. Would be nice to see more from Asia and Africa go farther. Makes it more entertaining

  9. I don’t care how we win, a la Bilardo is fine, a la Menotti might be romantic but risky. That’s why I think we need a proper DM, let Guido play all games from now on. Un cinco tradicional, to shield the back four and do the dirty work. Paredes is no Redondo, not even Gago in his prime so far (or at least in this Copa).

  10. I think that African United is as good as people think, their back line is not solid, Lenglet is average, Benzema and Mbappe are very good but the rest of the team except Ngolo is average….

    • I am surprised to see Lenglet start for them ahead of other really good players like Upamecano. He was so silly for Barcelona in some games this season

  11. argentina nees someone like xavi in the middle.. paredes pass sometimes good but his movement is too much static it didn’t effect like xavi or quick.. sometimes paredes plays good but he is nowhere near to xavi.. xavi is true playmaker who has always high visionary of assist and movement

    • My friend we don’t have Xavi and we won’t have him. We need to play with the players that we have. A midfield with Locelso, Guido and Depaul will not be the best in the world but it can be very interesting when Gonzalez is making the runs and Messi is coming to pull the strings, find people in the channels and accelerate the tempo. I have hope, we growing in confidence and the players are getting more mature…..

  12. and i am convinced coach that if you build one good defensive minded team something like 2014 Sabella did then we have very good chances to be world champions. with little luck too of course. i don t afraid nobody coach. Only our bad day i afraid. Attacking football maybe is atractive to fans and wanted from them but the Defence give the cups. i don t care the first personally. i want the second.

    • Agree with u. We need more Billardista type of coaching not Menottista. Our way of playing is not super defensive, we are just very discipline now.

      • I also don’t care if we play ultra defensive, a trophy at all costs. It’s been too long. I was only 12 last time Argentina won a major trophy (1993).

    • Agreed. Plus with the both of us being River fans we see enough attacking football already. No problem with me if we play defensive to grind out results and see Messi lifting up the Copa. Just what we need to do is have better finishers and be more effective when we do attack even if it is not a lot

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